Feudal history


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ioth dec. John Wright fined with Hy. Hall, Robt. Chapman, and Jo. Geyrerde.

23RD jan. Rich. Mosley, of Tadington, and Agnes Mosley.

12TH march. Jo. Tryket fined with Rad Slakk.

3RD july. alice Wood ats John Balgye.

no. 426. Date illegible (14 hy. VIII ?) Jury—Judas Stafford, Hugo Alen, Jo. Boler, Thos. Bacdon (?) senr., Robt. Coterell, Robt. Sterndale, Thos. Sheldon, Roger Daken, Rich. Coterell, Ed. Gudhyne, Hugo Fox, Jo. Hall, Wm. Gregory, Jas. Carrington, Robt. Gilbert.
Derley. Robt. Hunt, Hugo Barker.

Bowden. Robt. Hadfield affray on Thos. Bowden; Robt. Bradbury on Robt. Cleyton.


Fayerfield. Edwd. Netham, Jo. Swanne, Rich. Gudhyne.
Hassop. Wm. Greves affray on Roger Dame.
Monyash. Hugo Boam, Jo. Harreson, Wm. Feyrfield, Alex. Brodhurst.
Abney. Rich. Bothe affray on Rad Bokkyng. Thos. Bulloke, Rich. Hudson, Ranulf Hethcote. 21ST oct. 14 Hy. VIII. Foresters of Ashope present, Roger Marshall de Whichbegg, Jo. Stafford, and Christopher Stafford trespassers in the woods.

5TH april. 15 Hy. VIII. Jury—Jo. Tunsted, Wm. Mellor, Robt. Taylor, Roger Fox, Wm. Gerrard, Thos. Buxston, Oliver Hill, Roger Bulloke, Robt. Thorpe, Hugo Fox, Wm. Betson, Hy. Crichlow, Rich. Fox, Wm. Bunerall, Xpofer Merrell, Wm. Crichfold, Jo. Benett de Hill, Roger Dakeyne, Robt. Mosley, presented—

Winster. Jo. Gretrakes of Ymber, affray on Robt. Maniesford, Constable of Yolgrave ; Hy. Jackson, Roger Barfotte of Alport, affray on Thos. Bergh.

Yolgrave. Thos. Smetheley, Geo. Leis.
Derley. Robt. Hunt, Hugo Barker.
Hathersage. Clemence Eyre, Thos. Upton and Thurston Hall.
Bawden. Christr. Hamilton, affray on John Oldfield; Jas. Silvester, Robt. Hadfield, Jo. Lees, Thos. Kanlis (?) and Robt. Stafford ; Hy. Baile, affray on Walter Lingard.
Buxton. Suiton. Thos. Morley, Jo. Jackson and Rad Henshaw. 6TH april. (Unreadable.)

Wm. Bennett of Bugsworth, Thos. Alen of Chapel, Gilbert Hunter; Robt. Stafford, of Mellor, v. Jas. Robotham. 15TH april. Jo. Carte ats Thos. Barbour.

29TH april. 15 hy. VIII. John Boke, of Kinder, v. Wm. Brokylhurst.

qth june. wm. Creswell, of Bagshaw, ats same. 8TH july. Robt. Hadfield, of Heyfield, ats Philip Netham. 6TH aug. Robt. Stafford, of Bolehill, v. Rich. Plowryght. 22ND oct. Jury—Elias Staley, Roger Kirke, Roger Wilkinson, Hy. Nicholson, Rad Trekett, Wm. Eyre, Martin Bothe, Edwd. Bradwall, Wm. Hall, Thurston Townend, Thos. Hall, Wm. Roland, Jo. Middleton. Jo. Diges, affray on Eliz. Bothe; Nich. Smyth, Jo. Trekett, Jo. Balgye, Rad Slak, Robt. Thomason, Roger Warde, Jo. Thornhill, presented for offences.

7TH may. Hy. VIII. Jury—Nich. Eyre of Hope, Thos. Barber, Elias Staley, Oliver Howe, Thurston Hodkinson, Jo. Newton, Rich. Foxiow, Rich. Tattersalle, Rad Trykett, Wm. Eyre, Robt. Fumes, Phil. Hall, Edward Bradwall.

Robt. Bradbury, of Yolgreve, surrendered a mess. and 15a. in Prestcliff, late Thos. Hodkinson, Thos. Cokayne, Kt., George Vernon, Esq., Otiwell Needham, ..... Miller, jun., enfeoffed the said Robt. Bradbury that he should make a feoffment of the said lands to the use of himself and Agneta his late wife, and daughter of John Miller of Dale, in tail and in default of issue to his own right heirs, according to terms of a marriage settlement of the 6 Hy. VIII.

16TH oct. 14 hy. VIII. Hy. Slak ats Christopher Turner; Wm. Birley ats Hugo Eyre.

20TH Nov. 14 Hv. VIII. Roger Turner v. Jo. Balgy ; Roger Morton ats Otiwell Smyth.

4TH dec. Roger Barbor ats Grace Eyre. 20TH jan. Hy. Slack and Rich. Barber.

'11th june. 15 hy. VIII. Robt. Longden v. Oliver Slake; Roger Kirke and Wm. M'shall.

3RD july. John Stafford ats Wm. M'shall.

6TH aug. Margerie Armytage ats Oliver Slake.

14TH jan. (?) 16 (?) hy. VIII.

No. 427 (much damaged at the commencement).

jury—Rad Bredbury, Robt. Sterndale, Roger Fox, Robt. Halle, Wm. Bateson, Oliver Hill, Jo. Garleke, Philip Lees, Peter Milnes, Jo. Bradbotham, Philip Padley, Jas. Carrington, Thos. Arnefield.


Boley. John Howe, Thos. Coup, Thos. Wainwright, Rich. Dyer, Frank pledge.
Baslow. Jo. Gyftewood, Roger Ragge, Nich. Burgthe, Edwd. Sylotte, Frank pledge.
Glossop. Ed. Holyngworth, Nic. Goddard, Jo. Smyth, Hugo Hadfield, Frank pledge.
Wynster. Thos. Cokayne, Kt., Thos. Rees, Wm. Bondesell, Frank pledge, presented, Ranulf Wright affray on Hy. Wagstaff and on Thos. Milnes.
Over Haddon. Edwd. Hodkinson, Wm. Smetheley Frank pledge.
Tadington. Wm. Meyrell, Edwd. Lyniey, Wm. Roland, Rich. Wybbinsley, Frank pledge.
Yolgreve. Robt. Stone, Roger Smetheley, Rich. Linacre, Roger Garrard, Frank pledge, pres. Geo. Lees, Thos. Smetheley, Robt. Longley, Rich. Halle, Roger Barfott, affray on Nich. Yben.
Middleton. Robt. Mosley, John Hill, Nich. Baylie, Rich. Hobson, Frank pledge.
Derley. BerItU. Hy. Hunt, Hy. Wyllemot, Rich. Wyllemot, Hy. Bailey, Frank pledge, present, Robt. Hunt and Hugh Barker.
Ensor and Pillesley. Laur. Walker, Wm. Penyston, Jo. Heyward, Edwd. Hygden, Frank pledge.
Hathersage. Roger Fydeler, Wm. Brownell, Nich. Levin, present, Clemencia Eyre, Thos. Upton.
Bowden. Edwd. Kirke, Wm. Jakeson, Jo. Goddard, Phil. Merchynton, Frank pledge, ux. Jas. Silvester, Jo. Barnes, Robt. Hadfield, Win. Benett, Alex. Cotterell, affray on Agnes ux. Robt. Hadfield; Rich. Barbour, of Malcoffe, affray on Chrisf- Kirke.


