Fake News Story Project

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Fake News Story Project

After researching and learning about the creation of Fake News Stories, you and your group members will research to find two authentic news stories that may read as if they were fake.
You and your group will then create one Fake News Story. You will then present your three new stories to the class who will use their knowledge of Fake News Stories vs. Authentic News Stories to determine which is the Fake Story.
In order to challenge the class, your authentic stories should be a bit on the creative or outrageous side. Your Fake News Story should model the format of the authentic news stories that you find.
Feel free to include photos that would substantiate your Fake News Story. Use the resources presented in class and on my website to assist you in creation of this news story.
You will create your Fake News Story on a Titled Google Document. Make sure that you include all group members’ names on the Google Document. Students in groups should share the Google Doc with each other.
Have fun with this assignment. Be creative but not offensive. This will be our final assignment this semester. It will be due on January 19. You will upload only your Fake News Story to Turnitin.com for Grading, but your authentic news stories should also be placed onto a Google Document if possible.

Refer to the Fake News Story Rubric to make sure that you have included all required elements of the project.

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