Feudal history

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Amercements in default

wormhillHenry Margot, for not appearing, and Rd. Kedar. HARDWYC—Adam le Templer, Willam fil Wallkelin. D


(place gone)William de Wolflowe, Reginald de Steuredale, Robt. de Assop, Robt. fil Hy. de Steuredale, Henry fil Rich. Franceys.

hopeMagister John de Derby Dean, the Prior of Lenton in Bradwell, Thos. de Buggesworth, Wm. Harvie, Clement de Ford.


Presentation made by john daniel, thomas LE archer, adam gomfrey, thomas foljambe of Gratton (being in the custody of Thomas Foljambe within age), henry- DE medwe (in the custody of nicolas foljambe),. Foresters of Fee of Compana.

Presentation by wm. hally, peter LE hare, robt. balgy, peter DE shatton, roger woodrove, wm. LE eyre, and thomas le ragged, Foresters of Fee in Hopedale, by thomas le ragged de Berde, Jo DE melner, james DE maynwaring, and roger fil robert DE milner, attorn of matilde de witefield, Foresters of Hopedale, nich de leune Forester, mounted, on the part of the King,

jordan serjant, Juonis de Elington, then Bailiff of Peak, one doe in Pynnedale, upon Compana, on the Feast of the Purifi­cation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (37 Hy. Ill), and with Hugo de Charneus and with another named Gabyun (a varlet of luno), at Swynecline, on St. John Baptist's Day the same year, one stag, and on (St. Mark, 38 Hy. Ill), another.

rich. de edisley, one seton in Compana (37 Hy. Ill), bl. Alan le Thaylond.

hy. brunnehand, one wild goat (capriolu), in Langnedale, (St. John Baptist, 40 Hy III.)

robt. fil mathew de keinteswyk, one stag in Cobdens-clyf, Pasc (42 Hy. III), his heirs of the County of Hereford to respond, bail Roger de Melner and Rich. de Stafford.

rich. LE wite DE kirkby and john DE ponington, one stag in Hopedale. (Ao. 42 Hy. III.)

roger fil gunilde DE bradfield, one doe in the wood of Aldeparc. (St. Nich. 45 Hy. III.)


robt. chaplain oF motrum, of County Chester, received Lubecok, of Motrum, his brother.

wm.vicar oF glossop (dead), malefactor in 39 Hy. Ill, liberated by rich. vernon, then Bailiff of Peak; for which . Richard d& Vernon the heir of Rich. must answer.

nicolas DE normanwood, of the Parish of Tachehall, Chester, one stag in the wood of Horwyc, (St. James, 43 Hy. III.)

rich. DE shakelcross and John his brother, one stag, (St. Barth., 44 Hy. III.)

henry DE tonsted in mercy.


rich. de fernleye, of Roulesthor, Chester, St. Peter ad Vinci (57 Hy. Ill), one stag, bl. Thomas le Ragged in Ferneley, Wm. fil Adam de Honock, Co. Chester, one stag at Longsden, (St. Giles, 56 Hy. Ill), he carried the venison to the house of Robt. de Stockport.

adam DE honock, with William his son. robt. de ley de Rixton, County Lancaster, one doe at Betingdale.end (St. Thos. Martyr, 57 Hy. III).

lycok edyngly, of Redyc.h, Chester, one doe, St. Simon and Jude (53 Hy. Ill), he carried the venison to the house of Wm. Edyscleye, his brother, bl Rich. de Bromhill, Jo de Holingworth, Jas. de Rekenesfield, and Wm. fil Roger de Bredbury.

wm. le parker, of Bredbury, and Wm. de Verdon, of County Chester, one doe at Milne (St. S. and Jude, 54 Hy. III).

alecok cort fil brun of Hattesleye, in hund. de Maccles-field, one stag in the wood of Arnicroft, (St. John Bap. 51 Hy. Ill), bl. Peter de Fonte.

ad. gyselyng de Bradfield, in Halumshire, Wm. fil Eduse, John his brother, Adam de Owermgdon (Overend), Jo de Mershes de ead, Wm fil Jul1an, all of the same place, Robt. Nipping and Jordan-Indesedy, were malefactors, (St. John Bap, 39 Hy. III.)

willam DE burchoi, with (subt ) a white horse (albu equu) when he was formerly in the King's service at Ashford, with certain others who are dead, took one stag in Compana, (March, 2 Ed. I); the Sheriff of Berks ordered to produce him,


alkoc de stone, a malefactor, was received and sustained by Steph. le Waylis de Helay (?), Peter Prior of Ecclesfield, Hy. de Byrun Rector of Tancresley, Stephen de Bella Aqua Lord of Estlegg, Daniel Presbiter, of Schefield, and he took 20 beasts and more; Henry took three does with greyhounds in West (44 Hy. III.) Mandate to the Bishop of Lincoln.