Fayrefield. John Carte, Jo. Hybarte, Frank pledge, present, Rich. Gudhine, Jo. Swaun, Wm. and Edward Nctham, Jo. Swyndell, Jo. Coterill.

Buxton. Rich. Hill, Jo. Gerard, Hy. Hoime, Jo. Upton, Frank pledge, present, Thos. Morley, Jo. Jakeson, Rich. Smith, Benedict Barnes, Carolus Mosley, Wm. Wright, Jo. Gerrard, Edwd. Clayton.
Offerton and Shatton. Otiwell M'shall and Humphrey Byriey, Frank pledge, present, Robt. Wilcokson.
Rolande. Rolande Morewode, Hy. Hervy, Frank pledge, present, Jo. Ward, Jo. Balle, Thos. Buxton.
Hassop and Calver. Roger Townrowe, Thurston Low, Jo. Staveley, Thos. Harrison, Frank pledge, present, Matilda Birdall and Thos. Platts.

Mouyash. Hugo Gudhine, Hy. Harrison, Hy. Brythelasse, Hy. Gudhine, Frank pledge, pres. Wm. Fayrefield, Jo. Herreson, Hugo Boam, Robt. Janens.

Wormhill. Thurston Herode, Thos. Jackson, Frank pledge, present, Giles Greenhagh, Hy. Oldefield, Roger Wright, affray on Wm. Tyrmore.

(Place gone.) John Barber, Hugo Boman, Frank pledge. (Place gone.) Thos. Smith, Wm. Poynton, Thos. Halle, Jo. Boman, Frank pledge.

Longston. Wm. Bagshaw, Wm. Oldfield, Robt. Fryth, Jo. North, Frank pledge.

12TH oct. 16 hy. VIII. Foresters of Ashope—Edward and George Meveril, Esq., by Edwd. Eyre, Dep. p Thos. Bagshaw, Deputy. Eyre de Hope P. p Robt. Halle, Dep. Rad Shyriey Kt. p Hy. Slak, Dep. Rich. Goddruffe, p Hy. Hall, Dep. The heirs of Walter Hall, in the King's hands. The heirs of Thos. Merell p Rad Slake, Dep. Elias Staley. The heir of Rich. Wuddruff as the heir male of Thos. Wudroff, p Wm. Saunderson, Dep The Foresters of Longden Dale. The Abbot of Basingwerky, by


Thos. Johnson, Dep. Robt. Lee, Esq., by Thos. Kyrke, Dep. and Hy. Hadfield. Robt. Ratclyffe, by Wm. Ratcliffe, Dep. Jo. Garleck p Wm. Orme (?) and Edmd. Hollyngworth who presented Nich. Walwen, Nich. Smyth, Jo. Trekette, ux. Jo. Armytage, Hugo Bokkyng, Jo. Balgye, Jo. Eyre of Darwent, Roger Darwent, Roger M'shall, ux. Jo. Trekett, transgressors in wood of Hassop and Eydale.

high peak, qth nov. 17 Hv. VIII. The King's Court. John Bebbe, of Kinder v. Rad Creswell; John Wright, of Tunsted ats Peter Bagshaw; Hy. Frythe fined with Peter Bagshaw; Hugo Schalcross fined with Jo. Baynete; Robt. Mosley with Brian Clayton; Oliver Hill with Jo. Carte ; Nich. Hyde with Thos. Alen; Roger Torre with Wm. Alen. Ult Nov, Nich. Taylor fined with Jo. Turton ; Rich. Everingham with Roger Kirke ; Thos. Newton with Nicolas Madder; Peter Page with Peter Gregory.

11 jan. 17 Hy. VIII. Robt. Harvey fined with Edmd. Eyre Capel ; Phil. Padley with Matilda Gregory; Wm. Harreson with Hy. Harvy; Xpofer Beynes with Edward Halome ; Peter Page with Peter Gregory; Jo. Bawden bail for Wm. French with Oliver Bowden.

25TH jan. Edward Barnes fined with Ed. Hobson ; Margareta Coterell and Nich. Hyde with same; John Oldefield, Corbesor v. Hy. Bayle; Thos. Longden v. Robt. Hill.

I5TH feb. oliver Kyrke fined with Wm. Crosier; Phil Tayler and Roger Harvy with Wm. Chapman ; Wm. Buxton die. with Margaret Coterill; Wm. Smyth with Thos. Wilcoxton; Geo. Bayle with Wm. Mosley; Wm. Turner with Robt. Wright.

15TH march. Edward Crosslee fined with Rich. Bagshawe and Wm. Brokulhurst.

6TH april. thos. Brodhurst, Roger Hyndman, John Upton, Edwd. Woyines.

24TH may. John Dawe with Jo. Bowdon; Nic. Tayler with Jo. Hadfield.
Castleton. view of frank pledge. 13TH oct. 16HY.vm. Jury—Alan Sutton, Thurston Brodhurst, Edwd. Bradwall, Robt. Fynneys, Martin Bothe, Wm. Mosley, Jo. Newton, Jo. Wryght, Thurston Townend, Thos. Roland, Roger Wilkinson, Rd. Tatersall.


Martin Bothe, Thurston Newton, Edwd. Slake, Wm. Thorneley, Frank pledge, present, Agnes Page, Catherine Sykes, Isabella Howe.

Hope. Nich. Eyre, Edward Harvey (Hardey ?) Rad. Slak, Frank pledge, present, Nich. Smyth, John Trekett, John Balgy, butcher.

Ashope. Robt. Grante, Frank pledge.
Haselbank. Jo. Stafford, Frank pledge.
Bradwall. Jo. Coke, Jo. Bowman, Frank pledge, pres. Win. Byriey, affray on Jo. Kydde.
Aston. Thos. Halley, Frank pledge.
Ov Haddon. Rich. Webster, Frank pledge.
Thornhill. Jo. Tayler, Frank pledge.

Jury present, Wm. Rudyerde, Wm. Smetheley, Wm. Linnall, Rob. Rudyerde, Thurston Feyls, Rich. Feylls, Thos. Fayrfield encroached on the common of Ov Haddon; Robt. Orme, Robt. Blackwall broke the Common Parke of Tadyngton ; Humphrey Hall, Jo Wright, Thos. Mellor and Thos. Barbour, Otiwell Balgye, Jo. Vigors, ux. Rich. Hall, ux. Edward Koke.

