Esl 098 The Magician’s Assistant tma 3: pp. 184 – 282 Ann Patchett

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ESL 098 The Magician’s Assistant

TMA 3: pp. 184 – 282 Ann Patchett

Comprehension Questions

Pp. 184 – 220

  1. Sabine thinks that the instructions in the Mysto magic kit are easy to follow. TRUE FALSE

  2. Sabine thinks that not everyone can be a magician, or a criminal. Why not? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Who does Sabine meet? What are their names? ___________________________________________________

  4. The two boys argue, but then one calls the other one a name that makes Sabine smile. What is it? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  5. According to Sabine, how did Parsifal feel about children? (before he changed his mind!) __________________________________________________________________________________________

  6. What video are they all going to watch? _________________________________________________________

  7. What’s the one word that Sabine uses to describe her and Parsifal on the screen? _________________________

  1. The boys stop fighting for the same reason that the camera man is caught staring; why? ___________________

  2. Don’t describe the trick; but what is it called? (one word) ___________________________________________

  3. What do they all want to know? Why doesn’t Sabine tell? __________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. From p. 205, “Now the boys’ eyes were open. How sat up. They looked like deer, ears pricked and alert, their noses sniffing the air.” What does this quote show? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  5. From p. 207, “If you’ve had good gin on a hot day in Southern California with the people you love, you forget Nebraska. The two things cannot coexist. The stronger, better of the two wins out.” What does that quote show? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  6. Before Kitty’s family leaves, what does How ask Sabine? What does it show about How? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. Dot agrees with Sabine that Guy killed his father because he’d lost his head. TRUE FALSE

  8. When Guy left NBRF, he told Dot that he’d done the right thing in killing Albert. TRUE FALSE

  9. Dot never expected Guy to return to Nebraska. TRUE FALSE

  1. While at Dot’s home alone, list two activities that occupy Sabine’s time. __________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. Where does Kitty take Sabine on Sabine’s 5th day in Alliance? _______________________________________

  3. What does Kitty want Sabine to mention to the boys? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Pp. 220 – 282

  1. How old was Kitty when she got married? How does Sabine feel about Howard? __________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Kitty says that Dot didn’t want her to marry Howard because he was a hoodlum; what is a hoodlum? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Name 3 things Kitty buys at Wal-Mart. __________________________________________________________

  4. Who do they run into? What’s he buying? For whom is he buying it? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  5. What trick did Guy struggle with that both Parsifal and Sabine mastered? ______________________________

  6. What kind of tricks does Sabine do for Kitty? _____________________________________________________

  7. Sabine thinks that Kitty is beautiful. TRUE FALSE

  8. Sabine says, “Oh Christ. This is going to be another one of those stories, isn’t it?” What does she mean? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Kitty asks for a good story, a story where Guy was happy. What story does Sabine tell? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. Sabine dreams about Paris. Who does she see for the first time? ______________________________________

  3. What job did Phan have when he first lived in France? _____________________________________________

  4. What’s the first thing Parsifal says to Sabine in the dream? __________________________________________

  5. For Sabine, what does sleeping together symbolize?________________________________________________

  6. Who is the unexpected guest at Dot’s – the reason why everyone else is in the kitchen? ___________________

  7. Why does Sabine choose Howard for the card trick and why does it turn out to be a bad choice? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  8. Who gets hurt? _____________________________________________________________________________
  9. How does Sabine describe the what it’s like to watch Bertie and Haas be together? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  10. When Haas confronts Howard at the hospital, Howard tells him the same thing he told Kitty. What was it? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  11. What is Kitty’s pattern with Howard, according to Dot? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  12. When Sabine calls home, what does she want to know about her parents? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  13. What did Sabine’s father do, before they even knew each other, that her mother found unforgettable? __________________________________________________________________________________________

  14. Sabine’s mother talks about having been away for a long time; what is she talking about? (It’s historical) __________________________________________________________________________________________

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