Hv. byrun fined 5om., bail Thos. de Thurleby and James Byron, Kt. of the County of Lincoln, Rich. de Pylley, Ad. de Pomfret, Roger de Swynton of Co. York, James de Killington of Co. Notts.

stephen le waylis, bl. Rich. Daniel, Alan de Wormhill, Hy. fil Roger Foljambe, Jo. de Brymington, Hugo Caskyn and Rad. Martyn, all of the Co. Derby.

stephen de bella aqua.

daniel presbiter, bl. Wm. Martin, Hy. Foljambe.

peter, prior of ecclesfield, bl. Thos. Abbot of Welbec, Serlo de Huntingfield (?), Hugo Edtyl, Kt., John de Brimington, Nich. de St. Paul, Rich. de Normanville, Rd. de Hyngham.

john de greyleye de Manchester, Jord. de Redyck and Wm. de Witefield hunted (bersavit) and killed one biss (Pent. 9 Ed. I), bl. Robt. de Manchester, Rich. fil ej., Robt. de Walmesicy, Hamo de Norris, Wm. de Berdile, Galf de Cleg, all of County Lane.

john byrun de Cleyton, Co. Lane., malefactor (St. Nic., 10 Ed. I).


gregory de langdon, of Caddleneboth in Macclesfield, (St. Ph. and Jas., 52 Hy. 3). one stag in Langdon.

john redhed de Schyndon, Ebor, one stag, St. John Baptist, 52 Hy. III, with the greyhounds of Rich. de Espring (dead).

john DE penningston (Ebor), one stag in West dene heved (St. Lau., 56 Hy. Ill,) with the gleyhounds of Rich. de Wortley (dead), bl. Rich. fil Parson de Derton, Robt. de Kohibarshop (?), Rd. de Ospring, Josop de Ormcheyt, Rich. de Arnicroft.

john lord de queenbury, co. Ebor, took one doe in Languedale with hounds of Roger de Almanbury (SS. Andrew and James, 56 Hy. III). -They withdrew, and would not appear, but their goods and chattels were taken into the Kind's hands, and


they distrained £20, bail Oliver de Wytteley and Wm. de Mekysbourgh.

rich. FIL parson DE derton, Ebor, Ralf his brother, Math, Lord of Ospring, on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 49 Hy. Ill, took one stag at Weston with hounds of the said Mathew.

hamo LE norrys, of Manchester, and Rich. Redych, of Co. Lane., took one stag in the woods of Scehiore (St. Osw'1- 50 Hy. Ill) bl. Robt. de Bury, John fil Rd. de Manchester, Wm. fil Matilde . de ead, Robt. le Hore de Corn. Derb.

robt. uncowin de Manchester, and Magister Rich. his brother of Chester (54 Hy. Ill), one doe, and he took the venison to the house of Emma his mother in Manchester, bl. John de Greleye, Robt. de Bury, Jordan de Redych, Wm. fil Matilde de Manchester, Willam de Bordesley, all of the Co. of Lancaster, and Wm. Foljambe, Corn. Derby.

willam fil alex. DE chesleworth, one stag in Cumbes (St. John Bap , 4 Ed. I.)

thos. DE gwithe, two does under Cordeburg (Feast Purifi­cation B.V.M., 45 Hy. III). asser DE prestclive (dead), John his son (St. Lawrence,


rich. DE basselowe and Hebbe Piscator were in company with Rich. de Vernon at the taking of venison of-the King (Feast of St. Crux. 38 Hy. Ill), and took two stags and three does, bl. Henry Say in Aldeport, Robt. de la Green who did not appear.

hebbe came afterwards and admitted his crime, and was pardoned through the mercy (aia) of the King, because he was poor, and the said Rd. de Basselow was fined 20s., bl. Richard Daniel, Rich. Halley.


A BOY CALLED roley, in company of Robt. de Ecclesall and others, took a doe.

wm. miller of Tervy, Chester, and Paul de la Hyd, with the hounds of John de la Hed, took one stag and one doe (SS. Simon and Paul, 10 Ed. I), and carried the venison to the house of Hugo de la Den (dead), and wm. fil hugo DE LA den took one doe at Aldeport (8 Ed. I).

