February 2012 Dear Parents and Guardians

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February 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is with great pleasure, that I announce Cedar Hill’s Teacher of the Year…Mrs. Cindy Nosti! I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Cedar Hill Highlights honoring Mrs. Nosti. We are very proud and honored to have her as a teacher, mentor, and colleague.

Also, I would like to thank the parents for the outstanding job they have done with Enrichment. Please read through and enjoy the information that is provided about our Enrichment program.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call 973.331.7130 or e-mail michael.raj.@montville.net


Dr. Raj



A little bit about Mrs. Nosti…

I grew up in Nutley, New Jersey and graduated from Nutley High School in 1974. I attended Kean College located in Union, New Jersey and obtained my teaching degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education in 1978. Eager to have my own classroom, I accepted a position as a kindergarten teacher for two years at St. Peter’s School, Belleville, N.J. For the next three years, I taught second and third grade at Berkley School in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

I met my husband and was married in 1984. During that time, I worked for I.T.T. Avionics as an Administrative Assistant until I had my first son, David, in 1986. I stayed at home to care for him and later had my second son, Marc, in 1988. Two years later, my daughter, Alisa, was born in 1990. I enjoyed staying home with my three children. During that time, I had the opportunity to teach a three year old class at Montville United Methodist Nursery School while my children attended there.

Since I live in Towaco, my three children were fortunate to go to Cedar Hill School. I was involved in several committees at Cedar Hill School, when my children attended there, such as Hot Lunch and Tricky Tray Committee. When my daughter was in second grade with Mrs. Morrison, I helped out in her classroom by having the children read to me, and I realized how much I missed teaching. I began to substitute and had a few long term positions.

Mrs. Patricia Faber, one of our beloved kindergarten teachers, had gotten very ill and requested that I take her class for her at Cedar Hill School. Sadly, she passed away early that year and I became the permanent teacher. I kept the same position as kindergarten teacher for two years and then was offered a second grade position. A year later, I became a first grade teacher and realized that teaching this grade was my favorite grade of all. This will be my tenth year teaching first grade.

Through the years, I had been taking graduate courses on the weekends through the RTC Program and graduated with a Masters Degree in Education last May 2011 from Gratz College, Pennsylvania. I plan on furthering my education by taking more RTC courses in the near future.

I continue to enjoy teaching at Cedar Hill School, as this is my thirteenth year. It is a great honor to be chosen as Teacher of the Year, but I also know that there are so many of my colleagues who work with me everyday who should also get this recognition.

I am honored to be able to teach, not only the academics, but also the emotional and social needs of my students every day. Knowing that I can make a positive difference in their lives is so rewarding.


On February 17th, student council will be hosting their first Cedar Hill Idol! We have 15 talented contestants whom are eager to share their singing expertise with you. Please join us on the 17th @ 10am in the gym for this exciting event! Parents are invited! Also, there will be a fundraiser in the beginning of March for Alexandra’s Playground. This fundraiser will benefit children in the New York City who need playgrounds built in order to facilitate free play. More information will be forthcoming. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. D’Ambola at cristina.dambola@montville.net or Mr. DiLascio at joseph.dilascio@montville.net

100th day of school

Attention all 2nd Graders! Can you dress like you are 100 years old? On Wednesday, February 15th, we will be celebrating the 100th day of school! Please “shop” in grandma or grandpa’s closet and come to school dressed as if you were 100 years old. We will have fun looking as if we are 100 years old on the 100th day of school!


Over the past few weeks, many students at Cedar Hill have been participating in Enrichment. Enrichment takes place on Fridays after school until 4:10. There are many classes offered with parents who have dedicated their time and energy into making the classes fun, exciting, and a great learning experience. Below is a brief description of each class!

Art Classes:


Instructors: Juan Fernandez, Patrick Glennon

Grades: K-2

Capacity: 12 students

This class is a practical introduction to photography for young kids. They will learn the basics about a camera and how to take simple portrait pictures. The children will get hands-on experience taking digital pictures. In the class they will also do some simple photo shop editing where they will create personalized photo crafts. No prior photography experience needed. Inexpensive digital camera a big plus but not required (parents can drop off their digital camera to instructors for supervised use during class).
Paper Crafting Fun

Instructors: Kristen Fillie, Karen Longo

Grades: 3-5

Capacity: 12 students

Discover creative ways to preserve your memories through paper crafting! We will create scrapbook layouts, a journal, cards, and other projects that enable you to record and share your story. Get ready to enjoy playing with a variety of papers and embellishments, tools, and techniques! Please bring 3-6 photos to the first class. (Be sure they are photos you will be happy to glue down!)

Instructor: Steve Benno, Jean Harper

Grades: 4-5

Capacity: 8 students with parent

ATTENTION PARENTS – here is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your son or daughter and make a project with them! Each adult will assist their child in learning woodworking safety, how to use tools, assemble and finish a custom woodworking project. Children will assemble a pre-cut wood project using glue, nails, and screws. Some power tools will be used. Children are provided with safety goggles. ** This program requires weekly participation by a parent or responsible adult for each child registered. **

Tie Dye for Girls and Guys

Instructors: Stacey Garb, Sue Kamper, Susan Culmone

Grades: 2-5

Capacity: 12 students

This class will peak your interests! Each child will learn to tie dye various items as well as learn the history of tie dying and different techniques and patterns. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU BRING A SMOCK TO THIS CLASS AND/OR WEAR OLD CLOTHES because you’re going to have a lot of fun!!!
Story Writing

Instructors: Rachel Newmark, Lori McGrogan

Grades: 1-2

Capacity: 10 students

Let your imagination go wild in this story writing class! After hearing a story or two, you will learn how to write your own book. You will learn how to come up with story ideas, create the story line, illustrate and publish your own book! Join us as we enter the magical world of story writing and see what story your imagination has to tell.

