First Step! Meeting of Sadguru and Unintentional Grace ! Divine Light Initiation and the Appearance!


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Grace Only !


Chapter 1

  1. First Step!

  2. Meeting of Sadguru and Unintentional Grace !

  3. Divine Light Initiation and the Appearance!

  4. Should I call you Sagun or Nirgun?

  5. I am the Sea!

  6. Divine Bandha and Mudra

  7. Shree Sadguru’s splendorous shield of Protection !

  8. The Meeting of Sadguru by the power of Yoga!

  9. The Sound of the Anklets!

  10. Our Dear Child!

  11. Adishakteerameyatma !

|| Shree ||

Vedanambujasuryo yastasmai shreegurave namah!
(All Shruti and Vedant shine glouriously at the feet of the Guru. That majestic sun of knowledge also eases there only. The rise of all knowledge becomes from those LOTUS feet of the Guru! I offer my obeisance to those lotus feet with the feeling of great devotion!)

I bow to the lotus feet of my most respected venerable Sadguru

Shree Dadashree with great LOVE and devotion!
Surrendering myself at the Divine Feet of my Sadguru,

|| Shree ||
Grace Only”.
If Ishwar (Parmatma) /God/meets you, what will you ask for?”-

I was utterly surprised to hear this question being asked in a very pure and clear loud voice! I had absolutely never imagined that such a question will be asked, but he had expected an answer! I asked him “How can Ishwar (Parmatma)/God/meet me?”

He replied, “But, if he really meets you, then?”

Shree Mohan Jadhav is a disciple of the Supreme spiritual master and the Kalki [explanation of Kalki1] incarnation, residing at Akkalkot, Param2 Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharajshree. I lovingly address Shree Mohan Jadhav as Dadashree. He asked me this question. I was unable to understand his intent in his asking this question.

I started Performing Agnihotra as per his guidance. Later on Dadashree said,
When you started Agnihotra, you have received the 'Ahetu Krupa' that is unintentional 'Grace' the divine blessing!!"
He visited my house exactly one month and thirteen days, i.e. Thursday, 11th March 2004, on Rangpanchmee day [Holy festival], after I started performing Agnihotra. He arrived at my house at 10.30 a.m. in the morning. As usual during my daily worship at seven 0' clock in the morning, I saw Shree Shreepad Shreevallabh [who is he?] seated gracefully occupying the entire temple instead of the Deities! When Shree Dadashree arrived at 10-30 AM. I said to him, "you did arrive in my house at seven o'clock this morning! He exclaimed in a cheerful tone, “Oh! Is it?

After this incident, he came to my house on the next Thursday at eight 0' clock in the morning without my invitation. He sat in the temple and asked me to sit before him.

Then he started talking

“Shree Swamy Samarth has sent me to you. Your life is not to live and experience the mundane (worldly life) life”.

I was absolutely unable to understand why he was telling me all that! Then he initiated me with ‘Mantra Abhishek’. (That is showered me with water chanting several Mantras) and gave me The ‘Mantra’ and instructed me to repeat it, utter it as per his instructions! He also instructed me how to maintain the posture and the disciplines. This entire event was beyond my understanding and comprehension.
I read only in the books about the great significance and importance of the sudden and unexpected visit of the Sadguru at the disciple's residence and granting the initiation!

After that he said to me,

"Always remember the most honourable and highly Supreme spiritual Master; Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharajshree! The knowledge that is granted in dreams is the great and most highly supreme knowledge. We have given you the most sacred ‘Mantra’ that has been chanted and worshipped by Shree Swamy Samarth and the great age Agasty”!
After some days, the most revered Param Sadguru Maharaj Shree also gave me his 'Darshan' (Appeared in person). He Said in Hindi
"Betee! Tum badee bhagyashalee ho".

