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Final Fantasy Dynasty Prelude
Back Story By Akwende


In the beginning three goddesses decided to create all that humanity can consider existence. They created heavens, worlds, and all things and creatures. However it was static existence. No creature could do anything since they had no way to see the world. So the first goddess created light, which streamed across the universe illuminating all. Everyone was happy, but as the light increased it became blinding and everything called out in pain. The second goddess, saw this and quickly created darkness. This soothing calm mixed with the light creating an equal balance of each. However while initially light and dark were equal, each wanted to gain dominance. This caused strife throughout the universe. The third goddess saw this and thought for a long while, and in the end created hope to help the people keep the balance. And so every 2000 years the balance of light and dark is broken and there is a conflict, with hope helping those who fight to end the conflict.


The conflict between Light and Dark is not a conflict between good and evil. Light is not always good and Dark is not always bad. Dark is based in with nature. Dark is cool, it can encompass both good and evil. Light is the abandonment of nature and the reliance on intellectual thought. The opposite is Dark, which is instinctual. A clear understanding of this can be seen in types of magic. Dark magic relies on the instinctual action of attacking. Light relies on the intellectual action of healing and protecting. Light is embodied in the advance of science. This can be seen as good if this advance bettering people and protecting them from the natural enemies. However it can become corrupt as the development of science works against the people as seen in FF6 and FF7. Understanding this concept of the difference of Light and Dark with Good and Evil is crucial to understand this Final Fantasy.


Light- Intellectual Thought and Science

Dark- Magic and Nature
Apects of-

Light- Good- crystals, heal,

Bad- Corruption, science destroy soul, Magitek

Dark- Good- magic, nature, planet

Bad- creatures, monsters

Time Line of the past Final Fantasies(Relative to now)-

Years Ago Final Fantasy

14000 FF1-Light return crystals

12000 FF2- Dark

10000 FF3- Light return crystals

8000 FF4- Light protect crystals from Dark

6000 FF5- Light save crystals

4000 FF6- Dark defeat Magitek

2000 FF7- Dark defeat Shinra
Time Line of the World

Beginning of Time- Three goddesses

Goddess1) Created light, good

Goddess2) Light blinding, created darkness, good

Goddess3) Light and Dark could not coexist peaceable so created hope

*Note all years are off by 437 years for example the first entry was 19,563 years ago*

Ancient History

20,000*Years Ago: Aleri created crystals to amplify light. First great age began.

19,000 :Magic discovered.

14,000 :First Light Dark conflict- Light won

12,000 :Second Light Dark conflict- Light won, but destruction ended First Great Age

10,000 :Third Light Dark conflict- Light won, crystals saved,

8,000 :Forth Light Dark conflict- Party of Light consisting of Cecil and Kain others saved Crystals, Moon left orbit, Beginning Second Great Age

6,000 :Fifth Light Dark conflict- Light won but crystals destroyed. Good aspect of light weakened.

4,000 :Sixth Light Dark conflict- Dark force of Terra, Lock, Edgar, Saben, and others defeat Magitek and the Empire, End of Second Great Age

2300 :Formation of Shinra Corporation- Beginning Third Great Age

2000 :Last Light Dark conflict- Dark force of Cloud, Barret, Aeris, and Tifa defeat Shinra corporation. End Third Great Age.

Following Is Recent History

1550 years ago formation of Formation of Republic of Justice Beginning Age of Enlightenment, First Chancellor Barret

1523 years ago formation of Guardians of Light; first order of mages since Second Great Age, First High Mage Tarlot. Tarlot latter marries Marlene daughter of Barret
1505 years ago discovery of Lord of Chaos evil menace bent on world domination
1496 years ago Dire War forces of RoJ and LoC battle. LoC winning until intervention by GoL. Republic of Justice becomes Republic of Light and Tarlot becomes 4th Chancellor
1485 years ago Son of Tarlot and Marlene, Riker suffers years of bitterness between him and his father who will not accept him and convince that he is not his son. Tarlot goes mad, and executes Marlene. Riker forms underground movement and dug up information about inhumane tests ordered by Tarlot on mages to extract magic from them and change it in to materia. Upon revealing this to the public Tarlot kills himself and the Republic of Light crumbles. End of Age of Enlightenment.
1265 Warlord Bristol, a military genius conquers entire world and forms Bristania. Reckless and cruel, but luckily killed in battle and wise son Elisor takes rule. Reforms Guardians of Light.

