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FBLA Chapters are Soaring to New Heights Page

Chestnut Ridge

Members of the Chestnut Ridge Future Business Leaders of America hosted the annual Title I parent meeting on Thursday, October 17, at Central Elementary. Over 100 people attended this event held in the cafeteria entitled "A Golden Time for Reading."

During the meeting, parents and Title I students heard from Mr. John Herman who spoke about the importance of reading and its value to the success of one's life.

Following the guest speaker, Title I students and FBLA students created decorative book totes to be taken home with them. The totes were decorated with stencils, cutouts, fabric markers, and sequins. While students worked, parents met with Title I teachers and discussed reading strategies. Jesse Bischof and Jessie Mitchell entertained the small children by reading stories to them in the reading corner.

After the activities, parents and students were treated to a light lunch. As students finished eating, their teachers led them to treasure chests filled with books, where students selected two books and a bug lollipop to take home with them in their new tote bags.

During the closing, door prizes were awarded to each student attending, and a PowerPoint show highlighting the Title I program was viewed.

Students and parents enjoyed a morning that celebrated reading and encouraged all who were involved to take part in reading with children. Members of the Future Business Leaders of America take great pride in their participation in this project. One of the national goals of FBLA focuses on the importance of literacy.

Title I teachers for the Chestnut Ridge Elementary Schools are Linda Ekho, Barbara Carrodus, Shelley Strayer, Linda Fisher, and Robert Olson. Title I coordinator for the district is Kenneth Grace. Co-chairs of this project were Megan Keller and Keena Gates.

Submitted by Megan Keller, Chapter President
During Homecoming week our chapter conducted our annual food drive--September 30 through October 4. Students throughout the district collected over 3,800 food items for the Manns Choice and Bedford food banks. These nonperishable items were delivered to the food banks during the month of October.

FBLA members also collected money at the Homecoming football game. The total amount of donations collected plus two donations from Manns Choice Church of God and Point Church of the Brethren is $421.76.

The Chestnut Ridge Chapter of FBLA conducts this annual event to ensure that area food

banks have stocked shelves for the upcoming winter months. FBLA Vice President Kayla Miller stated, "It is important to contribute to the food banks because there are many local people who need a helping hand and this is one way to do it."

Submitted by Kelly Lindner, Chapter Treasurer

A black crayon, pumpkins, a cheerleader, a hippie, a clown, and many others appeared at Pennknoll Nursing Home on Wednesday, October 9. Twenty-three members of the Chestnut Ridge Future Business Leaders of America dressed in costume and carved pumpkins with the residents. The students also spent time with the residents who were in their rooms. Festive fall nameplates, created by students in the Desktop Publishing classes, were hung on each resident's door.

Members who attended this event included Kate Kellar, Jennifer Walters, Jessie Mitchell, Ashley Oldham, Nikki Hoover, Bobbie Jo Davis, Charity Eckman, Meghann Noon, Apryl Holsinger, Heather Diehl, Christina Edmonson, Jessica Edmonson, Jennie Ickes, Megan Keller, Lynette Taylor, Marlin Oldham, Mandy Myer, Linsey Endress, Kristi Fyfe, Kayla Miller, Kayla Mock, and Theresa Halbig. Chairperson for the committee was Kate Kellar.

Submitted by Jessie Mitchell
Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley High School FBLA has been busy as a "bear" this school year trying to reach their officer team goals. In December membership peaked at 190 members, which is the biggest chapter Pleasant Valley has ever had. Officers obtained more than ten sponsors for the SLC secured monetary scholarships for state winners, and worked hard to reach the goal of $4,000 for the state project.

Members worked coin drives, participated in Hikes for Habitat; and sold candles, lots of candy, doughnuts, and catalog items to raise funds for Habitat. They even held a cartoon character pancake breakfast while reading to small children that raised more funds for Habitat for Humanity. In between all of this, the officer team hosted the regional leadership workshop and held local meetings.

Local meetings were spiced up with themes and special events. Guest speakers helped members to learn about business ethics and procedures, contests were held about FBLA facts, and parties were held to celebrate American Enterprise Day and the holiday season!

It seems as if the “bears” do not get to hibernate for the winter at Pleasant Valley!


A school service that Boyertown FBLA began this year was "Take a New Student to Lunch." With help from the Guidance Department, we provided a list of FBLA members who would be interested in helping with this service.

