Feudal history

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ad. fil golde, 3a., Prior of Lenton, Rad fil Gold, 2a., Thos. de Bradeshaw, 2a., Thos. fil Carpenter, 1a., Rich. fil Michael, la., Rich. de Olerenshaw, ½a., Wm. de Baggeshawe, a mead ½a., Rich. fil Orme.


Gilbert de Malcave, Adam Boterekake, ½a., Wm. fil Jordan, Robt. fil Robt. de Bowden, ½a., Wm. de Stubbe, ½r., William fil Holehoge, ½a., Rich. de Estbury, ½r., Rich. de Alres, Hy. de Malcave, Hy. de Hausted. Simon Kaskin, Wm. fil Elie, Wm. de Edenesor, Robt. Molend, Wm. de Ormeasby de Medwe, Ralf Tapet, Wm. de Berde in Heyfield, Wm. Hasing, Adam de Coulishaw, Rich. de Clif, Wm. do Orsera, Ad. de Rigg, Wm. fil Havis, Roger de Maynwaring.



henry FIL robert held one acre, which Penner Rednose held, Robt. fil Pymme, Peter le Pont in (1/11,) Adam Clicus, ir., which Galf de Hoimwood held, John fil Molla, Peter de Hoimwood, Wm. Cleric of Heyfield, Robt. de Hoimwood, John de Bruera.


john de LA hay, Maykin de Kyntwood, Wm. de Berdehawe, John de Leuch, Willam de Langdon.


robt. DE hallcross.


R. brunhard, which Adam his father held, Thos. de Het, John Whitfield, Roger de Merpal (?), John de Wythefield, John and Willam de Olresete, had in Olresete, Ad. Brunhard, Robt. de Bosco, Rich. Aylward, Robt. Cotte, Gilbert de Malcave, Rad de Berde, Robt. de Slak.


alotte, widow, Wm. le Wainwright, Mich. de Wulvelawe, Ad. Rawyls, Hugo Hering.

Chapel de Frith.

wm. silcok, Hugo Caskyn, Rich. Shakelcross, Wm. de Cimitres, Wm. de Marchinton, Wm. le Mercer, Rich. Sibbety, Roger Cocus had in Corcis.

All the above were made in the time of Rich. le Ragged.


In the time of Thomas Foljambe.


wm. fil hugo held in Cumbes, 1r., which Hugo his father occupied with the licence uf Thomas Foljambe.

nic de rugg, Rich. fil Thomas le Dene, Robt. de Astonleigh, John of the same, John Wildeknave, Robt. Sely, Wm. Godknave, Wm. Molend, Nich. de Kynder, Adam de Olrenshawe, John fil John de Smalley, John de Smalley, Sen., Wm. de Bradshaw.


elIAS DE merches (Marchington), Rich. fil Rich. Molend, Rd. de Olres, Wm. Pelliper, Wm. de Stearnedale, Wm. Carpenter, Hy. de Essoyneus, Rd. atte Lydgate.



john DE ruddrshawe, held in Littleburg, Hugo Baret, John de Mershe, Rich. le Berse, Rich. de Slak.


clement DE ford in Malcave, Margery de Forde, Henry de Forde, Richard de Daunford, Regl. de Bowden, Rd. fil Wm. de Bowden, Wm. de Baggeschawe, 2a. 1r., Rich. fil Stephen, Rich. de Olres.


hy. DE routensted, Rich. fil Rich. in Fairfield, Rad de Wormhill in Greetrakes.


john DE clowe, John Full, Alan de Heyfield, Thos. fil Emote, Wm. Stery, John de Clif, Robt. Bacon, Wm. fil John, Simon fil Rich., Robt. de Hoimwood.



rout. DE staflEY held in Kinder, which Hugo Wayfot ass., Robt. fil Alan, John de Stanes.


john DE halewe, Maykyn de Knythwyk, Wm. Knycwyk, John de Crich, Wm. de Birdeshawe,


roBt. DE aspenshawe, wm. de Aspenschawe, Hy. fil Jo. de Leys.


thos. LE ragged held in Buggesworth, Roger de Roworth.

Burgaga tenures occupied in the time of the same Thomas Foljambe.

Chapel in the Frith.

john fil jo. DE smalley, in vill of Chapel in le Frith, ½b., Thos. de Bradshaw, Egidius Capel, Elias de Bowden, Rich. Sharp, Roger Sutor, Robt. de Longe, Wm. de Marchinton, Rad de Marchenton (Marchington), Simon Kaskin, Thos. Kaskin, Jo. Bissop, Evoka de Capella, Wm. Foljambe, Wm. Venitore (?), Thos. de Edemay, Rich. Warnebroc, Adam Ollerenshawe, Roger Sutor, El1as de Bowden, Wm. Clawe, Robt. de Clowe, Wm. Spore.

Purprestures made in the time of Ralf de Corner then Bailiff under Thomas de Normanville.

elIAS FIL ralf DE bowden, 2a. 1r.

robert de slak in Little Birches, ½a.



In the time of walter de Aylesbury, sub-bailiff of Roger L’Estrange..

roger DE kinder, Nicholas de Kinder.

In the time of Thomas le Ragged, sub-bailiff of Thomas de Normanville.

wm. pastur, ½a. in Cumbes, Rich. le Stede, John of Heyfield in Thornsite, Matthew de Heyfield.

In the time of Robt. Bozen.

willam DE thornley in Cumbes, Hugo Caskyn in Bowdrn, Ralf Rugg, Roger de Cliff.


ad. DE wYthall in Wythall, Wm. de Berdeshaw, Wm. de Longdon, Robt. Cot.


robt. DE aspenshawe, wm. de Aspenshawe, Rich. de Hallcross, Rd. de Urdesle in Buggesworth.


John de Olrescte, in OIresete, Rich. Brenhard, Wm, le Horsknave, Robt. de Bosco, Robt. Seman, Rich. Aylward, Enote de OIresete, Walter Littlebake, Hugo le Tinker.


Of new assarts in the time of Rich. Le Ragged.

henrv fil bete, 6a., Roger Sampson, Wm. Pek, Robt. Blackwell, Rich. le Warworth, Robt. de Berchelayr, Ad. de Rouworth.

In the time of Thomas Foljambe.


john DE olresete, wm. le Horseknave, Wm. Campion in Thornsete, Adam Brenhand, Rich. Fab, Egid fil John.
In the time of Gilbert de Lysors, sub-bailiff of Thos. De Normanville.

wm. le horseknave, Rich. Fab.
In the time of Robt. Bozon.

wm. FIL thos., 1a., Marger1a fil John, ½r., Thos. de Cronley, Thos. le Horseknave, Hugo le Tynker, Wm. de Thornsete in Thornsete, Rich. Tenterel, Rich. Stanreng, ½a. and 2a., and 1r. which Adam Bullock assarted.

Of old Assarts without the Demesne.

roger le archer holds in Chesworth 4a.


Old Assarts without the Demesne held by the abbot oF basingworth.


Assarted by Gaify de Lodworth, Havise widow, Willam Faber, Allan de Capella, Rich. Haldon, Rich. Fab, Roger fil Step, Wm.