13TH oct. 16 Hv. VIII. Rich. Howe ats Elias Staley; Jo. Vigose and Thos. Gardener; Rich. Howe ats Robt. Miller; Wm. Eyre v. Hy. Howe; Rich. Barker v. Rich. Halom.

ioth nov. Ivo Bramall v. Ed. Bowman; Rich. Howe and Thos. Barber; Oliver fil Jo. Slake v. Rad. Slake; Hy. fil Hy. Hall ats Wm. Eyre.

26TH jan. Rich. Barbour ats Thos. Barber, and Robt. Bothe ats same ; Wm. Vigors ats Robt. Bothe and v. Jo. Vygors; Alex. Longden ats Nich. Smyth; Robt. Tonacle ats Nich. Smythe. 16TH feb. wm. Slake ats Elias Staley and v. Edwd. Slake. 16TH march. otiwell Balgy ats Hugo Warcle ; Jo. Marshall fined with Stephen Thomason ; Kobt. M'ler with Rich. Howe.


high peak. ult july, 17 hy. VIII. Jury—Humphrey Stafford, Thos. Grenesmith, Jas. Caryngton, Humphrey Low, Nich. Molte, Robt. Sterndale, Roger and Hugo Fox, Wm. Batcson Rggcr Dawken Robt. Gibbs, Hy. Gregory, Xpofer Mayrelle, Wm. Brushfield, Rad Bradbury, Robt. Mosley, Jo. Tunsted, Jo. Hille of Folowe.

Glossop. Hy. Bothe, Thos. Harrison, Edmd. Hollingsworth, j Robt. Ratcliffe, and Hugo Hadfield, Frank pledge. :
Wynster. Thos. Cokayne, Kt., Jas. Else, Wm. Bonsall, and Thos. Roose, Frank pledge, present Hy. Jackson.
Chattisworth. Jo- Hawe, Rich. Dykkins, Thos. Cowper, Jo. Greves, Frank pledge.
Edensor and Pillesley. Lawrence Walker, Wm. Penyston, Jo' Heyward, and Edward Hygden, Frank pledge.
Bassilow. Jo. Dawson, Roger Ragge, Jo. Yheton, Wm. Bassilow, Frank pledge, present, Rich. Sillar, Ran. Snydall and John Burgh.
Tadington and Prestclive. Thos. Rowland, Thos. Wathouse, Hy. Nicolson ........ and Robt. Whyte, Frank pledge.
Yolgreve. Rich. Hall, Jo. Yvon, Rich. Lomals, Roger Garrard, Frank pledge, present, Thos. Smethley, Geo. Lees, Robt. Longley, John Bridde, “quod fecit amicabile potacoem vocat a love ale in mia,” Thos. Barge, affray on Hy. Hallom.
Hathersage. Robt. Camme, Humphy- Thornhill, Wm. Alpreton, and Arthur Eyre, Esq., Frank pledge, present, Clemencia Eyre and Thos. Upton; Rich. Neyler for affray on Thurston Eyre ; Thurston for affray on Nich. Wyrrall.
Bawden. Edwd. Kirke, Jo. Bawden, Jo. Sykes, and Phil. M'chinton, Frank pledge, pres. Hy. Baile affray on Eliz. Dykson, and Jo. Redferne, and on Karolus Bagshaw who drew blood on Hy. Baile ; and John Crossby affray on Rad Wright.


Fayrefield. Thos. Green and Nich., Frank pledge, present, Jo. Coterill, Edwd. Nedham, Jo. Swanne, and Rad Gudhine.

Buxton. Wm. Milnes, Rich. Smyth, Hy. Hoime, and Jo. Upton, Frank pledge, present, Thos. Morley, Jo. Jackson, Wm. Wright, and Chas. Mosley Robt. Hethcote, affray on Nich. Simpson and he on Agnes Hylle; Hy. Dawkins affray on Edward Mersh.

Overton and Shatton. Thos.. Trowte, Wm. Glossop, . Frank pledge.
Rowland. Hy. Frythe and Edwd. Yheton, Frank pledge, present, Edwd. Hamore, affray on John Karoles; Hy. Harvey brewed a love ale.
Chelmorton. Xpofer Dawkin, John Ward and Thos. Barton, senr., Frank pledge, pres. Thos. Creswell affray on Wm. Warde.
Hassop and Calver. Roger Townrowe, Thurston Lowe, Thos. Henryson, and Jo Staley, Frank pledge.
Monyash. Hugo Gudhine, Rich. Elde, Hy. Gudhine, and Jo. Henryson, Frank pledge, present, Wm. Feyrefield, Hugo Bowne, Alex. Herryson, affray on Hy. Bolvante and he on Rich. Hethcote.
Abney and Highlow. Jo. Barker, Hugo Dawin (?) Frank pledge.
Hucklow. P. M. and Jo. Bagshaw, Rich. Bowm, Xpofer Chapman, and Roger Bradwall.
Wormhill. Thos. Torre and Robt. Gretrakes, Frank pledge.
Little and Longson. Rich. Nalle, Wm. Oldefield, Oliver Bramall, and Robt. Torre.
1ST aug. 17 hy. VIII.

foresteks oF campana. george Meverill p. Thos. Revell, Deputy. George Barley, Esq., p. Jo. Wright, Deputy. Thurston


Woodruff, Wm. Bagshaw, Deputy. Hugo Nedham in p. p. The

heirs ot Peter Bagshaw p. Thos. Bagshaw, Deputy.

foresters of ashope and eydale. Nich. Eyre of Hope in propria persona. Arthur Eyre, Esq., p. Robt. Halle, Deputy, j Heirs of Rad Shyriey, Kt., p. Hy. Slake, Deputy. George Woodruff p. Otiwell Balgy, Deputy. Heirs of Walter Halle, in the King's hands. Heirs of Thos. Meverell p. Rad Slakk, Deputy. Elizeus Staley in p. p. Geo, Woodruff p. Hy. Hall, Deputy.

