Feudal history

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Assarts made at Cumbre

willLam de tunstead, 14a. (in the time of the Earl Ferrars), 4a. 3r. (tempe J. Goband), and 3a. ir. (tempe W. Engayne).

In the time of Brian de Insula.

nich. le merser, 1a., and 1a. (tempe Robt. de Lexington),

Nicholas his son then tenant. robt. DE castello, 3a., 1a. (tempe R. de Lexington), and ½a.

(tempe W. Engayne). walt. fil alune (dead), 2a,, Emma, his widow, then held it, and 3a. (tempe J. Goband). will DE smalley, 6a. and 1r. wm. wudcock, 9a., 2a. (R. de Lexington), 2a. (Ralf fil Nic),

2a. (J. Goband), and 2a. (W. Engayne). ucthredus thornley (dead), 2½a, John then tenant. hugo DE mora (dead), 3a.

In the time of Robert de Lexington.

robt. clericus, 3a. Rich. de Hertfield tenant.
hy. de thornley, 5a., which Rich. fil Wm. then held.
robt. DE bradlev, 4a., and 3a. 3r. (tempe Warner Engayne).
henry DE fernelev, 10a., which Wm. de Smalley then held.

In the time of Warner Engayne.

wm. LE petit, 1a., Rich. Peteman, 3a., Wm. de Heyley (dead), ½a. which Wm. Peteman then held, Jord de Bradley, 3a.

wm. DE crudecot (dead), 2a., which Wm. de Huntedon then held.

robt. DE thornlev (dead), 3a., which Hugo his son then held.

robt. brun, 4a., John de Thornley, 5a. ½r., Nic le Bore, ½a., Alanus de Mora (dead), 2a., and Rad de Tunstead (dead), 4a. which Ralf his son then held.


Assarts made at Kinder.

In the time of the Earl Ferrers.

rad DE merton, 11a. Adam his son then tenant.
ad. DE tunsted, 5a. Ralf his son then tenant.
ad. DE heyfield (dead), 11a. Mathew his son then tenant.
wm. clericus (dead), 3a. 3r. Cecil his son then tenant.
gamel de chisworth (dead), 7a. Rich. de Evickschere then tenant.

In the time of Brian de Insula.

peter albus (dead), na., William his son then held it, and

na. (tempe Robt. de Lexington).

watches rushand (dead), 10a. William fil Warnley then held it.

roger molend, 4a. Alan fil Robert then tenant.

hugh de bandeur,7a. 3r.

robt. reddehede (dead), 6a., of which Rd. Wayfot held 1a., Adam de Parca, 3a., and Robt. de Hoimwood, 2a.

adam de merton, 8a. (tempe R. de Lexington.)

peter de bandeur, 3a. (tempe J. Goband.)


In the time of Warner Eugayner.

warner fil warin, ½a. Willam his son then held it.
wymark at THE mill, 1r., Henry at the Mill, ½a., Rich. de

Sudheard, 1a.

robt. de la depelack, ½a., Hugo de Witefield (dead), 4a. 1r.

Robt. de Witefield then held it.

robt. clavig (dead), 3a. y. Cecil his son then held it.

robt. faber (dead), 1a. Rich. Wayfot then held it.


Assarts made at Kinder.

ich. de scerdelowe (dead), oa. Willam his son then held it.

rich. DE olresete (dead), 2a. Hugo Olresete then tenant.

rich. LE waleys (dead), 2a. Havise his widow tenant.

john LE savouer (dead), 2a. Roger le Savouer tenant.

john DE shakelcross (dead), 5a. Thos. fil Rich. tenant.

wm. brun (dead), 4a. (tempe J. Goband). Henry his son


In the time of Engayne.

rad FIL peter (dead), 2a. Rich. his son now holds it. willam FIL rich. (dead), ½a. Stephen his brother then tenant.

alan fairchild (dead), 2a. William his son then tenant,

richard faber (dead), la. Thomas his son then tenant.

robt. DE olresete, 1a.

robt. DE witefield (dead) assarted at Thornsete 2oa. (tempe

Brian de Insula), Elena his widow then tenant. Hugo de Witefield

(dead) 1½a. then (tempe W. Engayne). wm. fil wm. le ragged (dead) assarted at Langle 49a. (in the time of the Earl Ferrars), Wm. his son then held it. wm. LE ragged, Senr. (dead) assarted at Berds 58a. (in the time of Robt. de Lexington) and Rich. his son then held it.