Meaning 'My dear daughter you are very fortunate'.
Dadashree said to me,
"The greatest power in the universe is with you. The entire lineage of the spiritual Masters [Guru-parampara] is accompanying you. Our relationship of the Guru and disciple has been continuously existing from birth after birth [Life after Life]. We have given you unbroken (whole), imperishable (permanent) Gift (Grace)

Ananyashintaanto mam ye janah parayupasate

Thesham nitybhiyuktanam yogshmam vahamyaham
Yogkshemam Vahamayam” – “We will take care all of your life!” This is the assurance of the Parabramha Supreme Great-Power!'
Dadashree lives in America. Though the Sadguru may be far away from the disciple, the physical distance makes no difference. The Grace of the spiritual Master bestows the knowledge. The disciple has to observe the disciplines with determination, with full devotion, faith, perseverance, patience and courage. The disciple has to be steadfast. All these are essential in this path. One may have to go through rigorous tests. There could be gold in the dirt, yet to extract that gold the purification process by fire cannot be avoided. The disciple is guided and protected on this path so that he may not deviate or fall.
He says,
"The fall does not occur when on the seventh step. The path towards the greatest Supreme Truth becomes easy with Grace, yet this path is very difficult, very rigorous. This is the war-field for great warriors!

Once it is achieved, once it is realized, nothing remains to be known or realized. That is the Omniscient state. You will see the majesty, the grandeur of this yoga, which cannot be compared to anything! It is unparallel! Even the universal sovereignty (monarchy over the earth) is insignificant. The one who attains this great majesty, this richness, becomes God only! She becomes the Goddess (Bhagavatee). The greatest the supreme truth is nothing other than this! There is no awareness of the 'I' there! That is the supreme Truth. The knowledge of ‘Self’ is the Swaroop-yoga - the state of Consciousness or identity with Brahma! That self-knowledge is never ending, eternal without life and death, extremely pure, spotless and self-realizing [Swa-Swasanvedy] you are perfect now. Now there is all oneness. Only a thin, transparent curtain has been kept-as if it is there or it is not there”.

Shri Dadashree has taken me on this path that leads to the highest truth by holding my hand (by guiding me every step on the way) very assuredly. He himself did all the Yogic-Kriyas in the beginning of meditation only. Since the grace of my Sadguru was showered, this grace set to work with loving grace continuously blooming in the inner core of my heart!
Dadashree gave a valuable suggestion. He suggested,
"Write dawn your experiences, maintain a diary. Your experiences could be a guideline to all spiritual aspirants (Dashikis). You will not explain this science that contained in the books. You will speak through your personal experiences. You may speak about it from the imperceptible personal experiences. It is the Truth. It is genuine and perfect. All science can be tested with these experiences!"
I have made spontaneous notes as the experiences or revelations occurred in the meditation. The experience of attaining of the pitcher of Divine Nectar (Amrut Kumbha), or the nectar of knowledge granted to me and the visions (the darshan), of the vast ocean of the Divine and dazzling light shown to me were granted to me by my most revered Sadguru Dadashree. I was completely melted (dissolved) in the direct appearance of the fathomless. All that I have experienced during my meditations I have been promptly recorded in this diary.
As the experiences unfolded I have made spontaneous notes. About the attainment of the pitcher of Divine Nectar from my most revered Sadguru Dadashree or the knowledge granted to me as also the visions (darshan) of the vast ocean of blinding dazzling Divine light were revealed to me upon are the conclusion of my meditation. These experiences are recorded as accurately as I could. There was hardly any difference in the meditative and the awakened state and so I have recorded in my daily notes.

Other than this, there is nothing special, nothing significant in my life that is worth to be written until I met Shree Dadashree. At present too there is nothing much special about me. I know "I do not exist! My appearance, my form is appearance (Swaroop) of my loving Sadguru Shree Dadashree. Therefore, though I wrote all this, the real inspiration came from my Dadashree only!

I offer this great treasure of Knowledge, which I received, from him at his auspicious lotus feet with deep gratitude and love!
I have woven the flowers of the Divine Grace and the illumined fruition experienced by the desire of the Supreme Being (Paramatma) in the string of the feelings of love and devotion. The sweet fragrance and the expounded waves of knowledge of that devotion will be deeply felt by pure and holy hearts of the Yogees. I offer this exceedingly bright garland enriched with the majestic grandeur of Yog (Spiritual devotion) at the radiant lotus-feet of my most respected (revered) supreme Spiritual Master (Sadguru)!! Surrendering myself at the divine feet of my Sadguru.


