Feudal history

The following were granted by Warner Engaine

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The following were granted by Warner Engaine

at 4d. per acre with the following sums for fines :—

adam DE hopegate ass. la. as. fine.

roger FIL reginald ass. 1a., bl. Adam Sacebin and Eustace de Hope.

eustace de hope, 4a., 6s.

raun tyson, 1a., 2s. 8d.

michael fil henry, 3a., 6s.

Galf le Blund bl. wm. faber, 23.., 4s., heir dead. Walter Miller now holds it.

gilbert le miner, 3a., 3s.


rann fil robt. (dead), 3a., 6s. Agnes his wife now holds it.

nic le wayte, 1a, 2s. Alic widow of Nich. now holds it,

bail Wm. le Hunt and Simon fil Michael le Blund.

levsing de villa castra, aa., 4s.

pagan de lande, 4½a., bl. Wm. Molend.

gregory de bradwell, 2a., bl. Galf de Bradwell.

wm. ruff, 1a., bl. Wm. Chapman. galf quental, 2a.

el1as DE barr (dead), 1a. cecile his wife now holds it.

wm. niger, 5a., bl. Hy. fil Wm. le Wainwright and Robt. his


rich. LE stubb, 2a.

wm. fil henry, ya.

hy. DE alsop, 2a., bail Robt. fil Hy. and Rich. fil Wm.,

dc Hope.

robt. fil wm. carpenter, 6½,. bl. Wm. fil Aldus, Robt.

le Blakhalgh.


William carpenter, 8a., bl. Rich. de Holm and Wm. de


peter DE wulvelow (dead), 6a.

Rich. de Hethfield now holds it.

rich. de hethfield, 6a., bl. Wm. de Hethfield and Michael his brother.

mathew de bradwell, 6a., Rich. fil William Lesinge now holds it.

robt. DE eston, 6a. Rich. fil Wm. Lesing holds 5a. and Michael fil Hy. 1a.

adam saltore, 3a. Rich. de Bromton now holds it.

wm. de wulvelowe (dead), 6a. Rich. de Bromton and Rich. fil Hy. now hold it.

rich. del holm, 7a., bl. Robt. fil Wm. de Hope and Henry

his brother.


wm. carpf.nter de Villa Castra, 8a. and 2a. v. gd. Henry

fil Wm.

simon fil jul1an (dead), 3a. Will fil Henry now holds it. will hendy, 5a., bail Robt. de Aston and Wm. fil Henry de Hope.

john LE hyne, 2a.

el1as de thornhill (dead), 6a. Robt. his son now holds it.

siward de thornhill, 6a., bl. Wm fil Albin, Rich. Hibern1a. thos. fil baunce, 3a., bl. Rich de Huntingdon, and Agnes uxor Dande now holds it.

robt. fil wm. DE aston, 5a.

wm. fil aldus, 7a., bl. Wm. Nigel de Hope and Wm. Albn

de Hassop.

john LE hare, 2a. ir., bl. Peter fil Robert de Hassop and

Wm. de Aldus. robt. DE balgy, 1a., bl. Peter de Hassop and Passis

de Hope.

Assarts at Bradwell in the time of Warner Engaine.

fratres hospital DE villa castra at Bradwell.

thomas bante, 1a., bl. Galf de Bradwell, Ad. de Sopegate.

robt. serjt. prior oF lenton, ½a., bail Gregory de Bradwell and Galf Quental,


nich. FIL WM. de bradwall, 1a., bail Wm. fil Wm. de Bradwall. wm. chapman, i a. ir., bl. Adam Sanseby and Wm. Rufus.

In the time of John Greg

wm. FIL wm. OF. bradwall, la. roger raven (dead), 3a. Henry fil Robt. now holds it.

Assarts at Bowden tempe the Earl Ferrars.

(1-6 Hy. III.)

john malcave, 6a. Agnes his widow now holds it. rich. DE redestathe. 1a., bl. Simon Bude and Rich. du Thornley.

