Fifth Grade Summer Reading Assignment The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

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Fifth Grade Summer Reading Assignment

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
After reading the award winning book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, complete any three of the assignments below. Please bring your book and all of your assignments on the first day of school, August 18th. Be prepared to share two of your creations with classmates in small groups, and present the remaining project to the whole class for all to enjoy. Your presentation to the class should take no more than 3 minutes and can be shorter. Be sure to come to class well prepared, and enjoy Edward’s miraculous journey!
Complete 3 of the following activities. Your parents may offer suggestions and may help with editing your writing. However, the actual work must be done by you. You may use technology if you want—type your essays, make a power point, create a video—whatever fits the activity you choose. However, the use of technology is not mandatory. Your finished product should be neat, detailed, and show that you thoroughly read and understand the book. You should be proud of your finished product!

  1. Edward is repeatedly lost by those who love him. Have you ever lost something you treasured? How did you deal with it? Write an essay about what happened to it, and to you as a consequence, and draw a picture of it.

  2. Design a new cover for the book. Be sure to include the title, author’s name, and the name of the illustrator—YOU!

  3. How do you think Lawrence and Nellie found out that Edward is gone, and how might they have reacted? Write a new chapter describing what you think might have happened between Lolly and her parents after Edward disappeared.
  4. Think about some of the events and experiences that have shaped your life or changed you. Write about one of these events and how it shaped or affected you.

  5. Bagram Ibatoulline created many beautiful illustrations and paintings that helped the reader better visualize and understand the scenes, characters, and events. The caption for each illustration actually was a quote from the book about that event. What other scene would you like to have seen illustrated? Select one scene or image from the story and draw or paint your vision of it. Write the corresponding caption from the text.

  6. This story takes place about 100 years ago. Many changes have taken place in our world these past 100 years. Interview one of the oldest people you know—a great grandparent, a neighbor, someone at church, for example. Make a list of at least 10 questions to ask, one of which must be, “What was your favorite toy when you were a child?” Include other questions that allow the person to reminisce about his/her life as a child, and about the changes that have taken place. Be sure to write down your ten questions, along with the person’s answers. Tell the person’s name, what relationship you have with that person (grandma, neighbor, etc.), any background information about them that would be interesting to know, and if it is appropriate please include their age. (It’s not polite to ask an adult their age. It would be interesting to know, but only include their age if you already know it and they approve of you including it.)
  7. Throughout his journey, Edward met many friends that became family to him. But sadly, they were taken away from him. However, there was always one thing that never vanished from his life…the beautiful stars in the sky. On a clear night, go outside and view the same stars that brought Edward comfort and hope. You will want to first reference a summer star chart of the northern and western hemispheres, then try to locate several constellations. Or try a great app for your tablet or phone, available free at the App Store. It’s called Skyview and it’s pretty cool--check it out! Sketch or make a model of at least 3 constellations you identified. (Feel free to be creative!) Research to provide several facts and details about each constellation.

  8. Bryce brought Edward to Memphis and played the harmonica on the streets as he made Edward dance. Have you ever watched any of the street performers at Mallory Square? If you could perform something on the streets for some extra money, what might you do? Practice, practice, practice and come to school prepared to perform for your classmates! You may actually do this by yourself, or you may get together with someone in our class and complete this assignment together.

  9. Throughout the story Edward experienced many feelings and emotions. Make a chart, design a power point, or create something unique that includes at least 6 of his emotions. With each emotion, tell what happened that lead to this emotion. Be sure to come up with more powerful words than “happy” or “sad.”

  10. Kate DiCamillo wrote this book from the point of view of Edward Tulane. We know his innermost thoughts and feelings. Imagine that your favorite stuffed animal, doll or figurine, or perhaps your beloved family pet, is able to think and feel. Write a story or take them on a journey, written from their point of view.

  11. Create a song that Bull might have sung about Edward. Include at least 3 verses and a chorus and make sure it relates to the story. Set the words to a familiar tune, or make up your own tune! Can you sing it for us, or show us a video of you and your friends or family performing it?

  12. Make up your own activity! Be creative! Have fun!


Kate DiCamillo’s wrote other award winning books, such as Because of Winn Dixie, The Tale of Despereaux, and The Tiger Rising. Read one of these books and make a Venn diagram to compare and contrast it with The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. For full credit, you must have several details that compare and contrast various elements of the story such as the setting, the characters, the plot, the mood, the author’s purpose, the author’s writing style.

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