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Focus Lesson Planning Sheet

Focus Lesson Topic

Adding Dialogue
(Adapted from Calkins & Bleichman, 2003)


Owl Moon or similar text in which dialogue adds to the story and is used sparingly, draft of story for modeling, student drafts for guided practice


Yesterday we learned that writers use tools when they revise. Today I will teach you how to revise your story by adding dialogue.

Explicit Instruction

Good writers don’t just add on to their stories to make them longer. Writers always have a reason for adding more. One reason to add more is when the writer decides to include the actual words that a character said. This is called adding dialogue. Let me show you how Jane Yolen did that in Owl Moon.

[Read and discuss a part of Owl Moon or other familiar story where a small bit of dialogue adds to the overall impact of the text. One example is the next to last page of Owl Moon where Papa says, “Time to go home.” Emphasize the fact that the author could have said, “and then we went home” but instead chose to use dialogue. Also emphasize that the author includes just a small bit of dialogue that adds to the overall effectiveness of the story.]

Watch and listen while I try adding dialogue to my story. [Think aloud to model adding dialogue in one or two places. It may be helpful to reiterate that dialogue should have a purpose not just be “chit chat” and to note that sometimes writers can’t remember exactly what was said in a particular situation and it is acceptable to write what the character probably said.]

Guided Practice

Reread your own story. Can you find a place where you could add dialogue? Turn and talk to a partner about the dialogue you might add.

Send Off [for Independent Practice]

I want you to always remember that sometimes writers revise their stories by adding dialogue. Today during independent writing please continue to revise your story. You may want to try adding some dialogue to your story.

Group Share

Allow time for a few students that added dialogue to their writing to share.

Note: Teachers may wish to teach about using quotation marks in a subsequent focus lesson.

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