Craft of St. Michaelmas, 13 Edward I.

Duchy of Lancaster Records now 1/5 (late F. Nos. 50 & 51, P.R.O.)

These Pleas related to transgressions occurring at various dates; tliose of the 36 (tempe Wm. de Horsendon), 37, 43 & 52 Henry III, 6 & 11 Edward I, can be taken from the rolls, which makes it tolerably certain that no Pleas were held from the 36 Henry III, the date of the last Circuit until this Iter, just as those Pleas covered the period from the 18 John to its own date, so that it is tolerably clear that no rolls have been lost from the time of King John to the date of this Inquest.

The following appear to have been bailiffs during this period :—
Willam de Horsendon, 36 Henry III. Ralf Derley his deputy.

Ralf Bugg, 36-7 Henry III.

luon de Elynton, 37 Henry III.

Richard de Vernon (his heir in 18 Ed. I), 39 Henry III.

Gervase de Bernak, 40 Henry III.

Thomas de Orreby, 41 Henry III.

Richard le Ragged, 41-2 Henry III.

Willam de Finderne, 43 Henry III.

Roger Lestrange. Walter de Aylsbury under him, 5 Edward I.

Thomas Foljambe, 5 Edward I and 8.


Thos. de Normanville. Under him Ralf de Cornerlece his bailiff,

Gilbert de Lysors.

Thos. le Ragged.

Thomas de Furnival, 8 Edward I.

Thomas le Ragged, bailiff, 8 Edward I.

Robert Bozon, 11 and 13 Edward I.


Formerly F 51, now 1/5 of the Duchy Records, Anno 13 Ed. I, (another copy in the Chapter House Records No. 8.)

The first roll is given at page 208 of this volume, with the privileges of the Foresters in 1285. The Rev. Mr. Kerry (Archaeolog1a, 1893,) citing from a lost MS. of Anthony Bradshaw of Duffield, dated c. 1600, asserts that the forest was divided into three parts. The forest called the Champion, evidently a mistake for Champaigne ; Languedale, whereof the Earl of Shrewsbury was then (? 1600) head forester; and the forest of Ashope and Edale, called Hopedale. Wormhill in Campana was the ancient forest centre where the Justice Seat and Swainmote Courts were held.

13 Ed. I. John Daniel held one bovat, Thomas le Archer held four, Thomas son of Thomas Foljambe, within age and in the custody of Thomas de Gretton, Nicolas Foljambe who was in the custody of Henry de Medwe and was then of full age held one bovat, and Adam Goumfrey. The jury find the same account of their rights and privileges which they or their ancestors possessed at the last Iter in 36 Hy. III.

It was presented that Adam Goumfrey and Thomas son of Thomas Foljambe, foresters of fee of the same baliwick, held there one bovat of land, each of them half of it, which was one serjeanty and was divided in ancient times by two brothers, so that both of them remained as if serving for his part: and the said Thomas fil Thomas Foljambe and John le Wolfhonte held another bovat in the same way between them, John holding his half by hereditary descent, by purchase from Thomas Foljambe who acquired the same in free marr1age with a daughter


(Katherine) of one Hugh de Mirhawe, this is explained by a (barter at Osberton by which Thomas fil Thomas Foljambe, with the assent of Katherine his wife, conveyed to Thomas fil John Foljambe a messuage in Wormhill which Hugo de Mirhawe held and which he had with his wife (Hugo's daughter) in free marr1age.

The Rev. Charles Kerry, in his article "A History of Peak Forest," in the Derbyshire Archcelrigical Magazine, has given a very interesting account of the services of this bovate.

In the hundred Rolls of 1275 there was a complaint concerning the privileges of the foresters which is of interest. The jury found that Geoffry de Buron had two servants under him as keepers, to the great burden of the whole district; Robert de Melner, Robert de Main-wearing, Rich. le Ragged, Thomas le Archer, John Daniel, Thomas Foljambe and Robert Foljambe had each one servant under him, all of whom gave one mark and £5 l0s. for the office, and for their maintenance out of the district they collected sheaves in autumn, seed in Lent, offerings, lambs, geese and hens, whereas formerly only the ancestors of four of them, Archer, Ragged, Daniel and Milner, had such officers, and they kept them at their own charges. The present inquest con­firmed this finding and the ancient rights set out at page 208 of this volume.

Willam Forester of Trayock, one bovat.

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