282 pleas TEMPE EDWARD I.

robt. DE charnewood de Tynteythysel, wm. FIL fravell (dead). rich. maynwaring de Holynwith, took one stag at Alport (St. Giles, 12 Ed. I), and took it to the house of Robert and there divided it (participaverunt); and rich. FIL rich. DE bromhall in Corn. Chester, on the Feast of the Annuncation of the Blessed Mary (11 Ed. I) took a stag at Langley in Hornes-figreys, and john lord holynworth, rd. maynwaryng of Wythefield, and willam his son took a stag at Alport on the Feast of the beheading of St. John Bap. (6 Ed. I.)

wm. fil hugo fined 20s., bl. Jord. de Bredbury, Rd. de Bagger, Paulyn de Nortbury, Wm. fil Rd. de Bredbury, Robt. de Doke de W'emht.

rich. fil rich. DE bromhall fined 2m , bail Jordan de Bredbury, Juck de Brunnington and Rd. his brother, Galf de Bredbury.

john lord schepley de Corn. Ebor, on the Feast of the Assumpt'on of the Blessed Mary (6 Ed. I), one stag; Rich. de Ospring and Wm. his brother took one stag in Alreschawe on St. Bartholomew (9 Ed. I), with the hounds of rad, parson oF derton, and carried the venison to the house of the same parson.

Writ to the Archbishop of York.

It was afterwards presented that the said john DE shipley was infirm and sick, and his wife and friends came, and fined 40s. bl. Stephen le Wayles of Corn. Ebor, Thos. Foljambe, Nich. St. Paul, Rd. de Normanvyie, Roger de Lynacre, Jas. Maynwaryng.

simon Foe de Carlecot and Wm. Beaumond de Wytheley, with hounds, took a stag at Derwent (St. Laurence, 8 Ed. I), bl. John de Lipton de Corn. Ebor, Ad. de Stevenson, Robt. de Quenesby, Rich. Haley de cojti. Derby, Roger le Ragged de vill Castle and German Pycot de ead.

thos. DE yelwe de Wortley took a stag a Wytefield (on St. Peter, 5 Ed. I) and carried the venison to the house of nich. de wortley, and he was received at the house of Elias de Medhope.

rich. de stafford, Rd. Daniel, Roger le Archer, Roger le Ragged, Wm. Foljambe and Rd. de Ferneley, in mercy because they did not produce Wm. de Stafford for whom they were bail, Wm. de Stafford and Wm. de Wyleyboth having taken one doe.


wm. DE wythel, bl. Thomas de Wythel, Rd. de Wythill, Wm. Carpenter of de ead, Wm. Wytfield de Berdeshale, Thos. de Stanley, Hy. de Sneyt and Jordan de Kineley brother of John de Kineley.

ROLL III. (but Roll 4.)

ankethus DE clifford, Serjeant of Magr. john clarel of Penistone, rich. DE ospring and wm. DE ospring, on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, took one stag and two lutroles in the water of Derwent. Writ to the Archbishop concerning Magr. John. Bail for Ospring, Thomas le Ragged and Andrew de Aula, prcutor Parson de Ashbourne.

alecok DE stone of the Coy. York, one capriol (St Laurence 4 Ed I), carried to the house of stephen LE waleys at Helawe; one stag in Languedale, the venison being carried to Bradfield to the house of peter prior of Ecclesfield ; and one stag at Eydale (St. Mary's, 10 Ed. I) and (St. Laurence, 12 Ed. I), and the venison was carried to the house of henry byrun at Tancreby.

willam DE undered, serjeant and Bailiff of stephen DE bella aqua Lord of Estley, one stag in Alport (St. Bartholomew 12 Ed. I), and the said Alekoc took one seton in Eydale and carried it to the house of daniel cap of Sheffield, and another in Oselden.

steph. de bella aqua fined 2os. bl. Robt. Pygot of Eccles­field, Adam de Ecclesfield, Gwydon de ead, John de Penystone, Henry de Hockley.

mich. de uppeshall, Kt., one doe (on St. Margaret's, 9 Ed. I.)

john DE neville, one in Compana (Feast of Assumption B.V.M. 12 Ed. I.)

willam fil hugo DE maynwaring de Wytefield and willam venator of Stockport, one stag in Shelf. will le grete de Sterndale, one stag.

will de baggeleye and Rd. his brother (St. Margaret, 9 Ed. I), bl. Jord. de Bredbury, Rich de Bromhall, Wm. de Dine, Wm. de Bredbury, Robt. fil Coke, Galf de Bredbury.



thomas reyner DE langdon and Roger fil Simon de Tyngethysel, one in Languedale (on the Feast of the Assumption of the B.V.M. 10 Ed. I), and carried the venison to the house of Thomas de Burgo (dead).

