English Year 10 ppe exams

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May 2016
Dear Parents/Carers
English Year 10 PPE exams


I would like to inform you that your child will be taking two English PPE exams next month. These exams will be part of a diagnostic picture which will enable us to offer targeted support towards their GCSE next summer.


Monday 13 June


English Language PPE Creative Reading and Writing paper. Mimics Paper 1 of the English Language GCSE.

Thursday 23 June

English Literature PPE Lord of the Flies and A Christmas Carol. Mimics the questions on these novels found in Paper 1 and 2 of the English Literature GCSE.

Pupils have covered all of the material to enable them to access these exams. However, if they would like to enhance their revision the following tasks will support their learning:


  • Encourage your child to read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts each week (roughly twenty minutes a day). You could discuss the story, key events and vocabulary used in the texts.

  • Encourage your child to discuss the plot and key characters in Lord of the Flies and A Christmas Carol. They can use the resources on BBC Bitesize to help them with this.

  • Ask them to create mind maps about the characters and themes and add key quotations to the mind maps. Storyboard A Christmas Carol and Lord of the Flies - they can be really creative with this and use photography and the internet to create and find images.


Key texts/revision guides you may wish to purchase:


• Lord of the Flies by William Golding ISBN number-0-571-19147-9

• A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens ISBN number-978-1-407143-64-4

• New GCSE English Literature AQA Revision Guide - for the Grade 9-1 Course by CPG

• New GCSE English Language AQA Revision Guide - for the Grade 9-1 Course by CPG


If you have any queries about the exams please contact me via email: hstledger@priorysouthsea.org


Yours sincerely

Mrs H St Ledger

Curriculum Leader, English

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