Let’s Doodle and Draw

Instructors: Antoinette Feinman of Artistic Impressions, Monique Vivinetto

Grades: K-2

Capacity: 10 students

Learn all kinds of drawing techniques using lots different mediums including watercolors and colored pencils. This is the perfect class for the young artist who wants to create artwork to be proud of. The class is taught by an experience artist.

Bottle caps and Shoelaces

Instructors: Artistic Impressions, Tania Mersing (week 1 only) Diane Brynczka (wks 2,3,4)

Grades: 4-5

Capacity: 12 students

Using lego building block techniques you will create creatures using plastic bottle caps and shoe laces. Grab all the plastic caps out of the recycling bin and let your imagination go wild. Check out the artist that started this idea by searching the web for “Rupert Valero”.

Food Fun Classes:

Cool” Party Foods

Instructors: Michelle Zuckerman, MarySue Rossinow, Amy Mikelis

Grades: K-3

Capacity: 12 students

Make cool party foods – no oven required! For the first three sessions we will make some fun party dishes. Week 1 will focus on appetizers, week 2 will be desserts, and week 3 will be beverages/smoothies. Students will make the dishes each week and will get a complete cookbook of the recipes used at the end of the class. They will also decorate their cookbooks, make placemats and create party invitations. Students will also work together to host a party for parents and guests at the end of the last session!
Cupcake Takes the Cake!

Instructors: Melissa Benno and Lilo Kolmodin

Grades: 3-4

Capacity: 12 students

Children will learn to decorate cakes and cupcakes using different materials. Learn how to use icing to make some wonderful creations.  Students will learn how to use pastry bags and decorating tips to decorate a variety of delicious confections. This class will make the cake decorator in your house very happy!
Story and a Snack

Instructors: Lisa Breen and Tania Mersing (weeks 2,3,4)

Grades: K -2

Capacity: 12 students

Come join us as we make some yummy snacks from our favorite story books. We will read some fun books and follow their instructions for making a snack. If you would like to read books like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and then bake some cookies, this class is for you. At our last class, we will read “Curious George in an Ice Cream Shop” and make our own ice cream sundaes!

Games/Science Classes:
Cards, Checkers, and Board Games

Instructors: Mindy Parisi, Mary Dakos

Grades: 1-5

Capacity: 12 students

Want to master card games such as Pig, War, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, or Solitaire? Interested in learning how to play checkers and other strategy board games? This is the class! There will be tournaments the last two weeks of the session with prizes for the winners!

Kitchen Chemistry

Instructors: Parul Gupta and Diane Bordonaro

Grades: 1-2

Capacity: 12 students

How would you like to stir up some fun chemical reactions using common household ingredients? We explore all kinds of experiments that teach you exciting facts about how chemicals react with each other. Can vinegar really clean metal? How do you make a volcano in your kitchen? Can you make paper clips float in the air? Come join us and find out!

Health and Fitness Classes:

Babysitting and Basic Aid

Instructor: Nurse DiCola, Cressa Rogler

Grade: 5

Capacity: 10 students

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to care for infants and school-aged children. This course teaches responsibility and age-related activities for the children under your care. Video, hands-on skill training and discussion will help you to properly respond to emergencies, illness, and first aid. You will be instructed the Heimlich maneuver, basic first aid, and CPR will be demonstrated. Those attending this class need to bring in a doll for the hands-on activities. This is NOT a certificate class.
Better Best Friends

Instructors: Suzanne Keezer, Donna Kalemba

Grades: 3-5

Capacity: 12 students

When should you or shouldn’t you use your dog’s name? What’s the difference between “wait” or “leave it”? How can you teach your dog to sit and stay? Join us for an informative, fun, hands-on class where you will learn basic dog training techniques using positive reinforcement and praise. You’ll get the chance to practice what you learn at class and receive handouts to bring home to try with your own pet. Have fun and help your dog be an even better best friend!

** PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE A DOG PRESENT AT EACH CLASS. Children with animal allergies or fear of dogs should not sign up for this class.
Kids Fitness Challenge

Instructors: Sheila LaVecchia, Ceri Daly

Grades: 3-5

Capacity: 20 students

Grab your sneakers and get ready for some awesome boot camp style fun! Students will be given an exciting, age-appropriate introduction to fitness. They will also learn how the body works in an interesting, interactive way. They will enjoy a lot of activity, exercise, and fun!

Kung Fu

Instructors: Peaches Vizzio, Antonia Semiao

Grades: K-5

Capacity: 20 students

Kung Fu is a Martial Art that instills important qualities in children such as focus, concentration, honesty, responsibility, discipline, confidence, and health. Vizzio’s Institute has 38 years of experience working with children, and when they leave this class each week they will have had a lot of fun! Have your child wear comfortable clothing and come check it out! Please advise instructors about any physical limitations that your child may have.


  • February 12th: Last day to register for TREP$

  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day

  • February 14th: Frozen Ropes begins

  • February 15th: 100th Day of School

  • February 15th : Home and School Meeting, 7:30pm

  • February 17th: Cedar Hill’s 1st American Idol, 10:00am

  • February 20th & 21st: Winter Recess, School’s Closed

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