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Willam Hally, 2 bovats, his ancestors had alienated two others. He had all the rights possessed by the foresters of Compana, except that he had no servant or attorney under him.

Peter de Shatton had 2 bovates in Shatton, held under the same conditions, his ancestor had also alienated 2 bovates.

William le Heyr (Eyre) repeated the return made in 36 Hy. III. The Rev. Mr. Kerry adds a note (from 3rd Patent, 19 Ed. III m 5), that Willam le Eyre had a grant enabling him to appoint a deputy to perform his duty. In 26 Ed. III (orig. Roll scac m. 22) Thos. son of Nicolas Woderove, of Hope, obtained a forestry from Walter fil Walter de Kidware in Hope. Robert Balgy held


4 bovates, Roger Woodrove 2, Peter le Hore I, and Robert de Hanstede 1½, the last had license by letters patent to make an attorney : this license is not recorded on the Roll.


Robert de Milner held a bovate in Milner, his ancestor alienated another which Mathew de Kyntwich then held for 2s. rent, his name does not appear in the earlier roll. Thomas le Ragged, of Berde, held 2 bovates in Chisworth. James de Maynwaryn had been forester for three years and held 2 bovates of ancient feoffment. Matilde de Witfield held 2 bovates at Witfield. Amongst the assarts at Witfield James Maynwaryn held 4a. which Hugo de Maynwaryn assarted, and Matilde de Witfield la. which William de Witfield formerly held.

William Foljambe built four new houses in the forest at Martineur, to wit two granges, and two bovices in which he had and nurtured 30 beasts.

From F. 50 and 51 now 1/11 and 1/6 of Duchy Records.

Concerning the King's woods in the Peak.

The woods of oaks (ockes) and horewhyt were wasted since the last pleas of underwood and branches to the damage of 30s. by the inhabitants of Bowden and its hamlets, 100 oaks are destroyed.

The wood of Hope, which is common to the inhabitants of Hope as well as to the King's men and others of the same vill, has suffered to the amount of 1 mark. It is decided that the wood is in the old waste formerly made by the same villagers. It is commanded that of the remainder they take nothing except their estovers upon view and permission of the foresters, but without any waste. The Vert (Refleta) of the King of (Monghcedale) Monkdale,


(Cowdenedale) Cowdale, have suffered injury to the amount of l0s. by the inhabitants of Tideswele and Wormhill.

The wood of Pyndal has been injured since the last pleas by the vill of Bradwell to the amount of 53.; of the vill of Bradwell for old waste at Noneleye half a marc, of the vill of Thornhill and Aston for old waste of those woods half a marc, of the vill of Fayefield and Bocstones for old waste of the wood of Boseworth half a marc.

The woods of Derewent and Ashope have been injured since the last Pleas of the Forest by certain Abbots of Welbec who are dead, as well as by the present Abbot, to the amount of 503., and he is fined £20 (for the whole waste). The woods of Derwent and Ashope are also deteriorated by the villa of Hope, Aston, Thornhill, Derwent and Ashope to the value of 40s.

The King's wood of Derwent was also wasted by Thomas de Normanville by the sale of wood by the King's warrant £,20. (5 Ed. I.) The King gave power to Thomas de Normanville, senr., to sell wood by lot in all the Royal Forests in his bailewick to raise the sum of £1,000, (Abbr Treasury Rolls I, 27b.); besides this, 100 oaks were destroyed, 20 of which were out of Derwent and Ashope. The wood of Eydale has been injured to the value of 40s. by the Bailiffs residing in the Castle of Peak since the time of the last Iter. The vill of Castleton 2s. injury, Bradwell 20s.— 10 oaks were taken. The wood of Trayok, where there is no cover of oaks has been damaged by the vill of Castleton 5s., this belongs to Campana. The King's wood of Kynder has been injured to the value of los. by the vill of Hayfield (fined 4s.), with the hamlets appertaining 300 oaks have been converted into pales.

The wood of Hayfieldclyff has been damaged since the last pleas to the extent of 5s. by the vill of Olresete (fined 2s.), they also responded for 40 oaks.

The wood of Raveneslak has suffered to the amount of 3s. from the vill of Little Hayfield in its underwood, and 36 oaks.

The wood of Wythull, since the last pleas, has been injured by the vill of Wythull, they must answer for 50 oaks.

The wood of Kenistewick has suffered to the value of 9s. by the people of Kenistewyks, they must answer for 50 oaks.

