First day was observed as the day of silence, it being the day of shri ganesha. Shri ganesha was worshipped this day

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In the 'Mahalaxmi Strotum' , why should we have all these. Because it is the Kundalini. The Mahalaxmi is the channel of the Kundalini, so there are ASHTA LAXMIS. Then Mahalaxmi and lastly the DAKSHA LAKSMI. We got one after another these powers within us which are expressed on the Mahalaxmi channel. Now, in the Mahalaxmi channel we have to talk about Gauri. Because Gauri is the one which is the Kundalini. So they have to talk - that's why they say 'Udai Udai hey Ambe' They say in the Mahalaxmi temple. Why because, in the Mahalaxmi temple only they have to say that how you rise, we are ready, we are prepared, we have got the Mahalaxmi principle within us and now you can rise, the Kundalini and that's why the 'AAVAHANA'.

'Palan' means mothering or looking after the child. She is the one who looks after the whole world like a mother..

O Devi! you are the only support of this world, because you are as the mother earth and supporting the universe as the mother earth. Because of mother earth, the universe exists, because she, the Mother Earth was created out of all the cosmos, the whole cosmos is supported by Mother Earth. Like supposing you are building a house. The house is there but it is supported by the person who lives there. Otherwise it is meaningless like a bridegroom if he's not in the marriage, what's the use of having a marriage. The mere existence of this mother earth makes the whole cosmos to exist and to have a meaning.

Mahalaxmi looks after the brain. So, everything that you know comes through your brain and that is sustained or I should say looked after or nourished by Mahalaxmi principle.

'Paravani' starts from here. (Shri Mataji explains, keeping Her Hand on Her Nabhi). Is the sound, which is silent.

Then it comes to the heart when it becomes 'anahat', it's called as 'Pashya nti' because I just witnesses. The 'Vani', the energy of Vani, the energy of that sound just witnesses and is anahata state. Then it comes here (Vishuddhi level), so it's called as 'Madhyama', still in the middle stage, up to the throat, but when it comes to the mouth, it becomes 'Vaikhari', means then it speaks, speaks. So, this is how the Paravani means the Paravani is the-say- if God has to say something - then he says it in Paravani, which you can't hear it. So, in the same way you have got your Paravanis within you, which is of course, the human (we should say) reflection of the same Paravani, which you can't hear it. You can't hear the 'Vani' in your stomach, but say you get some troubles, specially cancer or any such diseases, you get a problem. That causes 'spandan' throbbing, is vibrations that you get, is the effect of that Paravani, which shows you that there is some trouble. That trouble you can see, then it starts throbbing. Even the Kundalini, when She starts, She doesn't make any sound, but She comes here (Sahasrara), and if there's any problem, She makes a throbbing. As long as there is obstruction, she goes on making throbbing. It's like a - it's like a smooth water, when it runs, it doesn't make any sound, but when there is obstruction, it makes a sound. So, there is a sound innate. This sound is due to percussion in the water, but there is innately sound built into the 'Vani', this sound which is silent sound, which rises from these four stages and when it comes to the mouth, then only it becomes 'Vaikhari'. In the case of God, see, when He speaks, whatever He is speaking, nobody can hear it, unless and until you have reached the state of Paravani. Unless and until you have felt your Paravani, you cannot hear it.

So what happens, that, God Himself has to come on this earth and has to use His Vaikhari to explain things to you. So by that you start going down and down. Then you come to madhyama state, where you enjoy your silence. Then you come to Pashyanti, there you enjoy your witness state and then you come to Paravani, where you got the sound or you can say that you get the information, just information, but it has no sounds, no noise, nothing, just the information like a thought.

Thoughts doesn't have sound, so the inspiration comes to you from Paravani. But thought has no sound. In the same way, it is a soundless thing that comes.

Q. by a Sahaja Yogi: -Is this in the void or the Nabhi or some special place?

Shri Mataji: -Nabhi. This Laxmi Tattwa the Mahalaxmi starts with that all these things work out but when you start raising higher to the agnya, then this 'Vani' goes as 'anahata'.