Gamelsly, Simon de Whitefield, Nic de Gamelsly, Galf Batecok, John Ridge, Alward de Symondesly, Rad fil Peter, William le Franceis, Thos. de Appleby, Rad de Leys.

Whitefield old Assarts.

Which were assarted by Madin de Glossop, Adam Miller, Wm. Capellano, John de Rihel, Elias Sweyn, Mathew Cimitar, Wm. Don, Roger Dunting, Gilbert Cap.


andrew FIL galfrey, Rad de Mose, Gamel de Merpel.


mathew DE kentwich, 21a. which Wm. his father assarted; Robt. de Milner, 18a. which Wm. de Insula assarted.


jas. DE maynwaring, 4a. in Whitfield which Hugo Maynwaring assarted; Matilde de Whitefield, 1a. which Wm. de Whitefield assarted.
New assarts made in the forest in the time of Galf de Langley.

In Hordein.
hugo caskvn assarted 7a, Nicolas de Warnebroc, 9a., Robt. de Warnebroc, 15a., Thos. Schentwere, 2a., Hugo le Kyng, 6a., Roger de Herdern, 12a., Thos. de Cimita, 2a., Lucas de Foresta, Wm. de Tunstead 2a., Alan Cissor, 2a., Roger le Ragged, 10a.

Purprestures during the same period.


ralf. de courtiz, 1a., Wm. Baggeshaw, 1a., Jo. Carpenter, 2a. Ralf. m Ralf, ½a., Rich. fil Orme, 1a., Willam le Clowe, 3a. in Malecavc, Hugo Pontis, ½a. there.



Ancient Assarts in the Demesne of the fee of the Abbot of Basingwork.

the abbot oF basingwork assarted 3a. in a place called Redeboc, then in the King's demesne.

germanus, abbot oF basingwerc, assarted 88a. in Shadelsworth, 42a. in Glossop, ya.. in Simonslegh, 45a. in Urncangle, 6a. in Gamesleigh, 12a. in Baggeshaw, and 6a in Lileigh. wm. FIL peter de svmondeshill assarted 2a. the abbot assarted la. in Exdale, 13a. in Padfield, 40a. in Hayfield, and 3a. in Winfield

Purprestures beyond the Demesne by Thomas le Ragged.


rich. dE. shakelcross, 6a., Adam de Olerenshaw, 6a., Rich. de Melner, in Melner, and Mathew de Kintwich made a Haya in Melner containing 4a.

adam de greenfeldesey, 10a., Robt. de Maynwaring, ga., Rich. de Shakelcross, 6a., Adam de Olerenshaw, 4a., Robt. Chavelswerk at Chavelsworth, Thos. le Ragged of Berde, Forester of Fee assarted 2 bovates in Chesworth, James le Maynwaring, Forester of Fee, 2 bovates in Longesdon, Matilde Witford, 2 bovates in Witford, William Hally, Forester of Hopedale, 2 bovates in Hopedale, Peter de Schaton 2 bovates in Shatton, Robt. Balgy, 4 bovates in hope.

Boundaries of Peak Forest.

metes aND bounds of the forest oF peak, beginning on the eastern part to the new wood of G'wet, and so by the water of G'wet to the water of Ederow, and so by the water of Ederow to Landcroft at Longdeneheved, and so by Longdenheved by certain service (servit ?) to the head of Derewent, and by

the head of Derewent to a place called Michenford (Mythom-stead—Mytham Bridge), and from Michenford to the rivulet of Bradwell, and from the river of Bradwell to a certain place called Rethlowe (Hocklow), and from Rethlowe to the great dell (cavam) of Haselback, and from that dell to the Park (little) of Hocklowe, and frofn Hocklowe to the river of Tideswell and so to the water of Weye, and from Weye ascending to Belston (Bocston) and so to the new place of G'wet.

The Rev. Mr. Kerry gives another description from a M.S. written by Anthony Bradshaw of Duffield (circ 1600) beginning at Morecote Ash near Tydeswell, following the brook to the waters of Wye, to Wye hed by Jagger's Gate to Goyte water, following Goyt to Teddir to the Woodhead, so down to the head of Derwent, following Derwent to Mytham Bridge, then to Bradwell town and up the dale to Haselback House, and by Poynton Cross to Morcate.

Required by the Foresters and others concerning the metes and bounds of the land of Thomas le Ragged of Fernley who claimed liberties, who say, that the metes and bounds of the said lands of the said Thomas begin at the Bridge of Welegh by the Royal Way to the (cross) to Crescliff, and from the said cross by certain caves (fovia) up to Routing-clought, and from Routing to Brownhegge, and up to the Waynstones, and from Waynstones descending to the Hocklow, and from Hocklow descending to the water of G'wit and by the water of G'wit ascending to the wood of Horworth.

Henry King of the Angles (grandson of King Henry), know ye that we have given to God and to St. Mary and to the Monks of Basingworth, in free and perpetual alms, 10 librates of land in Langenedale, that is to say Glossop with the Church that is there, with all lands and things pertaining to it as William Peverel fully held it in the time of Henry our grandfather, and besides, I grant to them and confirm all the tenements which Ranulf, Earl of Chester, and others of the Barons gave them and by their charters confirmed, that is to say, Holywell and Fulybroc and the Chapel of Basingworth, in which premises they dwell, with the mill and all the appurtenances in Beckrevidre of the gift of Robt. Bernake (? Banister), and Holis and half Leche


and l00s. of rent in Cheshire which Ralf (the Earl) gave them, and Caldres with the natives (hoibus) and things (rebus) and lands, and with all the appurtenances, and whatsoever to them is reasonably given.

Test.—Thomas Chancellor, Rich. Humet, Constable, R. de Dunstanville, Jocelyn de Bailiol and William fil Hamon at Chester. In the Placita de quo Warranto of 4 Edward III, The Abbot of Basingwerc produced an exemplification of this charter by King Ed. II and Ed. Ill, dated 10 Feby. (See Vol. II, p. 81, Section 3 of this book.)

Henry (son of King John), by the grace of God, &c., grant to St. James Welbec of 5a. and ir. of land of assarts, in the Forest of Peak, at Cruchill, with the buildings there erected, at a penny rent. The pasture of Cruchill by the orchard of Hamon de Essop towards Langholm, and from Langholm to the vill of Derwent, and so ascending to Derwent head, and the whole pasture of Ashopes from the said division called cancemor to the water of Ashope, and unto Derwent head, which pasture they hold of the gift of King John our father by the charter, &c. T.—Wille de Valence, our brother, Ralf fil Nic, Bertram de Croyl, John de Lessington, Galf de Langley, our Justices of Forests, Robt. Waleran, Roger de Lokynton, Wm. Gessacre. 29 Deer., 35th year of our reign. (See Vol. II, p. 59, Sec. 3, of this work).

Hundred Roll 3 Ed. I. When the Jury found that the Abbot of Welbec held of the grant of King John.

