Flicking the flint

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February, 2010

For immediate release


Written by Anna Krien

Created by Kate Lee

Metro Arts, The Independents 2010

Award winning author’s haunting short story burning to be brought to the stage.
Brisbane-based performance maker, Kate Lee (HIGHGATE HILL) has teamed with acclaimed new literary voice, Anna Krien (MELBOURNE) to adapt her confronting and thrilling short story FLICKING THE FLINT for the stage from 10th to 27th March as part of Metro Arts’ ‘The Independents 2010.
FLICKING THE FLINT joins the increasing rise in book-to-stage adaptations across Australia.
Winner of the Australian Press Council Award 1997, Krien is a prolific writer who has been published in an array of national publications from The Age to Frankie Magazine.
Krien is extremely candid about why she writes. “If I want to write something, I’ll write it,” Krien says. “Not because I want to sell it. But because I want to write it.”

Bookseller by day, Kate Lee breathes life into stories on stage by night.

Lee chose to adapt Krien’s confronting short story to come alive on stage “…for its strong imagery, its subtly, humor and darkness”, says Lee.
Kate Lee and her young creative team have moulded FLICKING THE FLINT into a confronting performance that delves into the depths of an institutionalised young man’s torrid past of abuse at the hands of his father, and his addiction to lighting fires.
After featuring at Adelaide Fringe 2010, FLICKING THE FLINT will confront Brisbane audiences with Krien’s passionate, yet disturbing story.
FLICKING THE FLINT unravels the broken memories of a disturbed and dangerous young man, played uniquely by both Tom McCosker (SOUTH BRISBANE) and Jackon O’Sullivan (FAIRFIELD). He is the disturbing manifestation of a lifetime of abuse - calculating, cold, cynical and at times violent and vicious.
Composer Bernard Houston (MOUNT GRAVATT) has created an original electronic music score to be performed live on stage. The epic soundscape is “uncomfortable and replicates the tension of a swelling fire and the intensity of un-expressible emotions”, says Lee, working alongside the performances to put the audience in a place they might not want to be.


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WHERE: METRO ARTS :: SUE BENNER THEATRE :: 109 Edward St, Brisbane

INFO + BOOKINGS: 07 + 3002 7100 :: www.metroarts.com.au


For further information, images and interview opportunities please contact:

Coordinator, Marketing & Communication

anthony@metroarts.com.au / 07 + 3002 7100


Kate Lee
Kate first began performing at Sydney’s New Theatre in 2002. She has studied the Meisner Technique and for the past three years has been training in the Frank/Suzuki Acting Method. In 2009 she performed with Frank Theatre in The Reckoning of Badengood at Suzuki’s Summer Festival and at QPAC in Up Jumped the Devil. Kate has performed at the Ensemble Studios Theatre in New York and with the Lotos Collective in London, and will this year be completing her BA with Honours in Applied Theatre at Griffith University. Flicking the Flint is her directorial debut.
Anna Krien

Won the Australian Press Council Award at eighteen and has had work published in The Big Issue, The Monthly, The Age newspaper, Best Australian Essays 2005 & Best Australian Essays 2006, Griffith Review, Voiceworks, Going Down Swinging, COLORS, Best Australian Stories 2008, Frankie magazine, Dazed & Confused and her poem ‘The Last Broadcasters’ won the 2008 Val Vallis Award.

Jackson O’Sullivan

Is an early career professional who completed his Advanced Diploma in Arts (Acting) at Southbank Institute of Technology.  As well as appearing in numerous student films and theatre pieces Jackson has performed in professional theatre, including Fossils, The Inheritance and The Truth about Kookaburras at Metro Arts.   

Tom McCosker

Was also in Sven Swenson’s The Truth About Kookaburras and is a recent graduate of the Advanced Diploma in Arts (Acting) at Southbank Institute of Technology. Here he performed in Tartuffe, Hand Luggage, Everyone is Divided by a River of Ice and Fire and The Tennessee Williams Project

Tom has been greatly influenced and guided in his studies by Norman Price, Lisa O’Neill, and Brian Lucas, whom have had a great impact on the development of his skills and industry knowledge. Tom looks forward to establishing a career as a professional performer.

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Bernard Houston

Bernard enjoys exploring the links between music and drama. He has produced music for a number of independent films including one feature film Half Lit.  Other films include Embrace (Perception Pictures) that is currently screening the 2009 Experimental Film Festival (Sydney Olympic Stadium);

"Widow's Cure" (Dorian Films) that recently screened at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology (LA); "Homestead" (Perception Pictures) and "Bad Yoghurt" that was a 2006 Tropfest finalist.
He has also produced music for several theatrical productions at Brisbane's Judith Wright Centre including "The Kid Knows Nothing"; "The Carbon Footprint Cabaret" and "Symphony in a flat".  In 1999 he co-produced and scored "The Cappuccino Cowgirl" cabaret show. Bernard draws upon a wide palette of compositional techniques. In the psychological thriller "Embrace" he created an eerie sound tapestry with wine glasses.  He wrote an orchestral score for the stop animation film "Homestead" and used big band (jazz) for "The Cappuccino Cowgirl".

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Tel: 07 3002 7100 Fax: 07 3002 7123 Email: info@metroarts.com.au Website: www.metroarts.com.au

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