When a new student enters our school, our guidance secretary calls two FBLA members who have the same lunch period; and they take this new student to lunch with them. The lunch period is oftentimes the most intimidating period of the day for a new student, so we have tried to make them feel more welcome and more relaxed by having someone to talk to during lunch period.

One of the activities we did for Habitat for Humanity was to organize a "Flannel Pants Day." We began by getting permission from our principal, followed by a week of advertising on the morning TV news. Of course, one of the requirements from the principal was to educate the students as to what was acceptable and what was unacceptable. Several of our members created a video for the TV news that was both entertaining and informative.

Three days before the actual "Flannel Pants Day," the members visited the homerooms and collected a $1 donation from any student who was planning to wear flannel pants. The members made repeat visits to the homerooms daily until the actual day. It was a huge success!


On January 23, 2003, the staff, administration, and secretaries from the Bentworth School District all joined together in a district-wide effort and raised $500 for the PA FBLA state project, Habitat for Humanity. The money was raised through a special project called "Casual for a Cause." The staff was donned in blue jeans and sweatshirts and was given an HFH pin to wear.

HFH is a nonprofit organization that builds homes to provide low-income families with inexpensive housing. Through the work of Habitat, thousands of families have found new hope in the form of affordable housing. HFH seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.
Central Dauphin

CD’s FBLA chapter has been working hand-in-hand with the school’s Band Boosters to plan a Senior Citizen’s Ball on Valentine’s Day. The evening will consist of dancing, a dessert bar, and door prizes all night long. The music will be presented live by the CD jazz and stage bands. It will be chosen according to the theme “Generations.” The FBLA members have donated desserts and will be dancing and socializing with the seniors during the evening. There will be students aiding seniors to and from cars as well as parking cars. The Band Boosters will be making centerpieces, and several organizations and businesses from the Harrisburg area have donated prizes for the evening. Over 50 letters were sent to local senior citizen organizations about this free event. An awesome turnout is expected!


Members of the Claysburg-Kimmel FBLA chapter recently volunteered at the Bedford County Humane Society in Bedford, PA, on January 12, 2003.

In addition to their volunteering, members sponsored a homeroom challenge entitled "Doggie Days." Homerooms were challenged to bring in donations such as puppy food, kitten food, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies. The winning homeroom was served breakfast by FBLA members.


In an effort to build funds for this year’s state project, the Cocalico FBLA had a St. Valentine’s jewelry and candy sale to provide students with an opportunity to purchase gifts for their Valentines. Members were awarded prizes for selling only one item; they got another if they sold six; if they sold ten items, they could select any item in the brochure for themselves—or their Valentine. In addition to providing us with money for charity, the activity really filled a need—gifts for Valentine’s Day without having to go to the mall.

As another fund-raiser, FBLA collected money votes to select a Sir Valentine at Cocalico. In addition, they sold drinks at the Sir Valentine’s Dance.

The 2003-2004 Region 18 officers will be Raul Patel, president, and Ralph Kreider, treasurer.

James M. Coughlin

FBLA has always placed emphasis on competition, and this year is no exception. With our slogan this year “Fill Every Slot,” Coughlin students took the initiative to emphasize the importance of competitive events.

The Region 16 Leadership Workshop was held November 8, 2002, at Wyoming Valley West, and the James M. Coughlin chapter conducted a workshop on events. During the workshop we reviewed changes in events, new events, requirements, and special tips to help us to excel. We ended the workshop on a fun note by quizzing the participants on material we reviewed and rewarded answers with prizes. Questions from when dues must be paid, to the regional and state winners from last year, to how many contestants are eligible to advance in each event this year, were among the wide variety of topics questioned.

At the Region 16 Leadership Conference, Coughlin had 70 members compete and 21 became eligible to compete at the State Leadership Conference. Congratulations to all participants and good luck to those who qualified for the SLC.

Jersey Shore

From December to February, the Jersey Shore Senior High chapter of FBLA worked diligently to accomplish two main goals: to raise money for the state project, Habitat for Humanity, and to compete well at the Regional Leadership Conference.

The group accomplished its first goal with flying colors, raising nearly $600 for Habitat for Humanity. Raising all this money was not tedious for the creative group. With candy cane grams, “Casual for a Cause,” Data Match, and “Sign a Stud,” the fund-raising not only seemed easier than it had with run-of-the-mill sales, but it also proved to be more fun and interactive for the school’s students and faculty.

