Facs exploration Standard: facs exploration A/b model

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FACS Exploration

Standard: FACS Exploration A/B Model

Lesson: Child Nutrition


Introduction: How young can children be to start making choices about food and helping in the kitchen? Often by the time they can start feeding themselves they start making choices about what they eat. They are often in the kitchen with mom and dad while food is being prepared and helping with the meal will help them learn and develop gross and fine motor skills. Often what they are served will determine the kind of nutrition they have in their life.
Pre-Assessment of what student know: What is your earliest memory of eating or helping in the kitchen? Take students replies and bring up the points in the introduction.

Content Outline, Activities and Teaching Strategies


Day 1:

Pre-Assesment & Introduction

Feeding Young Children – Go through powerpoint on feeding children. Discuss each slide with the students.

Cooking with Kids – Go through powerpoint on cooking with kids and discuss each slide with students.

Child Nutrition Game Instructions – I have about 10 easy group games like Go Fish, Old Maid, Matching, etc. that the kids play (bought them all at wal-mart). I let them play for about 6-8 minutes, then they switch games with another table and play again then switch one more time. Afterwards we discuss what each game was trying to teach. Talk about play is learning, especially for young children. Then I hand out a file folder with the instructions for the activity and grading rubric stapled to it. I tell them they need to come up with their own game. They can use the format of any of the games we played, but they need to teach something about what they’ve learned in our class. I give them the handout and go through it with them. I have white cardstock, scissors, markers, rulers, etc. for them to make their games.

Day 2:

Finish Games & Play Games. A table plays another groups games and grades them.

Plan Preschool:

1- If you choose to do a preschool hand out the preschool lesson plan to let them plan. I tell them some of the games kids have played in the past including: musical chairs, a play, teaching them a song, reading and acting out a story, water games (in our kitchen sinks), playing instruments, making instruments, crafts, red light, green light, etc.

I do it so each group has to plan an activity for about 6-10 minutes, depending on the number of groups. On the day of the preschool they will do their activity with all the little kids at once. Meanwhile the group up next be preparing for their activity.

*Those not ‘into’ preschool, help them plan a story they can read or a game they can play with the kids.

2- Go through permission slip and have students fill in the time. Let them know that the first 5-10 minutes of class there should be no children so they can set up the room and the teacher can go through instructions.

3- Food in the preschool. Technically the students teaching CANNOT bring food they’ve made at home. They can bring food bought from a store that is packaged. I’ve had students do cookie frosting and get unfrosted cookies from a bakery. I’ve also had kids come into school early to make cupcakes that will later be frosted and decorated. They can cook things at school to serve to the little kids.
Day 3:
Preschool: I post the times for each group up on the board. Go through any instructions. I put out toys and books for kids to play with while they are waiting.

*Have a back-up activity for students who forget their supplies, etc.
Day 4:
Cooking Labs: I have 7 different recipes and each kitchen makes one of the recipes and makes enough samples for everyone to try. They write down 2 recipes in their recipe file.

Feeding Children Powerpoint & Worksheet.

Cooking with Kids Powerpoint & Worksheet.

Children Games, Child Nutrition Game Instruction WS, Paper, Markers, Scissors, Rulers, file folders.
Games made by students.
Preschool Lesson Plan

Preschool Permission

Cooking Lab Recipes

Summary / Evaluation: Little kids can participate in cooking and making healthy food choices. What are some things we should teach kids about being safe in the kitchen? What are some ways we can make foods more healthy?


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