Experience construction Engineer, 2nd mlg, U. S. Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, nc.

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Jon Doe

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Construction Project Coordinator with over 15 years as a Combat Engineer experienced in management, planning, coordination, supervision, and execution of construction projects while maintaining constant communication with clients to ensure timely and accurate results, seeking a Project Manager Position
Construction Engineer, 2nd MLG, U.S. Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, NC. (06/1999-12/2014)

Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert concerning all aspects of horizontal and vertical construction.

  • Completed 52 construction projects valued at more than $240,000 under budget for numerous commands and entities aboard Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base over 2 years

  • Completed 12 remodel and construction projects while assigned to “The Citadel” in Charleston, South Carolina over 2 years

  • Completed a remote location school renovation in the desert of Djbouti and provided aid in the Haiti 2010 earthquake disaster through the distribution of clean water, food and supplies received through logistical coordination with U.S. AID and other non government organizations
  • Supervised and maintained a 43 building facility to include work requests, new construction coordination, grounds keeping and landscaping, target and wood frame construction and personnel management over 2 years

  • Successfully commanded and instructed an 18 man team to contribute towards the building of a double story 19 bay link reinforced bridge over the Dyala River in Iraq while under the most extremely stressful circumstances possible Currently hold team world record for completing the double story 12 bay bridge in 1hr 43min

  • Renovated a community center on the island of St. Lucia to include replacing the roof, upgrading the exterior durability of the structure and ensured the local populaces’ requests for esthetics were met

  • Replaced the entire electrical system of the 7 building Justinian Hospital in Cap-Haitien, Haiti and installed additional utilities and a back-up generator large enough to support the whole of the compound

  • Completed a 3 warehouse build on unaltered ground from 40,000 cubic feet of concrete to crane assisted 20 foot tall building construction

Shift Manager, Colonial Inn and Suites, Jackson, MI (07/1995-09/1997)

  • Managed a 64 room hotel from age 15 to 17 under supervision and mentorship


Certificate, Construction Project Coordinator, University of Arizona, AZ

B.S. Civil Engineering, The Citadel” The Military College of South Carolina, SC

A.S. Construction Sciences, Coastal Carolina Community College, SC

Michigan Center High School, Michigan Center, MI


Combat Engineer School, U.S. Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, NC

Marine Combat Training, U.S. Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, NC

Marine Recruit Training, U.S. Marine Corps, San Diego, CA

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