forest of langendale. abbot de Basingworth p. Thos. Johnson, Deputy. Heirs Robt. Leigh p. Thos. Kyrke, Deputy. Robt. Ratcliff p, Wm. Ratcliff, Deputy. John Garleck p. Edmund Hollingworth, Deputy. Who present, Ralf Arnefield, Edmund Knolles, Ralf fil Thos. Arnefield, transgressions in forest at Jelous Hollow; Thos. Shottleworth, Thos. Seele, Ralf Bradbury de Boukeden, Thos. Garrard, Thos. Arnefield, Philip Needham, Geo. Needham, Robt. Hybbert, Nich. Bower, transgressions in forest at Breri Bresse; John Hugh, Edward Grene, Jo. Bennett of Green, Geo. Brokulhurst, John Bennett of Hill, Rad Bennett, Wm. Newton, Wm. Benett, Rich. Pott, Thos. Yonge, Jo. Berde, transgressions in Moldes orchard and Bridewood; Nich. Molte, Robt. Turner, Jo. Shawre, Rich. Shawre, Xpofer Bawden, transgressions in Chinley; Robt. Pympriley, Roger Grey, Edmund Wagstaff, Jo. Holdworth, Robt. Dawson, Robt. Goddard, Roger Burdekynne, transgressors in Shelf and Combes ; Thos Purseglove, Thos. Mellor, Jo. and Rich. Barber, Nich. and Rich. Hawe, Thos. and Wm. Barber, Elizeus Newton, Thurston Halle, Jo Savage, Roger and Wm. Halle, Robt. and Thos. Hagh, Thos. Hawe of Eydale, ux. Nich. Harrison., John Hall, Jo. Marshall, fil Edwd. Barbor, Edward Barber, Vicar of Hope, Nich. Smyth, Jo. Eyre, Thos. Eyre, Roger Eyre, Robt. Mort, Otiwell Smith, Roger Darwent, Wm. Eyre, ux Jo. Armytage, Jo. Tryket, Jo. Bokkyng, Rich. Burdecaune, Rich. Bramall, Robt. Hall, Nich. Morton, and Otiwell Cresland, transgressions in Assop and Eydale.

2ND aug. 17 hy. VIII. at castleton. Jury—Thos. Barber, Wm. Eyre, Hy. Fenes (?) Rad Tryket, Robt. Fonce, Thos. Halle, Wm. Dykkon, Wm. Rowland, Oliver Hawe, Thurston Middleton, Rich. Bradwall, Martin Bothe.


castleton. thos. Gardener, Wm. Tymme, Ed. Slakke, Oliver Jolle, Frank pledge, present, Agnes Page and Thurston Newton.
Hope. Xpofer Eyiotte, Ed. Hardy and Rad Slak, Frank pledge, present, Nich. Smith, Jo. Trykett, Jo. Balgye.
Ashop. Robt. Morton, Frank pledge.
Haselbagh. John Stafford, Frank pledge.
Bradwall. Ed. Bradwall and Jo. Bowman.
Aston. Thos. Thomason.
Thornhill. Nich. Morton, pres. Jo. Thornhill, Jo. Skynner and Robt. Thomason.
No. 428. high peak. 5tH oct. 17 Hv. VIII. Jury—Nich. Aleyn, Junr., Wm. Ratcliff, Thos. Aleyn de Combes, Thos. Greensmith, Nich. Aleyn, Senr., Xpofer Watson, Robt. Halle, Wm. Buxton, Jo. Wright, Philip Lees, Hy. Gregory, Jas. Carington, Rad Bagshaw, Thos. Arnesfield, Edmund Gudhine.
Glossop. Hy. Bothe, Thos. Herryson, Edmd. Hollyngworth, Robt. Ratcliff, and Hugo Hadfield, Frank pledge.
Wynster. Thos. Cokayne, Kt., Tas. Else, Wm. Bonsall and Thos. Rose, Frank pledge, pres. Rich. Bageley, affray on Nich. Jackson.
Basselow. John Dawson, Jo. Yveton, Wm. Basselow, Frank pledge.
Chattesworth and Beeley. John Hawe, Rich. Dykkins, Thos. Coup, Jo. Gresses of Wodhouse, Wm. Shaw, Frank pledge.


Ensor and Pillesly. Ed. Colley, Wm. Penister, Jo. Haywood and Edwd. Hygden, Frank pledge.

Tadington and Prestclive. Thos. Rowland, Thos. Wathouse, Hy. Nicotsonand Robt. White.
Dolyreve. Rich. Halle, Jo. Yven, Rich. Lomals, Roger Garrard, Frank pledge, present, Rich. Addesford, affray on Edwd. Bawman.
Middleton and Eyam. Wm. Mosley, Wm Tymme, Rich. Hylle, Jo. Wyide, Rich. Mosley, Jo. Lawe and Agnes White.
Derley. Hy. Hunt, Hy. and Rich. Wyllmotte, Hy. Taylor, Frank pledge.
Hathersage. Robt. Camme, Humphrey Thornhill, Wm. Alfreton and Arthur Eyre, Frank pledge, present, Clement Eyre.
Bowden. Jo. Shert, Jo. Bowden, Jo. Sykes and Jo. Yonge, Frank pledge, present, Thos. Bowden, Edmd. and Jo. Barnes, Otiwell Rydge, Otiwell Bowden, made affray on Robt. Needham, who drew blood on them.
Fairfield. Thos. Grene, Nich. Huerdesfield, Frank pledge, present, Rich. Gudhyne, Jo. Swanne and Edward Nedham, Frank pledge, present, Jo. Clayton, affray on Jo. Swanne.
Buxton. Wm. Milnes, Rich. Smith, Christr. Tattersall and Jo. Upton, Frank pledge, present, Jo. Jawkin, Karolus .Mosley, Wm. Wright and Ed. Clayton; Benedict Barnes and Roger Cowtrell; Rich. Barnes.
Overton and Shatton. Thos. Trowte, Wm. Glossop, Frank pledge.


Rowland. Hy. Fryth, Edward Yveton, Frank pledge.
Chelmorden. Xpofer Dawken, Thurston Robinson, Joyes Warde and Thos. Buxston, Frank pledge, present, Thos. Creswell, affray on Jo. Warde.

Hassop. Roger Townrow, Thurston Lowe, Thos. Henryson and Jo. Staley.

Monyash. Hugo Gudhyne, Rich. Elde, Hy. Gudhyne, Jo. Henryson, Frank pledge, present, Hugo Wawine, Wm. Fayrfield, Jo. Henryson.

Abney and Highlow. John Barker and Hugo Bowman, Frank pledge.

Hucklow (M. and P.) Philip Bagshaw, Rich. Bowma, Xpofer Chapman and Roger Bradwall, Frank pledge.
Wormhill. Thos. Torre, Robt. Gretrakes.
Lytton and Langdon. Rich. Nalle, Wm. Oldfield, Oliver Bramall and Robt. Torre.