I was born on Datta Poornima day. We are six brothers and sisters I am the second sibling to my parents. My father Shri Ganappa Prasadee is a businessman. My mother's name was Sou. Pramila. My parents were very kind gregarious, and very helpful. In the beautiful scenic village at Sasolee in Konkan we had a big house with fairly large yard in front and back. My sisters and I, we loved gardening and flowers. Our childhood was full of play, laughter and joy. We lived very free of all worries. We had several cousins also in the family. My grandparents that are parents of my mother passed away at my mother's early age. We children do not remember having seen them. My mother used to tell us many loving stories about them. My mother's parents were well to do. Both these grand parents were god-fearing and great devotees. My grandfather\ would observe several penances. During his fasting period, he would not eat or drink or swallow even a swallow. Severe austerities were typical even amongst dedicated Muslims during Ramajan. Quite often he would take up religious pilgrimages. He would visit Kashi (Benaras) every year. He was gifted with intuition and could foretell future happenings. My mother too had developed intuition and would receive messages through significant dreams.

We had to move from little village Sasolee in Konkan to Gadhinglaj when I was about seven or eight years old, There my father started an oil mill and prospered through his diligent hard work. He would teach us Bhagavat Gita and he lived those great principals. His teaching and upbringing had a great impact on my mind. We all children received several recommendations as well-behaved and cultured students.

I had great attraction for god from my childhood.. Mrs. Tai Gaitonde was a close and a very pious and devoted lady. She was our neighbour. She would chant many scriptures, mantras and prayers such as Shivastuti, I starting early morning and all through out the day. I remember how lovingly she would sing a prayer to Lord Dattatreya with all her heart. I still remember her singing “Dhanya Dhanya ho pradakshina Sadguruaraychi” This particular hymn had words such as “Sadgururaya”.

The word Sadgururaya deeply moved me since my childhood. As a result when my Sadguru showered his divine grace on me, the word Sadgururaya (Lord Sadguru) that was etched in my heart since early years. This word became real and so was written in my notebook with immense love and spontaneous heartfelt devotion. Such was the great influence of Mrs. Tai Gaitonde since early on. I experienced this quite often in the later years of my life too.

So! I grew up in such auspicious environment. Mrs. Tai Gaitonde used to read the religious scripture such as Pandava Pratap and would explain to us the significant meanings every day. During those days I read another holy scripture "Kashi Khanda" several times. My mother too was a very holy lady and observed several austerities. She would offer 1008 bilva leaves to Lord Shiva during the holy month of Shravana. We all children too individually did similar workshop. We children used to visit 21 Lord Shiva temples and would temples and would perform elaborate Shiva worship.

When I was of marriageable age, several proposals started coming in. My mother used to chide me and would advise me not to get too involved into spirituality or worship. Perhaps would be in-laws may think differently.
Later, I got married. My husband and his father had a house at Sanglee. My husband had a job in Pune so we settled in Pune. He was an engineer and well employed with Kirloskar Cummins. Soon thereafter he started his own industry making patterns for other engineering companies. We have a son Ajay and a daughter Rashmi. By God’s grace my husband’s business prospered very well. We acquire a larger location at Hadapsar and moved our factory there. The factory is equipped with latest automatic equipment. Our son Ajay too is an engineer and is actively involved in the business. The business prospered quite rapidly. Thus my entire life has been spent in rich comfortable environment. My husband, our children and I are very industrious by nature. My husband did all that he possibly could to provide us of all comforts. I have enjoyed and experienced all material pleasures such as a beautiful bungalow, flat, cars etc.

We had wonderful neighbours. We served the community through several projects for over 20 years through Rotary club. It was never an easy sailing. When operating a growing business and raising a family, it is never an easy sailing. We too had our trials and tribulations.

