Feudal history

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Asaarts made at Hayfield

(1-6 Hy. III.) tempe Corn de Ferr.

mathew DE sepeley, 24a. Wm. fil Robt. tenant. He also . assarted tempe Robt. de Lexington.

roger DE kinder, Senr., 12a. He also assarted tempe B. de Insula.

rad del rudge (dead), 5a. John fil Hugo Bren (?) tenant.

Tempe Brian Insula

(6-II Hy. III.)

havis1a widow, i a. and 2a, (tempe W. Engayne), ..61. Thos.


thomas DE holmwood, 3a., bl. Vine. del Clif and Robt. de

Bowden de Hayfield.

rich. de suthered,6a. Hy. de Suthered and Sim, Buchand, William chapman (dead). Rich. fil Rich. de More tenant,


ralf FIL philip DE kinder (dead), 2a. Rich. his son tenant. wm. buckhand (dead), i2a. Simon his son holds 7a , Rich. fil Thomas 5a.

john DE stanes (dead), 1a. Rich. de Stanes tenant. He also assarted 1a. tempe W. Engaine, and of which Roger de Stanes is tenant.

peter DE strindes (dead), i4a. Galf, fil of, tenant. alan fairchild (dead) 6a. William Fairchild tenant. rich. DEL clogh (dead), 6a. Henry his son tenant.

Tempe Robert Lexington

(12-13 Hy. III.)

rich. LE turner, 9a., bl. Wm. de Hayfield and Roger le Hore of Kinder. He also assarted 2a. tempe J. de Grey and 2a. W. Engayne.

richard de pleches, II½ a., bl. Wm. fil Warner in Hayfield (he also assarted 2a. tempe W. Engayne).

rad DEL rudge, 2a., bl. Jo Rugg,Wm. fil Robt. de Baweside; 3a. tempe W. Engayne, John fil Hugo Bren (?) tenant. roger LE hore, 7a.

Assarts mabe tempe I. Goband
(19-21 Hy. III.)

robt. brenhand, 2a., bl. Roger Miller of Hayfield, Wm. fil Warner. mathew DE kaneleworth, 2a.

Assarts made tempe Warner Engayne

(22-26 Hy. III.)

wm. faber (dead), 1a. Thomas his son tenant. matthew fossator (drad), ½a. John Rugge now tenant (he also assarted 1a. tempe R. Lexington).


quenilde widow (dead), 3a. Rich. fil Thos. de Linie now tenant.

William fil gilbert, la.

richard LE ragged, 5a.

Assarts made in Kintwich.

William fil ralf, 12a., tempe Corn. de Ferrars. Robt. his son now tenant, bl. Rd. Alpensaye.

thomas DE haya assarted 3a. (tempe R. de Lexington). Assarted 5a. in Witehall which Jordan de Witehall now holds.

Assarts made At Wytehall.

hugo de furndis (dead) 14a. (tempe Corn. de Ferr). Robt. de Worth now tenant. He also assarted 2a. (t. R. de Lexington) Thos. de Haya tenant; 3a. (tempe Brian de Insula) which Walter de Furndis his son now holds.

Temp Brian de Insula.

(7-11 Hy. III.)

rich. de berdhall, 4a.

robt. de witehill (dead) 4a., Walter de Witehill tenant, and 8a. which Thomas de Witeliill now holds. simon claudus la. thomas de hava 5a. (see above).

Temp R. de Lexington.

(12-13 Hy. III.)

roger LE harper (dead) 2a. Wm. de Kintwich tenant. wm. LE ragged (dead) 15a. Rich. his son tenant. roger DE kinder (dead) assarted la. (tempe J. Goband).

Waldinus de Witehall tenant. oliver fil robt. la. (tempe W. Engayne), bl. Rd. de Alpensawe.

hugo de rudes (.dead) 1a.,(tempe W> Engayne). Thos.de

Haya now holds it.

Aaaarts made at Glossop in the time of Brian de Insula.
William fil Gunwar 3a. bail Adam fil Presbiter of Thornsete. Thomas de Olresete, 8a. bl. Robt. Clic de Olresete. Sywardus de Olresete (dead) 3a. Elen his widow held it. Robert Stanley (dead) 4a., John de Arckley held it. Thos. de Alresete 5a., Robt. de Alresete held it Robt. de Alresete (dead) 5a. (tempe John Guband), Rich. fil Alward de Alresete held it. Roger fil Ellen 4a. (tempe W. Engayne), bl. Robt. de la Wade. Rich. Ruff (dead) 2a. Thomas de la Quick tenant. John Arkley la. bl. Hugo fil Gilbert of Olresete. Hugo de Witefield (dead) 3a., Elinor his widow


Assarts at Hopedale.

