Family Team Decision-Making Training

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Family Team Decision-Making Training

Building Trust Based Relationships


Family Team Meeting Facilitation
Trainer Biographies

Janell Aldrich

Education: MSW, LISW

Work Experience: 21 years of experience in Child Welfare and as a mental health therapist. Trained in wraparound team planning, family group conferencing team planning and family team decision-making. Currently works as a Family Team Services Liaison for the Des Moines Service Area since March 2005.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 5 years

Dan Archip

Education: B.S. in Psychology, Family Development Specialist Certification.

 Work experience: Extensive experience in conflict resolution and restorative justice.  Represented U.S. Postal Service in the grievance/arbitration procedure for eight years.  Contract facilitator and mediator for the Polk County Attorney's Restorative Justice Center for six years facilitating Child Welfare Mediations, Victim Offender Meetings, Truancy Mediations, and Neighborhood Mediations.  A member of the West Des Moines Police Department's Youth Justice Initiative (YJI) for five years.  YJI is a community-based program that uses a Family Group Conferencing model.  Currently working for the State Judicial Branch Court Improvement Project in a review of the Juvenile Court process as it pertains to Child Welfare matters.  The goal is to review the court process in each of the 99 counties in Iowa. 

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 2 years

Marno Batterson

Education: BA in social sciences from Drake University in 1969

Work Experience: 30 years of experience in the human services field as an advocate for people with developmental disabilities; as a case manager for institutionalized children; as a frontline worker and supervisor for state child welfare services; and as an administrator for Iowa's child protective services program. A recipient of the Commissioner's Award for Outstanding Leadership and Services in the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families. Selected as a participant in the "Messages from Research" seminars at the Dartington Social Research Institute in Dartingon, England (1995).

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 11 years of experience working for the Center for the Study of Social Policy to promote reform in child welfare and other family-serving systems through implementation of the community partnerships initiative. Provided hands-on technical assistance on a regular basis to communities and states that include Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Arizona. Presented widely to national and local audiences on the community partnerships movement.

Cornelius Bird

Education: BA in Anthropology, graduate work in Student Personal Administration

Work Experience: 25 years of training/management and organization development experience in human services. Currently is a senior consultant with the Child Welfare Group. Responsible for the design and delivery of family centered strengths/needs-based system change strategies using the child and family team process. Curricula designs include engaging families in the assessment and planning process, safety planning, crisis planning, transition planning, helping families through the change process, building and preparing child and family teams, culturally competent child and family team facilitation, conflict resolution, conflict management in the team process, working with resistance, facilitating child and family team meeting with families with a history of domestic violence, and supervising the child and family team process. Assisted in developing the Foster Parent Staff Development Institutes in Georgia. Served as a group facilitator at the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s Men Anger Control Program where co-authored the Guidelines for Facilitating Child and Family Team Meetings with Family with a History of Domestic Violence.

Number of years experience conducting Family Team Meetings: 10 years; involved in implementation of system wide reform efforts using the child and family team process in Oklahoma, Florida, Utah, Georgia, and Iowa and with the Community Partnership for Protecting Children sites in Cedar Rapids, St. Louis, Louisville and Jacksonville.

Lauri Carlson

Education: BS in Psychology and Business Management, LBSW, Advanced Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Work Experience: 10 years as a substance abuse counselor (inpatient and outpatient). 8 years experience as a Decategorization Coordinator (community planning, facilitation and grant writing) 8 years experience as a Family Unity/Team Facilitator. 3 years experience participating in Training Curriculum of Family Team Meetings in Iowa.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 9 years experience as a Family Unity/Team Facilitator.

Ana Clymer

Education: B.A in Social Work

Work Experience: Current coordinator of the Learning Center to coach and mentor new facilitators in Cedar Rapids, IA. Over 6 years experience with the FTM process and family centered work and over 4 years experience as a trainer.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 7 years

Cindy Conrad

Education: BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Early Education with an Elementary Endorsement.

Work Experience: 14 years of experience in educating children. Eleven years of experience working for the Iowa State University Extension as a Family Nutrition Program Assistant and a parent educator. Experience working with low-income families around topics such as nutrition, finances, parenting, self-esteem, and stress and anger management. Served as a co-coordinator of Community Partnerships for Protecting Children since 2003. Currently working on building capacity of facilitators for FTDM meetings in Henry County.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 4 years

Katie Garnier

Education: BA in Human Services and Criminology from Upper Iowa University

Work Experience: Program Administrator with Families First Counseling Services of Iowa, L.C.C. 8 years of experience in working with children and families. Experience has included day treatment and in home family centered services. Currently co-chairs the Community Partnerships for Protecting Children Advisory Committee in Black Hawk County and has been involved in CPPC for two years.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 2 years

Gloria Johnson

Education: BSW University of Iowa, MPA ISU

Work Experience: Former Executive Director of the YWCA of Cedar Rapids and Linn County for 14 years. One of the founders of the CPPC site in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Six years experience of working as CPPC staff.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 7 years

Jan LeBahn

Education: LBSW University of Northern Iowa

Work Experience: Waterloo Site Administrator for Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic since June 2001. Prior to joining Mid-Iowa, worked for the Black Hawk County Department of Human Services as a Social Worker II and Social Work Supervisor for 15 years. Involved in the development of a protocol used in Black Hawk County to provide Family Team Meetings. Currently co-facilitates the Black Hawk County Community Partnership and leads the sub-group for Individual Courses of Action.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 6 years.

Valarie Lovaglia

Education: Doctoral student at the University of Iowa School of social work

Work Experience: Has 20 years experience working in child welfare, primarily with children and families. Spent 10 years working with teens in out of home placement in CA. Actively involved in Community Partnerships for Protecting Children for three years.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 3 years

Hank Ostwald

Education: BA from Dartmouth College, and a MS. Ed from Buena Vista University.

Work Experience: 19 years of experience in mediation. Currently is the Iowa Mediation Service regional program coordinator for northwest Iowa. Worked for the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board as an ad hoc mediator in public sector labor contract negotiations. Starting in 1992, mediated child custody, visitation, support and property division issues. Since 2002 been involved in the mediation of child welfare issues through the Court Improvement Project. Is a member of the Iowa Association for Dispute Resolution (IADR), and served as the President of IADR for two years. Presented at numerous workshops and conferences, and has assisted in many trainings on mediation and conflict resolution

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 5 years experience, attended Family Unity Training in 2001 with Jim Nice, and Family Group Decision Making Training with Cornelius Bird in 2002, and is currently coordinating the Lakes Area Family Team Meeting Learning Center in northwest Iowa.

Lois Smidt

Education: MA in English, Iowa State University

Work Experience: 27 years of experience in the human development professions. Has experience working with children and adults with disabilities; with elders in nursing home settings; in the teaching field (Iowa State University); as a Family Development Specialist (in-home work with families in poverty); and leadership development training. Currently is the Executive Director of Beyond Welfare. In 2005 was awarded the Commissioners Award for the State of Iowa from the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration of Children, Youth and Families for work in engaging the community in the lives of families and children at risk because of abuse.

Number of years conducting Family Team Meetings: 10 plus years of experience,

Beyond Welfare has used a version of the Family Team Decision Making model since before the CPPC formally came to Story County, through the strategy of the Circle of Support, a team that partners with a family in poverty to reach its goals of economic and relationship well-being. Trained in the Iowa FTDM model at its inception in Story County and began to co-train FTDM facilitators in 2002.

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