attachments. D. R. campana forest. 6th oct. 17 hy. VIII.
foresters of compana. George Meverell p. Thos. Revell, Deputy. George Barley, Esq., p. Roger Wright, Deputy. Thurston Woodruff, Wm. Bagshaw, Deputy. Hugo Nedham in p. p. Robt. Bagshaw p. Thos. Bagshaw, deputy.
foresters oF ashope and eydale. Nich. Eyre, of Hope, in propria persona. Arthur Eyre, Esq. p. Robt. Halle, Deputy. Heirs of Rad Shirley, Kt., p. Hy. Slake, Deputy. George Woodruff p. Otiwell Balgy, Deputy. Heirs of Walter Halle, in


the King's hands. Heirs of Thos. Meverell, p. — Eyre, Deputy. Elizeus Staley in p. p. Geo. Woodruff p. Hy. Hall, Deputy.
foresters of langendale. abbot de Basingworth p. Thos. Johnson, Deputy. Heirs of Robt. Legh p. Thos. Kyrke, Deputy. Robt. Ratcliff p. Wm. Ratcliff, Deputy. John Garleck p. Edmund Hollingworth, Deputy, present, Nich. Smythe, uxor Jo. Armytage, Jo. Tryketfc, Jo. Balgy, Vicar of Hope, Vicar of Castleton, Rich. Hosley of Tunstead, Wm. Eyre, of Kyng's hagh, cut wood in Ashoppe and Eydale.
high peak. view of frank pledge. 12th april. 17 Hv. VIII. Jury—Wm. Ratcliff, Walter M'rchinton, Nich. Molte, Jo. Sterndale, Hugo Fox, Thos. Buxstons, Oliver Hill, Robt. Gilbert, Robt. Gretrake, Edmund Gudhyne, Hugo Sheldon, Thos. Gudhyne, Wm. Brushfield, Xpofer Meyrell, Rad. Bagshaw, Jo. Tunstyde.

Glossop. Nich. Bothe, Geo. Wood, Edmund Hollyngworth, Edmund Hobson and Thos. Chatsworth, Frank pledge, present, John Lees.

Wynster. Thos. Cokayne, Jas. Else, Rad Stonne and Thos. Roose, Frank pledge, present, Hy. Jackson.
Basselow. Roger Haberjamme, Robt. Roland, Hy. Domme, and Thos. Halom, Frank pledge.
Chatsworth vand Beley. Jo. Hawe, Rich. Dykkes, Thos. Coupee, Jo. Gresses, Frank pledge.
Edensor and Pillesley. Edwd. CoJley, Phil. Greensmith, John Heyward, Edwd. Hygden, Frank pledge.
Wodhouse. Wm. Shaw, Frank pledge.
Taddington and Prestclive. Roger Ryppon, Alexander Stadon, Hy. Nicholson and Robt. White, Frank pledge.


Yogreve. Humphrey Marshall, Jo. Yven, Rich. Lomals and Roger Garrard, Frank pledge, present, Robt. Longley and Geo. Lees and Thos. Smethley.
Middleton and Eyam. Wm. Mosley, Ed. Rowland, Rich. Syddal, Xpofer Beyns and Roger Chatsworth.
Derely. Hy. Hunte, Hy. Tailor, Wm. Oldam and Hy. Piglio, Frank pledge, present, Robt. Hunt and Hugo Barker.
Hassop. Arthur Eyre, Esq., Hy. Morton, Wm. Alfreton and Laurence Fydeler, Frank pledge, present, Thos. Eyre, Thos. Upton.
Bawden. Jo. Shert, Geo, Nedham, Nich. Whytworth and John Yonge, Frank pledge, present, Rad Wylson, affray on Jo. Oldfield and Wm. Oldefield; Thos. Aleyn de Lees, affray on Edwd. Bagshaw.
Fryrefield. Rich. Swann, Jas. Pedley, Frank pledge, present, Jo. Swan and Edwd. Needham; John Glossop affray on John Cart.
Buxton. Jas. Kyrke, Jo. Glossop, Xpofer Tattersall and Jo. Torre, Frank pledge, present, Jo. Jackson and Wm. Wright.
Overton and Shatton. Thos. Barber and Walter Bradwall, Frank pledge.
Rowland. Wm. Henryson and Rich Law, Frank pledge.

Monyash. Hugo Gudhine, Ed. Henryson, Hy. Gudhyne and Jo. Henryson, Frank pledge, present, Wm. Feyrefield, Richard Heathcote, Hugh Dawkins and John Henryson.

Chelmorden. John Warde, Thos. Buxton, Thurston Robinson

and Hy. Dawken, Frank pledge. M


Hassop and Calver. Roger Townrow, Thos. Platt. Thos. Henryson, and Jo. Staley, Frank pledge.
Abney and Highlow. Jo. Barker and Hugo Darwent, Frank pledge.
Hucklow (P. & M). Phil. Townend, Otiwell Bennett, Robt. Chapman and Wm. Smyth, Frank pledge.
Wormhill. Thos. Torre and Robt. Gretrake, Frank pledge.
Litton and Longsden. Rich. Platts, Wm. Oldfield, Jo. Shacarley and Robt. Harvey, Frank pledge, present, Roger Mochell, of Sheard in low Davy, for shooting arrows.

high pkak. 13th april. 17 hy. VIII. foresters of compana. george Meverell p. Thos. Revell, Deputy, George Barley, Esq., p. Roger Wright, Deputy. Thurston Woodruff, Wm. Bagshaw, Deputy. Hugo Nedham in p. p. Robt. Bagshaw p. Thos. Bagshaw, Deputy. Present, Rich. Shaw, Xpofer Bowden, Edwd. Warde, Jo. Shawre, Robt. Turner, Nic. Molte, ux. Carolus Brown, Rich. Willson cut down trees in Chinley. Thos. Kynder, Jo. Meret, Ranulf Hyndman, Robt. Bradbury, Roger Wathouse, Thos. Rawlinson, Rich. Smyth, Rad Willson, Robt. Hadlield, Robt. Nedham, Roger Bray, Edmd. Wagstaff, Nich. Doisnel, Edmund Marshall, Jo. Wythe, Laur. Diddesbury, Robt. Dawson, Roger Mellor, Jo. Bramall, Thurston Staley, Alex' Westrorst, Robt. Pimpresley, Thos. Dawson, Thos. Dyddlesbury, Wm. Dawson, Oliver Garleck, Thurston Newton, Oliver Bothe, uxor Wm. Boothe, Nich. Bothe, Oliver, Thos. and John Grey, John Robinson, Edmund Robotham, Edmund Knolles, Thos. Bramall, in Combs, Robt. Rydgway, Thos. Arnesfield, Rickman Levesay. George Nedham, and Phil. Wythe, John Hygs, George Groves, Edward Groves in Molds Orci-iard, John and Wm. Bennett and Ralf and Wm. Newton, Geo. HolUnghurst, Robt. Dandc, Rich. Pott, Thos. Yonge, John Berde, Humphrey Stafford, George Redfern, Xpofer Hambleton, and Hy. Bailie in Berde Wood.


Thos. Purseglove, Thosi Mellor, Jo. Barber, Rich. Barker, Thos. and Rich. Hawe, Thos. Newton, Nich. de Heydall,

John Savage, Jo. Marshall, Thos. Berbs, uxor Nich. Harreson, Jo. Hall, Edward Barker, Roger Hall, Richard and Thos. Hagh, Wm. Barber, Roger Eyre of Wisden, Roger Eyre of Cokkebruge, Robt. Morton, Roger and Rich. Graunte, John Eyre, Hy. Morte, Otiwell Smyth, Vicar of Hope, Nich. Smyth, Jo. Prykett, uxor John Armytage, Jo. Baley, Rich. Brammal, Jo. Dekking, John Wright, Edmund Eyre, Otiwell Crossland, Oliver Slakke, Jo. Hadfield, ux. Nich. Bradbury, Jo Tymme, Thos. Bostre, Rad Eyre, Alex. Longden, Wm. Eyre, Thurston Newton, for forest transgressions.