Ralf Harang (dead) assarted 3a. (tempe Brian de Insula). Henry fil Wm. tenant.



The roll of houses built in the kings forest of Peak.

(Writ of Inquiry, Patent Roll 36 Hy. III. Dorso m. 10.)

At Bowden.

Richard fil Reginald de Bowden built a new house without warrant therefore he is in misericord1a.

Jordan fil Reginald, William fil Reginald, Robert de Ford, Jordan de Bagshaw, Wm. de Bamford, Robt. de Bowden, Ralf del Slack, Rich. fil Clif, Wm. fil Clif, Henry fil Thomas, Jordan de Malcave, Richard de Malcave, Roger de Malcave, Wm. Redbard, Marga. del Cloy, Rann de Bradshaw, Walter de Bradshaw, Robt. de Kinder, Wm. fil Richard, Wm. de Mersington, Adam fil Godwin, Rad le Jugger, Rich. le Stodhard, Ralf Molend, Wm. Wudecock, John Juxta Aquam, Wm. de Smally, Robert fil Wm., Richard de Berdeshall, Waldinus de Witehall, Thos. de Witehall, built houses at Asop (Hassop) did the like.


Mathew fil Henry, Rich. de Wulvelow, Wm. Albus, Peter fil Robert, Thos. Cocus, Jo. Hare, Wm. fi) Aldus, Robt. de la Blakers, The Abbot of Merivale (dead) a house in Fairfield and one at Mainstanfield, and has there many beasts feeding to the damage of the King and of his beasts, to the value of 8, he paid the King iom. per annum in the time of the Earl of Derby who gave that land to the Abbot.


Jordan de Coombes, Emma the Widow Galfrey de Heyley, Rich. de Birchescawe, Rad del Red, William de Baggeschawe, Gunilde Widow, John fil Gunilde, Rad de Monte, Thos. de Eyum, Adam fil Cap de Thornset, Wm. de Hedley, Hugo de Olreserte, Hy. Brenhard, Robt. Clicus, Thos. Blackrose, Ad. de Buggesworth at Buggesworth, Richard his brother, Robt. Faber, Roger de Hoveden, Walter de Chinley, Jord. de Buggesworth, Rich. fil Adam de Buggesworth, Margot widow Robert de Hoimwood, Mich. de Hayfield, Mathew de Hayfield, Henry de Monte, Margot Widow de Hayfield, Rich. Wayfot, Henry fil Ran, Adam de Parcko, Robt. fil Gunilde, Roger de Deepdale, Peter le Bardeur, Alan de Cliff, bl. Robt. fil Quenilde and Vincent de Cliff, Robt. de Bowden, John le Tanner, Matilde Monte, Rich. de Aspenschawe, Wm. de Fowoside, John de Fowoside, Rad. le Rugge, Wm. fil Waren, Reg. de dumb, bl. Rich. de Fareside, Quenilde le Widow, Wm. le Clerk, Ad. fil Rann, Aldusa Widow, Robt. Blanchard, Reg. Molend, Wm. Molend de Buckton, Rich. le Turner, Math1as de Holmes, Rich. fil Ralf, Wm. fil Margot, Margot widow Wm. Fairchild, Hy. de Suthend, Roger le Hore, Galf fil Peter, Stephen fil Rich., Wm. fil Gilbert, Roger de Stanes, Hy. de Sutheved, Rich. de Sutheved, Thos. fil Achiline, Simon Rudhand, Roger Senex, Thomas the man of Roger, John de Ireland, John fil Rich., Rich. de Depedale, Rich. de Woley, Galf de Akesland, Ad. de Saucoth, Rich. de Hoimwood, Rich. de Ruewick, Lyretta Widow, Havise Widow, Thos. de la Quick, Aylwardus de Olresete, Wm. fil Gunwar, Robt. Piscator, Thos. Streketele, Thos. de Harpelly, Thos. de Hayes, Jordan dc Hayes, all held houses without warrant.



