Episode 1523 Tuesday, May 12, 1981 Monday, July 12, 2010 (1st Episode)


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Episode 1523 Tuesday, May 12, 1981 Monday, July 12, 2010 (1st Episode)

Siobhan enters Stupid’s office, trying to get a hold of Rae. He asks how her vacation was (ed note: how the heck would he know this, except that he had Joe on speed dial during Jack’s framing). Siobhan questions how could Rae even think that Jack had been paid off. Stupid agrees but maintains the money is in Jack’s bank account. Joe calls but Stupid pushes him off. Siobhan continues to plead Jack’s case and warns Stupid that she is going to find out who’s responsible. After she leaves, Stupid calls Joe and warns him that Siobhan wants to get to the bottom of it all. Joe instructs Stupid to leak the story of Jack’s “bribe”.

Kim is eating pizza, wearing a 70s disco throwback blouse, as Seneca enters their apartment. She offers some to Seneca who’s not hungry. He tells her he’s thinking of a divorce. “Us?” she asks (ummm who else?) They both want different things, he explains. She doesn’t want a divorce and will do anything, even have a baby, for a second chance. He maintains she will use anyone, even an unborn child, to get what she wants. He states if she does have a baby he’ll end up being a father to TWO children. “Isn’t that what you always wanted anyway?” she asks. The look on Seneca’s face tells me she sure hit a nerve! Kim goes to leave for the theatre in a huff, telling him he has no grounds. She also informs him that she’s a Broadway star and there are other people who will eat pizza with her (ed note: interesting euphemism).

We at last meet Uncle Fruity. Joe Novak enters and the man instructs him to call him Alexei. He’s pushing fruit on Joe, who asks for apples. The grapes came from cal-ee-forn-ya. Alexei and Tiso were good friends. Joe gives UF a background and tells him how much he missed his wife. UF tells him how important family is, and then complains about his wife’s shopping habits. The apples arrive and UF again extols fruit.

Stupid is on his houseboat (or should I say Rae’s?) on the phone and spreading the rumors of Jack’s bribe. Kim comes to his door and lands in his arms. She tells him that Seneca wants a divorce. She says she wouldn’t mind if she could be with him. Rae wouldn’t understand, he says. She wants to come clean with her mother, he claims they can’t. She’s willing to take a chance, he isn’t. They leave for a hotel, ominously leaving two glasses of partially consumed wine behind.

Joe updates UF on his plans on the Crystal Palace and his desire to open a gambling operation with a cut for him. UF offers to bring Joe into his operation, Joe is flattered but declines. His marriage is important and he wants to keep his operation small. UF grills Joe on his plans for Fenelli, the man who murdered his uncle. UF gives Joe his blessing not to physically harm Jack, as family is important, and offers him more fruit as Joe departs. UF informs one of his minions that Joe now owes him a favor.

Episode 1524 Wednesday, May 13, 1981 Monday, July 12, 2010 (2nd Episode)

Siobhan is unpacking in their apartment. Joe is in bed and remembering Michael warning him about his wife wanting to investigate Jack’s set-up. She relates her work at the gallery and her visit to Woodard’s offices and her desire to clear Jack’s name. Joe tells her she did the best she could and she should forget it for awhile.

Jack shows up at Frank’s. “How about a drink?” he asks.

Again a focus on the two glasses of wine as Rae enters the empty houseboat. Lipstick is obvious on one of the glasses as Rae lifts it and examines it. Meanwhile the ill-fated couple enters a hotel room. She compares the room unfavorably to the Hillside Inn while he maintains there are fewer distractions. Kim wants more than just a few hours while Michael needs to remain in Rae’s good graces; his job is important to him. They lie back on the bedspread (ew, I always remove the bedspread) as Rae, still observing the lipstick on the wine glass, her lips trembling.