Fines and Amercements.

jordan, serjeant of Juonis de Elington, concerning damage. Hugo de Charneus, Rich. le Wite de Kerkby, Jordan de Povington, Roger fil Gonville de Bradfield, Robt. Layel de Bryton, Wm. le Parker de Bredbury, Wm. de Vernon de Novocastr1a, Adam Guysling de Bradfield, William fil Edusa of the same, John his brother, Adam de Owcredene, Robt. Hepping, Alice de Stones, John Redhed de Faerdene, Wm. fil Alexander de Eimfawe, Thomas de Gwith, Rich. Maynwaring of Hoimworth, William fil Rich. de Ospring, Thos. le Felew de Gortley, Wm. Venator de


Stockport, Wm. le Grete de Sterndale, Thos. de Dewsnap, Robt. Hopecrone, Robt. Cozel de Stanton, Wm. de Planitorn who is now Parker at Dynbech in the County of Lincoln.

robert bernard, Balistarius, and Rich. de Boceland and Robert "his brother, who were with Thomas de Furnival, Lord of Sheffield.

Concerning Purprestures without the Demesne, in the fee of Thos. Le Ragged.

richard DE shakelcross held in S. 6a. of the fee of Thomas le Ragged, and enclosed it by a ditch (fossato). adam DE olreneshaw, 6a. in ditto. thomas LE ragged, 4a. of his own fee.

robert LE melner and matthew DE kentwyk made a certain enclosure and haya at Brodceler, which contained within the close 4a. and 16a. of new assarts in the wood.

Of horses in the forest.

the queen consort of the King had a horse-fold (equitium) in Compana, with 115 mares and young, to the great hurt of the forest, and it is found that many had horses and mares in the same Compana, under cover of the aforesaid equitium, who when required to answer say that they are the Queen's.

peter de shatton, Forester of Fee, had for one year, n horses and mares feeding in Compana, whose pasturage is assessed at 2s., therefore he is in mercy, and he must answer, and the said aver1a must be removed.

robert DE anseude, Forester, had 6, Robt. Balgy, Forester, 9, Ad. Gomfrey, 2, Richard le Archer, 7, Roger le Ragged of Villa Castle, 4, Robt. Bozin, 2 mares with young, Thos. le Archer, Forester, 6 horses and mares, John Daniel. Forester, 8, of which 4 belonged to Nich. de Bradwell, Clicus, Hy. de Medwe, Forester, had 10, Thos. fil Thos. Foljambe, 3, Wm. Hally, 8, Peter le Hore, il (of which 3 were John Martin's), Wm. le Eyr, 8, Roger Woodrove, 6, Nicolas de Babbingley, 10, Thos. de Gretton, 4, Roger le Ragged, of Castleton,4, Thos, le Ragged of Fernely, n, Cecel1a Fol1ambe, 4,



Pleas of Vert in the forest.

1/5 (The following are a few taken out from many others fined for this trespass.)

robt. de slack, Wm. de Baggeshawe, Robt. de Bosco de Olresete, Robt. Hally, Rich. Slack, Thos. de Bradshaw, Rich. Hally de Aston, Henry fil Thos. Foljambe, William le Archer of Greatrakes, Peter le Brewster de Shatton, Mathew de Glossop, Wm. Franceys de Castleton, Roger de Merpel, John de Paddely de Fairfield.

wm. de bocstones built a house at Bockstones, Richard his heir must answer for it.

ad. bollock of Alresete.

benedict de rothwell, bought wood of Thos. de Normanvil at Derwent.

robt. DE melner sold 4 oaks to Henry de Medwe in Langendale.

the abbot oF basingwork (dead) 16 oaks.

rich. Le hors de Amendesheim and Wm. Redeman, of Elington, sold wood in the time of Thomas Foljambe.

rich. fil luc de Foresta took 8 oaks in Kynder. rich. stede, Forester under Henry de Medwe, sold 2 oaks to Wm. le Eyr.

wm. foljambe and thomas DE gretton sold many oaks.

wm. DE baggeshaw held ½a. in Courtig in the time of Richard le Ragged.



ROLL OF FINES &c., 13 ed. I. 1/11

(Formerly Chapter House Forest Rolls, Box VI, No. 4, Ed. I, now Duchy of Lancaster Forest Rolls.)

The Rev. Charles Kerry brought to notice in the Derbys Archxolog1a this important roll, which is entitled Fines, Redemp­tions, Amercements, Judgments of the Forest of Peak in the County of Derby, before Roger Lestrange and his assoc1ates. Anno 13 Ed. I, and was numbered 16 in the series of Treasury receipts in the Chapter House. It has been separated from the other rolls with another roll—a portion of the roll entitled "The rights of the Foresters, which was No. 8 in the series of the Chapter House Forest Rolls, the greater part of which was in Bag F, Roll 51, in the Duchy of Lancaster records.

Exchequer K.R. Forest proceedings B I, No. 15 (this Roll is omitted in Duchy Series, Fines, &c., of the Forest of Peak, before Roger Lestrange (13 Edward I.)

henrv mariot de Wormenhill for not coming, Ralf Cada, Ad. le Templer do., Wm. de Wolflowe, Will fil , Reginald de —, Robt. de Ashope, Henry fil Rich., Francis, Mag. John de Derby, Wm. de Chavelworth, Thos. de Buggesworth, Ad. de Couleshaw, Wm. le Wyte, Wm. Hurne, Clem. de la Ford, Jo. Brenhand, John fil Luce, Roger fil Luce, Robert fil Hy. de Sternedale.


Amercements de Vert.

mathew DE kintwich, John de Clif pro pleg , John fil Havise, Jo. de Marisco de Little Birches, Wm. Blaunchard da Hope, Herbert fil Roger de Hope, Robt. de Hordene, Rich. fil Robt. de Routonsted, Robt. de Greatrakes, Wm. de Marchinton, Wm. Hally and his companions, Foresters of Hopedale, for the price of a certain horse, the same William for a transgression, Rich. fil Havise de Castleton, Wm. Blanchard of the same, Hugo de Thorneley, Henry Undercliff of Castleton, Rich. de Rouworth, Rich. fil Aylward of Cheshire, Hugo de Thorneley, Hugo Caskyn de Bowden, Rich. de Weseby, Wm. le Gardener of Castle and Roger, Ran de Hayfield, Rich. de Worsley, Wm. Clic (?) de Hay-field, Hy. Brown de Kinder, Wm. de Baggeshawe, Wm. Blanshard de Hope, Bate fil Alice of Castleton, Rich. Millward de Bradwell, Wm. ad Fontem de ead, John fil Moll de Cliff, Robt. de Cruzer de Bathwell, Rich. Gingy de Hayfield, cleric, Robt. Whithand of Castleton, Michael fil Peter le Burtery, Rich. de Baumsted, Rich. fil Maykc de Herdwykewall, Rich. de Deneford in Padfield, Wm. Ally of Castleton, Rich. le Gardener de ead, Wm. fil Milicent de Hope, Elya de Bradwell, Batecok by the Brook of Castleton, Wm. Blaunchard de ead, Rich. de Riseley, Peter de Shatton Forester, The Vill of Castle for vert in Eydale, Wm. Rayner de Ashop, Ad. fil Lawe of Wormhill, Rich. del Hull, Luca de Foresta de Peak, Robt. de Lottingtone, Jo. de Olresete.