9th aug. 17 hy. VIII. Wm. Cleyton ats Hy. Purseglove; Nich. Paylie (?) Nich. Mathew de Monyash, Edmund Hobson ats Jas. Carrington and Geo. Redfern ; John Wilshaw ats Thos. Aleyn ; Rich. Mellor, Junr., de Kinder, ats Ralf Creswell ; Alex. Coterill ats Ralf Mellor and John Barnes; Robt. Rydgeway ats Guido Hybert and Agnes Stafford; Thos. Hakesworth ats Peter Milnes; Robt. Harvey ats Rich. James ; Robt. Chapman ats Jo. Ryppon; Wm. France and Robt. Worth ; Robt. Mosley hned with Oliver Bowden; Sampson Shawre fined with Ralf Mellor; Hugo Fryth with Nich. Jackson; Wm. Gregorie and Robt. Syddall; Rad Redfern and Hy. Kirke; Robt. Mosley v. Hy. Fenes; Jo. Damme and Robt. Holerenshawe; Robt. Longsden.

penult. aug. 17 Hv. VIII.

Matilda Bradbury ats Wm. Marshall ; Edmund Dekke ats Robt. Needham; Rich. Pedley ats Oliver Molte ; Ricus Bagshaw ats Ran Kirke and Peter Hadfield ; Rich. Wythe, Galf Bramall, Hugo Frith p. Edmund Eyre; Chrisf- Deyns ats Nich. Baylis ; Rad Bredbury v. Otiwel Sylvestre ; Hy. Purseglove v. Jo. Hyll; Sampson Shawre v. Rad Mellor.

i3TH sept. 17 hy. VIII Robt. Mosley, of Lightburches, fined with Nich. Benet; Benedict Hybbert p. Rich. Witle ; Rich. Whyte de Lytton p. Robt. Barton ; Roger Barton by Ralf Lawe ; Robt. Yven ats Jo. Mellor ; Thos. Hakesworth, Thos. Columbel, Philip Padley v. Wm. Hakesworth ; Rich. Hethcote v. Agnes Meyre ; Geo. Baylie ats Hy. Lyngard.


11th oct. 17 Hv. VIII. Thos. Alien de Lees v. Hy. Taylor ; Robt. Longden v. Nich. Staley John Harryes ats Wm. Mosley ; Robt. Burgh v. Agnes SykiSs; John Levin ats Godfrey Rowland and Roger Cook Rich. Woode fined with Godfrey Rowland.

Fines—Rich. Trower and Hy. Purseglove ; Thurston Harding and Wm. Hill; Robt. Bradbury, of Kinder, and Rad Creswell; Thos. Hill, of Bawden, and John Creswell; Job Shert with Rich. Coup.

high peak. 8th aug. 17 & 18 hy. VIII. Thos. Hakesworth and Peter Page ; Rich. Shaw de Corv and Robt. Bathom ; Phillip Syddall and Reg. Bothe ; John Law de Middleton and Wm. Fryth; Wm. Bagshaw and Wm. Oldefield; Thurston Robinson v. Humphrey Blackwall, Thos. Casken and Jo. Warde; Robt. Botham and Reginald Bothe; Wm. Lyndoppe ats Geveland; Peter Page and Peter Gregory; Rad Creswell, Sen. and John Creswell ats Christopher Hamleton.

29th nov. 17 hy. VIII. Godfrey Cokke fine with Robt. Bothom; Rich. Addeshell v. Rad Sheldon ; Rich. Matley and Robt. Turton; Nich. Creswell, Rich. Rutter, Thos. Hadfield and Rad Creswell; Roger Yven and Nich. Jackson.

17th jan. Nich. Taylor fined with Christopher Eyre ; Roger Hyndman and John Lacey; Wm. Cawres, of Monyash, and Rad James; Rich. Botham and Peter Paye; Thos. Newton, bail for John Sutton of Snelston, v. Roger Torre; Wm. Cleyton v. Jo. Warde ; Hugo Frith v. Rich. James; John Wyide, Thos. Newton v. Agnes Mcyr; George Lees and Jo. Asser; Rich. Rutter and Jo. Damme ; Robt. Chapman with Phil. Barker ; Jo. and Thos. Torre, of Buxton, with Nic, Chapman ; Robt. Stafford and Alicia Gregory; Ralf Shclton and Jo. Stafford with Rad Bennett.

peak. 7th feb. 17 hy. VIII.

Robt. Stafford fined with Robt. Sharpe ; Nich. Fletcher and Wm. Dyker; Xpofer Beyns fined with John Wyide; Thos. Bagshaw with Wm. Moycokke ; Robt. Gretrakes and Geo. Coup ; Rich. Shaw and Elenor Aleyn with Robt. Taylor and Jo.. Pedley; Robt. Gybbe and Thos. Grenesmith.

7th mar. Robt. Norman v. Rad Crane; Robt. Padley, of Haselford, v. Phil. Bagshaw; Robt. Mosley, of Eyam, fine with


Nich. Mellor; John Lacey v. Roger Hyndies; John Cokke v. Wm. Eyre ; Wm. Turner v. Joh'- Torre ; Rich. Hethcote v. Agnes Meyr.

21st mar. thurston Eyre v. Nich. Wyrral; John and Hugo Frith v. Nich. Jackson; Rich. Pedley fined with Wm. Crosley; Jac. Whetcroft fined with Thos. Whyte.

24th april. Barthw. Roland fined with Wm. Gregory; Jo. Sherley and Jo. Wilkinson; Alex Cottrell and Kath. Walter; Xpofer Humbleton and Wm. Crosby.

Gilbert Crowder and Thurston Eyre; George Mellor and Jo. Sawerby; Thurston Robinson v. Thos. Bennett.

15th may. Peter Gregory v. Wm. Eyre ; Edmd. Newall v. Laurence Hadfield; Edwd. Yhetton v Jo. Thomlynson; Barth Rolande v. Hy. Haberjambe; John Mellor fined with Rad Bradbury v. Jo. Mellor; Robt. Turton v. Agneta Matley; Katharine Walker and Robt. Hadfield; Alex Coterel, Roger Damme with Hy. Baylye; John Damme with Wm. Lomals; Alice Fenes and Jo. Shert; Wm. Asheyton and Robt. Taylor; Nich. Mellor v. same ; Alice and Wm. Orme v. same.

high peak. 6th june. Ranulf Kirk v. Rad Mellor; Wm. Wilde v. Wm. Hakesworth; Edmd. Robotham v. Rad Bradbury; Rich. Pedley fine with Peter Holrenshaw ; Humphrey Thornell v. Wm. Thornell.