Jack and Frank are having a drink at Frank’s apartment. Jack relates the discovery of money deposited in his account. Frank is incredulous that anyone would believe Jack’s guilt. Jack compares his set up with the one that ousted Frank from the Senate. Does Jack have any leads who’s responsible? Whoever did it knows him well. Frank wonders if Rae’s responsible, it’s not her style Jack maintains. He has made a lot of enemies who have the means to finance this. He goes on to explain that being an investigative reporter is who he is, what he does. You take away that and what do you have? Frank tells him he’s a hell of a good man. Frank goes on to tell him he admires his sense of self, which Frank thought he had, as a Ryan, which Mary had as well. He offers any legal or moral support Jack needs, which he should take. Frank warns Jack that whoever set him up is not going to stop here. Jack agrees.

Kim enters the bedroom and wakes up Seneca, it’s four am. She has a story about being out with Steven and some stage hands; he says he’s glad she had some fun with her friends. She then says “I cannot tell a lie, Father. I was in a hotel room with Michael Pavel.” He tells her that wasn’t funny; to which she retorts he doesn’t care what she does. She tries to tell him she’s sorry, he turns his back to her. She tries to relate to him some truths about why her career is so important to her as a substitute for her alienation from her mother. Seneca questions whether that’s an excuse for lies and manipulation (ed note: hello kettle, I’m the pot, you’re black). He agrees that he is just as responsible for this mess as she.

Siobhan is examining a figurine as Joe wakes up and realizes she is out of bed. It is something Patrick gave her on her confirmation. She has a hard time realizing this is now home. He complains that Jack is between them. She compares her affection for Jack with his with Tiso and encourages him to relax. Joe speculates that the evidence is piling up and Jack may have taken a bribe, at which Siobhan bristles. She defends Jack passionately. Joe apologizes. She tells Joe she’s sorry; she wants to say these things to “whoever is responsible” but she can’t so she’s dumping it all on him (hmmmm). Joe says he’s feeling better about them every day.

Episode 1525 Thursday, May 14, 1981 Tuesday, July 13, 2010 (1st Episode)

Siobhan arrives at Jack's apt. She shows him the paper, with the latest bad news (that the rest of the press has picked up on Jack sudden windfall).

Dee, Frank, Johnny at the bar. Dee is whining at Johnny to get him to come to the CP re-opening (an event which Johnny had been planning on missing). She continues to whine about how he should go for Siobhan's sake - for the sake of his daughter - since he had insisted that Joe get a "legitimate business" and now that he has done so, blah, blah, blah.

As Dee is ranting on, Frank offers her a glass of orange juice - to "wet her whistle"... She accepts. As she is drinking the OJ, Roger enters the bar. Dee ignores him; he takes issue with this. She says that as far as she is concerned, he's not even there. She goes back to haranguing Johnny about coming to the CP party - "for Siobhan's sake, not for mine". Frank says that as much as it pains him to admit it, that Dee's request makes sense (ed: love how he managed to work the word "linear" into the conversation).

Dee then gets to work on Frank - trying to get him to go with her and LJ "as a family". He admits that he is planning on putting in an appearance, which pleases Dee so much that she compliments him on making a "show of good faith" (oops!). She apologizes for using that particular "F word"...

She then asks him to come along as her "official escort person". She goes on and on about all the good reasons why it would be good for Frank to do this, and he eventually agrees. Roger looks on in amusement. *SONG*

Stupid calls Kimmy from Rae's office - to thank her for a wonderful evening. Kim is still in bed even though this is business hours. Both were out until 4 AM the night before. Stupid asks how she dealt with Seneca; she tells him the story about her going out with the cast and crew. He asks if Sen believed it; she replies "Who knows?". She asks if she can see him again tonight; he declines, citing a business meeting with Rae and then they are going to the CP. She coos that she wishes he were going with her, but he gives the usual reasons why he has to escort Rae.

Rae comes into the room, so Mike does his usual "duck-and-cover" on the phone, and hangs up. He asks her how the "sexiest boss in all of New York City" is doing; she replies with the usual "I'm so busy and stressed" routine. Mike asks about business stuff; she gives him a light brush-off. He then goes on about how tired he is - how he was up 'till 4 AM because of "family stuff". He spins a yarn about how his mother showed up at the houseboat, complaining about her sister Rita, etc, etc.