The chapter’s second goal, to do well at the Region 7 RLC, also faired quite well. Out of the 86 students who competed, 48 placed in the top five of their events, and 32 qualified to advance to the State Leadership Conference in April. Also, the chapter won first place in the outstanding chapter event. With eyes now set upon showing their smarts at the SLC in April, many students are already studying and preparing for their events.

As always, the Jersey Shore Senior High chapter of FBLA is more than ready to achieve its high goals and soar to new heights.

Line Mountain

Ms. Linda Madara, adviser to the Line Mountain FBLA, will end her teaching career after the 2002-2003 school year. Ms. Madara founded this FBLA chapter almost 30 years ago, when she first began teaching at Line Mountain because the business field had little recognition. Since its beginnings, the chapter has come a long way. Now one of the largest in the state, as compared to school size, Ms. Madara keeps students involved in many projects that she oversees; such as, the school store.

After her retirement, Mr. Mike Martz has agreed to carry on the tradition of FBLA as the new adviser. However, Ms. Madara plans to volunteer her time to keep the club running smoothly. She hopes to inspire new members to join as FBLA competitions grow to include many in the technology field.

Ms. Madara’s outstanding personality in the Line Mountain High School will be missed. Although she has accomplished so so much, she states, “The kids have taught me more than I’ve taught them.” Good luck in the future, Ms. Madara!

Pine Grove Area

Just before Christmas break, our chapter had a great Christmas party to just have fun and start preparing for competition. We worked hard, studied, and took our tests at regional competition. It was quite an exciting day! On January 31, competition day, Pine Grove Area High School walked away more than just successful. Of our 65 members who competed, 27 will move to the state level competition. Our members are already preparing for their events.

Our latest activities have included playing bingo with residents of a local nursing home, participating in our recent “spirit week” activities, and, of course, fund-raising. Many members have made it a goal of their own to raise their entire fee for states. We are currently selling candy bars, lollipops, and even Krispy Kreme donuts, just to mention a few. The possibility of hosting a dance for our middle school is also being considered.

This year Pine Grove is eagerly supporting Amanda Emerich who is running for State Secretary. Amanda also ran for Region 23 president and by a unanimous decision WON!! Amber Natale ran for Region 23 office as well. She too was successful and will hold the secretarial position for 2003-2004. We are extremely excited for them both and are giving them our full support. Our regional officers will be working on our regional newsletter, which lists our regional winners and current events in the region.

Again this year, many of our faculty and staff throughout our entire school district participated in the “Casual for a Cause” project for Habitat for Humanity.

Our chapter is now working on a display for the main entrance of our auditorium. Here we will be able to show off our trophies, ribbons, and certificates, as well as inform the public about FBLA and some of the activities that we do.

It seems that 2003 is shaping up to be another great year for Pine Grove.


The Springdale High School FBLA recently thought of a “sweet” way to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. During lunches in mid-February, FBLA officers collected loose change as well as bills from SHS students in grades 7-12. To encourage more students to donate, an

incentive was offered: a minimum 25-cent donation was rewarded with a lollipop.

The idea was a great success—several students went above and beyond the request for loose change by donating dollar bills.

You can be sure that SHS FBLA members will be cashing in on this idea to benefit state projects for a while!


Throughout the holiday season, Stroudsburg FBLA was very busy. Gift wrapping stations were placed in the local mall to raise donations for Habitat for Humanity. The annual Breakfast with Santa, which is always a huge success, enabled children to visit with Santa, eat a nutritious meal, and make arts and crafts. The small admission fees charged at this event were donated to Habitat for Humanity. Despite the large amounts of time-consuming activities performed by the FBLA members, a good time was had throughout the entire season.

In mid-October, FBLA set up a Sign-A-Stud fund-raiser for Habitat for Humanity. In this event, students paid $1 to sign a two-by-four that was then donated to the local chapter to be included in the building of a local home. Along with their dollar, the students were then entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate to a local business. This event was so successful that FBLA decided to bring it into the Stroudsburg community, where it was held in the local Sears. Between the two dates, the Sign-A-Stud fund-raiser raised a great deal of money for Habitat for Humanity.

On January 15, 2003, FBLA sent members to Marion Catholic High School to compete in the regional competition. At this competition, members competed by taking various tests and participating in public speaking events. Forty members placed in the top four of the region and are going to the state competition held in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. All of the members are very excited to be attending!