'Anahata' means the sound of the vibrations. I can hear. I mean somebody who puts hands on me, can also hear. All kinds of sounds you can hear then it comes up to the head here (Sahasrara) when it reaches, then it starts making throbbing, then the 'brahmarandhra' is opened out, the 'Vani' becomes the sound, becomes one with God. But this state, up to this state it comes up, in a human being normally it comes out from here. It is a part of it from God, but when it is given, the agnya is opened out and then when it crosses his Sahasrara, then this Vani, this sound of vibrations also comes out. Main thing is, one has to understand. That when you have reached a state of "Nirvikalpa", then the inspiration comes to you through this 'Vani' in your brain. This same 'Vani' gives you inspiration in your brain and that inspiration gets you understand - like I say you should know something between the lines, so because you have become a subtler sensitive person (Sookshma), so you can also start understanding the 'Sookshma' and also saying things which are 'Sookshma'. Like people have become poets.

Q. from Sahaja Yogi.

Shri Mataji: - When in the beginning Sadashiva and Adi Shakti separated, that time the "Tunkaar" which took place, that is the main thing that started. Then the Adi Shakti went into three forms -and with one form She started all the elements. That Tunkaar (ONKARA) which is auspiciousness, which is holiness. The Tunkaar is the one which has spread into the whole atmosphere, is the auspiciousness and the holiness. Went with everything that was created, but it was created by the right side. So though it is surrounded by it, like this house is made but it's surroundings are different. So the surrounding air supposing the Omkara, then this house is made. So this is not that the Omkara has made this, but it surrounds and because of it's surrounding also it moulds, it moves, because the Chaitanya which is actually the Omkara, we should say, is all the time guiding, penetrating, organising, improving everything.

Q. by Sahaja Yogi: It is only the Devi that does Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: -She does everything. No doubt about it. She does everything. She is the doer. She first created Ganesha, through which auspiciousness is controlled through which holiness is controlled and through which all universe gets surrounded by Her. Then it also enters - like supposing I touch anything - it becomes holy, because the Chaitanya goes into and it becomes holy, it becomes auspicious. So it can pass into it, it can pass into anything. But anything dead, it doesn't have Omkara. It has got electromagnetic forces and then electro magnetic goes into higher stage when the nitrogen enters into it, then it becomes 'Prana'.

So at different stages it goes, then it becomes a human being. Still is a human being till he becomes a Realised Soul, then it's different story. So the evolutionary stage, every stage in Omkara -which you call -Chaitanya, which goes into everything. Now this Chaitanya also is used by all these three powers. That's why it is called as Omkara -A -U -Ma, because the Goddess uses different types of powers of this Chaitanya to do other work. So the whole of 'Aum' is not used. Quite a complicated stuff.

Better not to understand. The more you try to complicate yourself like this. The more your agnya will be catching. Better you keep your agnyas down. I Should say keep more to 'Bhakti' than to agnya. This will all come to you very soon.

But more over, all the time what is this -what is that what is that. That goes on churning your agnya all the time, it's a big wheel going on. Best is stop it. Just enter into 'Bhakti' what Shankaracharya did. He first wrote 'Vivekachuramani' Then he got so fed up with arguments, this that. Then he said nothing doing. Just the 'Bhakti', of it. So, then he writes all these things. So, you get into 'Bhakti' first of all. Because this kind of enquiry, there's no end to it. I am going to publish my book -so you can read it.

Like Gregorie's book, he wrote a book, first few chapters -first one was nice-how he met me and all, that was very sweet and suddenly there is a rock of Gibraltar. All that he knew- he put it. I said finished! Nobody is going to read this book for you. So I revised with him for a year and very difficult it was, too much of agnya, very difficult. At the end of it, I said, now everything is connected, only one thing is to be done that these two chapters have to go in the end, he just fainted. I said because these two chapters were like rock of Gibraltar. Only the people who are sort of intellectual feats would like to read it. So you better stop it and take it that side. He said, how can you do it, I'll have to change the whole book. I said, no I'll read it from the very beginning it's better just remove it and put it there because I say so. Now nobody reads them and those who are 'agnya-walas' read them and then catch. So what I am saying-to get over your agnya, you better get to 'Bhakti'.

Out of the whole thing, how much I explain to you. Wee bit. If you ask me- Mother how do you get so many hands out of the blue? How do you get a light there? You people don't have that 'Chitti' you don't have that computer within you. That I can explain you. So it will get complicated. Just go to Bhakti.