I did many 'Parayanas' [planned readings] of the Holy Scriptures such as Navanath, Gajanan Vijay etc. I used to get some experiences after performing the Parayana. Then I started the Japa (chanting) also continuously. I used to get up at 3.30 A.M. or 4 A.M. and start my Japa. When doing so for some time, the rosary would fall out of my hands. A light was seen in front of my eyes. I used to get the visions even when asleep.

It was quite puzzling to me. I used to feel, "why does this happen to me?" I had never gone to any temple. I had no Guru to guide me. I never knew any authoritative person in this field. I met Shri Harikaka (A saintly person) of Halkarni once or twice in my childhood. But I was too young to understand any spiritual subject or explanations. I did my worship with full concentration and great devotion. I was very particular about the cleanliness of the house. I used to maintain the cleanliness and purity perfectly well. All what I did, I did in my house only. I never went outside anywhere.

In this manner, my life was very simple, typical of any ordinary person. I lived my life as a good housewife. By nature I am very persistent. I have tremendous patience. I had a great liking for flowers and decorations. I used to stitch beautiful fancy dresses (and blouses) for my daughter when she was small. I loved to do embroidery.

Our son Ajay and daughter Rashmi got married. My daughter-in-law Anushka entered in our life. They both have a daughter. Her name is Eisha. My daughter and son-in-law Vijay live in Mumbai. They have a son. His name is Ruhaan. In short, my life was like any other common human being.

But, we have absolutely no idea about any change or a sudden event that may occur in our lives. One cannot predict when, how and what will happen in life. I never imagined that I will get the grace, blessings of Sadguru and will have an opportunity to see, to experience the supreme Truth. Yet, yes! This wonderful uncommon and remarkable experience did happen. The-divine experiences are still unfolding in my life now as I write! Shree Dadashree had showered his infinite grace on me. I received profound love from him. The nature of my writing is related to the imperceptible experiences that I have received in meditation while treading on the spiritual path that leads to revelation of the greatest Truth! I did not think and write. What I wrote are facts as accurate as I possibly could yet in a nutshell. I could write only briefly as the actual revelations were impossible to capture in words.

These experiences were numerous. Experiences were ample such as divine visions, apparition (Darshans), the infinite ocean of light, the divine yogic kriyas (powerful involuntary movements) that would happen during my meditation. The most powerful Kumbhak, Pranayam, Bandha Kriyas, rhythm (laya), hundreds of divine Mudras, the sound and divine light, All these were unfolded one after another from one to the next amongst so many! Since, all these experiences are interrelated, I humbly request the readers to pay more attention and understand the significance of these wonderful experiences and revelations!

“That which I gained by the grace of Sadguru is a rapid scintillation” (sparkling and rapid resuscitation). When writing this, there could be several repetitions and this is unavoidable. The spiritual aspirant (Sadhaka) or the reader may keep this in mind. Should one read with an attitude to learn, he/she will find a treasure of tremendous learning in it. I pray, "With loving heart may you gather all that may help or benefit you.
First Step!
In December 2003, I received a telephone call from my niece, Mrs. Priya Mangire, a resident of USA. She said, "Shree Mohan Jadhav Dada lives in America. He has now come to India and is in Pune. You go and meet Shree Jadhav dada". I went to meet Shree Jadhav dada as per her suggestion. I mentioned about Priya as a reference. He said,
"You start 'Agnihotra '. Observe your experiences during the next 8 to 10 days. At present, we are going on a tour for 8 to 10 days. When we will return, we will call you."
He then gave me two contact numbers to get the information about Agnihotra and the material I needed. However I did not get to talk to these two people.
Within 8 to 10 days, I received a telephone call from Shree Jadhav dada. He asked me,
"Have you started Agnihotra"? I replied, "No!" He said, "The Parabrahma [The Supreme Power] is showing you the path of your Salvation. Try to follow it! Do it!"

One of my friends used to do Agnihotra. I enquired about the availability of the needed supplies. In the meantime, during the month of February I mentioned to my husband, "Let us bring the Agnihotra pot and at least start performing it". He agreed. We brought all the material on 4th February and started performing Agnihotra on 5th February 2004.

