Entry Point: Alien invasion Exit Point: Send a question to Tim Peake/Yr1 rocket

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Overview – Spring Term - Year 1 - Topic – Space

Entry Point: Alien invasion

Exit Point: Send a question to Tim Peake/Yr1 rocket






Week 1

Recount of Christmas. Assessed writing.

What do you know about Space? Children to write Sentences about what they know already and questions about what they want to know. Create their own word mats

Adding using a number line

Subtraction using jottings and crossings out for lowers. Number line for subtraction for highers to 10, 20 and 30.

Problem solving using addition and subtraction.

Space: Moon, planets, sun (star) gravity

Space suits/rockets – every day materials. Neil Armstrong (using EAL/Nexus resource via British Council website/first dog in space biographies.

Space : What do they know about it and what do they want to know? Tim Peake.

How do astronauts move in the space module?
How might aliens move around Earth?

Week 2

Alien invasion. Interview Mr Mills. What did he see when he opened up this morning?

Think of caption to describe photo of scene. Scribe on strips of paper for literacy wall.

Read and show images from Here Come the Aliens by Colin McNaughton. What sort of alien creature could have visited year 1?

Character drawing and description using adjectives and nouns and rhyming.

Counting to and back from 30. Completing sequences of numbers.

Creating your own sequence.

Counting in twos, 5s and 10.
Money: How much does that cost?

Addition and subtraction – counting on and difference.

What are the planets, the moon and the sun made from? How do we know?

Planets, moon, sun.

Paint an alien

Can we make our own 3-d planets?

To begin to develop coordination by sending an object in a required direction

Week 3

Could the alien have been lost? Read and show film of Beegu by Alexis Deacon. Hotseat Beegu, parents and children. How did it feel to be lost? What did they think of Beegu? Describe Beegu. How did Beegu feel? Adjectives. Emotions graph.

Retell the story of Beegu. Postcard from Beegu. Sequenced narrative of story.

5 x table. Time reading and writing hour and half past the hour. Recognising 5 minute differences on analogue clock.

60 seconds, 60 minutes; 24 hours 1 day; 7 days one week; 365 days a year. Months of year song.

PSHE – friends.

To manipulate an object on the ground through pushing or rolling

Week 4

Read Q Pootle 5

Punctuation ? ! and inverted commas. Topic words. Describe Pootle’s space ship.

Plan your own moon party. Write an invitation to Pootle and his friends.

Place value Count in tens using number square.

Design your own space ship for Pootle to go home in.
What was Pootle’s made from? Construct one out of junk.

To trap an object when moving on the ground

Week 5

Read Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. What did he use to help him go to the moon? Write a list in alphabetical order entitled ‘Instructions for travelling to the moon’

Days of the week

Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out.

To catch and throw a variety of objects with accuracy

Week 6

Was baby bear’s rocket a good rocket? Why/why not? Watch The Way Back Home and the Rocketeer(literacy shed)

Describe what happened to the little boy.

Tangrams and 3-D shapes – create your own rocket.

What could you make your rocket out of?

Design your own rocket

To strike a ball with control

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