jord. DE bredbury, Galf his brother, Robt. fil Coke de Berneye, Pauline fil Robt. de Hyd, Rich. his brother. Willam fil Roger de Bredbury, Thos. de Deusnap, Gilbert de Hyd, John fil Robt. fil Matthew de Hyd, John Carpenter of Tingeiwysel, Peter de Fonte (dead), one bissa in Languedale (Palm Sunday, 12 Ed. I).

jordan de bredbury, bl. Rd. de Bromhall, Wm. fil Roger de Bredbury, John de Holingworth and Galf de Bredbury. willam de bredbury, bl. Gilbert Kyd.

thos. deusnap took one doe (Feast of St. James, n Ed. I), and carried the venison to the house of Rich. de Deusnap, bl. Thos. de Chinley, Lucas de Forest, Hugo de Thornsete, Will de Cresville, Wm. de Stafford, Wm. de Thorneley.

nicolas DE LA ford and hugo DE holm (dead), one stag (Feast of the Nativity of the B.M., q Ed. I), bl. Robt. fil Matilde de la Ford.

thomas foljambe (dead) when Bailiff took one m. Nicolas, bl. Clement de la Forde, Hugo de Clow, Reginald de Bowden, Rd. de Medwe, Rich. de Warnebroc, Wm. de Clow.

philip cap de medhope took one stag in West Dean (on the Vigil of the Assumption of the B.M., 9 Ed. I), bail Alan Cocus of Mercaston, Will fil ej, Galf de Weston.

john gooryng de tychill was consenter to the crimes of john DE oke and peter DE ospring, who took one doe (S. John Bap. 9 Ed. I), bl. Roger le Ragged of Castleton, Rad Hering, Adam fil Thos. de Castleton, El1as de Bradwell, Thos. de Onesacre, Alan de Walderchal. john le hor de Hope took one doe (St. Mich. 5 Ed. I).


robt. hoppecron LE cruce took one stag at Elvedon (10 Ed. I).


rich. FIL simon brehand, of Kinder (5 Ed. I), by permission of walter DE aylesbury (then Bailiff of Peak under Roger Lestrange), took one stag, bl. Rich. fil Thomas, Simon Ruhond of Kinder.

godfrey DE hasovre received John de Hope (dead) a male­factor.

robert corel of Stanyton, took one stag in Aschop and carried it to the vaccar1a (cowhouse ?) in Molendeaboth, and sent it by hugo propositus oF THE earl water at le dyk, bl. Wm. le More at Sheffield, Rich. Soubel and Wm. Dyker of the same place, Wm. de Thorn, Will de Langele.

benedict DE rothewell de Derby, sustained Peter de Ospring and John de Okes, malefactors (in the year 5 Ed. I), bl. Jo. de Brocton, Galf de Coventry, Ranulf le Ferrar, Philip le Taylor, Robt. de Bellaws and Robt. Tappe.

rich. FIL hamon de Dokenfield and john DE LA hyd (dead) one doe (9 Ed. I).

hy. DE howmenel, of the County Stafford .(St. Oswald, 12 Ed. I), bl. Robert Boson and Robt. de Stanton.


it was PRESENTED that when the King hunted (fecit chaceam suam) in Compana in the forest (on the Feast of the Assumption B.M. 3 Ed. I) willam fil ran kelle, of Hocklow, came and when the King's hounds had put at bay a certain stag in the park beyond the bounds of the forest, hunted and killed the said stag, together with the hounds, and when the King's huntsmen came and cried him, that he fled and the huntsmen carried that venison to the King's larder, bl. Hy. Coteril, Rd. de Duflfield, Rich. le Nuke, Robt. de Abeny, Alan de Wormhill, Wm. Fabre de Bradwell.

alecok DE stone (n Ed. I) took a stag and carried it to the house of Robert, Vicar of Sheffield, bl. Wm. Foljambe, Thos. de Gretton, Wm. M'tin, John M'tin, Thos. le Ragged de Berde.

robert DE abbeneye and a certain Stimarund who was the boy (garcon) of Wm. de Morteyn, took one stag in Lyndale (41 Hy. III), bl. Wm. Halley, Robt. Balgy.


willlam ruffus de Fordringham. keeper of the grange of Glossop of the Abbot of Basingwerk in Glossop, sustained Wm. Maynwaring a malefactor.

john speyr, of Tyngeiwysel, malefactor, with John de Hyd (dead).

wm. fil rich. fil abraham took a stag (8 Ed I).

bartholomew hardfynche, of the vill of Peak, bl. Wm. Francis de Castle.

thos. DE wytefield (dead), 37 Hy. III. ralf DE olreneshaw (dead), (37 Hy. III), was taken in the forest.