The wood of Thornesete has suffered since the last pleas to


the amount of 33s. from the vills of Reworth and Longel, they must answer for 50 oaks.

The wood of Berde has been reduced in value l0s. by the vills of Buggesworth and Berde, they must answer for 40 oaks.

The wood of Chynieye has been injured to the amount of 12s. by the vills of Holreneshaw and Chesseworth, they must answer for 60 oaks.

The wood of Coumbes has been damaged by the vills of Chavelsworth (fined 2s.) and Chesteworth, they must respond for 18 oaks.

The wood of Sheife has been damaged in its underwood to the value of 15s. by the vill of Glossop (fined 4s.), they must answer for 50 oaks.

The wood of Gawardyk has been deprived of 10 oaks, there is no underwood.

The wood of Langeden has lost 20 oaks, the underwood here is worse than elsewhere.

The King's wood of Holynewood is wasted and destroyed by the sales made by Thos. de Normanville.

The King's wood of Langendale has been injured since the last pleas to the extent of 50s. by the Abbots of Basingwerk who are dead and by the present Abbot, he must answer for the injury done in his time. The same Abbot held there a certain car­pentered house 100 feet in length and 15 feet in width which his predecessors had built out of the forest. The Abbot was in court and declared that he should not be blamed for this, since the pasturage of the wood in leaves and herbage was his, and besides that this wood was out of the regard of the forest. The Rev. Mr. Kerry suggests that this Iter produced the reference to the boundaries between the King's forest and the Abbot's; but this Iter is clearly that of 13 Ed. I, and the Inquest is given on the rolls of the Iter of the 36 Henry III and is clearly of his date, so that the Abbot's statement was, no doubt, based upon this Inquest. Mr. Kerry notes that amongst the petitions in Parl1ament for 18 Ed. I there is one from the Abbot of Basingwerc for an Inquest concerning certain lands in Langendale outside the regard of the forest. This must have arisen upon a later dispute.


The Inquest of Henry III is as follows (late F 51, now 1/6 Duchy Records.)

The Jury present, &c., that the following was the division between the demesnes of the King and the lands of the Abbot of Basingwerc at Glossop, which begins at Geyt and descends to the waters of Etherae, and so ascending, by the waters of Geyt to Denebroc to Longley (ad longam landum) and so ascending to Depeclere, and so descending to Etherow and then ascending by the waters of Etherow to the Duct (ducta) of Cumbes, and so ascending by the Duct of Cumbes to the Bridge of Cumbes, and then ascending to Cumbes houses and so ascending to Colnegge, and then to the road (via) of Chasseworth and so descending by the same way to Stamforth, and then ascending to Chursebatheved and so to W’de Kokesicke, and then ascending to Winterfaleford and so descending as far as Shere-ende-clough, and so ascending to Blackclough, so that from Moorclowe (or Morcloht) as far as Lenedycroft is wholly in the King's wood, within which bounds the Abbot of Basingwerc provided (appa'vit) for himself a certain wood called Longedon, which contains 10 lencas (18 miles 320 yds. in length and one in breadth, and there was a wood there clothed (vestiter) with the finest oaks and (hussato).

It was demanded of the Jury whether the said wood so described was the King's wood, or different woods of the said Abbot per­taining to Glossop, who said that in the time of King Henry who enfeoffed them and the said Manor of Glossop they were of the King's own demesne and were so held during his whole life, and King Richard in his time and King John in his time and the present King Henry in his time each of them held the said wood as his own demesne.

The said Abbot made purprestures in the same wood, 35 oaks worth 16s. IId., during the four years immed1ately preceding, that is since the 30th year of the King.

The Foresters of the King attached the Abbot and his men carrying the wood (colpantes) and brought them before the Justices, and the said carriers (colpatores) came before the Justices, and being required by whose authority they took the said oaks from the forest of the King (or his demesne) said by


the order of the Abbot, and because, &c., the said Abbot could not warrant, &c., the said men were imprisoned.

