Evaluation of the First Phase of Leonardo da Vinci Programme (1996 – 1999) in the Czech Republic and Valorisation of Its Results Contents

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Training Programme for Gypsies

  1. CZ/98/1/82530/PI/III.1.a/FPI

Technical University in Ostrava (Dr. Alena Labodová):

Technology Training for SMEs

  1. CZ/98/2/06469/EA/III.2.c/CONT

National Observatory for VET and Labour Market, Prague (Olga Ilina):

Permanent Forecasting of Training Needs: Comparative Analysis, Methodology Development and Use

  1. CZ/99/1/82603/PI/I.1.1.a/FPI

Labour Security Information and Training Centre, Prague (Ing. Ludmila Kleinová):

Vocational Training in Labour Security at University Level

  1. CZ/99/1/82604/PI/I.1.1.b/FPI

DHV CR, Prague (Ing. Václav Kleňha):

Database of Continuing Training

  1. CZ/99/1/82610/PI/I.1.1.c/FPC

The Pedagogical-Psychological Institute of the Czech Republic, Prague (Dr. Miroslav Bartošek):

Training of Counselling and Guidance Practitioners by Distance Form

B. Pilot projects of foreign promoters with Czech partners

  1. F/96/1/05350/PI/I.1.1.a/FPI

Association of higher education schools, Prague (Ing. Michal Karpíšek):

Organisation and Quality of International Placements

  1. UK/97/1/37036/PI/III.3.a/FPC

North Bohemian Economic and Training Centre, Ústí nad Labem (Ing. Zdeněk Křivský):

Training Network of European Regions

  1. S/98/1/76036/PI/I.1.1.a/FPI

Integrated Secondary School – VET Centre in Brno (Dr. Hana Dombrovská):

Dynamic Network AVENUE for Organisation of Placements

  1. E/98/1/61679/PI/I.1.1.b/FPC

Agentura DAHA, Prague (Mgr. Dagmar Hartmannová):

European VET Quality Management Standards

  1. CZ/99/1/82615/PI/I.1.1.a/FPI

National Institute of Vocational Education, Prague (Dr. Jana Bydžovská):

Towards European Modular Structure

  1. NL/99/1/74126/PI/III.3.a/CONT

Technical University in Brno (Doc. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc,):

Multiplied Project for Project Management Standardisation

  1. P/99/1/75294/PIIII.3.a/FPI

Technical University in Brno (Doc. Dr. Jan Lojda, CSc.):

Dissemination Network for Distance Training

  1. UK/96/1/40005/PI/I.1.1.e/FPI

Public Administration Training Centre, Prague (Ing. Jana Voldánová):

Skills for Future

  1. B/96/2/0534/PI/II.1.1.a/FPI

Technical University in Brno (Doc. Dr. Jan Lojda, CSc):

European magister in the field of multimedia entrepreneurship

  1. EUR/96/2/1664/PI/II.1.1.a/FPC

Czech Institute of Markeing (Otakar Pivoda, MSc.):

Setting up of European Standards in Marketing

  1. D/96/2/1134/PI/II.1.1.a/FPC

Technical University in Ostrava (Mgr. Petr Rumpel):

European Network for Continuing Training of Professional Geographs

  1. F/97/2/00614/PI/II.1.1.a/FPC

METER Silesia, Ostrava (Ing. Hana Danihelková):

Training of Occasional Trainers through Internet

  1. F/97/2/00468/PI/II.1.1.b/FPC

Union of Czech Librarians and Information Practitioners, Prague (Dr. Jarmila Burgetová):

Development of European Competencies in the Field of Information and Documentation

  1. DK/98/2/06212/PI/II.1.1.c/CONT

Czech Telecom, Prague (Ing. Milan Štolba):

Active Continuing Training in European Telecommunicating Industry

  1. F/96/I/5102/PI/I.1.1.c/CONT

METER Silesia, Ostrava (Ing. Hana Danihelková):

Training – Employment – Orientation

  1. UK/96/1/30021/EA/III.2.a/CONT

Czech Committee for Management Science, Prague (Ing. Robert Troška):

Strategic Approach for Lifelong Counselling and Guidance for Socially Disadvantaged People
  1. NL/98/1/74036/PI/I.1.1.b/FPC

ASISTA, Most (Ing. Zdeněk Weber, CSc.):

Mobility Centres as Innovative Link between Training within Enterprises and Training for Labour Market

  1. UK/98/1/81000/PI/I.1.1.c/FPC

DHV CR, Prague (Ing. Václav Kleňha):

Improvement of Access of Socially Excluded Groups to Counselling and Guidance: Pilot Training Module for Counselling and Guidance Practitioners

  1. A/98/1/50075/PI/I.1.1.e/FPI

Masaryk University in Brno (Doc. Dr. Lubomír Kostroň):

Guide for Group Training and Activisation of Skills to Find a Job – „Drehbuch“

  1. EE/98/1/87004/PI/I.1.1.e/CONT

Satura, Ostrava (Michael Krč), Labour Office in Tábor (Dr. Jiří Berkovský):

Acquisition of Personal Knowledge and Skills for Job Skills

  1. NL/98/2/05009/PI/II.1.1.a/CONT

Labour Office in Tábor (Dr. Jiří Berkovský):

Progress and Preparation on Changes of Labour Force in Europe

  1. UK/98/2/05159/PI/II.1.1.a/CONT

INORGA Consulting, Ostrava (Ing. Zoja Skopalová):

Virtual Schools of Managerial Skills

  1. F/98/2/06113/PI/II.1.1.a/FPC

Labour Office in Tábor (Dr. Jiří Berkovský):

Sharing Employment System – SHARE

  1. S/98/2/05589/PI/II.1.1.d/CONT

Association of Tenants of the Czech Republic, Prague (Milan Taraba):

RONJA – Local Project for Opportunity Development for Unemployed Women

  1. FIN/98/2/06039/PI/II.1.1.d/CONT

INPRO Institute, Prague (Helena Rejdová):

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