1221 Bristania split for the two sons of Elisor, Ulisabi and Britar. Ulisabi is greedy and forms great army to conquer Britar's empire. Britar forms alliance with the beast army lead by Nanaki the Venerable(Red VIII). Ulisabi is killed and Britar gives his land to Nanaki.

955 The Great Quake, lasting over four months straight, entire planet surface changed,65% population died. Beginning of Time of Despair
734 Padoch descendent of Lock found last ancient weapon Sapphire Weapon. Tries to take over world. Would have if not stopped by creature named Cait Sith. He self-destructed his suit destroying both him self and Padoch.
612 Armoni Corporation finds ancient technology and starts mining Mako energy but all mines and every member of corporation destroyed by unknown group.
412 years ago Bahamut space dragon attacks. Unknown fleet of air ships destroy dragon and reveal themselves to be the Guardians of Light Which had laid hidden for over 800 years. End of Time of Despair
390 years ago Illuminati Organization formed by GoL find way to safely convert heat energy into Mako energy. Technology boom because of Mako energy. Beginning of Age of Wonder
384 years ago scientist Reim Heinburger discovers the relation ship between magic, ancients, materia, and Mako energy. This leads to the ability of IO to created each of them. Soon a growing amount of persons have magical power.

279 years ago, a group of power hunger Mako infused mages try to take over IO there leader is Palom, a mage that was fond frozen in the arctic from 7000 years ago. The group of mages is defeated and magic is outlawed. All persons that received an infusion of magic or Mako is rounded up and it is removed. Any one resisting disappears.

265 years ago IO takes direct control of planet to ease in multi-continental development of its corporation. This leads to a lowing of prices, so humanity is willing to allow it.
158 years ago large army of monsters and other beasts attack IO capital city Praxis. Defeated by robotic army. In following years, monsters and other beasts grow more common. All settlements are attacked. IO can't keep up the repair of all towns and they quickly decay from the technological to the more primitive. Only Praxis remains as a technological city. End of the Age of Wonder
120 Years ago IO systematically destroys all text containing information on magic and materia.
67 years ago IO claim to have found cure for immortality. Also the first rocket- StarLight I circles the planet 6 times before burning up during reentry.
53 years ago. Communication with the Settlement of Millard on the micro continent of Principe is destroyed, presumable by creature forces, further attempts to land on the island fail is fatal attacks.
29 years ago. Praxis is attacked by superior forces that are immune to the robotic attacks. Praxis is saved by a group of magic users that had remained hidden. The IO imprisoned the mages due to the laws and their magic is transferred into machines so that the robotic army will be able to deal with attackers that are immune to the non-magical attacks. Many angered by this action but no talk of rebellion is heard.

27 years ago. While repairing Praxis, ruins are found under her of a city called Midgar. Also StarLight IX photographs large object approaching planet. Object is calculated to enter orbit rather than crash into the planet. It was projected to enter orbit in 28 years. Gravitaional effects of object on planet are unknown however tides are acpected to increase.

21 years ago, First annual Chocobo intercontinental race is held. The winner is Pez Armando. Armando is later arrested because he had infused his Chocobo with magic that let it cast haste on itself constantly.
15 years ago end of 50 years policy of magic draining of children who were born with natural magical ability. The number of special children now is so low that only 1 in 2x10^9 has any magical ability. Since the global population is only 1x10^4 there is vitually no chance of magic being developed.
8 years ago 6th Jetship fleet is lost over Principe. IO declare it a restricted area and all persons attempting to enter or anything leaving will be fired upon by perimeter defenses.
5 years ago IO announced that a medicine would increase the average age of the population by 50 years. While this claim was true, the medicine,UD179a was also very addictive and in a short while the population was under direct control by IO officials. The only effected the people of Praxis and the upperclass since the lower class of most cities could not ever afford the medicine.
1 year ago. 50,000 gill reward for slaying of monster attacking Erihs. Three ex-long rangers, recently released from service begin their journey to Erihs to inquire upon the job.

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