4th july. George Mellor v. Jo. Saureby; Thos. Coup v. Margaret Coup, Wo., and same v. Robt. Swann; Edwd. Kirk v. Wm. Mosley; Roger Aleyn fined with same; Hy. Wilde fined with Humphrey Stafford; Hugo Damme and Roger Damme ; Rad Wylson and Ranulf Kirke. .
Castleton. 7th oct.

jury—Rad Warde, Alan Sutton, Edmd. Hockkynson, Thurston Hockkinson, Wm. Triket, Roger Kirke, Jo. Newton, Jo. Wright, Otiwell Halle, Thos. Orme, Thurston Townend, Roger Wilson, Dionis Tymme.
Castleton. Thos. Gardiner, Wm. Tymme, Edwd. Slakke, and Otiwell Jolle, Frank pledge, present, Agnes Page, Catherine Sykes, Thurston Newton and Isabella Howe.


Hope. Chrisr. Eyiotte, Edmd. Hardey, Rad Slakk, Frank pledge, present, Nich. Smith Jo. Trykett, John Balgy, butcher, Rich. Bramal affray on Wm. Dawes.

Assop. Robt. Morten, Frank pledge.

Hasselback. Jo- Stafford, Frank pledge.
Bradwall. Edwd. Bradwall, John Dawin, Frank pledge.
Aston. Thos. Thompson, Frank pledge.
Thornhill. Nich. Morton, Frank pledge, present, Jo. Thornhill, Robt. Thomason, Nich. Bramall, affray on Nich. Turner.
Over Haddon. Rich. Webster, present, Robf. Ruddende and Rich. Lomals, affray on Humphrey Brodhurst.

Ricli. Feyles, Senr., Rich Feyles, Junr., Edmund Home, Vert in Lathkendale. Barnaby Ospring, Wm. Ruddierd of Yolgreve, Robt. Ruddierd of Meddiplot, Wm. Eglye de ead and Rich. Lomals de Conkesbury. Agna de Lathkill, Wm. Glee and Rich. Lomals. Rich. Aweshead, affray on Rich. Hockkinson.


view of frank pledge. 14th april. 17 hy. VIII.

juryRoger Hawes, Alan Sutton, Edmd. Hochkinson, Robt. Benett, Barthw. Cokke, Jo. Newton, Wm. Mosley, Wm. Triket, John Ripon, Wm. Dykkon, Dionis Tymme, Thos. Jones, Roger Vygers, Robt. Bradbury.
Castleton. Jo. Tymme and Wm. Tymme, Edwd. Slakk and Elizeus Browne, Frank pledge, present, Humphrey Newton, Agnes Page, Katharine Sykes, Thos. Newton, affray on Robt. Chapman.
Hope. Xpofer Eyiotte, Xpofer Turner, Rad Slakke, Frank pledge, present, Nich. Smyth, Jo. Trykett, Jo. Balgye.


Ashop. Rich. Braunt, Frank pledge.
Hasylbach. John Stafford.
Bradwell. John Stafford and Jo. Dawin, Frank pledge.
Aston. Hugo Warde.
Thornhull. Hugo Slakke.
Ov Haddon. Thurston Hodkynson, present, Thos. Smith of Yolgreve, Wm. Smethley of Conkesbury, Rich. Addeshed, Rich. Feyls, Edm. Broksope, Rich. Feyles, John Jacks of Aysysson.
Castleton. ioth aug.

John Wright and Humphrey Wright fined with Wm. Bower. Katherine Sykes, Wo., fined with Margaret Roods ; Ricus Barker v. Agnes Tymme; Wm. Nikson fined with Rad Slakke; Wm. Slakke and Elizeus Staley; Robt. Bothe and Thurston Newton.

Castleton. ult. aug. 17 hy. VIII. Robt. Mellor v. Nich. Hawe; Nich. Bothe v. same; Hugo Mosley v. Thos. Wathouse.
13th sept. 17 hy. VIII. Thos. Webster v. Edmund Brodhurst.
18th jan. 17 hy. VIII. Alex. Arnesfield v. Wm. Byriey ; Roger Turner v. Jo. Doune; Humphrey Bothe v. Nich. Hawe; Nic. Walwen v. Jo. Wilkinson ; Otiwell Smyth v. Xpofer Turner; Rich. Barker and Peter Page; Wm. Byriey v. Alex. Arnesfeld.

8th feb. 17 hy. VIII. Hugo Marshall and Otiwell Smyth; Jo. Myddleton and Jo. Halom ; Thos. Feyrefield v. Rich. Addeshed; Wm. Hodgkinson and Rich. H, .....; Robt. Bothe v. Alex. Eyre ; Thos. Wathouse and Hugo Mosley.

12th oct. 17 hy. VIII. Humphrey Wright v. Humphrey Marshall.


9th nov. 17 HY. VIII. Wm. Hodkinson, Wm. Slakke and Jo. Dawson and Nic. Eyre.

ult. Nov.17 hy. VIII. Robt. Folowe, bl. Thos. Aleyn de .Lees, v. Thos FairfieId; Thos. Morton v. Jo. Morton ; Lawrence Armytage v Nic. Smyth.

8th mar. 17 hy. VIII. Rich. Addished v. Alan Sutton; Jo. Vygers and Barth Hybbert; Rich. Feyles v. Wm. Coup; Hugo Mosley v. Ed. Tattersal.

25th april. 18 Hy. VIII. Thos. Newton v. Wm. Nykson; Otiwell Jolle and Wm. Jolle v. Wm. Slakke; Thos. Purseglove v. Wm. Trekett; Wm. Smethley v. Alan Sutton.

17th may. 18 hy. VIII. Hugo Stadon v. Thos. Barbour; Kath. Sykes v. Robt. Miller.

7th june. 18 hy. VIII. John Rowland and Rd. Foxelow.

5th july. 18 hy. VIII. Wm. Hockinson v. Wm. Brown; Oliver Hawe v. Rich. Hawe.

No. 429. Castleton. view of frank pledge. 9th october. 2 hy. VIII.

juryoliver Hawe, Thurston Townende, Thos. Rowlande, Rich. Bradwall, Wm. Dykens, John Sheldon, Hy. Nicolson, Barthw. Cokke, Edward Bradwall, John Bradwall, Robt. Cokke, Roger Vygores, Oliver Tymmes, Dionis Tymme, Roger Hawe, Jo. Webster.

Castleton. Walter Glossop, Thos. Hawe, Wm. Tymme and Humphrey Bothe, Frank pledge.

Robt. Bagshawe and Robt. Gretrakes ; John Vygors ats Jo. Bradbury.

Tadington and Prestclyve. Rich. Folowe, Hugo Mosley, Jo. Newton and Robt. Blackwall.
Hope. Roger Bamford, Nich. Marshall and Rad Slakke, Frank pledge. John Balgy, affray on Otiwell Crossland.


