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Cause #: 00-64V

Name: Carlyle Court Apartments Phase II

Administrative Law Judge: William K. Teeguarden

Date: March 1, 2001

Commission Action: Affirmed

1. The FPBSC is an agency within the meaning of IC 4-21.5.
2. The FPBSC is the state agency responsible for granting variances to the State

Building Code (“SBC”).

3. IC 4-21.5, IC 22-13, 675 IAC 13, and the l998 SBC apply to this proceeding.
4. At all times relevant to this proceeding, the Apartment Company operated a

sizeable apartment complex on the north side of Indianapolis.

5. The Apartment decided to build several more small two story buildings with

four 575 sq. ft. apartments per floor.

6. The building design includes a l3R sprinkling system but only one exit path

from the two front upstairs apartments.

7. The sprinkling system design includes sprinklers in all common areas and bathrooms.
8. SBC l00. requires two exits from second story apartments unless the total

occupant load does not exceed ten.

9. Because each apartment is 575 sq. ft., table l0A of the SBC places the occupancy

classification at 3 per unit or 12 for the second floor.1

10. Section l04.2.9 of the SBC does not require any sprinkling system in a two story apartment house which has less than l6 dwelling units.
11. The buildings in question are not required to be sprinklered.

12. A number of current codes (BOCA, NFPA 101 Life Safety, and the Standard

Building Code) as well as the proposed 2000 International Building Code would

allow this design without a variance.

13. The variance basically proposes to substitute a sprinklered building for one exit

for two second story apartments.

14. Two LFOs were present during the hearing and testified in favor of the design.
15. In fact, the Chief of the Washington Township Fire Department testified that he would like to see all two story apartments with small occupancy loads in Washington Township designed like this.
16. The FPBSC approved an almost identical variance for a 3 story condo (97-4-4)

on April 1, 1997. See Exhibit 6.

17. While this alone does not mandate the approval of future variances, when combined with the solid testimony of the LFO in favor of allowing sprinklers

to replace one required exit and the allowance of the design by other recognized

building codes, the Variance should be approved.
Variance Request 00-8-6 is hereby approved.

1Both the Builder and the Local Fire Department (“LFO”) agree that occupancy of more than 2 persons per unit is both prohibited and very rare.

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