End of year awards

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Voracious Reader Award

for reading almost every book in sight!


Awesome Achiever Award 

for the excellent work that you've done!


Incredible Growth Award 

for working so hard and learning so much!


Creative Problem Solver Award

for thinking of lots of ways to solve problems!


Super Citizen Award

for following rules and respecting others


Sensational Speller Award

for your excellent work in spelling!


Good Friend Award

for getting along with others and helping others get along!


Handy Helper Award

for always being ready and willing to help others!


Inquisitive Learner Award

for asking great questions & finding lots of interesting answers!


Thorough Thinker Award

for thinking about all the possibilities!


Vocabulary Explorer Award

for learning the meanings of lots of new words!


Imaginative Writer Award

for charming us with your wonderful stories!


Enthusiastic Participant Award

for being such an important part of our group!


Computer Whiz

Great Sportsmanship

Stick-to-It Award

Class Bookworm

Always Helpful

Beautiful Handwriting

Most Cooperative

Creative Writer

Excellent Artist

Excellent Thinking

Great Participation

Brightest Smile

Hardest Working

Best Boy Athlete

Best Girl Athlete

Outstanding Behavior

Most Improved _________

Excellence in ________ (subject area)

Most Improved in _________ (subject area)

True Friend

Math Problem Solver

Most Responsible

Wonderful Singing

Happy Attitude





Academic Achievement

Perfect Attendance

Most Attentive



-kindest friend

-most polite friend

-hard worker award

-friendliest child

-best creative story teller

-best singer

-best newscaster

-kindergarten scientist

-best mathematician award

-most cheerful friend

-best actor/actress/performer

-good sport award

-best reader

-neatest printer

-tidiest friend

-most improved

-perfect attendance

-most reliable friend

-independence award-

-best counter

-best computer operator

-best rhymer

-most athletic

-best speaker

-most artistic

-best listener

-best dancer


Academic Achievement

Always Helpful

Always trying his/her best

Artist in Residence

Attendance Perfection

Awesome Artist

Beautiful Handwriting

Being A "Book Lover"

Being A Good Student

Being A Great Kid

Being A Great "Speller"

Being A Great "Math" Student

Being A Great Student

Best Actor/Actress/Performer

Best Boy/Girl Athlete

Best Computer Operator

Best Counter

Best Creative Story teller

Best Dancer

Best Listener

Best Manners

Best Mathematician

Best Newscaster

Best Reader

Best Rhymer

Best Singer

Best Smile

Best Speaker

Best Sport

Biggest Smile

Brightest Smile


Class Bookworm

Cleanup Expert

Clever Sense of Humor

Colour Recognizer

Computer Whiz


Cook Extrodinaire


Creative Writer


Enthusiastic Helper

Excellent Artist

Excellent Thinking

Excellence In _______________  (subject area)

Exceptional Kindness

For Achieving Very Good Results In Grade 2 Spelling

For Being An All Round Great Guy/Girl!

For Bringing Smiles To Everyone!

For Great Work All Year Long

For Improvement In Reading

For Working Hard

French/Spanish Achievement

Friendliest Child

Funniest Child

Good Buddy

Good Sport Award

Good Sportsmanship

Great Participation

Great Sportsmanship

Happy Attitude

Hard Worker

Hardest Working

Helping Hand

High Spelling marks all year


Ingenious Inventor

Kindest Friend

Kindergarten Scientist


Line Leadership

Listening Expert

Math Achievement

Math Problem Solver

Mathematician Expert

Melody Maker

Most Artistic

Most Athletic

Most Attentive

Most Cheerful Friend

Most Co-operative

Most Enthusiastic

Most Improved

Most Improved In _____________  (subject area)

Most Improved Student In Reading

Most Likely To _____________

Most Polite

Most Polite Friend

Most Reliable Friend

Most Responsible

Music Achievement

Name Expert  (for someone who can write their name

without problems)

Neatest Printer


Outstanding Attendance

Outstanding Author

Outstanding Behaviour

Outstanding Speaker

Perfect Attendance

Physcial Education


Reading Achievement

Shape Expert


Song Enthusiast

Stick-To-It Award

Super Artist

Super Computer

Super Scientist

Tidiest Friend

Tool Expert (for one who uses scissors easily)

Truck or Wheels Expert

True Friend

Wonderful Singing

Word Maker

World Traveler

Writing Achievement

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