Primus roll of houses raised in Peak without the King’s Demesne.
Wm. de Romeley in the forest, Robert fil Marie, Rich. de Hatethton, Adam de Broomhall, Adam de la Bothe, Alan fil William de Dinting.

Roll of houses raised within the King’s Demesnes with the licence of the Bailiff.

Rich. de Ryley in Tunsted, Rich. de Gaham, Nich. de Tunsted, Rad. de Hashop, Robt. fil Henry, Warinis Cockeril, Rad, le Wasover, Rich. Wardeney, Rad. fil Robt., Thos. de Gretreck, Wm. Lomb, Wm. Gretreck, Ingram de Medwe, Alfred Medwe, Rich. Cuttel, Andre Panmer, Nich. fil Thomas, Wm. fil Roger, Wm. fil Gunild, bl. Robt. de Fonte, Hugo fil Ade, Thos. fil Keyner, Reyner de Medwe.


Wm. fil Laurence at Wormenhill, Hy. de Wardelowe, Thos. fil Ralf de Wormenhill, Wm. fil Rad., Hy. fil Laurence (? Gilbert), Michael Telley, Roger Folechambe (sic), John Foljambe (sic), Mayfot de Herdwick, Wm. de Lullington, Rich. de Monte, Wm. de Pratis, Rad. fil Laurence, Rich. fil Rad., Margerie widow of Elie, Hugo fil Adam, Peter fil Adam, Mayke le Widow, John de Prestclive, Hy. de Chelmorden, Alex de Chouesdale, apud Toftes, Rich. fil Elie, Rich. de Caukesden, Rich. fil Nic de Stanedin, Rich. fil Wm. de Toftes, Rich. fil Gilbert.


Robt. fil Jo de Toftes, John fil Robert, Walter fil Nicolas, Nic fil Nicolas, Nic de Nunnes, Hy. fil Wm., Hy. fil Wm. Payn, Rich. fil Robt., Rad de Paddely, Robt. fil Robt. de Tadington, Stephen de Lees de Bowden, apud Bowden, Swayne de Bowden, Lucas de Forest, John de Redeshaye, Brun le mun Robt. Servans Prior


de Lenton, Hugo King, Ran del Red, Galf de Smalley, Ad.-Niger de Bowden, Galf de Estanley, Rich. de Heyley, Wm. de Huntesdon, John de Thornley, Wm. de Smally, Robt. fil Ralf de Bowden, Matilde uxor Robert Rad Semblaund, Rich. fil ej., Warinus fil Ralf, bl. Wm. fil Roger de Malcave and Jordan his brother, Wm. Faber de Bowden, Ad. Smeker, Wm. Brewey, Isabel Widow, Rich. fil Isabel, Wm. fil Isabel, Rich. de Ponte.


Roger fil Julienne de Bowden, Rich. de Alreschawe, Hy. de Brunhill, Roger de Guyt, Ad. de Alreschawe, Rd. de Bradschawe, Rad de Buggesworth, Simon de Coral, Rich. de Arderne, Wm. de Tunstedes, Orm. de Horden (dead), Rad del Rugge, Rich. de Tunstead, Wm. de Rugge, Ran Dun, Mathew de Horsendon, Hugo de Wormhill, Wm. de Smallgrasse, Rich. de Portu, Nic de Warnebroc,Wm. le Herberjour, Nich. de Ordesley, Roger Penman, Wm. Penman, Rd. Benet, Robt. de Bradeley, Rich. de Herdifield, Wm. le Chelehare, Ric. de Witehall, Robt. del Red, Robt. de Curtis, El1as de Bowden, Hugo Catkin, Wm. de Blackbroc, Peter de Gahan, Wm. del Cloch, Rad fil Gunilde, Rich. de Thorneley, Hugo de Thorneley, Wm. de Stanes, Aldithade Brochole. Sum 22s.


Primus Roll of Purprestures in the Demesnes of the King.

(These are taken according to date rather than in the order of the Rolls)

Assarts in the Vill of Peak.
William fil richard DE scerde holds 4a. in the Vill of Peak of the Liberty of William the Earl, Senior, at 4d. per annum to the King, and for fine (gersum) to the Earl 4s.

abbot de miravale (dead) 100a. at Mainstanfield, worth in his time £21, it was taken into the King's hands after the decease of the Earl of Derby then Bailiff of Peak.


In the time of the Earl of Derby, in the Castle of the Peak.

rich. scerde (dead) 4a. William his son has it. wm. FIL gilbert 2a.