robt. de kintwick, Benedict de Medwe, Rad Tipeto de ead, Hy. Ingeram de ead, Hy. Cotterel de Tunsted, John de Clough, Rich. fil Thos. de Olresete, Robt. de Bosco de ead, Robt. fil Margery de Kinder, Ad. le Mouner de Hayfield, Wm. le Mouner de ead, Wm. fil Holcoc de Bouden, Rich. de Estbure meade, Henry de Forde de ead, Wm. le Horseknave de Olresete, Wm. de Cressvile, Ad. fil Rich. de Olresete, Nic de Kinder, Peter Bruwere de Shatton, Ralf Brian de ead, Rog. fil Matilde Geseling, Robt. Balgy, Roger Woodrocr dc Hope, Peter le Horc de cad,


John de Clough, El1as Serjeant of Jo. de Olresete, El1as dc Bradwell, Hugo dc Astonc, Reginald dc Boudon, Rich. de Estbury Villa de Weston, John de Whitfield, Rich. de Slac, Robt. Stanton, Wm. de.Whitfield, Henry de Notehurst John. Faber de Kinder, Robt. de Tonsted, Mich. le Burtcre, Adam le Mouner of Heyfield, Wm. del Clough, Robert Bacon, Hy. de Malkave, Ralf brother of Robert de Tunsted, Rich. de Clif de Hayfield, Roger fil Margrt. de Kinder, Robt. le Melner.Wm. Packe of Ashope, Rich. le Rich. de ead, Peter de Hollingwood, Ad de Rugge, for the price of Macremn, John de Hardwickwall, Rich. Miller of Chelmorden, Thos. dc Bradshawc, Robt de Slak, Stephen fil Arnald of Castleton, Thos. le Birchen halge, Rich. fil Rich. de la Hese, Jo. de Smallegh, Rich. de Lollington, Robt. fil Matilde de Forde, Roger de Kinder, Wm. de Strindes, Robt. de Aspenshawe, Thos. de Buckstones, Rich. le Kirkemon, Robt. de Brichrechfield (modern Brushfield), Thos. Rankelle de Hucklowe, Wm. de Cresville, Peter le Porter de Shatton, Jo. de Olresete, Thos. de Berchenehalch in Roworth, John de Cnolle de Berchenehalch, Simon his brother, Rich. de Rouworth, Rich. de Warnebroc, John de la Hawc, Thos. de Hokelowe, Emma de Astone, Robt. Wendrar, Wm. del Clough, Roger Serjeant of Wormenhill, Wm. fil Thomas dc Capella, Rich de Esbur, El1a de Marisco, Jo. Textore of Whithalge, Nich. de Warnebroke, Wm. Motun de Baumford, Robt. de Morhawe in Baumford.


Wm. de Fontc dc Bradwell, Galf fil Faber de ead, Regl. Marshall of Burgo, Peter de Shatton, Thos. Maynware of Chaddesdune, Hy. de Medwe, Rad. Stoket of Tideswell, Ralf fil Phi. of Aston, Rich. fil Thos. de Olresete, Roht. de Forde, Simon de Creswell, Wm. fil Thomas Foljambe, Robert Carpenter of Buggesworth, Robt. fil Douce of Langedene, Walter de Capella, Robt. de Whithalge, Ad. le Holreneshaw, Rich. de Rouworth, Roger de Maynwaring, Roger le Ragged de Rouworth, Adam de Mill of Harefield, Peter de Rugg, Robt. Faber de Chinleye, Adam Bullock, bail Rich. Brenhand and Jo. Faber of Hayfield, Rich. de Kinteswick, bl, Jo. de la Hawe and Wm. Faber, Rich. de Cliff, Wm. Berdc, Robt. dc Aspenshawe and Thos. Mainwaring, F


Rich. fil Agnes of Castleton, Robt. Faber of Chinley, Rd. fil Nich. de Warnebroc, Nich. fil Adam de Buggesworth, Nich Clic de Bradwell, Rad fil Hugo. de ead, El1as de ead, Adam de Hut of Wormenhill, Jo. le Wolfehunte, Wm. fil Godith de OIresete, Robt. de Bosun de ead, Rich. fil Thos. de ead, Wm Vicar of Hope, Robt. Balgy de ead, Robt. le Hore de Hope, Robt. de Lullington, Rich. de Riseley, Wm. Stirke de Wormhill, Rich. fil Havise de Castleton, Rich. Reyner of the same, Wm. le Washere, Reg. Marshall of Bargo, Rich. Hally de Astone, Wm. Smallshyne de Hayfield, Wm. fil Xp1an de Thornesete, Rich. fil Hugo do Chesseworth, Jo. Godberd de Medwe, Hy. fil Thomas Foljambe, Hy. de Hokelawe in Weston, Rich. Martin de Westone, Hy. dc Sternedale, Robert fil Alotte de Castleton, Rich. fil Agnes de ead, Ad. Brenhand of OIresete, Wm. de Strindes, Robt. de Aspensawe, Wm. de Ernesby, Wm. le Archer of Greatrakes, Wm. Coterel of Tunstede, German Picot of Castleton, Nich. fil Luce, Wm. Redmon de Heltune, Thos. de Whitehall, Thos. de Bradshawe, Wm. de Storches, Hugo de Aston, Ralf his brother, Henry de Rustone, Rad Brian de Shatton, Peter de Shatton, Forester, Nic de Kinder, Jordan de Roworth, Wm. de Longleigh, Wm. de Berde, Rich. de Shalcross, Wm. le Brewester of Hope, Roger fil Matilde Geseling de ead.


peter LE hore, Robt. Faber of Chinley, Robt. Carpenter of Buggesworth, Hugo de ead, Robert Littlebirches, Ad. Bullock of OIresete, Wm. fil Rich. Aylward, Adam de Hill de Glossop, Robt. de Clough, Jo. Bruera de Hayfield, Robt. fil Dyke of Littlebirches, Rich. de Osmundesham, Robt. le Hore de Hope, Thos. del Medwe, Wm. fil Andrew de ead, Wm. de Aspenshaw, Robt. de Lollington Rich. Brenhond, Wm. de Longlegh, Hy. le Herde de Castleton, El1as fil Letice de ead, Robt. Faber de Chinley, Hugo de Aston, Rich. Hally, Rad fil Hugo de Aston, Wm. Redmon, El1as Semblant, Rad Rug, Hy. Hally de Derwent, Dande Lodman de ead, Hy. Rayner de Castleton, El1as de Forde, Wm. fil Roger de Kinder, Jo. De Stones, Wm. fil Mar1a de Forde, Robt. Carpenter de Buggsworth, Rd. de ead, Hy. de Medwe, Rich. fil Luce de Capella, Rd. fil Sareyne de ead, Rich. de Olres, 'Thos. fil Wm. le Horse-


