Entering into puberty


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LE005 Entering into puberty

Story 10: The Ugly Chap
The ugliest chap in class didn't even give me a glance! Well, after all, I would never allow him to fix his eyes on me. His looks were so… with both his eyes squinted into narrow slits. His face was dirty and greasy, with lots of acne that resembled volcano craters! His hands were the most disgusting. Once, when we all went on a hike, he tried to hold my hand as we crossed a stream. Such damp and hot hands! Being touched by him for even two seconds was unbearable! Oh, my hands…
In fact, I was reluctant to look at him, but he always kept buzzing around me. If he wasn't babbling nonsense with the other guys, he would be humming an irritating tune. Once, I was forced to watch his foolery as he joked and bantered with a few girls in my presence. How ridiculous! Certainly, I would never want to establish eye contact with him. I could tell he was putting on all sorts of pretenses. And for more than ten minutes, he didn't even want to look at me.
He kept moving before me restlessly. Other than trying to grab my attention, what could he be possibly up to?
The girls whom he bantered with weren't my friends. They were joking and laughing along with that ugly chap. A tall, skinny girl among them even suggested exchanging presents with him….. did she consider how I felt?
※※※ ※※※

"Hey, Mun Mun, why are you so absorbed in your daydreams?

Mun Mun did not give out any response.
"Mun Mun, we are organising a Christmas party. You must come. We all want to hear you sing."

Lifting her head, Mun Mun saw that group of girls again. The tall, skinny girl among them said: "We'll exchange presents at the party."

Joining in the conversation, the ugly chap searched for words to express himself while fixing his eyes on Mun Mun. However, before he could open his mouth, a female classmate spoke first: "The girls will outnumber the boys at the party." Mun Mun's heart fluttered with excitement under his gaze. When she heard that there would not be enough boys at the party, Mun Mun imagined that the other girls would snap up the ugly chap as their dance companion. Surfacing in her mind were a series of movie scenes where the lead actress's boyfriend was harassed by the other girls. This idea caused her considerable discomfort.

"Mun Mun, let's attend the party together." The ugly chap extended her his invitation. Uncertain about how she should respond, Mun Mun blushed instantly. She almost wanted to turn him down by saying "I won't be free."

Stealing a glance at him, Mun Mun discovered that he looked surprisingly suave, with a politeness that she found impressive. Regaining her composure, Mun Mun summoned all her courage and said: "Okay, let's organise the function together." After that, she experienced a sense of emotional relief while savoring the sweet memory of being invited by that good-looking guy to the party.

Life Event: Entering into puberty

Dating, starting a relationship

Life Event Context: Social Life

Values & Attitude: Respect for Others

Theme: Sex Education

Issues for Discussion:

  1. What were Mun Mun's first impressions of the ugly chap?

  2. Mun Mun later discovered that the ugly chap was looking better. Why had she changed her perception? Can you empathise with her?
  3. Why was Mun Mun so disgusted with the girls who joked and bantered with the ugly chap initially?

  4. Mun Mun generously agreed to organise the function together with him. If you were Mun Mun, how would you react to his invitation?

  5. When young people begin to develop an interest in the opposite sex, they find themselves unable to understand a lot of things, in addition to experiencing worry and fear. Share your feelings and experience under the teacher's guidance.

Follow-up Activities:



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