they present that when King Henry lodged (accommodavit) at the Castle of Peak, thos. DE furnival, Lord of Sheffield, (in the year 48 Hy. Ill), (ad ibidum penmand et command), before the battle of Lewes, who came there for and dwelt there until the Feast of Pentecost in the said year. The same Thomas with his servants (famil1ares) that is to say, Ivo DE herig, rad barry, ralf DE eccleshall, and a certain Knight, estout DE stutville, who has land in the County of Nottingham, wm. DE resington, who is now the Parker of the earl oF lincoln at Dynbeyn ? in the bailiwick of John de Meroch in the County of Yorks. wm. stubbe in the said County, robt. bernard balister, michaele DE bonteland and robert his brother, separately and of his own will entered the Forest of Peak and did much damage in the same, and hunted in the forest to the hurt of the same 12 beasts. Thomas was imprisoned.

estout, bl. Rich. de Bradmar, Rich. de Kerkby and Wm. de PIesington, Robt. Barnard, Rich. de Bromland and Robt. his brother.

The same Thomas imprisoned sampson DE haselbrook, bailiff under john DE bowden, and took from him £10.

robt. (? thomas) hancelyn, stephen ryband, servants (famil1ares) of the said Thomas, went from the said castle in the present pare into Hopedale and took one doe in Pynny Dale.


ralf barry (dead), with Thomas Furnival (in the 51 Hy. III), took two does in Compana and took them to the castle.

john DE BILHAWE, wm. HIS BROTHER, john DE hokes, wm. DE morton, thos. DE ead, rich. LE chamberlain (dead), wm. DE plessington, john DE merokes, rich. DE boteland and rich. his brother, one doe under Buckis (in 53 Hy. Ill), and one stag and one doe at Swinelaneheved at Hasop, two stags at Osleden, taken to the castle of Thomas at Sheffield.

robt. corell, the Swan of Stanton, cowherd (vaccarius) of Thomas Furnival, one stag at Westdene (on St. Peter's Day, ii Ed. I), and one doe at Alport (on St. Laurence, 12 Ed. I), taken to the castle of Thomas.

adgarle, huntsman (venator) of Thos. de Furnival, and alecok de stones, one doe in Westdene (in 13 Ed. I), carried to the castle of Thomas ; the said Thomas took 21 beasts, for which transgressions he fined 200 marcs, at the will of the King (si placet D.R.)


present that when the King made his chase in the Forest of Peak in the 3rd year of his reign, thos. FIL NIC DE monvash and rd. fil godfred de Ead came into the forest and chased the deer with the King's hounds, and carried the venison partly to his own house at Monyash, and besides, willlam LE wynn of Monyash, whose tenants they were, summoned them to his own court, and took from Thomas 4s. and from the said Richard ½ marc under the name of fine, therefore they were summoned.

willlam LE wine fined 20S., bl. Wm.. Halley, Thos. de Gretton, Walt. de Bougesdon.

present tHAT robert earl DE ferr (dead), Peter Picot of the Co. of Notts, Nich. de Hese, Kt. who was with the Earl of Gloucester, Rd. de Castelton, Kt., Wm. de Langford, Kt. of the County of Warwick, Wm. Hamelyn of the County of Leicester, Magr. Nich. de Marnham, Parson of Dudyngton, Co. Line., William le Botiler de Werrington, Henry de Le, Kt. de Co. Lane., John Denyas, Kt, de Corn. Ebor, Adam Burr, Kt. Co. Lane., Alexander de Cheyney, Kt. County Cambridge, Wm. de Stafford


de Co. Essex, wm. de Heriz, Alk. de W’lmer, Rich. frat ej. Adam Dus de Lenore, Elias frat ej, Gilbt. de Yppegrave, John fil Ingram de ead, John Textor de Burrys, Thos. Wints, Jord, Clopt., Ralf fil Ralf de Boulton, Rd. dc Bradshawe, Hy. Balester, Rich. de Bankedeley, Hy. le Arblaster, Rich. de Dunkdely, Galf de Pva Boulton, Thos. de Furneys, Robt. Uncowen, Magr. Ralf his brother, Jordan his brother, John Gernet, Rd. le Tanner de Salford, Alan de Winthall, Kt., Petrus de Burnhull, John del Estres de Corn. Lane., and many others who are dead and who were servants (famil1ares) of the said Earl came into Compana (St. Thos. the Martyr, 48 Hy. III), hunted the forest (fugaverunt) and took 40 beasts, and other 40 drove out (effugaverunt) from the forest, and at the Feast of St. Peter ad Vine. came to the Castle of the Peak and took 50 beasts, and about 70 others escaped, and at St. Mich. took 40 beasts and 40 others fled away and escaped the forest.