Rae tries to look interested and trusting - says "Sounds exciting"... She then tells him that she called him around midnight - just to see how he was doing. They then make plans to go to the CP party, and to make a quick exit (to have their own little "after party"). They make goo-goo, talking about their excuse being that it is a "school night", which leads to her referring to him as the "Teacher's Pet".

Back at the bar, Frank & Dee are still discussing their appearance at the CP "as a family". Dee tries to dance around it (that is, how exactly they will be presenting themselves at the party), but it is clear that that's her intent. Frank (and Roger in the background) is suitably bemused by her antics. Eventually, he tells her that he's already agreed to go; there's no need for her to "over-sell". She agrees.

Roger then approaches the couple with a gift-wrapped box in hand. He says that he "has something for her"; she says that she doesn't want any more "gifts" from him. He says it is not a gift; she asks what is it then. He explains that Cinderella (Dee) left Prince Charming's (Wes's) apartment, not in "full control of her faculties". Dee sputters a rebuttal, but Roger goes on about how she left her slipper there (and continues the Cinderella metaphor). He then goes on to kvetch about Wes - and then leaves.

After Roger has left, Dee tells Johnny that that all sounded worse than it was, then launches into the standard (Three's Company-esque) "nothing happened" schtick. This goes on for several minutes, much to Johnny and Frank's amusement. Eventually, Frank tells her that she should quit while she's ahead. Dee panics, thinking that Frank will now back out of his commitment to go to the CP with her, as a family, but Frank re-assures her that she needn't worry.

At Jack's apartment, Jack reads the bad news in the paper, with S in the background. He says "Guilty. Guilty until proven innocent." S whines that it is "so unfair". She asks who all knew; Jack rattles off the list. S asks "What about the guy who deposited the money in your account, in the first place?". Jack says that is a good question (ed: Yeah, exactly. I'm sure they could trace the money. Like a lot of things in this s/l, they don't even consider the obvious things), then the issue is dropped. S then plays detective a bit more, and asks if she can help. This application is denied. Jack insists that S stay out of it; he mentions Frank, which just inflames S. When Jack mentions Joe, S is further inflamed. However, after this, bits of the old J/S relationship emerge, as they reminisce about earlier times. At Jack's request, S reluctantly agrees to stay out it.

In Rae's office, she is going on about how quickly the story of the $50K got out; Mike soothingly states that it was such a big story, it was bound to get out. Continuing to wonder how it could get out so quickly, Rae asks Mike if he told anyone. He smoothly denies this, reminding her that he was out with his mother all night. He says that he certainly didn't tell his mother; she doesn't care about high finance (she prefers discussing the marriages and divorces in the old neighborhood).

Although Rae is clearly distracted by, and worried about what she discovered at the houseboat, things are good between them now. Rae tells Mike what a "good son" he is. Kim arrives. She sits down as Mike excuses himself. She needs to "talk". Rae asks "What marital storm are you weathering at the moment?", but Kim, surprisingly, isn't impressed with her wit.

Kim allows as how Seneca is a little "cross" with her, which causes Rae to wonder how anyone could be cross with her. Again, Kim is unimpressed with her sarcasm. Rae is rather uninterested as Kim goes on about how Seneca reacted to the news that she went out with the cast the night before and didn't get back until 4 AM, but her interest perks up at the specific fact that Kim *was* out the night before. Dramatic music plays as Kim continues to prattle on.

Kim then asks if Rae could be her escort at the CP. Rae explains her current plans, but Kim suggests they make it a threesome. Rae reluctantly agrees; she rings up Mikey, who arrives and is informed of their plans. Mikey has no objections, and the arrangements are made. Noting her mother's distressed look, Kim asks if she is alright, then leaves.

(Closing credits: Jack's apartment) *END*

Episode 1526 Friday, May 15, 1981 Tuesday, July 13, 2010 (2nd Episode)

At Faith's, Bob is trying to convince her to go to the CP re-opening (which, apparently like several other characters, she had been planning to miss). Bob implores her to come "for me", but Faith objects to this on the grounds that he will be busy (he is, after all, an employee). He then starts whining (much as his sister did and does) that he really needs her to be there. Eventually, she concedes the fight.