Wilmington Area

Wilmington Area FBLA in Region 2 is an active participant in many areas of the school district, but a favorite activity is organizing the bi-weekly dress-down days for faculty. Each payday is sponsored by a different organization and that Friday teachers pay $1 to dress down. During the day, the faculty participants wear tags that represent the charity that will benefit from the money collected. It is FBLA’s responsibility to ensure each dress-down day is used productively and properly.

The approximate amount of money collected so far this school year is $650. Benefiting charities included a Wilmington Area Student Benevolent Fund, United Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Humane Society, a fund for a local family in need, Make-a-Wish, Children and Youth Services, and Habitat for Humanity.

Recently, our chapter also experi-mented with an interesting fund-raiser that consisted of students and faculty members paying $1 for a raffle ticket. After two days of sales, a winning ticket was drawn, and the winner was given permission to exchange parking spots with the principal for one week. All proceeds were donated to the March of Dimes.

Presently, the Wilmington Area FBLA members are concentrating on Heart Month. The “Have a Heart” campaign is an important fund-raising opportunity; therefore, each member is encouraged to sell a minimum of five hearts for $1. Also, on a selected date, members will volunteer to sell these hearts to the public at the Giant Eagle in New Castle.

Central Dauphin East

East High FBLA has completed numerous fund-raisers to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Our goal of $5,000 was exceeded.

The Region 15 Leadership Conference was held at HACC on February 5. Twenty-three East High FBLA members competed, and 12 students qualified for state competition.

March will bring the tenth annual Secretaries Day Breakfast. FBLA members will arrive at school by 6:20 a.m. to cook the cinnamon puffy french toast, cut the fresh fruit salad, and warm up the fresh croissants.

In April we will be volunteering our time at the WITF Gallery Auction. Our last spring community service activity will be the second clean-up of our stretch of highway through the Adopt-a-Highway program.

“Best wishes to everyone at Seven Springs!”


On February 4, 2003, the Northampton Chapter hosted the Region 28 Leadership Conference. The event was a great success with many members of our club qualifying to move onto the State Conference in Seven Springs. After the competition, a dinner and awards ceremony was held. Megan Beatty was elected Region 28 president and Amanda King was elected treasurer. A Battle of the Chapters Competition was held, hosted by Eastern District Vice President Joshua Coleman. The delegates from the Northampton Chapter surpassed the other delegates, winning the Battle of the Chapters. A

basket auction was also held to raise money for our state project. The conference was a great success, and we are looking forward to the state conference.
Great Valley

On October 29, 2002, our chapter held the 34th annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Our chapter provided pumpkins to carve, decorations, refreshments, face painting, and a game of musical chairs for the participants in the contest. The contest helped raise $250 for Habitat for Humanity.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas months of 2002 the FBLA students along with the Great Valley Desmond Class, helped to buy 117 turkeys for the less fortunate families in the Great Valley School District. The turkeys were then delivered by the students to local churches to be distributed in the community.

Money was raised to buy turkeys through change collections during school lunches. Students also donated turkeys to the school, some students donating as many as six turkeys.

South Side

Community service is an area that FBLA members are very familiar with. A lot of time and energy is put into community service every year. Members are always ready and willing to help whenever possible. This was very evident with the South Side FBLA chapter this year.

"Hammer it Home" for Habitat for Humanity was this year's selected state project. South Side FBLA members were eager to help with this worthy cause from the very beginning. In October, a Halloween basket was made with donated items from the members. After the basket was put together, it was valued at well over $250! Members then sold raffle tickets throughout the community and at home football games. They then raffled the basket off to a winning ticket holder. Ticket sales totaled $630 from the Halloween basket. South Side FBLA members then took this money to the Regional Leadership Workshop in Butler, PA, on October 16, 2002, and presented PA FBLA with a $630 check. Members were very happy to be able to donate this great amount and were even more excited when they had learned that they had donated the third most of any school that day! Collectively, schools in Region 13 raised $3,115.75! But these Habitat hungry members weren't done yet!

South Side FBLA members also took another basket to the State Leadership Workshop. This basket contained a homemade donated wall hanging.

As you can see, South Side FBLA members were great participants in this year's state project! Many are looking forward to next year's so they can once again donate their time, money, and energy to a worthy cause! Giving back a little can make such a difference, and it can be a very rewarding experience!

