Feedback: Coca Cola Christmas Advert Question

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Feedback: Coca Cola Christmas Advert

Question: Watch the advert for Coca Cola and note how it makes use of a number of Christmas stories and symbols into to weave these elements into its own story. What story do you think it is telling about Coke? How effective is it?

You can spot many references to Christmas: the tree, decorations, an old fashioned fire. The grandfather figure is telling a story to the child – and suddenly the Coke train comes through the fireplace, very like the train in the story “Box of Delights. The train and the trucks hurry through the night to deliver to the children on Christmas morning, just as Santa Claus does to deliver presents. And Santa’s face is on the back of the last wagon, winking at you and offering you Coke. The viewer is meant to identify the Santa story with Coke. Coke is, thus, a friendly, gift-giving organization thoughtfully hurrying to make sure all the children are happy on Christmas Eve. Coca Cola have appropriate the trapping and added them to their own image.

Of course, several decades ago it was their advertising that ensured that Santa Claus became adorned in red robes – Coca Cola red!

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