Employer/Employee Presentation, Overcoming Objections and Using Field Training Guides

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Employer/Employee Presentation, Overcoming Objections and Using Field Training Guides

  1. Employer Presentation

    1. Preparation

      1. Sit Code (Provides rate for accident & short term disability)

      2. Employer Presentation Folder Contents

  1. Five main ways

  2. The Gap

  3. Green Brochure

  4. Pick 3 to 4 brochures. Example: Accident, Cancer Short-Term, Hospital and Dental. (These are all core products with the exception of the cancer).

  5. Sometimes you may be doing an employer presentation during an employee presentation. In this case, you may want to bring in lunch or donuts if it’s a morning presentation.

    1. Presentation

      1. You must highlight and address the following key points: introduction, Aflac credibility, fact finding, employee need, employer need, benefits overview and the close.

      2. Introduction

        1. Thank the owner for proving 15-20 minutes of his/her time. Since you only asked for 20 minutes make sure you stop at the end of 20 minutes and let them know that you can come back or if they want you can finish. Treat them as a business owner.

        2. Ask the following question before you start. “At the end of this meeting, all that I ask from you is that you give me a Yes or NO is Aflac good for your business.

      3. Aflac Credibility

        1. Talk about the history and especially highlight the Atlanta South Region Office and all the major accounts we service.

        2. Let the owner know that we have a full-time administrator who handles claims

      4. Fact Finding

  1. Find out if they have major medical, short-term disability and dental.

  2. Find out the cost of co-payments and deductibles.

  3. Ask if they have only W2 employees or do they also have 1099 employees.

  4. Ask if they are using a broker.

      1. Employee Need

        1. Highlight “The Gap” flyer

        2. Bring up a situation where Aflac would help an employee.

        3. You may want to say something like I can tell you all the in’s and out’s of Aflac, but why don’t I give you a hypothetical situation. Then bring up a situation where an employee’s daughter broke her leg and her co-payment’s and deductible’s are costing a lot. Then explain how Aflac would help that employee.

      1. Employer Need

        1. Highlight “The 5 Main Ways” flyer

      1. No cost to employer

      2. Employee chooses their benefits

      3. Better Employee Retention

      4. New Employee Recruiting

      5. Tax Savings (FICA savings 7.65% if the account is set up as a Flex plan (pre-tax)

        1. Try and put in your conversation the word “Value”. The value aflac offers is...

        2. When it comes to cost ask them how much they pay for major medical, dental and short-term disability. Then point out that Aflac is free for the business owner
        3. Highlight can you afford to loose the productivity when an employee is out of work and he/she is worried because they can’t afford their co-payments and deductibles before they can medical treatment.

      1. Benefits Overview

        1. I usually talk about one policy and it’s the Accident and I will highlight short-term disability.

        2. I don’t bring up pricing, if asked I say it cost’s about 5-7 dollars a week.

      1. The “Close”

        1. Hopefully they say this is great, where do I sign. If they start side tracking, remember what you stated at the beginning. “At the end of this meeting, all that I ask from you is that you give me a Yes or NO is Aflac good for your business.

        2. If they want to poll their employee’s ask if you can sit in during the polling in case they have a question or ask if you could speak to their key employee’s. Try to avoid this situation.

        3. Have a paper M0138.5 as well as a SNG computer if possible.

        4. Explain that the M0138.5 is a form that basically states that they’re a company with employees and set’s them up in headquarters.

        5. Set-up the enrollment date and who will be handling the enrollment.

  1. Overcoming Objections

    1. Employer wants to poll their employee’s

    2. Employer thinks that the employee can’t afford the policies

    3. Employer doesn’t have time for the enrollment

  1. Employee Presentation

    1. Preparation

      1. Make enough employee presentations folders

      2. Make a rate sheet
      3. Put up flyers

      4. Provide payroll stuffers

      5. If you are going back an existing account you may want to call headquarters about 30 days before enrollment and ask them to send out wellness forms to the employees.

    1. Presentation

      1. Start by saying something about the owner bringing in new benefits. “As most companies are cutting benefits and reducing pay, it’s awesome when an employer is increasing benefits”

      2. Differentiate Aflac from Major Medical

  1. Major pays doctors and hospitals, Aflac PAYS YOU!

      1. Key features

  1. Price never changes

  2. When you retire, leave or get terminated you keep your Aflac policies.

  3. Aflac doesn’t coordinate with any other insurance or other Aflac policies. “Aflac isn’t secondary insurance”.

      1. Your job is just to explain the benefits. If they would like to enroll GREAT, if not let them know you will be back next year.

      2. Highlight each product and give a claimant story.

      3. Let them know if you sign up you each get a DUCK.

      4. You want to write business that day. However, if someone asks the question “can we think about or can we speak with our spouse”. I say “yes, you can and I will be back say the day after tomorrow to enroll. However, for those who know they want a policy I can enroll you today”.

      5. Very important. If you’re going to service an account make sure you mention during your presentation that you have wellness claim forms so they can get their money.

  1. Using Field Training Guides

    1. You should know your product and even though an RSC, DSC or Associate may teach you, the best way to learn is through your Field Training Guides.

  1. Hospital Sickness Indemnity

    1. Establish need (possibly employee presentation)

    2. Review entire Brochure and all Riders available 

    3. Have them fill out non payroll application working in teams of 2.

    4. Review Non-Payroll application pointing out things that may cause them to pend at headquarters.

    5. Point out differences between non payroll and payroll applications.

    6. SNG application

    7. Complete Transmittal and present envelopes to be used for mailing.

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