Although the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is well behind us, the memories of another Christmas are still fresh in our minds. This Christmas was very special for many people in Beaver County. Hearts everywhere were filled with the love that every Christmas brings, but this year some less-fortunate families were able to have a Christmas that was full of some other wonderful feelings as well.

Members of NHS, TLC, and FBLA at South Side High School were able to raise $250 between November 21, 2002, and December 13, 2002, to help a few families in Beaver County have a brighter Christmas. Students sold paper Christmas trees for $1 each. This money was then donated to the Beaver County Children and Youth Services Festival of Trees. The organization used the money the students raised to purchase items such as coats, shoes, eyeglasses, and scholarships that were then given to local children who needed them.

Sometimes, being able to give a little during the holiday season feels just as good as receiving something. By giving just a little, you can make someone’s life so much brighter. Students at South Side High School know this feeling and hope that they have a chance to help again in the future.

New Oxford

On February 3, 2003, the New Oxford chapter attended the Region VI Leadership Conference in Summerdale, Pennsylvania, at Central Penn College. Everyone had a lot of fun. Even though the tests were a little difficult, some of the members still overcame the obstacles and are now planning to attend the State Leadership Conference at Seven Springs.

The FBLA members who placed in the top five for their events were Nicholas Truesdale and Sarah Krichten in Business Calculations, Jess Schwartz in Business Procedures, John Weiss in C++, and Mandee Staub for Job Interview. Mandee also won first place for Who's Who in FBLA. Sarah Krichten will be attending the State Leadership Conference.

The New Oxford chapter also won first place in the Outstanding Chapter Criteria event. This is the twenty-second consecutive year to win this award. The members enjoyed themselves at the conference this year, and they are all looking forward to next year’s competitions.

Jackie Zinn, from the Bank of Hanover, spoke to club members about her life and how she got where she is today. She spoke on the issue of deciding which choices would be the best in your future career. Deciding on whether or not to attend college was also a topic of discussion. She talked about her life and the choices she made. She chose not to attend college. A manager from the bank approached her while she was working as a waitress in a previous job and she took a chance and decided to go for it. She started off as a teller, but she eventually progressed into higher positions. She is currently working for the loan department and hopes to someday leave the bank and work strictly for car dealerships approving loans. Although she is happy with the choices she made, she still says that people who do attend college are more likely to be accepted for a position rather than if they hadn't gone to college. She spoke from experience.

The New Oxford chapter will be helping the Red Cross on March 24 with the bloodmobile at New Oxford High School. The members will distribute drinks and snacks to the participants donating blood. It will be an all-day event. The members will also help to relax those patients that become uneasy due to the sight of the blood. Everyone is looking forward to helping out, and the FBLA expects that the blood drive will be a bigger success this year than last year.

Chestnut Ridge

On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, Chestnut Ridge FBLA members sponsored a dinner celebrating America's free enterprise system and honoring local businesspersons. The American Enterprise Dinner was held in the high school cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. Over 40 local businesspersons attended the dinner that honored them as the "Stars of the American Enterprise System."

Three speakers presented remarks to the guests during the meal. One guest speaker spoke of one of the key ingredients of being an entrepreneur. He stated that the ability to change and adapt to consumer needs is one of the most important qualities a successful entrepreneur must have. Another speaker remarked of the American work ethic and the important characteristics of an American worker. The last speaker spoke of a person's life map and how every choice made can be an experience to become a better business leader.

Local FBLA members decorated the cafeteria after school with the chosen "Stars of the American Enterprise" theme. The members provided the guests with a dinner of turkey, ham, a variety of covered dishes, and dessert. Door prizes were donated by members and distributed after the meal. The three guest speakers were also presented with gifts from the chapter.

Submitted by Kayla Miller, Chapter Vice President

Bermudian Springs

The Bermudian Springs FBLA continued its service projects by volunteering to wrap gifts for United Cerebral Palsy's Holiday Gift Wrap fund-raiser at the North Hanover Mall from 5 - 10 p.m. during December 17 and 18. In addition, 169 letters from kindergarten students of the School District were individually printed on Santa stationery and returned with a candy cane.

The chapter made daily announcements and offered Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at a discounted price of 25 cents each in celebration of FBLA Week. On February 14, each student and faculty member in the high school was given a chocolate heart taped to a paper that read "BUSINESS: The  of the American Enterprise System. FBLA Week: February 9-15."

