Emt kickoff Friday, Jan. 8, 9 a m. (Tbd) icio, Conf. Room c anne you&i celebrates 5 Years

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EMT Kickoff
Friday, Jan. 8, 9 a.m. (TBD)

ICIO, Conf. Room C

  • YOU&I Celebrates 5 Years

    • In 2012, just 272 employees were giving back to INTEGRIS (nod to Grove who had made up the majority of this number thanks to incredible employee support from their Building Campaign) to now more than 2,600 giving back through YOU&I.

    • More than 100 projects have been funded and implemented through the YOU&I campaign. Programs that make up the very fabric of our service to the community, like SurvivorFit (benefiting Cancer patients) and a CarSeat program benefiting new moms in Enid, have not only been started from YOU&I – but are still sustained to this day.

    • In total, we have believe that more than 100,000 people have been impacted by these projects funded through YOU&I. 100,000!

    • But as leaders, I believe this campaign brings something even more meaningful to our employees – and that’s connection.

      • Share of montage over the 5 years (Gladys Chatmon, Lisa Cullen, Tim Johnsen, Beth)

  • Thank Phil & Dr. Cruzan & welcome them to share a little bit more about this year’s campaign.



  • This year’s theme is YOU&I have a story.
    • Last year I shared with you my story about why I give back to cancer – of how it’s not just my professional passion, but a personal one too. I know over the course of the YOU&I campaign I’ve loved hearing the stories of so many – connection is and always has been at the core of YOU&I.

    • Amy Brown is my Director of Radiology at ICI

      • [add personal anecdote about Amy if desired]

      • Amy’s story of her passion is one of those that comes full circle with YOU&I. The campaign, and it’s donors like you, made a program possible that literally saved her life – her marriage and her family. Here’s Amy’s story.

Amy Brown (4:30) VIDEO

  • Dr. Cruzan and I are excited to chair the YOU&I Campaign and work with the Foundation this year. This is a family campaign, and I can personally testify that I see YOU&I dollars – my own donor dollars – at work on the frontlines of the Cancer Center throughout the year.

  • Today, I want to challenge you to step up again this year with your leadership in this campaign. Please renew your support and consider adding a few hours of PPL or increasing your payroll deduction, so we can grow this campaign even further.

  • Welcome Dr. Cruzan

Dr. Cruzan

  • This year’s campaign we hope to impact more than 25,000 lives through the projects identified in front of you today.

  • When you arrived this morning, the Foundation staff shared with you a copy of this year’s YOU&I brochure and now we are handing out details about your gift to YOU&I last year. Please take a moment to review these and consider how you would want to make a difference within an area that resonates with you. The Foundation team is waiting outside – just like last year – to hand you a t-shirt as you turn in your pledge card when we leave. Bruce, myself, Phil and Anne again want to see 100% participation from this level of leadership – so thank you for your personal support of the campaign. Support means you wearing your t-shirt on Friday’s of the campaign too. [insert picture of Dr. Cruzan with his staff in t-shirts]

  • For every employee who takes part in the $5 challenge (giving a minimum of $130 annually or PPL equal to $130 or more) they will receive a 5th Anniversary t-shirt that they can wear the four Fridays in February during the campaign.

  • I know from last year - this this sends a tremendous visual message of staff’s personal investment in our own hospital – creating conversations and building relationships as we highlight INTEGRIS philanthropy throughout the month!

  • In fact, we have T-shirts ready for you to take today in exchange for your signed pledge form – the Foundation staff will be just outside the doors at the close of our meeting today.

  • Last Announcements

    • The Volunteer Auxiliary is at it again!

    • Matching gifts on the table at:

      • IBMC $150,000

      • ISMC - $30,000

      • Yukon - $10,000

      • Enid - $10,000

      • Grove - $10,000

      • Edmond - $5,000

      • Miami – Pending request

  • Combined, more than $200,000 in matching opportunities are on the table, so there is every reason to give and make this a successful campaign.
  • We have so many people stepping forward at a substantial level, and I want to challenge you to look at your last year’s gift and consider joining their efforts by committing a 10% increase this year. And I want to further challenge this group of leaders to demonstrate 100% participation to the campaign.

  • Please join us and make your gift today.

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