This indictment, after the tremendous charges of the 36 Hy. III (see page 212 ante), both made long after the Earl was dead, are utterly incomprehensible. It would seem impossible to suppose that these Earls had not full licence from the Crown to indulge in hunting in the Royal Forest, licenses which were so frequently produced on charges of this nature, and which sometimes had unpleasant consequences to those who made them, who through the mistake were themselves in misericordia and liable to suffer severe penalties.


Presentations by robt. bozoon, Bailiff of Peak, and Nicholas de Babbington, mounted Forester (For 'equitant') of the whole forest on the part of the King, Thos. le Ragged and Peter Rowland, Roger le Ragged de Rowworth and Rich. de Hatteman, Verderers of the Forest, and by 30 men of the same forest upon oath, viz. :—

JURY—Henry fil Herbert, Rad de Monjoye, Kt., Thos. de Mapelton, Robt. de Mapelton, Thos. Hering, Ranulf de Ashope, John de Bremington, Wm. le Bret de ead, Hugo de Lynacre, Hugo Mornesale, Simon del Ospital, Roger de Blynda de Bubben-hill, Win. de Bradwell, Elias and Galf de ead, Rad de Cordebargoe,


Adam fil Thomas de Castleton, Wm. fil Math. de Langesden, Wm. fil Walter de Tonsted, Rad de ead, Wm. fil Wm. fil Walter de ead, John de Smalley, Adam Olreschawe, Hugo Casakyn, Hy. fil Wm. de Roustonsted, Thos. de Bradshaw, Nich. de Kinder, Roger de la Bothe, Robt. de Aspenshaw, John de la Hawe, Rd. de Buggesworth, Wm. Jouderill Simon de Ryecroft, Robt. fil Margy de Kinder, Robt. de Cobbedenecliff, Richard Aylward.

thomas foljambe (who is dead) and willam FOLJAMBE, of Wormenhill (his brother), took one stag with hounds (9 Ed. I).

alecok UK stones, one doe in Eydale (10 Ed. I), went to the house of rogf.r woodrove and delayed there the whole night, and in the morning took the venison to the house of willam foljambe at Wormhill, and gregory DE hibernIa, brother of the wife of the said Willam Foljambe (who is dead), and wm. wythill and robt. fil robt. DE milner killed a stag in the wood of Malkave (on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary, Ao. 10 Ed. I), and carried the venison to the house of Thomas Foljambe of Wormhill, and Wm. de Whithill and Robt. fil Robt. de Milner, one stag at Malcave.

Bl. for Woodrove—Rad M'tin, Wm. fil Roger Foljambe, Rad Hering, El1as de Bradwell, Adam fil Thos. de Castleton, Roger de Roworth, all of the County of Derby.

prest. that rich. I'-IL wm. foljambe, NiCOLAS, Parson of Hibern1a, and Jo. Cap de Corn. Stafford, bail for the said Wm. Foljambe, killed one stag in Snolleston (St. Mary Magdalen Feast, 13 Ed. I), and carried it to the house of the said William at Wormhill.

Nicolas de Cowdale and Thos. de Bocstanes.

And the jury say that the said forest was damaged in the time of the said William foi.jambk by himself and his assoc1ates to the amount of 20 beasts.

A Swainmote held at Chapel in the Frith (St. Gregory, 8 Ed. I), willam foljambe came before thomas LE ragged (then Bailiff), and he presented that henry DE medwe took a doe witli a certain black greyhound called ' Collyng,' at Camheved, and he undertook this to verify under the penalty of 100 marcs, bl. Rich. fil Lucas de Foresta and Rich. de Ospring, and the said Henry de Medwe, being accused, denied the presentation afore-


said, and said that the said willam foljambr by himself and gregory the brother of his wife, and by others his servants and shepherds at Martynesyd, Weston and Wormhill, destroyed in tlie forest about 100 beasts, that is to say stags, does, and fawns (setonibus), and he undertakes to verify this under: the penalty of 100 m., found bl. J. fil Wm. Maclyse, Thos. fil Thos. Foljambe; and the said Jury say that the said Henry is guilty, and he is fined ioos , bl. Thos. de Gretton, Hy. fr. ej,, Nich. de Lenne and Roger de Baslow die.

