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Enemy Pie

Derek Munson

Brilliant Star Objectives:

  • Friends: Students will be able to discuss proper ways of showing emotions and reacting to situations in social situations, especially as it relates to becoming part of a group.

  • Friends: Students will be able to distinguish traits that make a good friend and how friends should be treated.

Essential Question(s):

  • How do historical figures in the past handle making and keeping friends not enemies?

Activating Strategy:

  • Discuss friendships and conflicts among individuals and groups.

  • Read the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson.

  • Identify traits and qualities of both friendships and conflicts that resulted throughout the story.

Acquisition Lesson Activities:

  • Select and discuss some historical figures that represented positive character traits even at the hand of conflict.

  • Display and discuss what kind of character traits they would want if they were to create a recipe for their own “Friendship Pie”.

  • Display and discuss a teacher created “Friendship Pie” recipe for students to compare to their recipe with their qualities with those of the historical figures and the teachers recipe.

Extend/Refine Activities:

  • Encourage students to use their measurement skills learned in math.

  • Have students create their own recipes for individual versions of “Friendship Pie” and create a class cookbook.

  • Create a “Friendship Day,” similar to the days set aside for the historical figures. Identify the reasons for celebrating and create special activities to participate in related to positive character building on that day.


  • Friendship Pie recipe: http://www.learnnc.org/media/lessons/juliaefland522200585842/FRIENDSHIP_PIE.doc

  • Enemy Pie activities: http://gpn.unl.edu/guides/rr/144.pdf

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