Cedar Crest

During the week of December 11-20, 2002, the Cedar Crest High School chapter of Future Business Leaders of America conducted a food and toiletry drive. The drive was conducted to benefit Lebanon County Christian Ministries, a local charitable organization. In total, the chapter and school collected 686 pounds of food and toiletries that went to benefit less fortunate individuals within Lebanon County.

The reason for doing this drive was to help needy people in Lebanon County during some of the coldest months of the year. Fortunately, the student body at Cedar Crest High School was very receptive to the cause and helped greatly in contributing to the success of the drive. All the items collected were brought into Cedar Crest and then sorted by several FBLA members. These items were then delivered to Lebanon County Christian Ministries where volunteers thankfully received them.

Central Columbia

Central Columbia FBLA has enjoyed continued success over the last few months.

We're sending approximately 20 members to the State Leadership Conference. Also, Central Columbia FBLA took three of four Region 7 office positions. Our members are looking forward to the SLC. We are also having some of our own members, Aaron Geiger, Lyndi Nolte, and Abdalla Nassar, run for state office.

The sales are going great for our Krispy Kreme orders that we are selling for a fund-raiser. Some of our members have already sold more than 50 dozen! A total of 651 dozen doughnuts have been sold.

In April, we head to the SLC and take our annual field trip. This year's field trip will include a tour of the New York Stock Exchange and the play "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway. We also will face paint and sell baked goods at the Bloomsburg Renaissance, a local event. Our chapter will be helping at the Ronald McDonald House again in April. We are also in the process of planning our annual awards banquet.

We are most certainly soaring to new heights.


Several members earned community service hours assisting special-needs children at a local bowling alley. On Saturday, February 12, 2003, Shippensburg FBLA members gathered at the local bowling alley to work with special-needs children while they participated in their weekly bowling league. FBLA members “buddied up” with special-needs children and assisted them throughout the evening. The FBLA members, as well as the children, thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

During the week of February 19-28, 2003, the Shippensburg High School FBLA Chapter held a “Theme Basket Charity Raffle.” Prior to the raffle, chapter members were asked to get donations (either monetary or a basket) from local businesses. Several local businesses made contributions. The chapter members assembled 15 baskets and placed them in the lobby showcase several days before the raffle began.

During lunch periods, February 19-28, students, faculty, administrators, and additional staff were able to purchase tickets. The people who bought them placed the tickets in bags representing the theme baskets. On Friday, February 28, the winning tickets were drawn from the individual bags. The winners were announced on Monday, March 3, during the morning announcements. Some of the basket themes were Easter, signs of spring, hair care, car care, tanning, candy, music accessories, pasta, goodies, “bear” necessities, etc. The money raised for this fund-raiser will be donated to “Habitat for Humanity,” the FBLA state project.

On Monday, January 13, 2003, thirteen Shippensburg High School FBLA members traveled to Central Penn College in Summerdale, Pennsylvania, to compete in various business/technology-related test. Of the thirteen members who attended, four qualified for the state competition. Those members include Stephanie Ocker and Holly Kaminski, who placed first in Desktop Publishing, and Jared Gastrock, who placed second in Networking Concepts. Amber Brennan, Namrata Mehta, and Jonela Elezovic are hoping that their multimedia presentation, developed around the theme “FBLA: Soaring to New Heights,” qualifies them for states.

Brittany Manning, a freshman, was voted 2003-2004 Region 26 secretary, while junior Jared Gastrock was voted the 2003-3004 Region 26 president.

On February 13, 2003, the Shippensburg FBLA chapter sold red, white, and pink carnations to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. One carnation sold for $1; a half dozen, $6; and a dozen, $12. Pre-orders were taken two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day at a discounted price of $5 for a half dozen and $10 for a dozen.

Region 6 FBLA Members

Robert's Top Five
As State Parliamentarian, my job is to ensure that each meeting of Pennsylvania FBLA and the meetings of the Executive Committee run according to proper procedure. Pennsylvania FBLA abides by the rules of parliamentary procedures found in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. This book serves as a guideline for all rules to be followed during a meeting.

It is common that in FBLA's local chapter meetings and meetings held at various business events that one of Robert's top five mistakes are made in running business. The top five mistakes made are as follows:

  • Using words such as "I motion" or "I moved..." when making a motion

  • Not waiting to be recognized by the president before speaking

  • Not using impartiality or staying neutral throughout a meeting

  • Using the word "carried" when a motion is adopted

  • Debating or discussing items before a motion made

People often use incorrect wording when they make a motion. As stated in the first mistake, the words "I motion..." or "I moved..." are often used instead of the correct form "I move...." An example of the correct way to make a motion would be, "I move that we take a trip to Nashville this spring." A member should never say they "motion" or "moved" to do something.