And the said Willam and his associates are found not guilty of taking 100 beasts, but only of taking 20 beasts of all sorts, then fined 20 marcs , bl. Wm. Martyn, Wm. de Aldresly, Robt. Capin and Thos. de Gratton.

peter de bamppord, one stag in Eydale (48 Hy. Ill, on St. Peter ad Vincia), fined 40s.

thomas wolehunter, of Wormhill, killed a sorel (sourell) stag in the time of Richard le Ragged, bl. Alan de Wormhill, Hy. Cotel de Tonsted, Wm, fil Walter de ead, John de Padley, Wm. fil Roger Foljambe and Henry his brother.

willam Fil rogEr foljambE tooK a doe with honnds, in Comangedale (Epiphany, 3 Ed. I), and carried the venison upon a certain horse to his own house ; fined 40s., bl. Jo. Daniel.

raliF coterill, one doe in Compana (St. Dionisius, 12 Ed. I) bl. Peter de Bamphord, Robt. de Abbeneye, and took it to the house of Henry his father, hi. Ralf fil Hugo de Thornhill, Hugo fil Roger de Tideswell.


Mandate given to john DE lychegrenes of the County York, for harbouring many malefactors of venison.

present that john FIL nich. de cowdale, set (am' savit) two hounds in Fairfield upon a certain stag, and took it at the mill of Bocstone (in 12 Ed. I), took half the venison to the house of Nicolas Coudel (his father), and that John and Thomas his brothers (malefactors) took the other half to the house of Thomas Foljambe of Gratton and there eat it (comesta).

wiLLam venator and will mavnwaring of the County of Chester, took one stag in the Cumbes of Chisworth (St. Barn.


II Ed. I), and carried the venison to the house of Thomas de Aston, of the County of Lancaster, and there it was eaten at a certain feast given on account of his marriage, and that Thomas, John, Rich. and Alex. his brothers were malefactors.

and THE SAME john aND alex. with john DEL okes killed a doe and one wild goat (capriol) at Langedeclive (St. John Bap. 7 Ed. I), bl. Wm. Foljambe, Wm. fil Thomas Foljambe.

thos. FIL will de bocstones, dwelling in the County of Chester, malefactor, bl. John de Padley, Nich. fil Rich. de Standen, Nicholas fil Wm. de ead.

roger de stokport, of the Coy. Chester (malefactor), one doe at Helowe, bl. Rich. de Stock-port his brother, Wm. Foljambe, Jord. de Bredbury, Jacob de Brimington and Galf de Bradbury.

ralf DE woley de Corn. Chester, with Jo. de Homeworth and Wm. Venator, bl. Wm. Heeley and Hugo Kaskyn.

rad coterill (in Ao. n Ed. I) came into Compana Forest (within the octave of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin), in disguise (dissimulatus), with bow and arrows, and pursued and shot at a herd of deer, and upon this came john daniel, and he cried him (exclamavit) and would attach him, and he resisted, and shot two arrows at the said John Daniel, but at length he was captured and afterwards freed by the Bailiff of Peak.

adam de st. paul (in the time of Thos Foljambe) took four beasts in the forest—convicted.

wm. martvn, whilst Senescal of Thos. Foljambe, received two malefactors.

robt. DE melner, Junior (who was outlawed), in the time when he was Forester, took 20 beasts and more and carried them to the house of Robt. de Melner his father.

nich. fil ad. kinder received the said Thomas Melner, bl. Thomas de Bradshaw.

robt. de melner had a certain Forester under him named John Pycard who killed six beasts.

serLo, who is now the Serjt. at the Castle of Peak, was for six years garcon of Alecok de Stone.

willam and henry, brothers of thomas foljambe of Gratton, were malefactors of venison, and took much in the forest, and Thomas abetted them. peter de charlesworth was a malefactor,


GALF DF bracebridgr, henry DE trafford, galf DE chEdUrton and john franceys, Esquires of the said Galf were malefactors.

Pleas of Vert of Wm. De Smallgrass of Wythall.

The whole vill of Malcave, the King's wood at Malcave, in the

30th year of the King.

The vilL. OF hasELrach by the bail of Hugo Ruffe.

in the time of Wm. de Horsendon, Bailiff of Peak.

At Fairfield.


and also Roll 3 of 1/11 and of 3/5.

rao de paddrle, 5a.

john FIL THE SAID rad then held it.

rich. FIL. raLF feyrfiEd, 1a., Robert de Stanedon, 1a., Nicolas Wortley then lield it, Rad de Urdesley, 1a., Rich. Fil Eli ½a and 1r., Philip de Feyrelield, 2½a., John his son then held it.

