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Flip Book

Literary Elements Flip Book
Due: __________ NAME_______________
Using just a few sheets of construction paper, in this project you will label and illustrate the five literary elements of the piece you read.
1. Line up sheets of construction paper and stagger them at 1" intervals in a

vertical row.

2. Fold each sheet away from you, making sure each fold leaves 1" of paper

above it.

3. Open the book to the center fold and staple. You now have a flip book.

4. Turn the flip book toward you. The top fold should include the title and author

of the piece you read.

5. On the second flap, write the word "Character." Above it, describe a character

from the story.

6. On the third flap, write the word "Setting." On this flap describe a setting from

the story.

7. The fourth flap will have the word "Conflict/Resolution." Tell about a conflict in

the story and how it was resolved.

8. The fifth flap will be labeled "Plot." Describe the important events that occur in

the piece

9. The final flap will be titled "Critique." Give your opinion of the story, giving

reasons why you liked or disliked the story, using specific details.

10. Write your name on the back of the flip book.

Rubric for Flip Book:

_____ title and author on first flap; your name on the back of the flip book

(5 points)

_____ character description includes character’s physical attributes, personality,

behavior, thoughts and feelings, and what others think of the character; entry

labeled "Character" (15 points)

_____ setting described using vivid vocabulary; entry labeled "Setting" (15 points)

_____ conflict/resolution described; entry labeled "Conflict/Resolution" (15 points)

_____ plot included important events occurring in the story; entry labeled "Plot"

(15 points)

_____ critique uses specific details telling why you liked or disliked story; entry

labeled "Critique" (15 points)

_____ correct spelling, usage, punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences;

neatly presented (20 points)

_____ FINAL GRADE/100

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