First test in english 2 units 1-5

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I Grammar
I Turn the given sentences into passive:

  1. The English don’t eat much bread.


  1. Somebody will inform you about the results.


  1. The waiter was serving dinner when I came in.


  1. Everybody can do this test easily.


  1. When did they build this bridge?

II A re the verbs in the following article passive or active? Complete the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Remember to use the correct tense.
Over a million pounds worth of jewellery ________________(steal) from a private home in Chelsea, London. It ________________(believe) that the robbery ________________(happen) late last night while the owners __________________(attend) a party in another part of London. Three men ___________

( see) outside the house at about midnight last night.

III Report the given sentences:

  1. “Come before it gets dark!”, said father to his son.

  1. “ Please, don’t tell my mom about my marks!” , Jill asked Tom.


  1. “I hope I will see you next summer. “, Ann said to Tim.


  1. “ Where were you yesterday? “, my friend wanted to know.


  1. “ Are you having an exam tomorrow? “, Tina wondered.

IV Fill in using relative pronouns:

  1. A modem is a piece of computer ______________sends information along telephone wires.

  2. A technophobe is a person __________doesn’t like machines.

  3. He’s a person _____________life is dominated by computers.

  4. This is the house ___________I was talking you about.

  5. Easter is a time _________________families get together.

IV Give the appropriate question tags:

  1. The football match is boring, ______________?

  2. The shops will be closed, _________________?

  3. Most shops don’t work on Sundays, _____________?

  4. You haven’t finished yet, _______________?

  5. I can go now, ___________?

V Circle the correct participle

  1. Last night Mary went to a restaurant and her boyfriend was very rude to the waiter- it was so embarrassing/ embarrassed.

  2. Your story is fascinated/fascinating. I wasn’t expecting such an ending.

  3. John is very surprised/surprising because he’s just found out that his sister is foing to marry his best friend.

  4. She feels very depressing/depressed because she’s failed an exam.
  5. It’s so terrifying/terrified to take part in criminal activities.

VI Fill in with the missing forms


Past tense

Past participle












II Vocabulary
I Complete the sentences using the appropriate form of the word given in brackets:

  1. In the contemporary society men have become more ________________(EMOTION) than they used to be.

  2. We should all eat ______________(HEALTH) food in order to be fit.

  3. His ________________(GUILTY) in the case was undeniable.

  4. It was an obvious_________________(DECEIVE) . His wife didn’t believe a word he said.

  5. Every sportsman needs hard ________________(TRAIN)

II Circle the word which best fits the blank space:

  1. The name Reebok comes form a type of animal called __________ in African.

a) tiger b) giraffe c) gazelle d) snake.

  1. A CV should include ___________________.

a) personal data b) your feelings d) plans for your holiday d) future life intentions

  1. According to certain researches it is ______________to detect lies.

a) easy b) not difficult c) not easy d) boring.

  1. Mc Donald’s Restaurants have ____________the world for ever.

a) altered b) dominate c) caused d) stretch

  1. Will Smith has learned a great deal of discipline and ________________ in his childhood due to his strict father.

a) carelessness b) perform c) success d) commitment

IV Give the synonymous words or expressions for the given words/expressions:

  1. merge ____________________________
  2. emphasize ________________________

  3. show off _________________________

  4. crucially _________________________

  5. smart ____________________________

III Comprehension

Going shopping

Mrs Smith is going shopping with her son. They are looking for a present for Mr Smith's birthday. Mrs Smith wants to buy him a new camera and Tom wants to buy him a jumper.
They drive to the department store on the high street. Mrs Smith uses the elevator to go to the Electrical Department on the third floor and Tom takes the stairs up to the Men's Clothing Department on the first floor.

When she gets to the Electrical Department she finds that cameras are sold in the Photography Department on the ground floor.

She takes the elevator down and asks the sales assistant there for some help. She doesn't know much about cameras and needs some advice. He recommends an automatic camera by Olympus, but it is too expensive.

She asks him if he has anything a little cheaper and he tells her about a special offer on the Pentax range. It still seems expensive so she thanks the assistant and decides to shop around first.

Meanwhile, Tom is looking at the jumpers. He only has £10 to spend so he can't afford most of them. He sees his mother and they decide to go to the smaller shops round the corner.

Comprehension check

  1. Who is going shopping?

    1. mother and son

    2. father and son

    3. brother and sister
    4. boyfriend and girlfriend

  1. What does Tom want to buy?

    1. electrical equipment

    2. clothes/garment

    3. a book

    4. nothing, he’s just watching

  1. Mrs Smith…

    1. asks the assistant for help.

    2. asks the assistant for money.

    3. doesn’t ask the assistant anything.

    4. asks Tom for advice.

  1. The cameras ….

    1. are very cheap.

    2. are on the third floor.

    3. are all automatic.

    4. cost a lot of money.

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