Another common mistake is made when people do not wait for permission from the person running the meeting to speak. If a member wishes to have the floor, one should stand, state one's name, and wait for the presiding officer to acknowledge the person before he or she may speak.

A third mistake commonly made in meetings occurs when members do not remain impartial during the meeting. It is important that members always stay neutral and never talk about other members while they are speaking. Also, unless a severe offense occurs, members should not recognize each other by name. One should say, "This member" or "The member who made the motion to…. "Impartiality is a key part in allowing the meeting to run smoothly and avoid heated discussions.

When a motion is made and it is accepted, it should not be said that the motion has "carried." The correct term to be used is "adopted." It might seem trivial, but Mr. Robert feels it is an important part of a business meeting.

The last mistake most commonly made is when discussion occurs before a motion is even made. Common sense will tell anyone that there must be something brought up to discuss before it can actually be discussed. Debate without a motion is always out of order, so be careful that your chapter members don't simply talk for the sake of hearing themselves speak.

Now that we have discussed the common mistakes, try to look for these things if they occur in meetings and correct them. Advisers will be impressed when they see their members increasing their knowledge of parliamentary procedures and following Robert's lead.


Scholarship Corner

The FBLA year is in full swing, and members across Pennsylvania are working hard to prepare for competitions, conduct campaigns, run local chapters and keep up with schoolwork. Many juniors are beginning their college search. Keep in mind that there are scholarships exclusively for Pennsylvania FBLA members.

One institution that offers an FBLA scholarship is Clarion University of Pennsylvania. The College of Business Administration at Clarion is very prestigious, with six departments comprised of many majors and degree programs. The Accountancy Department offers Accounting Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). The Administrative Science Department includes the majors Management (BSBA), Management/Library Science (BSBA), Industrial Relations (BSBA), Business Administration (Associate of Science {AS}), and Business Administration as a minor program. The Economics Department is comprised of Business Economics (BSBA), Economics (BA and minor), and International Business (BSBA and minor). The Finance Department includes Finance (BSBA), Real Estate (BSBA), and Legal Studies (AS). Marketing as a BSBA program is offered through the Marketing Department. There is also a department specifically for the Master of Business Administration program. It is easy to see that a scholarship from Clarion University of Pennsylvania would be a valuable resource, one that could help FBLA members to “Soar to New Heights.”

Welcome to

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National Eastern Region Vice President

Coleman wishes to represent Pennsylvania at the national level. He states, “It will take a commitment and a great amount of time, however, I assure you that PA FBLA comes first. I am running to represent our state, not leave it! PA FBLA will still be my home and my main concern. So please support me, and vote for me for National Eastern Region Vice President.”


"Hammer It Home"

PA FBLA Fund-Raising Goal: $80,000

As of March 11, 2003 PA FBLA has raised $76,804.44

Membership Madness

Honor Roll 2002-2003
Member School Members Recruited
Crickett Newman Warrior Run HS 37

Joshua Coleman Hatboro-Horsham HS 36

Jackie Cambell Gateway HS 29

Megan Beatty Northampton HS 21

Jeff Latulippe Pleasant Valley HS 21

Amanda Kreger Pleasant Valley HS 20

Joan Canosa Pleasant Valley HS 20

James Lewis Pleasant Valley HS 20

Kristen Smith Pleasant Valley HS 20

Josh Ernst Pleasant Valley HS 20

Kerri Carmean Pleasant Valley HS 19

Amanda King Northampton HS 16

Kevin Bazner Bethel Park HS 16

Adam Snider Dallas HS 14

Jeremy Coleman Hatboro-Horsham HS 08

.Chapter Name 2001-2002 2002-2003
Bentworth HS 31 61

Bethel Park HS 13 31

Bloomsburg HS 13 37

Cedar Crest HS 34 59

Central Dauphin HS 42 76

Chestnut Ridge HS 203 208

Dallas HS 53 56

Hatboro-Horsham HS 107 193

Northampton HS 47 56

Octorara HS 44 86

Pleasant Valley HS 136 185

Sayre HS 60 75

Shippensburg HS 12 14

South Side HS 35 49

Warrior Run HS 22 49

West Allegany HS 13 27

Wissahicken HS 99 138
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