And the Jury presented that the Abbot of Basingwerk (who was then dead) sold many oaks from the King's forest and in the regard, -and Richard Propositus of Tinglawisel (dead), Rad de Woley (dead), and Ralf Herened, and the whole vill of Romeley were guilty of taking the wood without warrant. willam DE wytehill killed 1 doe.

peter de gresley wentt into the forest with greyhounds (leporariis) and took one doe in 52 Hy. Ill, fined £20, bl. Wm. Foljambe, Thos. de Gretton'and Wm. Foljambe of Wormhill.

wm. venator, H. DE averdyn who was Parcar of Rich. de Stockport at Queunt (?) in Corn. Chester, one stag at Chisworth, Combes, and took it to Stockport, anno 6 Ed. I.

richard DE ashburn, Parson of the Church of Dynby in Wales, took one stag, 2 Ed. I.

adam fil rd. DE chedelworthfrith, one doe, Pas c. 43 Hy. III.

gale clegg DE rachedale, corn. Lane one doe in Ascop. jordan serjeant, Juonis de Elynton, (then Bailiff of Peak), at Pumedale in Compana, on the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 37 Hy. III, killed a doe.

rich. LE wythe, of Kirkby.

roger fil gunilde, Bradfield, took one doe at Alderpol.

nich. de normanwood, de Tackehall, Corn. Chester.

richard DE shalcross and John his brother,

roger DE feneeley, of Roulesthorpe in Chester.

wm. fil adam horrock, of Romily, Corn. Chester, took a stag to the house of Robert de Stockport.

john de louc, de Riton, Lane.

wm. LE parker, de Brede-Kyr., took a stag at Selve in the


alecok cort fil brown DE hatresley, in Makefield,

hundred in the wood at Arnicroft.

adam gyselyng, of Bradfield, in Hallumshire, killed a stag

and took it to the house of John Merok.

gregory de langden, at Caddingboothe, in Makefield.

john penningston, corn. Ebor, a stag at West Denchestal.


john d'nls de queenbury, corn. Ebor, a doe in Langeden

rich. fil parson of Derton, Corn. Ebor. and took it to

the house of the said Ralf (sic).

hamo le norreys, of Manchester.

wm. fil alexander, of Cheseworth, one stag in Coombes.

asser de prestclive. 43 Hy. III.

rich. de aspring, a stag at Elientherugh, took it to the

house of Ralf, Parson of Derton.

simon foc, of Caricot, in Derwent.

tass le yelewe de worthley, took venison to Nich. de


dukettus DE clifford Serjeant Magistir, John Clarell,

at Peniston, took a stag and two otters (lutrioles) in the water of

Derwent at West Dene.

alecok de stone (com. Ebor), killed one wild goat (caprolium) in Langar, and took it to Stephen le Walys at Halowe and

Wm. de Bonderod, Serjeant and Bailiff of Mathew de Bella Aqua.

wm. fil hugo DE maywaravn, of Wytefield, a stag at Shelf.

wm. LE grete de Sternedale.

pho cap. DE midhop.

robt. hoptron le Cruter.

robt. corel de Langton, Ashope.

petter de Ospring, at Aldpor in Ashop, and took it to the

house of Augustine Cap de Peniston.

robert DE abbeneye took one stag at Tynedale.

wm. fil rich. fil abraham, one in Lighte Burch.

robt. hancelyn. one in Pynnedal.

rad garry took two does to the house of Thos. de Schefield.


Pleas at Derby, before Roger Estrange.
john de billhawe killed a stag under Backer and two stags at Osedin, and took them to the Castle of Thomas de Furnival at Scheffield.

robt. corel, le Swan of Staynton, (cow-keeper ?) Vaccar of Thos. de Furneval, a stag at West Dean and a doe in Alport and took it to the Castle,


thos. foljambe, one stag in Compana.

present that alecok DE stones consorted with malefactors of venison of the King, hunted with three arrows (bersavit) and killed a stag in Eydale the day of the Translation of St. Thomas, and took the venison to the house of Roger Woodrove.

wm. DE wythill and others took a doe to the house of Thos. Foljambe of Wormhill.

thomas medwe took a doe with a certain black greyhound called Collyng.

wm. fil roger foljambe took one doe with the greyhounds and took the carcase to his own house.

john FIL nicolas DE cowdale let slip (amessavit) two greyhounds in Fairfield, and took one stag and brought it to the Mill at Buckstanes, and sent half the beast to the house of Nicolas Cowdale his father.

wm.venator and others, in the service of the Earl of Chester, hunted and killed a stag at Chisworth, and carried the venison to the house of Thomas de Aston of the County of Lancaster, and that John and Alexr., his brothers, hunted there a doe and a goat (capriol).

thomas FIL wm. de buckstone was living in the County of Chester.

adam DE st. paul, at the time when he was living with Thos. de Foljambe, took four beasts in the forest.


