Emma and Liberty (The Story of the Statue of Liberty)

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Emma and Liberty

(The Story of the Statue of Liberty)

Emma is visiting New York City. What she wants to see more than anything else is the Statue of ________. Emma knows everything about Liberty. She knows why the statue was made, who made it, and when it was __________ in New York Harbor. She knows how tall it is from base to its __________, what its _________ is made of, and what is written on the ___________. Emma has collected pictures of the statue and made __________ of it. However, she has never seen the real Liberty.

From Battery Park in lower Manhattan, Emma can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. She waits in line for the boat that will take her to the island. As the boat gets nearer, Emma imagines what it was like for the immigrants who sailed past Liberty as they arrived in America. At last Emma is standing at Liberty’s feet. She tilts her head back to look up at this _________ of freedom. It is an _____________ moment.

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