knave de Olresete, Thos. Maynwaring and Wm. le Ragged, and Robt. de Aspenshaw, Rich. Sharpe de Capella, Rich. fil Read, Wm Rouhond, Roger le Ragged and Roger Maynwaring, Wm. Jouderal, Thos. le Archer, John le Marsh, Mathew de Glossop, Rich. le Wainwright, Thos. de Hokelow, Jo. fil Moll de Hope, John fil Thos. de Redeshawe, Roger de Thos., Rich. Aylward of OIresete, Wm. de Bruere, Adam Primrose de Hayfield, Thos. Yrpe de Hope, Hugo Rayner de Castleton, Robt. fil Elie de Bradwell, Hugo his brother, Robt. fil Edouse de Witefield, Jo. de Legh de ead. Robt. fil Thos. de Thornhill, Hugo Hermy de ead, Rad fil Hugh de ead, Wm. fil Xpian de Thornsete, Wm. de Aspenshaw, Ad. Melnerloks de ead, Wm. fil Robt. de Chavels-worth, Wm. Faber de Kintwicks, Hy. de Malcave, Kobt. Blinde de Ashope, Wm. Francis of Castleton, Robt. le Hunt de ead, German Picot de ead, Rich. de Medwe, Bart. Hardsmith, Roger le bagged of Castleton, Rich. de K'ntswick, Thos. le Lodman of Derwent, Robt. Bakebetrad, Wm. fil Xpean de Thornsete, John de Stones of Kinder, Roger fil Amice of Castleton.


henry, vicar oF glossop, Robt. Sutore de Hope, Thos. fil Wm. de Tunsted, Wm. father of the same, Robt. le Hore of Hope, Jas. de Bosco of Kinder, Robt. fil John of Castleton, Hugo Reyner de ead, David de Clyf of Hayfield, Hy. de la Ford, Clement de ead, Wm. Sarre de Slak, Hy. le Wakrer de Gretrakes, Hugo Reyner de Castleton, Wm. Lenote de ead, Wm. de Longley Wm. Champyon de Thornsete, Wm. Gd Halcok of Bowden, El1as fil Letice of Castleton, Nic de Aston de ead, Ad. fil Thos. de ead, Walter Litelkake, Thos. le Ragged de Berde, Hugo Edemay de Capella, Roger le Ragged de Roworth, Mathew del Shawe, Thos. fil Amice de Fallentros, Wm. de Berde in Kinder, Wm. de Marchinton, Hugo de Thornley, John de Clough and Wm. de Berde, Walter of the Cemetary of Chapel, John de Paddlegh of Fairfield, Nic de Warnebroc de ead, Rich. heir of Wm. de Bockstone, Hy. de Foxiow, John del Heath, Wm. fil Rd. Pigott, Wm. de la Sale, Roger Maynwaring for the price malremir in Hoimwood, Wm. de Cresevilla, Rich fil Rich. de


Fernlegh in Horwich, Thos. fil and heir Rich. le Ragged in Berde and Wythal, Thos. de Montheved in Kinder, Nic de Kinder, John dr Stones in Kinder. Peter de Hollinwood, Jo. de Bruera, Ad. de Olrenshaw, Wm. fil Hugo de Thornlegh, Hy. fil Wafrer de Greatrakes, Rich. Miller of Row Tunsted, Wm. fil Amode de Capella in Berde, Roger de Moswood of Eccles, Rich. de Amundesham in Kynder, Ralf de Parco in Hayfield, Rich. fil Roger de Howedene in Berde and Chinley, Jo. fil Jo. dc Ormsby in Berde, Wm. tie Olresete, Wm. Wedkoks de ead, Rich. Stede in Chinley, Walter Littlekake de Olresete (bail Wm. le Horsknave and Roger le Ragged de Peak), Roger de la Bothe (Robt. Fabre dc Chinley and Roger Maynwaring), Benedict dc Rochewell in Derby in Derwent.


Hy. DE medwe, Gervase de Clifton, Wm., because when he was Sheriff of Derby he liberated Benedict de Rochewell without warrant, Wm., Abbot, dc Basingwerk in Shelf, Wm. Redmon de Eiton (Chinley and WyKield), bl. Wm. Hally and Jo Martin, 27s. 4d , Rich. le Hore of Amundesham, 26s. 8d , Ricli. fil Luce de Foresta (bl. Rich. de Esseburn and Hugo Cassebyn), 5s., Wm. Martin Orberwork, John fil Mathew de la Hawe, Thos. le Rugged of Ferneleigh in Berde, Thos. le Gratten and Wm. Marten for same, Rich. Stede and Ra'f le Lung, Wm. of the Cemetary of Chapel, Nic Clee of Bradwell, Ashope, Wm. Motun of Baumford, Kinder, Robt. le Ragged, Thos. de Gratton, in Kinder, Wm. Foljambe in Fallentriea and in Kinder, Hugo de Strallegh in Ashope, Peter de Shatton Forester in same, Wm. le Heer Forester, Robt le Horc in Hope, Simon de Cresville in Merpal, Simon de Mappercote, Wm. de Storches, Wm. Foljambe and Thos. Foljambe of Gretton, and other executors of Thos. Foljambe, vert 21s. 6d., Win. le Fox of Castleton for building a house to the injury of the forest, Galf fil Faber de Bradwell, do. (bl. Clement del Ford and Ad. fil Thos. of Castleton), Hugo de Corndon of Derby (bl. Jo. Aykons and Simon fil Wm. de Nottingham in Derby, Wm., Wm. fil Alain Coer of Marcanstone (bl. John le Bland of Mercaston and Robt. Champion de ead.)


De Vendicione.

ivone DE elington, of Co. Berks, for venison trespass in Peak Cs., and, whilst he was bailiff, freed Rich. de Edmelegh without warrant, 40.s., and Henry Brenhond, ½m.

robt. fil mathew DK kintwich (bl Hugo de Bugsworth, John de la Hawc, Simon de Rucroft, Robt. Faber of Chinley, Jo. Faber of Hayfield, and Wm. the Horseboy.

the HEIRS OF willam DE horsendene, of the County of Hereford, for freeing whilst bailiff the said Robert (bl. Asser de Prestclive and John his brother), 40s.

rich. heir oF rich. DE vernon, for liberating whilst bailiff Wm. Vicar of Hope, 40s.

rich. de shakelcross (bl. Clement de la Forde, Wm. de Marsh, Rich. de Houdene, Elie de Marchmont), 20s. hy. DE tunsted, 2s.

wm. DE burtone, of the Co. of Berks, when Serjt. at Ashford in the Peak, Cs. for venison trespass.

stephen lk wayLys de Helagh (bl. Richard Daniel, Alan de Wormhill, 1-ly. fil Roger Foljambe, John de Briinington, Hugo Caskyn, and Rad Martin, 5m.

daniel prrsbiter, of Sheffield, 40s., bl. Win. Martin and Henry Foljambe.

peter, prior oF eclesfield, for receiving venison, bl. Thos. Abbot of Welbec, Serlo dc Huntingfield, Hugo dc Stradle, Jo. de Brimiligton, Nidi. de St. Paul, Rich. da Normanville, Rich. de Bingham, £20.


henry byrun, Rector of Taneresly, bl. Thos. de Thurleby, James Byron, Kt. of the County of Lincoln, Rich. de Pilleye, Adam Puntfret, Roger de Swyntone of the County of York and James de Kilminstone of the Co. of Nottingham, 50m.

jordan indisidy, of Bradfield, Ebor, bl Jo. Peniston and Rich. de Offspring de ead, Corn. Jo. Spyre and Thos. Reyner of Corn. Cestria, and Roger Pistore of Derby, 20s.

john DE merokes, of Bradfield, bl. Robt. dc Langus, Thos. fil Hamon in Brickwasleigh, Roger his brother, and Adam de


Bethmes, Thos. fil Robt. de Whitwell and Jo. le Sutherne de Waldeshelf, 40s.

