Final Project Due: Thursday, June 5th

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Element Baby Book

Final Project Due: Thursday, June 5th

In this project you will adopt an element from the periodic table. The element that you choose must have an atomic number from 1 – 20; 31-38. As a proud parent of your element you will create a baby book to remember each stage of your element’s life.

This project will count as one summative assessment grade in science.
Sources of Information:

  • Websites

  • The periodic table you were given in class will give you some information.

  • You will create the book in class. I will provide construction paper, printer paper, markers, colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks. You may bring in any other materials, however, they must be in class on Friday.

  • Most of your book will be hand drawn. There are a couple of pictures you may print while we are in the library. They are listed on the research page and underlined below.

  • Each page must have a page number at the bottom except the front and back cover. Each page must have titles for the information listed which are below each category and in bold. Each page must have a title at the top of the page which are below in capital letters. Front and Back cover do not need titles.

Requirements: (Check each one as you complete it.)


Name of element
Picture of the element (everyday use)
Your Name

Decorated and Colorful


Your Class Period

Name of element (English and Latin (if appropriate))

Nickname of element (Symbol)

Birth date (date element was discovered)

Birth weight (atomic mass)

Birth height (atomic number)

Race (type of element (metal, non-metal, metalloid))

Attending physician (Discoverer)

Gender (state of matter at room temperature)

Place of birth (country of discovery)

Personality (boiling point & melting point)

Address (Period – Group Number (space) Group Name)

Signature of Parent (that’s you!)

_____Page 2 BABY PICTURE
Create a picture of a baby

Make sure your baby also has a body!

The baby needs to have a drawing of your element’s atomic structure on their shirt (use your handout for help)

Be sure to label your element and list its protons, neutrons & electrons in the correct amounts.

_____Page 3 FAMILY TREE

Family Name – Family/Group Name

Siblings – (Brothers, Sisters) Names of other elements in that family/group

Family Portrait – (like page 2) of each element in the family

_____Page 4 WHEN I GROW UP
In a paragraph of 8 sentences or more, explain the following:

    • Career choice (what is your element going to be used for)

    • A picture of the career (use a different picture then the one used for the cover)

    • Explain it in the 1st person

Create a story, poem or song about your element’s life.

It may be funny and should be appropriate but MUST be applicable to your elements uses or behaviors.

It must contain at least 5-8 sentences (for the story) or 5- 8 lines (for the poem or song).

Picture of the element (Bohr Model and Lewis Structure)

Write in two compounds your element is found in and the everyday uses of that compound.

Include a minimum of two

_____Page 8 SOURCES
State the sources from which you obtained your information

Websites (give url’s)

_____Punctuation, Spelling, Neatness

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