Fantasy Book Report- due Feb 7

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Fantasy Book Report- Due Feb 7

A fantasy book has elements that are not real. For example, animals may talk, or characters may travel to places in a magical way. Some characters may be monsters or creatures that do not exist in real life.

  • Choose a fantasy story to read. It should be 100-150 pages long and of appropriate reading level.


  • While reading, read carefully and enjoy your story.

  • When you are finished, think about your book. Did you enjoy it? Did it make you laugh? Cry? Afraid? Excited? What were the best parts? Why? Would you have like to be in the story?


  • Include the information on the next page in your book report (in paragraph form)

  • Complete the Book Mark


Creative Project - choose one of the following

  1. Choose a character from your story. Make a puppet of your character to introduce to the class. Your puppet can be made out of anything you choose.

  2. Create a picture book that sequences the book through pictures and written descriptions. You need a minimum of 6 pictures and each description needs to be at least 4 sentences.

  3. Create a diorama of an important scene or your favorite scene from the book. You will need a shoe box to create your diorama. Be able to explain in detail how your scene relates to the story.


You will be responsible for both an oral and a written book report. Your written report should be written neatly and in complete sentences. Your oral report should be rehearsed at home and include the "creative project" (1-2 quick minutes).

Book Report should include these details

1. Name: Date:

Number of Pages Book Title:

Author: Illustrator (if there is one)

  1. Include an INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH (with a hook-a good lead) EXAMPLE: Leaping lizards and talking dogs made this an amazing fantasy story.

  1. A Fantasy book has elements that are not real. Explain why the book you read is considered a fantasy (see example hook). Use as many details as possible.

  1. DESCRIBE THE SETTING: Where and when does the story take place?

  1. TELL ABOUT THE CHARACTERS: Who are the protagonist (hero or heroine?) and the antagonist (villain)- what actions make him the good guy or bad guy. Tell about any other supporting characters or helpers?

  1. Briefly Explain THE PROBLEM/CONFLICT or quest faced by the main character.(beginning middle and end)What obstacle did s/he have to overcome? What stood in the way of solving his problem? What did s/he have to do to solve the problem? (this is called summarizing)

  1. Describe the Solution to the Conflict: What was the outcome?

  1. Write a CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH to your book report- include in it your opinion of the book. Did you like it? Why or why not? Explain. (Example- The book was excellent. I especially enjoyed the part where xxxx and then xxxxx. The next book will probably be even better.- Remember- don’t use my words (by coping the questions) use you own words and thoughts. The questions should help you with your ideas.

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