At Jill's a similar scene is playing out, with Barry trying to get Jill to go. Jill refuses, but Barry does a really good "poor, poor, pitiful me" routine, which, again, saves the day. Barry chuckles that "emotional blackmail" strikes again!

At Ryan's, RH's "second family" (Dee, Frank, LJ) are preparing for the evening. Frank is tying LJ's tie. Dee looks like Barbarella (or some other space age goddess creature). The "first family" (Johnny/Maeve) arrive. They continue to banter, then Dee leaves the room, saying "Wish me luck!", leaving the other 4 all confused by her action. *SONG*

At the CP, Joe and Siobhan come in, all goo-goo-ish (blech!). A tall, balding man appears and addresses Joe as "Mr. Novak". Henri states that everything is fine in the kitchen except for some problem with someone named "Coco". Joe tells him to tell "Coco" that "Mr. Reid will be out to see him" (apparently, "Coco" is a male). S continues to fawn all over the street thug.

Dee arrives, still looking like Barbarella, although I should also note that her appearance and bearing does also put one in mind of Kim. After trading small talk with Joe and Siobhan, Dee asks the boss if there is anything she should be doing. Joe replies "No, just greet your guests". Roger arrives with 2 dates, who proceed his entry. He requests to be seated, as "Dr. Coleridge (R), party of 3, and not behind the potted palm". As his girls kvetch about the place, Dee tells Henri to seat Dr. Coleridge and his guests at table 18.

She then informs Roger that he will be served complimentary champagne. R thanks her, but is coldly informed that everybody gets that; it is part of the party. As the girls make for the table, R asks Dee if Frank is still her "official escort" for the evening. She replies in the affirmative, noting that she could not afford to hire professionals (yowza!). R chuckles at this.

Next, the thrillsome threesome from Woodard Enterprises arrives. Dee notes that Kim is their "first celebrity", then catches herself to make sure that she is still in the play - that it hasn't been cancelled or anything like that. Rae re-assures her that yes, the play is fine, and that fortunately, Kim had an "early curtain" tonight. Rae compliments Dee on the decor, but Dee demurs, pointing out that Joe is really the boss now. Mike and Joe exchange knowing looks. When Siobhan sees Rae, she says she needs to talk to her (much to Joe's dismay).

S prances over to Rae and greetings are exchanged. But S is clearly uninterested in small talk. As Rae is now occupied with S, Mikey and Kim are left alone to make goo-goo. Kim is hot-to-go, but Mike is cautious as ever. Kim says she has a present for him, that will always remind him of her; Mike makes it clear that he's had enough of her presents.

After a bit of this, Dee walks up and tells Kim that there are some fans who are dying to meet her. Kim agrees to go with her. Meanwhile, S is defending Jack to Rae. Although sympathetic towards Jack, Rae is obligated to give her the usual corporate-speak run-around - to "protect Woodard Enterprises".

Joe compliments Stupid on a job well done. Stupid wants out, but Joey is quite happy with everything. They cluck over Jack's plight, then Joe encourages Stupid to enjoy the party, telling him that "all kinds of fun is coming up".

Johnny is entertaining LJ at their table. LJ is asking a bunch of cute-little-kid questions, which Johnny answers. Barry and Jill arrive, and LJ loudly greets them (particularly Jill) as Johnny tries to shush him. LJ is confused by the shushing. Barry comes in and tells Henri (ed: Note that earlier, Dee and Joe referred to him as "on-ri" [French pronunciation], while Barry now refers to him as "Hen-ri". Interesting...) that they will "sit around the corner - if you don't mind".

As they go to seat themselves, Barry re-assures Jill that they can leave any time - just give him the signal when she's had enough. On the way to their table, they stop by Johnny/LJ's table, and (at LJ's insistence) agree to stay and chat a bit. LJ tells Jill she looks "especially pretty" tonight. Dee comes by with an excuse to take LJ away - obviously jealous of Jill's presence and of her familiarity with her son.