Al). fil rich. de chadelsworth frith, bl. Wm. de Langley, Robt. de Aspenshawe, Ad. de Rouworth, Roger le Ragged, and Rd. le Hattman, im.

robert parson oF almondesbury, bl. Hy. de Normanton and Maurice de Fetherstone de Corn. Ebor, 10m.

john de pknyston, bl. Rich. fil Parson of Derton, Robt. de Kettlebarthorpe, Rd. de Offspring, Joseph le Ormethwaite, Rich. Arwykerode, all of Ebor, 40s.

john lord of quenbery, bl. Oliver de Wittelegh and Wm. Meckesban, the King's Bailiff, £20.

rich FIL parson oF derton, bl. Jo. de Penistone, Robt de Ketelbarthorpe, Rich. de Offspring, Rich. de Armberode, Robt. de Leptone, and Joseph Ormenthwaite, all of York, im.

mathew lord oF offspring, bl. Wm. his son, Robt. de Stemburg, Rich. de Thurgerland, Hugo de Fleyington, Robt. de Clay, Wm. fil Elie Clic, 40s.

john lord oF schepelege, bl. Stephen le Walys, Thos. Foljainbe, Nich. de St. Paul. Rich. de Normanville, Roger de Lynacre, and Jas. Maynwaring, 40s.

rich. de offspring, bl. Jo. de Peniston, Robt. de Ketelbar­thorpe, Joidan del Hole, Joseph de Ormathwaite and Roger Pistor of Derby, 40s.

wm. bevaumond, of Wytiegh, and rich. his brother, bl. Jo. de Lcpton of Corn. Ebor, Ad. de Newsone, Robt. de Quernby, Rich. Hally de Corn. Derby, Rich. le Ragged of Castleton, and German Peket of same, 5m.

simon Foc DE carlton, bl. Simon fil Robt. the Miller and Wm. de Northbury of the County of Chester, of the fee of the Coin. Lincoln, m.

eLIas de medhope, bl. Nich. de Wortley and Hugo de Holhcck, Ebor, 10m.

nich. de wortley, bl. Hugo de Holbeck and Ad. de Cateby, 10m.

duketto de clifford, bl. Thos. le Ragged of Fernely and Andrew Panatoris, Parson of Ashbourne, im. magr. john clarel, Cs.


stephen DE bella aqua DE estle, bl. Robt. Pigot of Ecclesfield, Ad. de Ecclesfield, Guy de fad', Jo. de Penistone, Henry de Roucle. mathew DE offspring, 20s. mich. DE uppeshail, £10.

philip cap, of Medhope, bl. Alan Coci de Mercastone, Wm. fil ejusd, and Galf de Weston de cad, 40s.

john gorry, of Tekehall, Roger le Ragged, of Castleton, Ralf Hering, Ad. fil Thos. of Castleton, Elie de Brudewell, Thos. de Onesacre, and Alan de Wadshelf.

HUGO propositus, corn. de Warwick at le dike, bl. Wm. de la More of Sheffield, Rich. de Stubbele de ead, Wm. de Dykere de ead, Wm. de Thorn, Daniel Cap, and Wm. de Langley, 40s.

robert, vicar of shefpied, bl. Wm. Foljambe, Thos. de Gretton, Wm. Martin, Jo. Martin, and Thos. le Ragged de Berde, 5m.

wm. stubbe, of Halom, 40s.

thos. DE furnival, Lord of Sheffield, for many transgress­ions CC m.

john LE lethegrenes, then Sheriff of Ebor, for contempt, £10.

This roll also contains the fines for transgressions in the counties of Stafford, Cheshire and Lancashire, in which Derbyshire men are mentioned. henry byron of Clayton.


thos. fil wm. de buckstones, bl. Jo. de Paddely, Nich. fil Rd. de Stanedin.

nich. FIL wm. de ead, Roger le Rugged de Rouworth, Thos. de Buckstones, Rad. fil Reg'- de Tunsted. wm. LE bret, of Walton, hi. Jo. Byron of Clayton.


County of Derby-Fines.

rich. DE basselow, bl. Rich. Daniel and Rich. Hally, 20s.

henry moy, of Alporte, for not producing Rich. Basselowe.


robert de la green, of Rounesly, Rich. heir of Jervase de Bernakes, for liberating Gerard de Thurgerland whilst he was bailiff, 40s.

Nic. DE forde, bl. Clem de la Forde, Hugo del Clough, Reinald dc Bowden, Rich. del Medwe, Rich. de Warnebroc, and Wm. del Clough, 20s

robt. DEL slack, for not producing Nic. de Forde, 2s. robt. de bowden, Rich. de Curtis, Rich. del Clough, Rich. de Warnebroc, and Robt. fil Matilde de la Ford, all i2d. each for the same.

hrs. OF thos. foljambe, for liberating Nich. de Ford, im., and Hugo de Holm, 40s.

godfrey de ashovrr, bl. Wm. Bradwell, Galf his brother, Clement de la Forde, Rich. de Foketown, and Roger le Ragged dc Roworth, im.

benedict DE rothwell, bl. Jo. de Brocton, Galf de Coventry, Ranulf le Ferne, Ph. le Taillour, Robt. de Belhowe, and Robt. Tappe, im.

wm. FIL ravenkili., of Hocklow, bl. Hy. Coteril, Rich. de Wiseley, Rich. le Archer, and Robt. de Abbeney, ½m. robert de albenv, bl., Robt. Balgy and Wm. Hally, 20s. barth"'- hardsmith, bail, Roger le Rugged of Castleton, Wm. B1aund1ard (?) Elie fil Letice, Hugo Reynal, and Wm. le Francis, 2m

estut DE stuteville, bl. Rich. de Bradene die, Rich. de Kirkby, C s.

robt. LE wine, of Monyash, bl. Wm. Hally, Thos. de Gretton, and Wm. Longston, 20s. and l0s. john DE mersh, bl. Rich. de Olrenshaw, 4os. roger LE archer, for not producing Wm. de Stafford, whom he had bailed, ½m. Wm. de Fowlowe, Rich. de Fernielegh for same.

thos. DE whithill, for not producing Wm. de Whithill, 2s. Rich de Whithill, Wm. Carpenter of Whithill, and Wm. de Whitfield of Berdhough for the same.

thos. DE WHITEHILL, for not producing Robt. de Wynieybotham, Hy. de Sneyet, Robt. de Boter, for tlie same.

wm. de bagshawe, bl. Jo. de Smalleye, Elie de Marchinton, (Marchington) Reg'.de Bowden, Clement de la Ford, and Rich. del Clogh, 40s.



robert le archer, of Hocklow, because he did not produce Wm. Bagshaw for whom he was bail, 4od. Kich. fil Luca de Foresta the same.

