«Flora and Fauna». Воспитание любви к окружающему миру и ответственности за сохранение экологической среды

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Flora and Fauna

Цель урока: Развитие навыков устной речи по теме: «Flora and Fauna». Воспитание любви к окружающему миру и ответственности за сохранение экологической среды.

Задачи: 1. Контроль знания лексического материала.

2. Развитие аудитивных навыков учащихся с использованием языковой догадки.

3. Совершенствование навыков чтения вслух и про себя с последующим контролем выполнения заданий.

4. Развитие навыков монологического и монологической речи на основе тематического материала.

5. Развитие навыков работы индивидуальной, в парах, в мини группах.

6. Воспитание чувства патриотизма.

7. Развитие кругозора памяти, внимания.

I warn- up activities (sit into 2 groups)

a) Kadets listen to the cassete and answer: What birds are singing now?







b) What are they? Guess

1) A small bird that can sing better than any other. It usually sings at night, but it can sing in daytime too. (Nightingale).

2) It is easy to teach these birds that live in south Africa, Australia and South America. Some words that people use. (Parrote).

3) A small brown singing bird that lives in the field, has its nest in the grass and usually sings early in the morning. (sky-lark).

4) A bird larger than a sparrow but smaller than a crow. It is usually grey or dark-blue and grey, sometimes white or brown. Often lives in cities. (A pigeon)

Read the text, Ex 9 p. 112

and complete the table. Then try to make mini-story (in common or differ).

A lot of plants help people to improve their helth and many animals have became man’s friens.

Now, we will read text-legend about animal and tale about flower. But for these work set sepratly.

Reading for main idea (cards)

Read the legent and think of a title to it, choose your title.

1. Read the legend and think of the title to it: a) Hunting, b) Prince Liywelyn hobby, c) Devoted friend, d) Prince Liywely his son

Prince Llywelyn had a brave hunting dog, his loyal friend and companion, Gelert. Once Llywelyn left his baby son with a nurse and a servant while he went on a hunting trip with his wife. The nurse went for a walk in the mountains leaving the baby alone and helpless.

After a while Llywelyn notice the dog wasn't with the hunters. Thinking that the only place Gelert could go was home, he stopped the hunt and went back.

Gelert came running out of the house towards his master, covered in blood any wagging his tail. The prince didn't see his son anywhere. Llywelyn got very angry and killed the dog. As Gelert died, the prince heard some cries of the baby. Llywelyn found his son safe and the bloody body of a big wolf, the dog's enemy next to him. The Prince cried on his loyal dogx s grave and put a big stone on it.

2. Match the names of the animals in English and Russian. 1) медведь, 2) корова, З) паук, 4) крыса, 5) мотылёк, 6) лиса, 7) улитка, 8) олень, 9) муравей, 10) журавль. 11) кенгуру, 12) лягушка

a) fox, b) an ant, c) a frog, d) a spider, e) a deer, f) a kangaroo, g) a rat, h) a moth, i) a bear, j) a snail, k) a cow, 1) a crane

3. Complete the text. Narcissus

Once, in a far-away country, there (live) lived a handsome young man whose

name (be) Narcissus. His sister was dead and every day Narcissus (sit)

beside a lake crying. Once a beautiful fairy (pass)

by. She (speak) to Narcissus. "Look up, Narcissus! Your tear

(can) not (bring) you sister again to you.

You (sit) here for so long. Look up, and I, Echo, (comfort) you!"

But Narcissus (look) down into the water, and then he (see)

his sister looking up into his eyes from the quiet depth of the

water. Day after day he sat there gazing, until he (die) . Then one day

there (grow) a beautiful flower by the lake, as white as the cheeks of

the girl, as yellow as the hair of the young man.

We have read some information about plants and animals now (кадет…) will give the presentation about,...

these is a andivididil work, listen to them

answer: What it his story about?

His story is about...

Do you like his work?

What animals have you saw now?

Презентация о России


What do you say about these flowers?

Some of these flower a symbols

The red rose-is the national emblem of England

The thistle-is the national emblem of Scotland

The yellow daffodil is emblem of Wales

Shamrock-is the emblem of Ereland

-Dialogue telephon

- Hello, is at you Dima?

- Yes, it is me.

- How are you?

- Not so well

- You missed last English lesson

- O… yes

- We read text about flora and fauna of the British Isles

- Really?

- The fauna or animal life on the British Isles is like in the north-west of Europe

-Well, I never knew about that

-There are a lot of smaller animals: foxes, rabbits, hares and hedgehoge. Deer like in the forests of Scotland and England too.

- Is that so!

- There are also different kinds of fish, snakes, frogs, butterflies and dragonflies

- I am really surprised. More than two hundred species of birds live on the British Isles and about two hundred kinds are visitors of the place.

- Is that so. I know that. A lot of waterbirds – swans, ducks, gees, live on the lakes and rivers and on the sea coasts of Great British.

- Yes, it is quit right. Read the text about… and you will learn a lot of interesting facts. Good bye.


Today we listen ...presentations. The next answer will be given by (Моисеев, Мартынов) at the next lesson. And the homework for all of you will be a story about Flora and Fauna in Tambov region. Use the text p. 112, 118, 83, 93.
So, at our lesson we spoke a lot of animals and birds, insects and plant life/ Of course it is rather important for the life of people. We must take care of all living thing, especially rare ones. Amoung them are butterflies and snowdrops, crocodiles and bears and many other species. Qvite recently V.V. Putin organized a great forum devoted to the keeping of the living number of Siberian tigers. Among many guets to the forum was Leonardo Di Caprio (A famous Hollywood star) Наоми Кэмбелл, Илья Лагутенко, Николай Дроздов. We must care of everything that surrounds us.

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