In the time of Warner Engayne.

wm. venator, 6a. and ir. Gilbert le Minor 4a.; Reyner de

Hope (?) 4a.

rich. LE hore (dead) 3a. Peter his son now holds it. will DE LA sale, 2a. Galf Quental, 6a.

In the time of Robert Lexington.

rich. FIL gunfrey, 5a.

In the time of John Goland.

ad. FIL lanum, 5a. William the man of the officer now holds it.

In the time of the Earl Ferrars.

roger FIL reyner (dead) 6a. Rich. fil Gaify now holds it. robt. FIL henry, loa. (and the same tempe R. de Lexington

4a., and of J. Guband 4a., and of Warner Engayne 13a.) ROGER brun (dead) 4a. Ralf fil Elie now holds it. thos. fil reyn. 8a. Rich. de Wardelow now tenant. nic FIL edeway, iza. (and tempe R. de Lexington 4a.) rich. DE wardelow, i a. (tempe Warner Engayne.) rad FIL elie (4a. tempe Rich. de Lexington, 2a. tempe Ralf

fil Nic, and la. and 3r. tempe Warner Engayne.) galf FIL elie (dead) la. (tempe B. de Insula) Ralf his son



Assarts at Tunstead.

warner coterell 10a. (tempe Earl Ferrars), 2a. 1r. (tempe

J. Goband.) hy. de gretrakes (dead) 4a. (tempe R. de Lexington) Warner

fil Hugo tenant.

hy. FIL cecil (dead) 8½a. John fil Alan tenant. peter de shene (dead) 3a. (tempe Ralf fil Nic.) John fil Alan

tenant. alan DE staphord (dead) 4a. (tempe J. Goband) John fil Alan

tenant. gilbert de scirley (dead) 5a. (tempe Corn. de Ferr.) Rich.

de Resely tenant.

odo DE chelmorden (dead) 3a. (tempe.R. de Lexington.) letice ux dict odo 4a. (tempe Ralf fil Nicolas.) rad brun (dead) 5a. (tempe Robt. de Lexington) robt. FIL henry la. (tempe Warner Engayne.)


Assarts at Gretrakes.
wm. lamb 4a. (tempe R. de Lexington)

hugo ulger (dead) 4a. Thomas fil Abraham tenant.

robert DE tunstead, 9a. (tempe Corn. de Ferrars) Stephen le Templer.

Assarts at Medwe, temp Brian de Insula.

roger fil gunfrey (dead) 3a. Thomas his son tenant. norman DE tadington, 7a. Adam fil Lamere tenant. William de pares, 2a. ir. and la. (Ralf fil Nicolas.) William de lullington, 6a. and la. (John Goband.)

Temp Robt. De Lexington.
rich. de gaham 6a. and 3a. (Brian de Insula), 8a. (John Goband), and la. Warner Engayne.)

reyner fil rd. 6a., 2a. (J. Goband), and la. ir. (J. Grey.)


roger FIL reginald (dead), 6a. William his son now

holds it.

henry foljambe (dead) 6a. Rich. le Vernour tenant. ad. DE rupe (dead) 4a. Rich. his son tenant. rich. FIL adam, Ingram fil Hugo, Roger fil Gunfrey, Thos.

fil Rad, Norman de Tadington, la. peter dork (dead) 3a. Hugo fil Adam tenant, and la. (temp.

Ralf fil Nicolas.)

raun DE monte 3a. 3r. Letice his wife tenant. rich. DE monte 5a. and 3a. (Ralf fil Nicolas.) simon DE monte 2a. John fil Roger now holds it.

In the time of Ralf fil Nicolas.

peter de stepne (dead) 3a.

warner DE lutton (dead) 4a. Hy. de Fonte now holds it. alex. DE lutton (dead) 6a. Alice his wife now tenant. peter FIL adam 5a. and 4a. (tempe J. Goband.) hugo FIL adam la and la. (tempe J. Goband.) simon DE monte (dead) 2a. John fil Roger tenant.

In the time of I Goland.

wm. FIL roger 2a. and ir. John de Prestclive. nich. FIL thos. la. and la. (tempe W. Engayne.) andrew LE paumer la.

thos. FIL ralf, 1a. Thos. fil Roger now tenant. ad. wulnet, 1a. and la. and 6a. (tempe Ralf fil Nich.) Thos. his son now tenant. robt. luttigate, 1a.

