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Living Voices The New American bibliography

The New American bibliography


The Journal of Finn Reardon: A Newsie

Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Dreaming of America: an Ellis Island Story

A Picnic in October

Eve Bunting
Molly’s Pilgrim

Barbara Cohen

Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain: An Angel Island Story

Katrina Currier

Nory Ryan's song

Maggie’s Door

Patricia Reilly Giff
Joshua’s Song

Joan Hiatt Harlow

Katie's wish

Barbara Hazen

When Jessie Came Across the Sea

Amy Hest

Milly Lee
An Ellis Island Christmas

Maxinne Leighton

Watch the Stars Come Out

Riki Levinson

A Piece of Home

Sonia Levitin

The Locket: Surviving the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Suzanne Lieurance

My Name is Not Gussie

Mikki Machlin

In America

Marissa Moss

The Keeping Quilt

Patricia Polacco

The Hand-me-down Horse

Marion Pomeranc

The Dream Jar

Bonnie Pryor

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

Kathryn Reiss

Grandmother and the Runaway Shadow

Liz Rosenberg

Maggie’s Amerikay

Barbara Russell

Annushka’s Voyage

Edith Tabescu

The memory coat

Elvira Woodruff

The Dragon’s Child

Laurence Yep

Naming Liberty

Jane Yolen

One-Way to Ansonia

Judie Angell

Ashes of Roses

Mary Jane Auch

A Coal Miner’s Bride: the Diary of Anetka Kaminska

Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Dvora’s Journey

Marge Blaine

SOS Titanic

Eve Bunting

Fields of Home

Under the Hawthorn Tree

Wildflower Girl

Marita Conlon-McKenna


Jacqueline Davies

So Far From Home: the Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill Girl

Barry Denenberg

Nell Dunne, Ellis Island, 1904

Kathleen Duey


Adele Geras

Bridge to America

Linda Glaser

Fire!: the beginnings of the labor movement

Barbara Goldin


Margaret Peterson Haddix

Letters from Rifka

Karen Hesse

Tatiana Comes to America

Joan Holub

Hear My Sorrow: the Diary of Angela Denoto, a Shirtwaist Worker

Deborah Hopkinson

Dear Emma

Faraway Summer

Johanna Hurwitz
An American Spring

Broken Song

Dreams in the Golden Country: the Diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish Immigrant Girl

Home at Last

Hope in my Heart

The Night Journey

Katherine Lasky
The Store that Mama Built

Robert Lehrman

Fire at the Triangle Factory

Holly Littlefield

The King of Mulberry Street

Donna Jo Napoli

The Cat Who Escaped From Steerage

Evelyn Mayerson

Waiting for Mama

Marietta Moskin

Hannah’s Journal: the story of an immigrant girl

Marissa Moss

Zayda was a Cowboy

June Levitt Nislick

Land of Hope

Land of Promise

Land of Dreams

Joan Lowery Nixon

Fiona McGilray's story: a voyage from Ireland in 1849

Clare Pastore

Bread and Roses, Too

Katherine Paterson

Greener Grass

Wild Geese

Caroline Pignat
Streets of Gold

Marie Raphael

Sarah, also Known as Hannah

Lillian Ross

The Passage

Norah Perez

Annie Quinn in America

Mical Schneider

Jesse’s Star

Ellen Schwartz

Good-bye to the Trees

Vicky Shiefman


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Betty Smith
Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady

Ellen Emerson White

How I survived the Irish famine: the journal of Mary O'Flynn

Laura Wilson

Counting on Grace

Elizabeth Winthrop

The Orphan of Ellis Island: a time-travel adventure

Elvira Woodruff


Until We Reach Home

Lynn Austin

Amy Bloom

Threads and Flames

Esther Friesner


Morgan Llewellyn

Gone to Amerikay (graphic novel)

Derek McCulloch

Star of the Sea

Joseph O’Connor


Katharine Weber

Up from Orchard Street

Eleanor Widmer

Bread Givers

How I Found America: Collected Stories

Anzia Yezierska



Ellis Island: Coming to the Land of Liberty

Tenement: Immigrant Life on the Lower East Side

Raymond Bial
Ellis Island. Gateway to the New World

Leonard Everett Fisher

Immigrant kids

Russell Freedman

Factory Girl

Barbara Greenwood

I was Dreaming to come to America

Veronica Lawlor

…if your name was changed at Ellis Island

Ellen Levine

At Ellis Island: A History in Many Voices

Louise Peacock

You wouldn’t want to sail on an Irish Famine Ship!

Jim Pipe
Ellis Island: A True Book

Patricia Ryon Quiri
Ellis Island

Catherine Reef

Island of Hope

Martin Sandler

Sam Ellis's Island

Beatrice Siegel

Listen to Us: The World’s Working Children

Jane Springer

Ellis Island

Conrad Stein

Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Voices

Gwenyth Swain

Immigrant Children

Sylvia Whitman

Island of Hope, Island of Tears: The Story of Those Who Entered the New World through Ellis Island-In Their Own Words

David M. Brownstone

The Irish-American experience

Seamus Cavan

Ellis Island Interviews: In Their Own Words

Peter M. Coan

American Immigration: A Student Companion

Roger Daniels

The Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of 1911

Gina DeAngelis

At the Edge of a Dream: The Story of Jewish Immigrants on New York’s Lower East Side 1880-1920

Lawrence Epstein

First Crossings: stories about teen immigrants

Donald Gallo

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (American Workers series)