The killer of Bhakti is enquiry. Just see for yourself. Supposing you go in the water, do you ask the water - where do you come from? You just swim. Otherwise you should go and ask the water-where do you come from, what is your component, this that. Or if you have to eat something do you ask how it is made? What are the derivatives? Where it came? What is this? What is that? Make the chemical analysis? Just eat it. Is the hunger you get, just enjoy. Mental feats are the worst thing, I tell you.

When you are doing Puja, you should never ask questions. Puja gets 'Khandit'. Questioning is the big headache for me. All the time people are questioning. What I find that they are not deep in their 'Bhakti'. When you are in the 'masti' (ecstasy), you don't ask anything. (Jab mast huey phir kya bole).

Even to a Brahmin, if you ask a question he will take 'Sopan' and hit you or in the Church, you just get up and say, Sir, what do you mean by this? he is reading a sermon. He will throw whatever he gets in his hand.

*In the heart as the buddhi.

What do you say to that? In the heart as intelligence. (resides Goddess).

Like in the well if you put, say a pitcher, then the water is inside as well as outside.

One has to realise that the man is the kinetic thing. I mean the male "Avatars" are the kinetic side. The potential energy is the female energy. So, even when Krishna has to kill Kansa, he had to ask Radha to help him. So, is the Shakti. Without the Shakti they have no existence. It's like without a light the lamp has no existence. So these are main forms, but behind them are the Shaktis, which have performed all these acts.

That's how the Shiva become ferocious and killed the demons, because that energy goes into him. She didn't come with any male power herself and say-if you conquer something or you do something good, you get a badge on something like that. You might be garlanded with a medal. So she used the 'rakshasas' whom she had killed, their heads as her garland to frighten other 'rakshasas'. That I will kill you, take your heads and put them around. Just to frighten.

The attitude to the Puja should be, that you are enamoured by the Devi. That you are praising the Goddess. It's not an intellectual understanding, you see. It is, you are saying all these things just to please. So the attitude should be such, is not some sort of intellectual teatrise, that is going on but it is, you are expressing the Goddess! Like if you love someone, then you say something, just to please that person. In the same way you are saying to Goddess something. Now these saints who have written are saying this. Just to express themselves that You are Goddess, You are like this, You are like that. Some of the letters I receive also are like that. So much full of expression of their feeling. But it's not a sort of a lecture course or anything. It is just the feeling of that attitude. So in complete 'Bhakti' it should be done.

Try to feel it in your heart, whatever is said, and that you are sitting before me. You have to say that from your heart. This is what we are saying to You., With complete humility. It is the expression like a prayer. It is a prayer. Should be a prayer and not some sort of intellectual discussion. It is a prayer to Goddess. Unless and until you develop that attitude, you cannot go very far.

From your heart completely pouring out saying these things. Open your heart, pour it out. But every word if you take like that and start analysing it's useless. It's like flowers which you are. Because you can say it to me through your 'Vaikhari'. You want to say it. But otherwise whatever you are saying is just a sort of lip service whatever you ever want to say it, will be just a lip service. Something going on.

To enlighten your heart, you have to praise, express yourself. Should be such that you just feel like saying these things to me. You can't say it in my presence- should become one with that, you should become one with it. You are saying all these things.

Now this is a thankfulness. It's an expression that you are doing this, that. Take it as a thankfulness. It's an expression of your heart.

Even the 'Vishveshwara' becomes humble. Vishweshwara is the one who is the Ishwara of the whole universe, who is Sadashiva or Shiva also becomes that.

Be in Nirvichara doing Puja, don't think. Because you see, I am knowledge, all right, and I give you knowledge but your pursuit should be after that, your pursuit should be after 'Bhakti'.

It gives you a spontaneous enjoyment and all such people I have seen have gone out of Sahaja Yoga. I am warning you. All of them have gone out those who have intellectual pursuits, all of them have gone out one by one. You should never ask me questions. That's what I call as pure intelligence. What is the use of knowing all this. If you are thirsty, you better drink the nectar of 'Bhakti' - supposing you are thirsty and I start giving you a lecture, you will say "Ah baba" please give us water. If you are really thirsty. You cannot bring people by your intellectual feats, no never. Only through vibrations through Realisations. If somebody starts arguing, if he is talking through his ego, how can you talk to him. You are talking through your Atma, he is talking through his ego. Either bring him down to Atma or just stop it. It is like you are talking to a deaf person. You are saying something and he is saying something. No amount of arguments can bring them around. It's the experience only through transformation.