In the time of Warner Engayne.

Rich FIL Adam, 5a., and Ingram fil Hugo, 5a. and Ir.

At Harwick Wall. (hall?)

john fil lawrence (dead) 6a. John fil Jo then holds it.



rich. LE carpenter, 1a. Wm. de Loilington then tenant.

henry Fil cecil (? Cotil) (dead) 23. Rich. Pede then tenant. rich. side (dead) 4a. Ralf fil Rad then tenant.

In the time of Ralf fil Nicolas.
William fil walter, at Hardwickwall, 2a. Hugo his son tlien tenant.

rich. pede, 3a., and Stephen le Temple, 3a.

el1as de fontem (dead) 12½a. Rich. fil Elen tenant.

john fil john, 1a. (tempe Warner Engayne.)

Assarts at Wormhill in the time of the Earl Ferrars.

William daniel (dead) 25a., Thomas Foljambe then tenant, and 21a. (tempe R. de Lexington) which Roger Foljambe then held.

john foljambe, 5a. and 5a. (tempe Robt. de Lexington.)

galf DE gresley, ga , William fil Henry then tenant, and ga. which Henry fil Rich. de Wardelowe then tenant.

Rad clericus (dead) 20a. Thomas his son then tenant.

rad carpenter (dead) 5a. Henry de Gresley then tenant.

nic DE lullington (dead) 10a. John fit Rich. tenant.

rd. de hallington (dead) 10a. The same tenant.

walter carpenter (dead) 2a. The same tenant.

robt. de morhaghe (dead) 4a. The same tenant.

In the time of Brian Insula.

rad pede (dead) 3a., Galf fil Ralf then tenant, and 1a. (tempe R. de Lexington.)

In the time of Robt, de Lexington.

thomas foljambe, 10a., 14a. tempe Ralf fil Nic., and 1a. (tempe Warner Engayne.)


ran chalun (dead) 2a. Roger Foljambe then tenant.

hy. FIL gilbert, 4a., and 2a. (tempe Warner Engayne.)

letit1a widow (dead) ½a. William fil Rich. then tenant.

peter dork (dead) 1a. Mich. fil William then tenant.

In the time of Warner Engayne.

roger foljambe, 4a.

el1as forester, 1a., and 1a. (tempe John Goband).

Assarts at Coftes in the time of the Earl Ferrars.

The Monks of Derby, 19a.

In the time of Brian de Insula.

thomas ball (dead) 5a. Rad de Rodesly then tenant.

In the time of Robt. De Lexington.

john DE brrtt (dead) 10a. Robert his son then tenant.

henry DE BUCKSTANES, 14a. Kd. de Conkeston tenant.

robt. DE monrshaye (dead) 5a. Rich fil Elie now tenant.

roger DE stanedon (dead) 8a. The same tenant.

peter de sherbrock (dead) 10a. The same tenant with

Nic fil Richard and Cecil fil William.

rich. DE stanedon (dead) 2a., Nic his son then tenant, and

(3a. tempe Ralf fil Nicolas.)

William DE scherbrook (dead) 10a. Ralf fil Gilbert tenant.

gilbert FIL William (dead) 10a., and 3a. (tempe Ralf fil


rich. fil emma (dead) ioa. John fil Robert tenant, and 1a.

(tempe Ralf fil Nic.)

robt. LE hore (dead) 5a. Adam his son tenant.

mathew DE buckstanes fdcad), 10a. William fil Robt. tenant.

leonius DE buckstanes (dead) 10a. Walter fil Nich tenant.


nicolas smallgrass (dead) 10a Mathew his son tenant. nicolas F1L nicolas, 10a. and 2a.

rich. fil William, la.

peter fil henry (dead) la. Nicolas fil Ernald tenant.

William fil pagan (dead) 6a. Henry his son tenant.

robt. de rasedon, 5a.

nicolas de fairfield, ½a. (tempe Ralf fil Nicolas.)

richard cantator (dead) 5a. Alice his widow tenant.

richard bercar (dead) 3a. William fil Hugo tenant.

gilbert de buckstanes (dead) aa. William his son tenant.

In the time of Ralf Nicolas.

William daniel (dead) 2a. Luca de Forester now tenant, and 1a.

el1as de tadington (dead) 3a. Richard his son now tenant.

alexander de leves, ga.

roger le bret (dead) 5¼a. Henry fil William then tenant.

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