Donna Getzinger

History of American Immigration

Peter Hammerschmidt

America's immigrants; adventures in eyewitness history

Rhoda Hoff

The German American Family Album

The Italian American Family Album

The Irish American Family Album

The Jewish American Family Album

We Are Americans

Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler

Shutting Out the Sky: Life in the Tenements of New York 1880-1924

Deborah Hopkinson

Ellis Island: a primary source history of an immigrant's arrival in America

Gillian Houghton

Ellis Island: new hope in a new land

William Jay Jacobs

The Century for Young People

Peter Jennings & Todd Brewster

Ellis Island: doorway to freedom

Steven Kroll

Flesh & Blood so Cheap: The Triangle Fire and Its Legacy

Albert Marrin

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Its Legacy of Labor Rights

Katie Marsico

Irish Immigrants, 1840-1920

Megan O'Hara

Life on Ellis Island

Renee Rebman

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Landmark Events in American History

Adam Schaefer

The Triangle factory fire

Victoria Sherrow

A Nation of Immigrants

Paul Robert Walker

A Multicultural Portrait of Labor in America

Judith Woodburn

The People Speak: Dramatic Readings Celebrating the Enduring Spirit of Dissent

Howard Zinn


Black Potatoes

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
In Search of Liberty: The Story of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

James B. Bell

Ellis Island: a pictorial history

Barbara Benton

American Passage: The History of Ellis Island

Vincent Cannato

Ellis Island: an illustrated history of the Immigrant Experience

Ivan Chermayeff, Fred Wasserman and Mary Shapiro

“They Take Our Jobs!” and 20 other myths about immigration

Aviva Chomsky

1916: The Easter Rising

Tim Pat Coogan

In the Shadow of Liberty: The Chronicle of Ellis Island

Edward Corsi

Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life

Roger Daniels

Immigrant Voices

Thomas Dublin

Ellis Island

Thomas Dunne

Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure

Nan Enstad

Ellis Island: gateway to the New World

Leonard Everett Fisher

Out of the Lion’s Paw: Ireland wins her freedom

Constantine FitzGibbon

Paddy’s Lament: Ireland 1846-1847, prelude to hatred

Thomas Michael Gallagher

Daughters of the Shtetl

Susan Glenn

The Great Migrations: 1880's-1912

William Loren Katz

The Graves are Walking: The Great Famine and the Saga of the Irish People

John Kelly

The American Irish: A History

Kevin Kenny

Ellis Island: Gateway to the American Dream

Pamela Kilian

You must remember this: an oral history of Manhattan from the 1890's to World War II

Jeff Kisseloff

The Famine Ships: the Irish exodus to America

Edward Laxton

We Are the People: Voices from the Other Side of American History

Nathaniel May and Clint Willis, editors

All Standing: The Remarkable Story of the Jeanie Johnston, the Legendary Irish Famine Ship

Kathryn Miles

Emigrants and Exiles

Out of Ireland: the story of the Irish emigration to America

Kerby Miller
American mosaic: the immigrant experience in the words of those who lived it

Joan Morrison & Charlotte Fox Zabusky

Strangers at the Door: Ellis Island, Castle Garden and the Great Migration to America

Ann Novotny

Keepers of the Gate: A History of Ellis Island

Thomas M. Pitkin

To the Golden Door

George Potter

Shores of Refuge

Ronald Sanders

A Time for Building: The Third Migration 1880-1920

Gerald Sorin

The Triangle Fire

Leon Stein

A Larger Memory: A History of our Diversity, with Voices

A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America

Ronald Takaki
Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

David von Drehle

Enter the Irish American

Edward Watkin

We Were There: The Story of Working Women in America

Barbara Mayer Wetheimer

Voices of a People’s History of the United States

Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove


Ellis Island (A&E Home Video series)

Forgotten Ellis Island: The Extraordinary Story America’s Immigrant Hospital

American Experience: Triangle Fire (PBS)

Out of Ireland


The Legend of 1900

Island of Hope–Island of Tears

Remembering Ellis Island, Everyman’s Monument

Ellis Island: Gateway to America

Hester Street

America, America

A Night to Remember



A Century of Women

The Yiddisher Boy

A Child of the Ghetto

Hungry Hearts

His People

The Jazz Singer

An American Tail

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

America, Episode 9: “The Huddled Masses” (PBS series)

Ellis Island Online
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation

History.Com: Ellis Island
Ellis Island Oral History Program
Internet Modern History Source Book - US Immigration
Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Selected Images of Ellis Island and Immigration, ca. 1880-1920
Women and Social Movements in the United States
History Learning Site: Ireland 1848 to 1922
Observations of Life in Lower Manhattan at the Turn of the Century

Ellis Island Immigrants
The National Park Service: Ellis Island
Library of Congress: Immigration (for teachers)
Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today
Forgotten Ellis Island: The Extraordinary Story of America’s Immigrant Hospital
How the Other Half Lives: Hypertext version of Jacob A. Riis’s book with illustrations.
The Triangle Factory Fire
American Experience: Triangle Fire
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Trial
Occupational Health & Safety Administration: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition
Ancestors in the Americas: Asian American History Timeline
Angel Island
Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
The Journey from Gold Mountain: the Asian American Experience (JACL)
Library of Congress Primary Source Sets

Anti-Defamation League: A World of Difference Institute Anti-Bias Education & Diversity Training
Facing History and Ourselves
American Civil Liberties Union
History Matters

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