Pleas of Venison and Vert.

pleas oF the forest oF peak taken at Derby on the morrow of St. Michael's, the 13th year of King Edward son of King Henry, before roger estrange, peter LE seuche, john fil nigel, Justices assigned for hearing and determining the same plas. Names of those who brought (oportulerant.) themselves the 1ST DAY ESSOINS ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH,


Stephen le Waleys, Kt., Peter Prece de Cokefield, John Byron de Clayton, El1as de Medhope, Mathew de Hurst, Rad Hering, Simon Rouhond by William le Ragged, Hugo de Holm by Robert de Ford, Jordan de Redych, John de Greyley.

Houses raised in the Forest without warrant.

Galf fil Faber de Bradville raised 3 houses, bail Clement de la Ford, Adam fil Elenor de Cestr1a, Wm. Foljambe 4, Roger de Stan (who is dead) a Haya de Kinder, Simon Rowhand (dead), Hugo de Olresete (in the time of Rich. le Ragged, then Forester of Langendale, who is dead), and Robert de Milner, Forester of Fee who came hither.

rich. de holm (who is dead) killed a doe in the forest on the Vigil of St. Peter ad Vincla, 8th year, and half of that doe he carried to the house of willam DE baggeshawe who received it with him and consented to the misdeed. William came before the Justices and was committed to prison by Thomas de Furnival then Custod1an of the Peak who released him by the writ of the King and took 4m. for his crime (delict), and took bail Thos. le Ragged de Berde, Thos. le Archer de Hochlowe, Rich. de Shalcross, Rich. fil Lucas the Forester, and because they did not produce the said Willam they are in mercy.

willam DE baggeshaw, fined 403., bail John de Smalleye, Ellias de Marchinton(Marchington), Roger Maid in Bowden, Clement le Ford, Rich de Clow.

rich. and wm. maynwaring, of the County of Chester, took one doe (5 Ed. I), and carried it to the house of roger FIL hugo de witefield; freed by Thomas Foljambe (then Bailiff) bailed by Roger le Ragged of Roworth, Wm. de Longley, Rad de Roworth, Adam de Arnicroft. John de Crych, Ad. le Ragged de Heyfield. The said Roger did not appear and was in mercy.

The said roger fil hugo was fined 40s., bail Wm. le Ragged of Langley, John de Heyt.

willam DE bardeshawe, Parson, and willam DE withill, a doe at Kinder, 8 Ed. I, (freed by Thos. Foljambe), bl. John le Grubber, Robt. de Aspenshawe, Mich. de Burton, Robert, Parson of Almanbury, Jordan his brother, Simon Ronguen


of Slatteway, came with greyhounds, in the year 45 Hy. III ? and took one stag, he appealed to the Spiritual Court at York.

Henry de Normanton and Maurice de Feltherstan of York, fined 10m.


Thomas fil Rich. de Monyask, Rich. fil Godfrey (dead), John Pycard (dead), misdeed in the forest, freed by Thomas Foljambe.

peter de greylkve, Parson of Manchester—Mandate to the Bishop of Chester—presented by Robert Bozon

michael fil adam DE wormhill, attached by Robt. Bozon (II Ed. I), killed fawns (setones) in the forest, and sold their skins (pellis) at Bakewell and Hornkar in open market (p' m'catas pati) and was charged in full swanmote and convicted, bail John Daniel and Henry Medwe. hugo FIL silkok DE bowden.

rich. HEIR OF rich. DE vernon did not produce the roll of rich. de vernon for the time when he was Bailiff of Peak.

willam fil coke, of Mercaston, in misericord1a, bail John le Blund de Mercaston and Robert le Champion of the same.

hugo DE rodmearthec aND john DE Assheby, convicted of crimes in the forest with the Earl of Ferrars.

adam FIL ralf DE charlesworth frith.

peter DE ospring, convicted in the time of Thos. Foljambe.

walter de chynley of the County Chester, bail Rich. de Osbury and Rich. fil Lucas the Forester.

willam daniel of Thurgaland, and gerard of the same, with greyhounds, on the eve of St. Marc (40 Hy. Ill), took a stag.

galf cleg de Rochdale in County Lancaster (dead).

nicolas his brother.

nicolas DE bradhill (dead), Roger fil Ralf de Clochett (dead).

WM. de wardesley (in 53 Hy. Ill) took one doe at Assop.

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