Excerpts from “Occult abc” by Kurt E. Koch


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Excerpts from

“Occult ABC”

by Kurt E. Koch

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Excerpts from

“Occult ABC”

by Kurt E. Koch


A. Forms of Occult Movements and Devices.





Biological Feedback and Mind Control.

Black Mass.

Blood Pacts.

Charismatic Movements.

Christian Science.


Color Diagnosis and Color Therapy.

Conjuring Tricks.

Death Magic.

Demon Possession.

Exaggerated Doctrines and Theological Construction.

False Christ's and False Prophets.

Fortunetelling or Soothsaying.



Goblins and Elves.

Group Suggestion.


Christians and Halloween (by Jenna Robinson)

Hari Krishna.

More about Hare Krishna.

Healing Fanaticism.


Iris Diagnosis.

Jehovah’s Witnesses.



Magic Charms.



The “New Age” (by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)).

Ouija Board.




Predictive Dreams.


Queen of Darkness — Queen of Black Witches.

Rock Music.

Rod and Pendulum.


Satan Worship.


Sensitivity Training.

Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses.

Soul Force.

Speaking in Tongues.

Spirit of the Age.


Spiritist Healing.

Spiritist Operations.


Symbols of Peace.

Transcendental Meditation (TM).

More about TM by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)




Weleda Medicines and Herbal Remedies.


B. Effects of Occult Movements and Devices.

1. Mediumistic Affinity.

2. Resistance to the Things of God.

3. Distortion of Character.

4. Emotional Disorders.

5. A Breeding Ground for Mental Illness.

6. Oppression of Descendants.

7. Frequent Suicides.

8. Ghosts and Poltergeists Resulting From Sins of Sorcery.

9. Frequent Diseases.

C. Deliverance.

1. Come to Christ.

2. Destroy all occult objects.

3. Break off all mediumistic contacts and friendships.

4. Recognize and confess your guilt.

5. Renounce and declare yourself free from Satan and the sins of sorcery of your forebears.

6. Strengthen your faith.

8. Seek out an experienced spiritual father or counselor.

9. Go to church or join a prayer group.

10. Practice praying and fasting.

11. Take Holy Communion and place yourself under the protection of Jesus’ blood.

12. Reject the enemy in the name of the Lord.

14. Put on the spiritual armor: Christian Virtues.

15. Realize the victory of Jesus over the powers of darkness.

16. Guard against the return of the demons.

17. Become a true Christian.

18. Understand clearly that deliverance is possible only through Christ.

19. Obey Lord’s Commandments in all things.

20. Increase in yourself the Grace of God.

Weapons against evil spirits by Bishop Alexander (Mileant).

D. Some Famous Deceivers.

Edgar Cayce.

Jeane Dixon.

Kathryn Kuhlman.

Uri Geller.


Readers usually skip the introductions and prefaces to books. Admittedly, they are generally boring. But readers of this book would be well advised to read this introduction to avoid misunderstandings and wrong impressions.

Some people may be shocked when they read the list of contents. What, for example, is a chapter about meditation doing in a book directed against the occult? The answer is very simple. This book deals only with abuses; and in the instance of meditation, there are more occult forms than genuine forms. Prayerful thought about a Bible passage, of course, has nothing to do with the occult. I am attacking only those forms of meditation which lead people away from Christ.

Another feature of the book is that it deals not only with occult movements and Satan’s devices, as the title suggests, but also with other extreme movements, ideologies, and opinions of the present day.

The German reader will find reference to many movements with strange-sounding names. That is because the book is being translated into English. I have therefore included the American movements. Again, a publisher in Quebec, Canada, has asked permission to translate the book into French; so various Canadian movements will have to be taken into account. In any case, it has for years been true to say that trends in North America appear in Europe ten years later. Even things unknown to Europeans today, or those hard for us to understand, will be familiar in ten years.

This book is the outcome of constant demand for my previous book Der Aberglaube {Superstition), which is now out of print. The only thing, however, it has in common with Der Aberglaube is that the subjects are dealt with in alphabetical order. The content has been reworked and rewritten from beginning to end.

The numerous case histories from my own counseling will once again raise the question of confidentiality. I have been accused in the past of breaking the seal of the confessional. This allegation I strongly deny. Up to now I have worked, by God’s grace, in 130 countries, including the South Pole. It is impossible for anyone to determine the source of any particular illustration. I have omitted, where necessary, all reference to place names, or the names, ages, and occupations of counselees. My chief comment on these allegations is that I have only used case histories where I have permission to do so.