We did Agnihotra regularly. To my surprise, I saw a bone skull near the pot after performing Agnihotra! Next day I saw white Ganapatee near the pot. There were many thoughts that were spinning in my head. They all stopped on the fourth day and I was able to sleep peacefully.
Again I received a phone call from Priya about arrival of Shree Jadhav Dada in Pune. She asked me to invite him at our home. I met him and informed him about my experiences after performing Agnihotra. I also told him about my keen desire to invite him at our house. He agreed to come on next day. This time Dada spoke to me for a long time. He said,
You have done many virtuous and meritorious deeds in your past life. Do not get yourself tangled up and get caught in the mundane matters of life now! See, that the Holy word of God is with every breath of your life till the end. Perform every action with devotion to God and surrender to Him!”
There after I came home.

On Thursday March 11, at 7 AM I sat in front of the altar (in our prayer room) for my daily worship. I started the worship. I could not see the deities in the altar. I was surprised to see the full figure of Shreepad Shreevallabha live and in person, clad in saffron clothes and holding a ‘Kamandaloo' pot (a begging bowl) in his hand. I could not see any thing else in the altar. Yet I completed my worship and prayers. My husband came home along with Shree Dada. I poured water on his feet and welcomed him inside our house. He performed Shree Rudra and Shree Sukta yajnya. He instructed all of us to join him with our respective Agnihotra pot to perform the Yajnya. My maiden Soja and her husband Shivaji aksi joined us for the Yajnya.

I spoke to him a little later. Though there was no formal introduction before this event. Yet I asked him, “Will it be possible for me to go on pilgrimages and visit the holy places?" he replied immediately,

"All holy places are residing, existing in you only!"
He asked me to do the Swahakar of Mahamruttunjaya. Then he left. This is how Agnihotra started in our house.
When Shree Dada visited my house my spiritual journey of my life started! I started getting various divine experiences such as visions of the “Divine and apparitions from this auspicious day forward.
I am used to sleep for some time in the afternoon. When sleeping, I saw Shree Swamy Samarth standing in the thick descending limbs of a banyan tree. When I closed my eyes, I saw the golden light and the most beautiful and delicate lotus feet! The toes of these feet were shining with a diamond like radiance.

I woke up from the afternoon nap in a normal manner. I realized that my mind was full of peace. For the first time I was feeling a deep sense of peace and well-being.


I performed my regular Japa and sat quietly with eyes closed. At this time I felt a fountain was rising high from my forehead!


When I closed my eyes, I felt waves of water were rising high on my forehead. I also saw Shri Nrusinha Saraswaty in white robe.


After performing the Mrruttunjaya Swahakar I had a sensation of circular movements of light around my head and around my face.

While performing the Mruttunjaya Swahakar I felt that I did not exist at all! Shree Jadhav Dada was in the deepest inner core of my heart. I was not at all conscious or aware of my own existence. Just four days before he had said to me,
"I am always accompanying you."

I just nodded at that time. But, today morning I truly experienced his real existence in the deep core of my heart. I was simply very happy. Today I informed Shree Jadhav dada about the experiences that I had in the past when doing the ‘Japa’. He sat quietly with closed eyes and told me later on,

"We saw your previous births, your previous lives. Your present birth, your life is for Sadhana-the spiritual practices!!"
Then he asked me a question.
"If Ishwar (Paramatma) meets you, what would you ask for?"

I was unable able to think of a reply to his question. I never imagined that such a question would be asked. I asked him, "How can Ishwar (Paramatma) meet me? Yet he repeated the same question.

Even then: if He really meet you? Then?"
I replied, "Something good should happen!" He exclaimed,
Does that mean, you want money and fame?”
I replied, “I should receive something so significant in my life that it would give a sense of completion and total fulfilment! It should be meaningful!" then I took his leave and returned home. He telephoned at 7 p.m. in the evening.

“I will come to your house tomorrow. Please come and take me to your house.”

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