Henry at the head of the town of Bocstanes, 7a., Thomas de Boestanes then held it Lucas de Foresta, 6a., Nic de Blackwall then holds it. Henry fil Wm. ½a., John le Espencer then held it. Thos. de Coudal, 4a., Nicolas his son then held it. Nicolas de Wulvelow, i6a., Robert de Tonstead. Thos. de Coudale, 11 a. 3r., Robert de Coudale then held it. Jord. de Coudale, 4a , Henry his son then held it. Walter de Steuredale, 12a. 1r., Robert his son then held it. Reginald de Steuredale (dead) 5a. ir., the same Robert holds it. Hugh de Steuredale (dead) 1a., Mareota his daughter then held it. Roger Daveys, 12a. 1r., Adam his son then held it. Wm. de Horsenden, 27a. of land of Joan widow of Michael de Hokkelye then held it, and it was not seized


because the King gave that land, by his charter, to Robert de Austede,_after the decease of the said Johanna. John de Ryseley, 6a., which John Marten then held. Wm. de Wowelowe (Wul-velowe), 4a.

At Heyfield.

rich. DE rugg, half an acre.

john DE rugg, 2a. ir. Honde de Heyfield, ½a. Rich. le Turner, 1a., Rd. de Ragge then held it. Robert de Fouside and Wm. Robek then held it.

At Tunstead.

robt. DE stanford, 3a., Robt. his son then held it. Simon de Tonstead, 1a., Rich. his son then held it. Rad de Ashope, ½a. Wm. de Wardelowe, ½a. Rich. de Wardelow, 1a., Rich. his son then held it.

At Malcabe.

elIas de horsenden fil Sara, ½a. Rad. fil Robert de Tonstead, ir. Simon de Tonstead, ir., Rich. his son then held it.

At Hardwickhall.

john DE hardwickwall, 1a., then Adam his son. Peter de Hardwickwall, 2a., then Hugo his son. Rich. de Hull, 3a. Hugo de Ardwickwall, 4a., then William his son. Hugh de Hull, 2a., then Henry de Hull. Rad de Hasop, 3a., then John Miller. Adam de Fonte, 2½a., then Rich. Cadas.

At Bowden.

eLIAS fil raLf. DE bowden, 2a. 1r. Wm. de Clowe, 3a. Rich. de Pratis, 2a. ir, John fil Robert Carpenter, Thos. Coins, ½r., then Matill his daughter. Ad. de Holrenshaw, ½r. The Prior of Lenton, ja. Rich. le Ragged, in vill de Coraz, 2a. and in Berde

9a. and 3a., Thomas le Ragged of Berde then held it,




Chapel in le Frith.

rich. LE hottman, in the vill of Chapel in the Frith, ir. Willam de Baggeshaw, 3r. Elias fil Marie, ½r. Robt. de Hausted one burgage, Mich. de Reyndon, ½ burgage, Wm. Capella, burg., Rich. Carp, 1 burg., Hugo Casker, 2 burgages, Elias de Marchenton,(Marchington) and Robt. de Marchenton, and Alice fil Nicolas and Rich. de Esbury, 1 burgage each, and the following half a burgage each : Wm. le Mercer, Rich. de Osbin. Matilde de Thorneley, Roger fil Luce, Henry de Tunstead, Hy. de Sternedale, Wm. de Cimeterio, John de Smalley.


In the time of Juon de Elington.

simon DE reycroft held in Kinder ½a. of new purprestures, which adam de buggesworth, who is dead, occupied under the license of the said J. de Elington. Hy. de Malcave, 1r. by Ric. de Ragged, Hy. de Hausted (tempe W. de Horsenden) Simon Caskin which Simon ass., Wm. de Edensore's which Reginald fil Marie, Robt. the miller ½a.


wm. DE ermesby, ½r., Rad Topet, 1r.


wm. de berde, 1a. 1r., Wm. Dowsing, ½r., Adam Dowsing now holds it, Ad. de Couleyshawe, ½a., Rich. de Cliff, ir., Wm. Bruer, ½r. which Gilleket de Cliff, Adam de Rugge, ½a., Wm. fil Havis, ½a., Roger de Mainwaring, ir., Hy. fil Robert, la.


And be it known that the ( ) of Purprestures as herewider written arc not enrolled because they are arrented, that is to say for each acre at 4d, per anmim.

ROLL IV (and Roll 4 of 1/11.)

In the time of Rich. Le Ragged.
henry de tunsted occupied one tenement in Routonsted with 8a., with the license of Rich. le Ragged.


robt. de horden, in Combes, ir., Hugo Day, ½a., Rich. de Wythall, 1r., Rich. de Herdefield, ½a., Roger de Aston, 1r., Rad de Tonsted, la. and 1r., Rich. de Heylowe, 1r., Rich. fil Adam, 1a., Wm. Pastor, ½a., Wm. fil Rich. de Ferneley, 1r., Wm. de Thornely, la. and 1r., Rich. fil Rad. de Thornley, ja., Robt. atte Lowe, ½a. Rich. sub Monte, Wm. de Brok, Lucas de Forest, 2a. 1r., Stephen de Lcyc, Thomas le Ragged then held it.

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