Today is the last day of Navaratri. This should be the culminating point for all of us, as you see, within us, as you know, that there are seven chakras for you ascent and two above it. That should be your destiny. But if you people go only on the agnya move on agnya, you cannot rise any higher. People have been lost on that chakra. So, that is a very important chakra. Sixth-'Sashti' of the Goddess is regarded as a very important thing and they say that Goddess comes on a 'naanv', on a boat, Calcutta people believe it because the sixth day is very big to cross it. That is what today is the problem with all of us that we have this sixth day still sitting on our heads and we cannot get out it. So to come to the nineth stage, though we may do Puja, we may do anything, but we are still on the sixth. So it is just outwardly that we are doing Puja. Seventh day is the day, where I am there. But 7th and 8th and 9th has to be achieved by crossing your 6th. Today I am going to tell you about the 6th because is the most important of all of us to know, that what Goddess has done for the sixth day.

Mahalaxmi incarnated as Mary and she brought Her son, who was Jesus Christ and She wanted him to cross this 6th centre for everybody else and that is how he had to become the subtle form of 'Chaitanya'. He was the subtle form of Chaitanya. The way he walked on water. But ultimately he became Chaitanya, and he crossed over by leaving his body as subtle.

Now this concept is a reality. But for another person, who is not yet a realised soul, who has not felt the vibrations, he cannot conceive it. So he goes against Christ. Through his agnya he builds up stories against Christ. Say things that he was an ordinary man because he cannot go beyond it, he is still at agnya state and by doing all these things he cannot cross Christ. Now the point of agnya is this, that the human beings are working on both the sides, left and right. So the left side agnya goes to your past. You think about your country. It was a great country or you think that like in England - they think that they were great rulers. Then they may think also that they are born out of very high family -this that- all those things. That give you a left agnya. All those things that you feel that your past is there. But apart from this, indulgence into the past of others also gives a left agnya, like somebody is telling you about their past, this has happened - that has happened or a person himself thinks about his own past that such a bad thing has happened to me, it should not have happened, and weeps and cries about it. All these things can give you a very bad agnya, and this agnya if you get, then it is very difficult to remove it because you yourself have created this problem.

The third point is that when you are attacked by some negative force. At that time, when it is attacked, you just forget what you are. You just don't know what you are. Whatever people tell you, you believe it. They say do this, you will do that. They say that you give me money, you will give it. They will say - jump in the sea, you will jump. They can have mass suicide. So this left agnya is, through which they mesmerise, and once they mesmerise people they can get anything that they want. Also they treat people with mesmerism. So when a person gets mesmerised what happens that he gets treated in the sense, that if he has any physical ailment and all that, energy starts flowing towards his physical side and he gets cured. But his left side gets possessed. So he becomes a left-side possessed man but physically he is cured. So such things they work out for many people that they possess them and put things into them. This is very temporary it happens, then they go back to their normal selves and there is another personality sitting on them. They become tired and they become just like recluses. They cannot face anyone. There are so many such things that take place in the negative forces of the left side, that which cannot be described - for example all the psycho-somatic diseases come from left side, like cancer, malitis, and all these muscular things, parkinsons and you develops also - the other day I met a lady, she suddenly became very dark, her body swell up and she had knots in her body and nobody could help her and just she took treatment of Sahaja Yoga for 3 days and she is much better. So all these things come to you from the left agnya and some people like to indulge in it. Specially I have seen in the Muslim culture. I don't know why, but they have this kind of a crying, weeping, annoying sort of a thing. They sing their pains, troubles and things like that, specially the love and all that, that sort of a nonsense and that's how they catch on their left agnya and when the left agnya becomes very strong, it starts penetrating into the right agnya. Because they are connected with each other. But when the left agnya penetrates into the right, then what happens, you start playing in the hands of these horrible entities. As long as you are opposing them, you have pains, you will get trouble in the body, but as soon as you start accepting them, they start working through you.

