Family Confirmation Program Lesson Eleven David and Solomon Opening Prayer Memory Work

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Family Confirmation Program

Lesson Eleven
David and Solomon
Opening Prayer
Memory Work -- Psalm 51:10
Introduction to Lesson Eleven

In this lesson, we continue our study of Israel's kings. Although David was a great king whom God called his "servant," King David also sinned grievously. When God's prophet Nathan spoke with David, David confessed his sin. God forgave David, but the consequences of his sin continued for many years afterwards.

In this lesson, we also study the life of David's son, Solomon. In many ways, Solomon was quite different from his father. In his old age, Solomon turned away from the LORD. In our lesson, we also discuss the division of Israel into two kingdoms.

  1. Bible references to King David

    1. What does 1 Samuel 16:13 tell us about David? _______________________ __________________________________________________________________

    2. What special ability did David have? (1 Sam16:23) ____________________ __________________________________________________________________

    3. What happened to David in 1 Samuel 17? ____________________________ __________________________________________________________________

    4. How did King Saul feel about David? (1 Sam18:8-9) ___________________ __________________________________________________________________
    5. What did Saul want to do to David? (1 Sam 19:9-10) ___________________ __________________________________________________________________

    6. What happened when King David faced the Philistines? (1 Sam 23:1-6) _________________________________________________________________

    7. When David had a chance to kill King Saul, what did he do? (1Sam 24:6-7) _______________________________________________________________

    8. What happened in Second Samuel, chapter 2, verse 4? _________________ __________________________________________________________________

    9. How old was David when he became king and how long did he rule?

(2 Sam5:4) ________________________________________________________

    1. What was David's relationship with the LORD? (2 Sam 5:10) ____________ __________________________________________________________________

    2. What did the LORD say to David about who was to build Him a temple? (2 Sam 7:11-13) ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

    3. What city did David capture to became the capital of Israel? (2 Sam 5:6-7) __________________________________________________________________

  1. Read Second Samuel, chapter 11

    1. Which commandments did David break in the incident with Bathsheba and her husband Uriah? ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Read Second Samuel, chapter 12, verses 1 to 25

    1. Nathan was God's prophet. What is a prophet's job? __________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    2. The story that Nathan told was really a story about David. Who was the rich man in the story? ______________________________________________

    3. Who was the poor man? ___________________________________________

    4. Who was the poor man's "ewe lamb?" _______________________________

    5. When David heard the story, what was his reaction? (v.5) ______________ __________________________________________________________________

    6. Had God been generous with David before David's sin? (vs.7-8) ________ __________________________________________________________________

    7. What do we call David's response to the prophet's words? (v.13) ________ __________________________________________________________________

    8. What did Nathan say to David after that? (v.13) ______________________ __________________________________________________________________

    9. Is there any sin that is too serious for God to forgive? __________________ __________________________________________________________________

    10. What is one thing that people sometimes do that prevents God from forgiving them? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

  3. Read Second Samuel, chapter 22
    1. Describe the state of David's faith at this point. _______________________


  1. Read Psalm 51

    1. In this Psalm, David writes about his experience with sin. What do sinners need from God? (v.1) _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

    2. How does God "wash away" our sins? (v.2)___________________________ __________________________________________________________________

    3. When we sin against others, who are we really sinning against? (v.4) (Gen 39:9) ____________________________________________________________

    4. When does sin begin in us? (v.5, see Catechism sec. 80 -- 82) _____________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    5. When their sins are forgiven, what do God's people experience? (vs.12, 15) __________________________________________________________________

  2. Read First Kings, chapter 1, verses 38 to 40

    1. Who became king after David? _____________________________________

    2. What advice did David have for Solomon? (ch .2,vs.1-4) _______________ __________________________________________________________________
    3. What did Solomon ask God for? (ch. 3, vs.7-9) ________________________ __________________________________________________________________

    4. Solomon didn't always use that gift from God. Read the following verses and give examples.

      1. 1 Kings 3:1 _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

      2. 1 Kings 6:38, 7:1 (see Concordia Self-Study Bible footnote on 7:1) ____________________________________________________________

      3. 1 Kings 7:8 _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

      4. 1 Kings 11:1-2 _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

      5. 1 Kings 12:4 (see footnote) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Read First Kings, chapter 11, verses 9 to 13

    1. What did God say he would do because of Solomon's lack of faith? (v.11) __________________________________________________________________

    2. When did God say he would do this? (v.12) __________________________ __________________________________________________________________

    3. Why would God give one tribe to Solomon's son? (v.13) ________________ __________________________________________________________________
  4. Background information: After Solomon died, his son Rehoboam became king of the southern kingdom, made up of two tribes, called "Judah." A man called Jeroboam became king of the ten tribes of the northern kingdom. This area kept the same name as the whole nation used to have -- "Israel". This can be very confusing. From this point on, when you hear the name "Israel", think of the northern kingdom. The capital of the southern kingdom called "Judah" was Jerusalem. The capital of the northern kingdom called "Israel" was Shechem. See the map in the Concordia Self-Study Bible on page 495 and the time line inside the front cover.

  1. Read First Kings, chapter 12, verses 1 to 33

Jeroboam disobeyed God His action eventually led to Israel (the northern kingdom) being conquered and broken up in 722 BC After that, the northern kingdom never regained the importance it once had.

    1. What was Jeroboam's sin? (vs. 28-31) ________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

  1. On the last page of this lesson, you will find a summary of Israel's history and the kings that served the nation (before and after the nation was divided). From the sheet, please answer the following questions:

    1. How many good kings were there in Israel's northern kingdom? __________________________________________________________________

    2. In what year was the northern kingdom of Israel conquered and taken into exile? _______________________________________________________

    3. How many bad kings were there in Judah? __________________________

    4. What makes a king good or bad in God’s eyes? ________________________


    1. In what year was the southern kingdom of Judah conquered by Babylon and taken away from their land? ___________________________________

    2. What is God accomplishing here despite man’s wickedness? (cf. Gen. 3:15; Gen 12:1-3; 2 Sam 7:13,16; Mt 21:4-5, 9-11.)_____________________________


    1. Who does God use to accomplish his will? ____________________________

  1. Time spent on this study? _________ With mom? _______ With dad? _________

  2. List any comments or questions that you would like to discuss with the pastor or in class: ________________________________________________________________

  3. Closing Prayer

Revised 06/29/95; Nov. 28, 2000; Lesson 11a is a supplement to this lesson. It contains the Old Testament Kings List. Edited May 2002.

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