With Dee out of the way, Frank returns to the table, and asks where his son is. Barry tells him that Dee whisked him away to see Coco's latest creation. Johnny asks who "Coco" is, and Barry tells him that he is their new pastry chef and goes on and on about how he snagged him away from the competition. Throughout all of this, Jill is not looking too well.

The next group to arrive is that of Faith and _Booby, who are greeted by Joe. It is somewhat unclear whether Bob's role for the night is that of guest or employee; Joe asks him to take some time out to talk to "Coco". He agrees, leaving Faith alone.

Faith then runs into Maeve, who tactfully invites her to come sit with them (noting that as Frank will be there, it may not be very pleasant for her to do so). Faith brushes this off - saying that she has to start sometime. However, as they near the table, Faith sees Frank and Jill next to each other (not directly interacting with each other, but still apparently comfortable in each other's presence). Maeve apologizes to Faith, but again, Faith brushes this off, saying that she will "manage".

When she gets to the table, an ugly scene arises, but all do their best to defuse the situation. Once everyone is re-seated, Faith proposes a toast (saying "I would drink, if I could") to "honesty". She says that there is no point in "hiding it", which causes Jill to tell her that she is "out of line". They start to trade barbs, causing Maeve to break in saying that this is "not the time". Jill replies that this definitely *is* the time, and that Faith has been riding her and accusing her and has been "playing the victim" for "long enough". If she wants to be honest, that's fine, let's be honest.

(Continuation of previous scene) Jill says that the truth in this situation is very "complicated" - full of good intentions and effort and lots of hurt and confusion. But that Faith doesn't want any part of that; she wants this lie/fairy tale that she has constructed - about the wicked sister and the good sister and the handsome prince - and that she (Jill) has had enough of it. Faith attempts to fight back by saying that they are not in court and Jill can't razzle-dazzle them with her words.

Frank attempts to intercede, but Jill brushes him off. Faith tells him to back off as well, telling him that he is not the referee. Faith suggests that they (her and Jill) "step outside", but Jill demurs. She apologizes to Maeve and Johnny for making a scene, but explains to Faith that this is not her problem and not her doing. Jill excuses herself and she and Barry leave.

After Jill has left, Frank again tells Faith that he and Jill are not together; she frostily replies "Patience. You will be soon." Maeve objects to this, but it clearly is what it is. Faith exits the table. Roger arrives to comfort her. Telling Roger to go back to his "ladies", Faith leaves to go home.

Rae arrives; she and Roger discuss the situation. Roger asks why they (meaning all of womankind) can't stay away from him (meaning Frank). Rae says they love the Ryan's and he loves them. She goes on to say that he shouldn't look to her for wisdom; she's one of the walking wounded.

Next, Rae spots Kim & Stupid together, and asks Roger to block Stupid's view of them, so that she can observe them. K & S are making goo-goo; Kim slips a small box into his pocket as Rae unhappily looks on. Rae tells Roger that she wants to know what is in Mike's pocket - and that she will find out!

(Closing credits: Faith's living room) *END*

Episode 1527 Monday, May 18, 1981 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 (1st Episode)

Rae and Michael arrive home. Rae notes Joe’s presence and seeming closeness to Michael which he denies. He’s a bit drunk. Rae cuddles with him and asked him to sober up while she pours herself a drink. She remembers Kim placing something in his pocket and asks him if Kim was a problem. Michael said it was an awkward situation but he kept his distance. Rae tells Michael to sit down and put his feet up. They snuggle on the couch as Rae tells him about Kim’s trouble with Seneca. Michael insists nothing happened between him and Kim. Rae suggests he spend the night. Michael notes she’s uptight one minute and relaxed the next. Michael says the information subsidiary was on his mind all night. He’s anxious to start it. Rae knows how important it is to him. Rae moves them into the bedroom. Michael stops and grabs her glass so there are no clues that they spent the night together tomorrow morning. Rae says they can’t have that. One clue is all it takes and then it’s over.

