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Beach’s Seminar Period _____

  1. Who does the narrator pity and why? Or is he simply telling the story without a personal point of view, and does not pity anyone in the story? If he is telling it from a certain viewpoint, how does he affect the story?

  1. Is it love or pity that keeps Ethan from leaving with Mattie? Explain.

  1. What qualities or traits do you feel Ethan admires about Zeena? Mattie? How are Mattie and Zeena contrasted physically and psychologically?

  1. ASSUMING that Ethan Frome is an effective story: What/Who makes it effective?

  1. How does Wharton effectively employ foreshadowing in this novella?

  1. Zeena is either a very sick person mentally or a very sick person physically. Analyze Zeena’s actions and give statements, ideas, etc. to both sides of this question.

  1. Is Ethan’s behavior implicated in the development of Zeena and Mattie’s ultimate destinies? How? Ethan weighs his options. How is his decision to stay rather than run away with Mattie in keeping with his personality?

  1. The Epilogue: How does it surprise us? What are its ironies? Relevance? How is this novel satirical? What is Wharton’s point/purpose?

  1. In Ethan Frome, choose a character confronts the demands of a private passion that conflicts with his or her responsibilities. Show clearly the nature of conflict, its effects upon the character, and its significance to the work.

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