Ashope. Rich. Brunte.
Thornhill. Robt. Barbour, Frank pledge. Jo. Thornhill, Jo. Skynner and Robt. Thomason.
Bradwell. Thos. Elye and Robt. Lawe, Frank pledge.
Aston. Edmund Eyiott, Frank pledge.
Ov Haddon. Rich. Feyles, Frank pledge. Thos. Webster ats Rich. Feyles.
Haselbach. Wm. Stafford, Frank pledge. Jury present, that John Halle, Roger Kirke, Thos. Barbour died since last court, Catherine ux. Edwd. Hugh is daughter and heir, John Wright who held certain lands of the King died since last court, and Robert Wright is his son and heir.
Castleton. 7th may. 22 hy. VIII.

jurywm. Eyre, Edwd. Bradwall. Oliver Tymme, Wm. Trekett, Thurston Hodgkinson, and Edmund , Thos. Rolonde, Jo. Newton, Hy. Nicholson, Rich. Tatersall, Jo. Bradwall, Robt. Benet, Humphrey Bothe, Nick. Smythe.
Castleton. Wm. Trekett, Martin Tymme, and Wm., Frank pledge, present, Thurston Newton and Agnes Page.
Tadington and Prestclive. Hy. Shotteswall, Jo. Sheldon, Jas. Rowland and Rich. Foxiow, Frank pledge.
Hope. Oliver Slack, Jo. Pamowe, Rad Slack, Frank pledge.
Ashop. Nich. Hadfield, Frank pledge.
Thornhill. Wm. Meyland, Frank pledge, presents, Robt. Thomason, Jo. Skinner and Jo. Thornhill.


. . . ell Alexr. Eyre and Thurston Cokke, Frank pledge.

Rich. Sutton p. Ov Haddon and Conkesbury, pres. Hugh Bonsall, serviens Willi Smith ats Edmund Feyles.

. . . nye. Wm. Stafford, Frank pledge.

Otiwell Smyth and Jo. Trekett pres. Rich. Bunting aff. Margery Thomason.

Wm. Halle who held land died since last court. . . . Ux. Wm.

Eyre, daughter and next heir.

Thurston Middleton and Laurence Armitage, of Hope, Hy. Gilbert, John Trekett and Wm. Nickson not hedging Forewood. Elizeus Brown led his cattle.
Castleton 22nd july. 20 hy. VIII.

Wm. Bradley v. Nich. Turner; Wm. Byriey p. Elizeus Bradwall; John Vigors, junr. p. Robt. Howe; John Wilson v. Rich. Foxiowe; || Jo. Newton v. Hy. Mosley; Roger Doune for Edward Doune.

court, 12th aug. 20 hy. VIII. castle-ton.

Robert Wright v. Thurston Newton.

16th sept. Margery Marshall and Wm. Bower ; Jo. Furness v. Wm. Byrley; Wm. Trykett v. Rich. Hawe; Robt. Mellor v.Wm. Trykett.

14th oct. John Wright v. Hy. Fornes ; Dionis Tymme v.same ; John Whyte v. Hy.; Roger Furnes and Edmd. Hardey.

19th jan. Agnet Innocent v. Rich. Foxiowe and John White ; Hy. Treket and Nic.Eyr; Katharine Armytage and Jo. Stafford ; Thos. Feyrfield v. Rich. Dale.

17th feb. wm. Hochkynson v. Rich. Webster; Rich. Grene v. Hy. Nicholson ; Hy. Mosley v. Thos. Feyrfield.

12th mar. 22 hy. VIII. Rich. Goldsmith v. Wm. Byriey; Jo. Vygors de Dale v. Joha. Gardener; Rich. Hochkynson for Thos. Feyles; Wm. Slack v. Alice Poynton.

2nd june. 22 hy. VIII. Thos. Gardyner v. Margaret Marshall; Edmund Brocksop v. Rich. Feyles; Hy. Hall for Catherine Barbour.


23rd june. 22 hy. VIII. At this Court came Nich. Eyre, of Hope, gent., fil and heir Nich. Eyre late deceased, aet 40, Jas. Skynner, of.Thornhill, aet 50, Nic. Smyth, of Hope, tailor, set 60, brought the sealed Testament to be enrolled p. Adam Eyre nunc cleric.

The said Nic. Eyr, the son, was sworn upon the Holy Evangelists and exd. before sd. Thos. Bradwall, parish priest of Hope, "my curate and goostly father."

All the lands sometime of Jas. Thornhi'll, father of Thos. Thornhill, in Warnebroke and Thornhill, in the township of Bawden, to keep upon confidence and great trust for the wealth of his childer, and a feoffment thereof made by the said Jas. Thornhill to the said' Nich. Eyre, my father, in which John Skinner and John Halom were named bailiffs to deliver pos­session.

The Indenture made in Thornhill, 2 Rich. III, James Thornhill granted to Nich. Eyre of Thornhill, gent., his lands of Thornhill and Warnebroke, and the said James willed the said feoffees to make an estate to James the son and heir of Thomas his son in tail with remainder to Wm. the 3rd son of said Thomas; That Thomas, 2nd son of the said Thomas his son, should have lands in Thornhill in tail remainder to John the 4th son of said Thomas, remainder to his own right heirs.

Emmot, wife of Thomas my son, shall have a relief of lands called Warnebroke for seven years for her children and for the marriage of her daughters.

T. Robt. Skynner of Thornhill, yeoman, Wm. Lovet of Padley, John Skinner and others, all which after the death of Nich. Eyre, my father, came into my hands.

The said deed was taken from him, and he knows not by whom or where it is.

Signed in presence of Thurston Townend, senr., Thos. Bradwall, Sir Otiwell Bamford, .Priest at Hope, Thos. Thornhill of Bamford, Jo. Marshall of Bradwall.

Nicholas Eyre, the father, was son of Oliver, deceased, who was one of the feoffees of said feoffment.

John Skynner, my father, was one of the attorneys with Jo. Halom. Nich. Smyth of Hope, aet 40, heard the said deed read by


Nicholas Eyre, son of Nich., at Hope, about the 6th year past in form aforesaid.

Nich. Eyre of Hope, Tailor, of the age of 60 and more, heard. the said feoffment and will read in the life of Nich. Eyre the father by Nich. Eyre the son.

Dated the 18th June, 22nd Hy. VIII, and for the more surety we desire and pray the Steward that deed may be enrolled in the Court holden within the said Lordship, and a copy of the same under the Steward's seal.

Adam Eyre, then clerk of the same Court enrolled the same and gave a true copy thereof.

End of Section

Robert P Marchington.26th July 2005

Completed in Durham, Co. Durham.

Abbreviations, & c.

A=ante. av.=avunculus. C=Charles. c=circa. D=Domesday. E=Edward. F = filius or filia. Fitz = fil. H= Henry. J = James. s.d = sine data. Wo. = Widow.

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