Empathy Lesson: We Don’t Always Feel the Same Grade-k personal/Social Domain Standard A

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Davenport Community School District Counseling Program

Empathy Lesson: We Don’t Always Feel the Same*

Personal/Social Domain Standard A:

Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Competency A1.5: Identify and express feelings


  • To understand and that people’s feelings can change and give examples

  • To understand that different people can have different feelings about the same thing


  1. Pictures of 3 children (or 3 puppets)

  2. Story Starter script


      1. Tell the class that they will help you make up a story. The story will start with 2 children. Show 2 pictures of children (cartoon pictures or pictures from magazine, etc.) with names on the bottom (i.e. “James” and “Deanne”).

      2. Tell the class the story will be about the 2 students in the picture and the story will have the words “happy” and “afraid” in it.

      3. Ask for volunteers to tell something that makes them feel afraid.
      4. Use the story starter below to begin the story. Have student volunteers fill in the missing pieces.

      5. Break and check for comprehension of the story with questions.

      6. Continue with end of story in same way.

      7. Use third character picture if needed for story.

      8. Summarize that different people can feel different ways about the same thing and that one person’s feelings can change about something.

      9. Ask for students to tell things they used to be afraid of but aren’t any more and why/how their feelings changed.

James and Deanne story starter:
Deanne just got a new basketball for her birthday.

James got a new basketball, too.

Deanne was outside playing with her new basketball when some other kids saw her and asked her if she wanted to play with them.

Deanne felt very HAPPY about that. She felt HAPPY about that because ______________ (get multiple student suggestions).

A little later James came walking by carrying his new basketball. They asked him if he wanted to play.

But James felt AFRAID.

Maybe James felt AFRAID because ________________ (student suggestions).

Did Deanne and James feel the same or different about playing basketball with the other kids?

Who felt happy about playing with the other kids?

Why did Deanne feel happy?

How did James feel?

Why did James feel afraid?

(Additional comprehension questions as necessary)
Now lets change the story a little. Maybe the same kid can start to feel differently about the same thing.

James felt AFRAID.

He was afraid because _____________ (from student suggestions earlier).
Can you think of something that would make James feel less afraid about playing?
Add something to the story that would resolve James’ fear of playing with the other kids (i.e. James was afraid the kids would make fun of him because he didn’t know how to shoot a basket. Then one of the kids offered to teach him how to shoot a basket and James got better the more he practiced.)
Allow students to offer more pieces of the story as you wish. Just make sure you arrive at an ending where James is no longer feeling afraid.
How did James feel before?

How does James feel after?

Does he feel the same as he did before about playing basketball?

* taken from I Can Problem Solve: Kindergarten and primary grades – S
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