English education, 2008-2009 cohort date: April 1, 2009 Period: 3rd & 4th block Grade Level: English 11 general/college

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Date: April 1, 2009

Period: 3rd & 4th block

Grade Level: English 11 general/college

(Why this lesson in this way with this group of students today? How does it fit into the bigger context of the unit?)
students will practice and review prepositional phrases, specifically looking at adjective phrases and adverb phrases. students will also continue reading “the fall of the house of usher,” discussing possible predicitons and answering questions concerning the plot, etc. students will also discuss their research paper and possible research topic ideas.
Instructional Objectives:

(Connect to SOL’s where appropriate.)

SOL’s: 11.3, 11.4

  1. given students have gone over a review handout, students will be able to identify prepositional phrases.

  2. given students can identify prepositional phrases, students will be ale to identify between adverb phrases and adjective phrases.

  3. given students have a basic understanding of edgar allan poe and american gothic writers, students will continue reading “the fall of the house of usher.”

  4. given students have read the first half of the story, students will blog a predicition of what will happen.

  5. given a story packet, students will be able to answer discussion questions for “the fall of the house of usher.”

  6. given the last part of class, students will discuss and brainstorm research paper topics.

Opener/Anticipatory Set/Warm-up:

(Include details about what prior knowledge students need in order to enter into this lesson and how you’ll engage it.)

1. for the first part of class, i reviewed what a prepositional phrase was. then, i reviewed specifically adjective and adverb phrases and modeled how to identify them so students would be able to participate in the activity following.


(Include variety here – use the lesson planning checklist as a reference.)

  1. review prepositional phrases and adj./adv. phrases

  2. practice handout and board activity – students first do practice sentences in their packet. then i wrote a paragraph on the white board with 23 prepositional phrases for them to identify and label as either adj./adv. phrase.

  3. continue reading/listening to “the fall of the house of usher”

  4. work on packet of discussion questions

  5. i-search paper topic discussion

we went over all the requirements for their research paper and discussed/brainstormed ideas.


(What do you need to gather and have ready for students to support and drive this lesson?)

  1. grammar handouts

  2. “the fall of the house of usher handout/packet

  3. i-search handout

  4. MP3 of story

  5. computer


New Literacies/21st Century Skills/Technology Integration:

(Again, this might not happen in every lesson, but you’ll want to articulate it when it does – and offer ideas about why it isn’t the right fit specific cases, etc.)

(How do you know what ALL students know? Formative and summative.)


  1. Practice sentences in packet and board (grammar)

  2. Discussion questions on the story in packet

Adjective Phrases versus Adverb Phrases
Prepositions are the words that indicate location.

Example: The puppy is on the floor.

Where is the puppy? On the floor!
When it comes to Adjective/Adverb Phrases, both are prepositional phrases, but what is the difference between the two??

  • An adjective phrase is a prepositional phrase used to describe the noun or pronoun of the sentence. A preposition as an adjective will answer the question “Which one?”

Which one?? The one with the red tower!

  • An adverb phrase is a prepositional phrase used to describe a verb
    , an adjective, or another adverb in the sentence. A preposition used as an adverb will answer questions such as “How?” “When?” or “Where?”

How did she write?? With care!

Directions: Find the prepositional phrase within these sentences. Then, identify whether it is an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase.

1. The book on the bathroom floor is ruined from shower steam.
2.The man fell down the steps.
3. Parents should receive a report of the students’ achievements.
4) Saturday was a perfect day for football.
5) The Columbus Zoo was closed for repairs.
6) The storm was the worst of the season.
7) The king and queen were having a struggle for power.

8) The grass really grew after the rain.

9) The key was found under the porch.
10) After lunch, the children went swimming.
11) The sweet potatoes in the vegetable bin are green with mold.
12) Feeling brave, we tried the extra spicy burritos at Tito’s Taco Palace.
13) The note from Beverly confessed that she had a crush on Bobby.
14) Freddy is tired from yesterday’s long football practice.
15) Before class, Josh begged his friends for a pencil.

Directions: Identify all of the prepositions in this paragraph and whether it is an adjective phrase or adverb phrase. ON THE BOARD!

The hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white. On this side, there was no shade and no trees, and the station was between two lines of rails in the sun. Close against the side of the station, there was the warm shadow of the building and a curtain, made of strings of bamboo beads, hung across the open door into the bar, to keep out flies. The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade, outside the building. It was very hot and the express from Barcelona would come in forty minutes. It stopped at this junction for two minutes and went on to Madrid.

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