Siobhan and Wes are talking in the office. Siobhan asks him about Jack. She asks how he is supposed to stay in the business. She asks Wes to help him. Wes said he tried and Jack doesn’t want it. Siobhan asks what about helping him behind his back? Wes doesn’t like it. He insists it’s Jack’s life and he has to run it. Wes has to be invited to help. Siobhan defends Jack’s innocence and asks Wes to use his contacts to help find out who framed Jack. Joe arrives and Siobhan introduces him. Joe says everyone has gone home. Wes takes the hint and excuses himself and insists he and Siobhan are just friends for Joe’s benefit and he will make an effort. Joe and Siobhan kiss and Joe asks what the effort is. Siobhan dismisses it and Joe says he officially has everything he wants.

Faith insists she is not upset to Bob as they return to her home and tells him to return to the party. Bob says the party is over and it was very successful. Bob apologizes for pushing her to go after the words she had. Faith says she didn’t regret it and rather enjoyed it. Bob is surprised since she and her sister got into it. Faith asks him not to call Jill her sister. Bob doesn’t believe her attitude. Faith asks him to leave as she doesn’t want to argue. Bob insists on staying and wants to know what exactly happened. Faith asks him to smell her cup on the table. Faith says she is hiding nothing. She remembered everything before she went to the party. Faith recounts what happened and she is proud of her actions. Bob insists Jill came with Barry not Frank. Faith believes it was a set up and accuses Bob of being in on it. Faith insists it was a perfect time and place for Jill and Frank to reconnect. Bob insists that was not the case but Faith does not believe him. She believes they used the occasion to serve themselves and hurt her. Faith won’t forget or forgive especially Jill. Faith will open her mouth any time she can and get her satisfaction and enjoyment out of it. Bob says she is in bad trouble.

Frank answers his doorbell and Jill is there saying she needs to settle something. Jill says no more scenes with Faith. She is sorry she took Faith’s bait. The three of them can’t be in the same place. Frank says that will be tough to do. He says there is only one thing they can do. Jill says she could go away but Frank says one of us should walk away instead when the three of them are together. Jill says Faith is angry because Jill took her daddy away. Frank says Faith is all turned around because of him. Jill agrees in part but Jill says she is not going to be the scapegoat anymore. Faith needs to own her feelings. Frank agrees to own his as well. Jill says she feels like she was not a part of the breakup. She tried to be honest and stay away. Frank agrees. Jill agrees to the ’walk away’ approach each time the three of them find themselves together. Frank asks her to have a drink. Jill declines and suggests they also keep the agreement between the two of them also. One of them walks away each time they find themselves together. Jill doesn’t want to support Faith’s notions. Frank disagrees and says they have more to talk about. Jill tries to leave but Frank stops her and insists she is angry. Jill says she misses her sister. Frank says she can’t stay angry forever. Jill says she is waiting for Faith to see Jill didn’t take Frank away so she can have her sister back. Frank says she can’t live for Faith. Frank wants to straighten things out between the two of them. They love each other and need to figure it out. They have to face it now or they will hurt themselves and others. Jill storms out and Frank says here we go all over again.

Bob is telling Faith she is making herself bitter. She needs to get over it and stop causing herself grief. Bob tells her to snap out of it and get on with her life. He tells her she needs to let it go for her own sake. Faith screams she is not a little girl and she is who she is. Bob looks at her and leaves.

Michael and Rae are in bed. Rae gets up and starts searching Michael’s jacket pockets as he stirs. She finds an ID bracelet with his name on it and Kim’s inscription of Love Always. She puts is back and leaves for the next room. She paces in her living room before dissolving into tears on her couch. Michael comes in and wants to know what’s wrong. Rae asks to be left alone. Rae says she’s had some news of a death of an old friend. Someone she loved very much. She asks Michael to go home. He asks if there is anyone to contact. She says there is no one else. Rae says she is going to Washington and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Michael says take the time she needs. She apologizes for waking him and Michael says he has to go anyway to keep up appearances. They say good night as she cries.

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