Hy. arderne (dead), 7.1. Rd. fil Jul1an tenant (he also assarted in the time of Brian de Insula and Robt. de Lexington,'.

wm. DE hoveden (dead, ass. Simon Woley tenant. (He also assarte 1 in the time of Brian de Insula and Robt. de Lexington )

Assarts at Bowden tempe Brian de Insula.
(7-11 Hy.III.)

roger long's, 7a., bl. Wm. fil Regid. and Rich. fil Reg'd.


roger de thorpe (dead), 43.. Wm. fil Koger tenant. robt. DE la kerkook (dead), 6a. Ralf le Turner and Wm. le Clogh tenants.

robt. DE littlebirches .'dead), 223..

Robt. le Archer tenant.

rich. DE redescathe, 1a., bl. Simon Buer, Rd. de Thornley.

(He also assarted 1a. tempe J. Guband.)

el1as stare (dead), 6a. Matilde his widow tenant (he assarted

1a. tempe Warner Engayne).

john tugge (dead), 1a. and 3r. Simon Bude tenant (tempe

R. de Lexington).

henry de fonte (dead), 2a. 3r. John fil Henry tenant (t. W. Engayne).

peter de buggesworth (dead), 1a. Alice his widow tenant (t. W. Engayne).

hy. gobichgrand, 3a. 3r. Simon de Woley tenant (t. W. Engayne).

Assarts Made at Combes temp the Earl Ferrars.

(1-6 Hy. III.)

rich. DE cloley (dead), 9½a. Wm. fil Rich. tenant (he also assarted tempe B. de Insula and 3a. tempe Warner Engayne).

robt. clipper (dead), 8a. Adam fil Godwin and Hy. fil Thorn. tenants.

gilbt. DE hokelawe (dead), 13a. Wm. Redberd tenant. wymund DE ford (dead), 8a. John his son tenant.

el1as de baggscache (Bagshaw), dead, 25a. and the Earl received 25s. for a fine, Brian de Insula took ioos. to allow him to remain, and William his son is now tenant.

abbot beulacres (dead). 2r.


(7-11 Hy. III.) Tempe Brian de Insula.

robt. de crudicot (dead), 7a. Wm. de Huntedon tenant.

galf DE haylev, 10a., bl. Rich. de Hayley, Wm. fil Simon

de Woodcock.

rich. de hayley, 10a. Galf, his brother, tenant (and 2a. t.

W. Engayne).

robt. de thornley (dead), 13½a. Hugh, fil, tenant.

hucthredus DE thornley (dead), 1½a. Aldus his widow


walter DE thornley (dead), 1½a. t. J. Guband and 2a. t.

W. Engayne. Rich. fil Walter tenant.

henry DE thornlev (dead), 1a. and 3r. (tempe J. Grey),

R'ch. fil, tenant, and 4a. (tempe Warner Engayne), bl. Hugo

fil Robt. de Thornley.


rad. de tunsted (dead) 16a. Rich. fil tenant. robt. le chamberlain (dead), 5a. Rich. de Witehall tenant. Hv. dk prestclive (dead), 20a., Galf de Stanley tenant, and 1a. (tempe W. Engayne), Hy. fil Hy. de Prestclive tenant. john DE haselhurst (dead), 6a. Robert Clic tenant. john bichebrock (dead), 6a. (tempe Robert de Lexington). el1as croll, ½a. (tempe Warner Engayne). wm. brac1ator (dead), la. Galfry de Smally tenant. john capellanus (dead), 1a. Ralf fil El1as tenant.

Asaarts made at Buggesworth, in Languedale.

(1-6 Hy. III) tempe the Earl of Ferrars.

rad niger (dead), 22a. Adam his son tenant. He also assarted tempe Brian de Insula. adam DE buggesworth, 1a., tempe Warner Engayne. .

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