roger FIL hugo DE witefield, bl. Roger le Ragged de Roworth, Wm. le Ragged of Longley, Math. de la Hawe, Rich. de Roworth, John de Bruera, and Nic le Burtere, 40s. wm. DE longley, for not producing Roger fil Hugh, 12d. adam LE rugge, of Hayfield, for the same. wm. de berdehalough, bl. Wm. le Ragged, Wm. the Horseboy, John le Grubbere, Robt. de Aspenshawe, and Nich. le Burte, ½m.

robt. DE aspenshawe, for not producing Wm. de Berdehalge. Wm. de Thornesete and Wm. Kintwich for the same.

the heirs oF thos. foljamue, for liberating Wm. de Berdehalge, ½m., and John Pread, 40s , and Peter Offspring.

hy. de medwe, for not producing Michael fil Adam de Wormhill, ½m.

hugo fil milcock de bowden, bl. Hugo Catekin and Rich. Daniel, ½m.

rad hering, Vicar, concealed Peter de Offspring. roger woodrove, bl. Rich. Martin, Wm. fil Roger Foljambe, Rad Hering, Elie de Bradwell, Ad. fil Thos. of Castleton, and Roger de Rouworth, 40s.

hy. DE medwe, bl. Thos. de Gratton, Hy. his brother, Nich. de Lenn, and Roger de Banclow, C s.

wm. foljambe, of Wormhill, bl. Wm. Martin, Wm. de Adderleigh, Robt. Campion, and Thos. de Gretton, 20m.

peter DE baumford, bl. Thos. le Ragged, Rich. de Stafford, Rich. le Archer, Robt. le Hore, John Martin, and Rad Martin, 40s.

john LE wolfhunter, of Wormhill, bl. Alan de Wormhill, Hy. Coteril de Tonstead, Wm. fil Walter de ead, Jo. de Paddeley, C s.

ad. DE st. paul, bl. Hy. Coteril, Jo. Martin, Rich. Daniel, Thos. de Gretton, Hy. de Medwe, Rich. fil Luce the Forester, 2m.


wm. martin, bl. Roger le Ragged of Castleton, Wm. fil Roger Foljambe, Rad Martin, and Jo. Martin, 5m.

nich fil adam de kinder, bl. Ad. de Buggesworth, John de Smalley, Ad. de Olrenshaw, Thos. de Bradshaw, Rich. de Roworth, 20s.

serlo, Serjeant of the Castle, bl. Rich. Stede, Wm. de Longley, Simon de Milers ?), Jo. le Geno'ber, and Hy. Moldreck, 10s.

hy. brother oF thomas foljambe, bl. John de Gretton, Wm. his brother, 2m.

thos. de gretton, bl. Roger le Ragged of Castleton and Wm brother of Thos., 40s.

peter de chavelsworth, bl. Roger le Ragged of Roworth, Jas. fil Maynwaring, and Robt. de Aspenshawe, l0s.


The Regard.

Various persons were fined for injury to the woods, some during the Forestership of Ralf le Lung, who was in consequence fined ½m., bl. Wm. de Ernesby and Rich. Stede.

rich. robelot, of Tideswcll, fined for several transgressions, bail Jo. Daniel and Richard Daniel.

rich. de baggeshaw, the same, bl. Wm. le Archer and Rad Martin.

rich. stede, who was a Forester during the same period was also fined, bl. Hugo fil Rich. de Tideswell and Alan de Wormhill,

robert le melner, Forester, was fined £10,, bl. Roger le Ragged de Roworth, Roger le Ragged of Castleton, Roger Woodrove, Rich. de Esbury, Rad de Tunsted, Elie de Bradwell, Rich. fil Luce de Forest, Robt. Balgy, Henry fil Roger Foljambe, Jo. Martin, Alan de Aula, Rad Martin, and Thos. de Buckstones.

thos. learcher, fine 2m. for himself, and 30s. for the trans, gressions of his deputy (sub-forester). Thos. le Ragged, of Berde-the same.

Hv. DE medwe, James Mainwaring, Robt. Balgy, Ad, Oumfrey, Peter de Shatton, Peter le Hore, Roger Wodrove, Wm. le Eyre, Thomas de Gretton, all foresters, were fined in the same way.

The heirs of Thomas Foljambe, already fined several times, were again fined, and Ad. de Olerenshawe. The heirs of Wm. de Horsenden, whilst Bailiff, were fined .£10, and for two forges for iron, 4½m. So was Rich. de Bingham, heir of Rad Bugg; Rich. de Bernakes. heir of Gervase de Bernakes, Thos. le Ragged, of Berd, heir of Rich. le Ragged.

thos. DE gretton, wm. Foljambe, Hy. de Medwe, Peter Shatton, Robt. de Hausted, Robt. Balgy, Robt. Bozon, Thos. le Archer, Henry Medwe (again), Thos. fil Thos. Foljambe, Wm. Hally, Peter le Hore, Wm. le Eyre, Roger Wodrove, Nich. de Babingly. Thos. de Gretton, Thos. le Ragged de Ferneley, Cecilia Foljambe, were all fined for abusing their rights of pasturage. Mathew de Kintwich, Robt. de Melner, Matilde de Whitefield, for cropping the land. Ralf de Corner and Gilbert de Lizors and others were fined for taking fines improperly.

That these fines were realities and had to be paid is evidenced by the fact that so many of the misdemeanants were practically bankrupt, no doubt ruined through the imposition. There is a statement occasionally in the rolls of certain persons being par­doned or excused payment, as, for instance, in 1340, John de la Hide, Wm. his brother, Peter de Wetenhale, Rich. de Broomhall, Robert de Ashton, and John de Pickford were severally pardoned by the King in consideration of their good services beyond the seas, and no doubt amongst the favoured ones many escaped punishment, but this long roll of fines is a sad story of wrong doing and retribution.




Formerly F 55 (6) now 1/13 Duchy of Lancaster.

Copy from the Inq. ad quos damnum. (II Ed. II).

List of the Officials of the Forest.
Walter Waldeshelf, Chief Steward.
Foresters of Langenedale.

Thos. son of Thos. le Ragged, Roger de Milner, Richard le Ragged of Chisworth, Richard Brome.


Thos. Foljambe, Richard Daniel, Richard le Archer, Nicolas Foljambe, Adam Goumfrey.

Hope Dale.

Wm. Halley, Peter de Shatton, Robt. dc Heire, Nicolas Baggeshawe.


Philip ac Stredleigh, Wm. de Gratton, Robt. le Ragged, Wm. del Hage.



Richard de Paddeleghe, John de Smaleleghes, Robt. del Clough, Robt. de Wardelowe, Rich. de Buckstones, Alan del Halle, Benedict de Shalcross, John Browne, Robt. de Bagshawe, Ralf fil Nicolas.


Wm. de Stafford, Hugh de Bredbury, Rich. del Clough, Wm. le Ragged of Rouworth, Richard de Baggeshaughe, Geoffrey Smithson, Wm. at the Churchyard, Robt. le Taillour, John fil Tele, John de Chinley, Nicolas de la Ford. Thos. Martyn.