Other objections have been raised by parapsychologists like Professor Bender of Freiburg. He alleges that my examples are of no scientific value, only of personal value, because all statistical data have been omitted. There are three things I would say in reply to this:

  1. I have statistical data in my files.

  2. Exact details have been omitted for the very purpose of guarding confidences.

  3. In the field of parapsychology, spontaneous occurrences provide more powerful evidence than experiments. Spontaneous occurrences are manifestations far stronger than anything found through experiments. Professor Bender will reply that my opinion is refuted by the fact that it has been possible to record the Rosenheim ghost on film. My answer to that is that the Rosenheim ghost is a spontaneous occurrence and not in any sense an experiment. Other questions along these lines are dealt with in the chapter on parapsychology.

Another criticism is sometimes raised among believing Christians, who certainly deserve to be taken seriously. They ask whether we do not give the devil too much honor by writing books against the occult. This criticism has been made against me in America, in the Christian magazine Eternity. I reply that Paul could write to the Corinthians, “we are not ignorant of his [Satan’s] devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11). Today it would have to be said that we are ignorant of Satan’s devices. Many Christians have no inkling of all that is going on in the occult. Such ignorance, confusion, and short sighted-ness make Satan’s task easy. I will give three examples which have caused me much distress.

1. When my book Christian Counseling and Occultism appeared, Pfarrer Fischer was the principal of the Bible school at Unterweissach. He said there was no need for such a book. If a Christian suffers from the occult influence, one should earnestly pray with him, and then he will be freed from all the effects of such influence. Fischer’s opinion revealed boundless ignorance. There are Christians who suffer for years, even decades, from occult influence that has been caused by sins of sorcery committed by their ancestors or by themselves.

2. The same book Christian Counseling and Occultism, which has now been through twenty-three editions, including those in other languages, has been condemned by Dr. Wasserzug of the Beatenberg Bible School. It was put on her index of books that Beatenberg students were forbidden to buy or read. But when I was preaching in Interlaken, students and teachers from Beatenberg came to me for counseling about their problems with the occult.

3. My third experience was in Basle. Pastor Gilgen, leader of the Free Church in Basle, was a man whose Christian witness God had blessed. When my books on the occult were published, he said, “We do not need these books; there are no problems with the occult in Switzerland.” In Switzerland, however, the canton Appenzell is well known for its occult, magic, and spiritualist healers. There are tens of thousands of people in Switzerland, who are suffering severely under the effects of occult practices. It is beyond comprehension that a man can preach the Word of God and counsel people for forty years without being confronted with such problems.

A proper view of the occult lies somewhere between two extremes. One extreme has already been illustrated. Some Christians believe that, when someone turns to Christ, all effects of the occult end at that moment. This is a view I have often heard in North America. But it is a false view based on lack of experience.

The other extreme is to exaggerate the occult. There are some Christians who think everything they do not understand is from the occult. Such people can even develop a kind of occult neurosis, which makes them ascribe everything unusual in their lives to occult influence. It is important to be levelheaded about the occult, to stick to the facts.

I must also give the reader a warning. Anyone who has weak nerves, or is very easily influenced, would be better advised not to read this book. At most they should have Christian friends tell them some of its contents. Some people are so sensitive that they apply everything they read to themselves. Even those who are mentally and emotionally strong are advised to pray constantly that they may be under the protection of Christ and shielded by His precious blood. The devil always tries to attack us at our weakest point. If you go onto a battlefield, you will be shot at. I have found this to be true even in writing this book. One illness followed another and many accidents took place. One day I had such acute pain in my right arm that I was prevented from using the typewriter, and I had to stop writing for several weeks.

I have intentionally avoided writing in a scientific style like my other book, Christian Counseling and Occultism. I have been told many times that it was too technical for lay people. A popular book that does not minimize the problems but does not exaggerate them was needed. In this book I have tried to provide just that.

If I were asked what I hoped this book will achieve, I would reply with the following illustration.

Ex 1: Some years ago a teacher told me how she had escaped from great danger. She had climbed a mountain one afternoon. It was dark when she began to climb down. She took a wrong turn and lost her way. Being a Christian, she asked the Lord to protect her. Suddenly she saw a bright light on the other side of the valley, which also lighted up the path in front of her. To her consternation, she saw that she was at the edge of a great chasm. If the light had not come at the right moment, she would have fallen down a precipice. The object of my book is simply to fulfil the function of that light. I want to illuminate some precipices so that the unwary may not fall into chasms.

Warning and illumination, however, is only one side of the matter. The other aim of this book is to point to the only One who can help — Jesus Christ, the Son of God — who, on the cross of Calvary, crushed the ancient serpent’s head. He came into this world to lighten our darkness. The Son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). Whoever links himself to Jesus and accepts Him as Lord of his life is on the victory side. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:57, “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

One more point about the arrangement of the book. The three long chapters on magic, spiritism, and fortunetelling contain only a general survey with a few examples. The important points are dealt with again in the specialized chapters. That, for the sake of the observant reader, is why important problems like the use of ouija boards, pendulums, and other occult utensils appear twice in the book.

Finally, I commend the readers of this book and all those whose experiences are published here to the protection and preserving grace of God.

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