So then they show different kind of miracles, like you will find kumkum coming out of them. But these people become very very effective and they talk in a way that people get enamoured. They say things as if some great oracle of the Delphi has come. The whole thing starts becoming such a big show of demon. So when this left agnya is taken on the right side, then they can become big gurus, they can become great masters. They can become all the things that you see these days. Actually they achieve it by practising all these left sided things and then mastering it and using it through right side. Is one of the most dangerous thing. Also what happens, when the left agnya is developed, you see you might have a very egoistical temper, then what happens you start immediately using that and you become very boastful. You start behaving, even in Sahaja Yoga, we have seen people, who had a big right agnya - were caught up with left agnya started to misbehave. At that stage then you cannot have them back in Sahaja Yoga. They do all kinds of things, they play all kinds of tricks, by doing that they impress people. They try to show off but the bhoot is talking through them. So that is the stage where we say that they are out of Sahaja Yoga. We cannot have them in, so that is the point, one should avoid you see that if you have a left agnya, please try to clear it out and all the time get angry with yourself. All the time. Why do I have this temper? Why should I have?

Then there can be a person who is hurt in his ego. Such a person also can become very funny. Hurt ego becomes a baloon like stuff. You see, if you hit the balloon from outside or from inside, it will swell up. Such a person can become very funny, and can be very very artificially in humble joy. So that also is a very clear personality one can develop. But the right side agnya develops by many things like your birth, by your parents, may be the parents have pampered you too much and have made you think no end of yourself. May be your so called education, may be your so called success in life, or may be that your parents are very highly placed or something like that. So this right agnya develops in you. When this right agnya develops in you it becomes formidable. You can never see anything clearly. It is so stupid and it is so idiotic that you go on doing idiotic things and you don't see it till you are absolutely finished and you find out. Yes, this is the point. Now in a human being they are so small in their understanding of reality - like I see people even to cut a cheque gives them ego, even to carry a bank card gives ego. There is one fellow, who was driving my car in London. Whenever he sat in the car, his agnya use to go 'clock' like that. I said what is the matter? He told me because I am driving a Mercedes, that is why I get it. But it is not your Mercedes, just driving it!

(In another example of a lady whom Shri Mataji met, Shri Mataji saw her with a Big agnya and wondered what is so funny with this lady). Shri Mataji asked: -What do you do? I make dolls. Because she can make dolls, she has this. So if God has given you some talent, something, then express your love by doing something for God and try to show that, "Oh God, Who has given me this talent, let me work for you". Instead of that, people think this is something as if 'my work' and they feel very proud and they want to show that they are very highly talented or very highly educated or highly this thing. What is this for God? What is the knowledge? All is 'Avidya'. So to get rid of this ego, we have a very simple method which Mohammed Saheb has suggested, which works very well, which is that you just have to take a shoe and beat yourself nicely everytime to get rid of ego.

But we always see the ego of another person, never our own. We never think that something is wrong with us. We always think that something is wrong with another person. This is the first sign of the ego that you never see your ego, what is wrong with you, how you behave, how you treat others. What do they think about you.

I would cite the example of my father. He was such an egoless man, he was so talented, so knowledgeable. I have not met anyone of his kind so far. He was so deep. But supposing he was sitting on the table eating food. We all are sitting and there's no salt. You are not supposed to say - there's no salt. Eat it, nothing doing, eat without salt. Just you have to eat without salt, you are not to say. Then my mother would say "If there was no salt then why didn't you tell me? then you see what happened, that we were a large family, in the sense, with all my cousins, brothers and sisters. We had halls for sleeping. Girls, boys - few blankets sharing among ourselves. The whole night fighting and this and that. Sometime we had to sleep on the ground. So one day my sister complained that she feels pain in the body when she sleeps on the ground. So then he said "You go and sleep outside, sleep for ten days and you'll be all right, make a slave of your body". He used to do that. He said: -You should not demand anything. If you ask anything anytime, like as supposing, say-somebody says 'I want to have dinner this time. He said -No better go and fast, fast, fast. Any interest in food or any interest in clothes, any interest in property, he used to just tell us off. There should be no interest in all these comforts and things, because these things if you have, you feel proud 'aaha!' and the comfort part of it is an enslavement to matter. Matter is all the time enslaving you.

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