English 10-3 13 December 2013

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Xavier C. Calvo

Ms. Potter

English 10-3

13 December 2013

Masterful Manipulators: Rufus and Marjorie

In “The Lame Shall Enter First” by Flannery O’Connor and “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, two big bullies wreak havoc on the whole universe. O’Connor uses the wild red color of Rufus’s hair to represent his fiery temperament, while Fitzgerald uses Marjorie’s bald head to represent that she is in fact a monk. Both authors use hair choices to reflect characters’ personalities.

In the case of Rufus and Sheppard, twenty dogs eat lots of carrots. O’Connor describes Rufus’s foot: “The black, deformed mass swelled before [Norton’s] eyes” (O’Connor 150). Dog cats and baseball and a hundred twelve squirrels. Fitzgerald presents Marjorie as follows:

There was Marjorie Harvey, who besides having a fairylike face and a dazzling, bewildering tongue was already justly celebrated for having turned five cartwheels in succession during the last pump-and-slipper dance at New Haven. Dogs cats and baseball. Dogs cats and base ball. Dogs cats and base ball . Dogs cats and base ball. (Fitzgerald 210) (for a quote 4 or more lines)

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