The King had a waste in fairfield which contained 1500a.; The King may claim 500a., and every acre is worth 2s. admission, and 6d. Yearly rent.
In Langendale the King has a waste called maynestonkFlELD, of which he may claim 100a., each acre wortli 12d. admission, and 4d. rent.

has besides 100a. in divers places, of which 53 were rented at the last pleas of the Forest by license of the Bailiffs without warrant.

In Compana The King has 24 acres of waste also let out by the Bailiffs.

(F 55 P.R 0.) now 1/14 duchv oF lancaster, 12 Ed. II, a paper copy. (A copy is at the British Museum, Addl. Ms. No. 6,689, fo. 13.)

Commission directed to Hugo de Burgh, Thos. Foljambe and Walter Waldeshelf.

Philip de Say and John de Thwaith reported many wastes in the Peak : 5a. of waste in Fairfield, 100a. in Maynstonelield, 67a. in Langendale. John Daniel and his heir, 200a. at 2d. per acre,


wormhill inquest—

John Thwrait 100a., John de Lutrington 200a., John Daniel 200a. by virtue of an assignment of Walter de Waldeshelf and John Thweith.


Peter de Shelton (? Shatton), Richard le Archer, Nicolas Foljambe, Adam Gomfrey, Thos. le Ragged, Rich. Browne, Forester, Philip de Strelly, Robert le Ragged, Wm. del Hugh.


Benedict de Shalcross, Robt. de Birley, Robt. de Gaggishaw (? Baggishaw), Ralf fil Nic de Tideswell.


Rich. Foljambe, Hugo de Birchele, John le Archer, Oliver de Bamford, Wm. de Stafford, Wm. fil Alex. de North Leghes, Nic Caskyn, Mathew de Dubbedonchief, Henry de Eyum, Robt. Brown, Thos. del Clough, Jurors from the neighbouring parts (fnrinsicnrum de partibus vicinis juratores).




Duchy of Lancaster Court Rolls, No. 1914, B 128, P.R 0.

Turnus of the same; John Cokayne, Cap. Senescal, held at Tyddeswall die Jovis St. Peter ad viclam, Anno 22 Richard II.

Jury—Rich. del Berde, Wm. de Stafford, Wm. de Clayton, Hy. de Thorhath, Wm. de Mellor, Hugo Halle, Hy. Buckstons, Roger de Roworth, Ranulf de Hyde, Jo. de Shalcrosse, Jo. Warde, junr., and Rich. del Hall.

Concerning lands of the Abbey of Basingwerk in Chisworth, Glossop, Gt. Hochlow. Lands of Abbey of Lilleshill.

,, „ ,, of Lenton.

John de Sale, Bothman of Eydale, cut down wood there and carried it to Nich. de Hokelow for repairing houses of Nic de Burton, and received of Wm. Mellor and Roger his brother, 2m. for wood. Kalf de Staveley [this was originally written Staneley and altered to v in a blacker ink], farmer, of Chinley, and Wm. le Hulme, farmer, of Coombs and le Clyf.

Inq. by the oath of Roger de Thornhill, John de Chorlegh, John de Baggeshawe, Walter del Kirke, Jo. Garleck, Thos. Hopkinson, Thos. le Dycher, Ad, le Smith, Hy. fil Hugo de Blackwell, Thos. Curteys, Wm. Jousin, Roger White, Nic de Burton, John de Sale, Thos. de Paldene, John de Woddhouse,


and Thos. de Stanfield. Presented, that Thos. Simpkinson in­cluded waste at Whithalge Brigg, and Thos. de Paldin put a were in Rydalc.


By the oath of Robt Heyre, Robt. Wodrove, Wm. Woderowe, VVm. de Abney, Thos. del Clough, Wm. del Halle, John del Hall, John Lavoc, Jo. de Hegham, Wm, de Bagshawe, Robt. de Millur, Jo. del Bower, John del Hall, Thos. de Hollyngworth. Rich. del Ferne, Wm. \Voodward, and Hy. Joys, present that—

John fil Win. de Castleton and Thos. fil Alice of Padley, took a stag.

John fil Edmund de Worth and Thos. fil Alice of Padley took a stag.

Jas. de Comberworth and Thos. fil Alice of Padley took a stag. Hy. Wynge and Thos. fil Alice of Padley took a stag. Arthur de Carrington took a stag at Eydale (21 of the King), Rich. de Pickford and Rich. Legge, Adam Saunders and Robt. Thomason de Derwent, John fil Robt. de Newton of the County of Chester.

Venison Trespassers.

John Taylor Cap and Robt. de Hattersly,(Hattersley) Wm. de Ashop, Roger Kut, Jo. Chinley, Thos. Tymkinson de Mellor, Judd le Couper, John Dykson, hi. Wm. Ormc and Jo. Wardelow, Robt. de Mellur, Win. de Baggeshawe, came gratis and sought satisfaction fee himself for cutting a stub in Chinley, bl. Robt. Mellor.

Wm. Rawlinson, bl. Roger le Hayfield, Hy. Joye, bl. Wm. Raggc, John del Berde, John Dene, Vicar of Hope, bl. Rich. Wernehall.

Forest of Langendale.

St. Luke Evan., 21 Rich. II. Wm. Dykson.

Thos. de Wolfshaw felled an oak in Berdewood, John de Staneley ditto in le Shelf, Wills. Robinson, Jackson ditto in Thornsetwood,


Adam Oliver, Hugo de Bradbury, Jo. de Chincley, Roht. de Middleton, John de Castleton.

Hy. Wynge, Hugo Holynworth, Hy. Hasop, Jo. HI Hugo de Worseley, Thos. del Hek., Wm. Ill Hy. le Potter, Jo. Ill Hy. Watkyn, Ranulf de Syngiilton of Mottram (in fee of Joseph Wallhed) with hounds, at Asliope, entered the forest and took a doe.

Thos. do Holyngwork to keep the peace v. Benedict Oliver, bl. Wm. Stafford and Walter del Kyrke. Hugo de Bredbury felled an oak in Thornside bank.





(Date approximately between 13 Hy. IV and 10 Hy. VI.) (See Hrs. of Robt. Plompton.)

Duchy Rent Roll. Belvoir Castle Records, p. 187—265

Extracted by Arthur Carrington, Esq., J.P., Langdale House, Bedford.
(50) a long paper roll 6 inches wide, the first part is torn off, it is apparently a list of Crown rents, the amounts generally are small sums. (Qy. Hy. VII or Hy. VIII according to Mr. Carrington.)

Henry Boxton. y. 6d., William Boxton, gd., Robert Letton, 3s. 3d., Ric. Blackewall, is. 6¼d., John Schalcrosse for Flagge, 14s., Rauffe Meyr, Roger Sheldon, Richard Monyasshe, John Meyr, Willam Goodhyne, Thomas Kowts, Rauffe Was, heirs oF robert pLumton, 11d. (see Wm. living 10 Hy. VI, see Robert living 13 Hy. IV, vol. I, p. 484), Roger Vernon, 585. 4d., Hy. Dauken of Chelmorten, 11d.


Richard Dickcn.


Robert Savage, 30s. 4d.



Thomas Alen, 6s. ad. John Bargh, 3s. 7d.

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