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English Year 5 SK

Fun with Practice (Level 3)
esson 32
: The Story of Payang





Look at these pictures. As a student, how would you promote these traditions to others? Choose one of the traditions and write on how you would promote

the tradition.


Pua Kumbu Weaving

Pua in Iban means ‘blanket’ while kumbu means ‘to wrap’. Together, pua kumbu means ‘grand blanket’. For the Ibans of Sarawak, the pua kumbu is not just a blanket. It is a special cloth in ceremonies. Nowadays, it is used in the fashion industry as well. Students should learn how to weave this cloth because it is an interesting art
to learn.

Making Labu Sayong

Labu sayong is a gourd-shaped bottle. It cools water, which is very helpful as it is hot in Malaysia. Locals believed that the clay used to make labu sayong can cure fevers and coughs. In my opinion, young people should learn how to make it. It is a wonderful art to learn.
Wau Making
is a large and colourful Malaysian kite. Wau making is a tradition started in Kelantan. They used split bamboo to make the frame of the kite. However, now the wau making tradition is not as popular as before. Therefore, we should have an annual wau flying competition in all schools.
Songket Weaving
The Kelantanese believe that songket weaving came from the North. Terengganu had the most songket weavers in Malaysia. There should be classes offered in school to teach the students to weave songket
. Songket weaving should also be encouraged as a profession.
Read the passage. Based on the passage, answer the questions.

Circle the correct answers.

Haji Abdullah Muda or widely known as Haji Lah is a boat builder. He specialises in making boats made of cengal
timber. Cengal timber is a local hardwood. It can stand any storm anytime.
Haji Lah has built many boats. His customers come from as far as Alaska, Algeria, New Zealand and England. He does not have a fancy workshop. His workshop is a yard with a makeshift shed. These boats, which are made of cengal
timber, are also known as payang.

ayang is a special boat. More than 100 years ago, Terengganu had to send gifts to Siam. They sent bunga emas and bunga perak every three years. They sent the gifts in a payang. It was a beautifully decorated boat. Haji Abdullah said that could be the start of the boat making tradition in Terengganu.

Today, there are 10 payang boats used for sightseeing cruises around Putrajaya Lake. All these boats were built by him.

1. Haji Lah’s customers come from the following countries EXCEPT:

A. Alaska

B. Africa

C. Algeria

2. What did Terengganu send to Siam more than 100 years ago?

A. A money

B. new boats

C. bunga emas and bunga perak

3. The Terengganu Sultan used to send bunga emas and bunga perak every…

A. one year

B. two years

C. three years

4. How many payang boats are there in Putrajaya Lake?

A. five

B. ten

C. none
5. Haji Abdullah Muda is also known as…

A. Haji Lah

B. Haji Muda

C. Pak Cik Lah
6. What does Haji Abdullah use to build his boat?

A. metal

B. cengal

C. plastic
7. Why is cengal timber so special for boat making?

A. It looks really nice.

B. It keeps the boat afloat.

C. It can stand any storm.

8. What is Haji Abdullah’s workshop made of?

A. a tent

B. a wooden shed

C. a makeshift shed

1. B

2. C

3. C

4. B

5. A

6. B

7. C

8. C

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