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    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2006



    I have been a victim of organized stalking/electronic harassment/mind slavery since 11/2006. You can have a look at my symptoms and experiences at:- .


    I'm sorry I have to modify my post because I have been disguised for more than a year now just to find a cure for my problem since no one around me believes in me. But when I read the stories that people post here I'm confident I found the right place to share my experience and seek the cure for myself.

    The thought reading technology that I thought new is in fact very similar to the technology that others experience here. Unfortunately it felt in the hand of low life criminals operating around Sydney area here in Australia.

    These guys cruising around at night, breaking into rich people houses, tranquilizing and implanting microchips in their head. How do I know this? they actually told me in my ears. Why am I the target? I don't really know because I'm just a regular engineer who works 37 hours/w for a living. This is what I experienced,

    1) They can extract the lightest thought and image (color).

    2) They can monitor my emotion.

    3) They can extract thought and images in my dream when I sleep.

    4) They know the words and images that formed subconsciously in my mind before I consciously know about it. Also when thing happens so fast in my mind that I can't remember but they know about it and remind me.
    5) They can wake me up in the middle of the night by releasing scent awaken chemical remotely for questioning. (make me unbreathable through the nose)
    6) They can make me smell any smell remotely (once they made me smell dog #### while I was having my dinner).
    7) What I see and hear is what they see and hear.
    8) They can turn me into a schizophrenic person.

    9) The battery lasts for one year.

    Besides these experiences I had ringing in the ears 24/7 for a week (the ringing can be switched on/off and varied in frequency when they think I tell the true). The voices in my ears reply to my thought are constant 24/7 for 3 weeks at a time (ear plugs were useless and I had to take zyprexa to help me to go to sleep at night), the interval can be repeated within 4 months. When they find I have a mental weakness that's when the interval repeated. I guess they can operate continuously for 6 six weeks until the battery dies out. The Voices stop after 4 months but they can monitor my thought, images in my head and emotion for a year.

    In addition when it first started I was waken up exactly 2.15AM every night and the voices start. It continued like that for about a week. Sometimes when I lay in bed my stomach muscle shakes uncontrollable for a few seconds and makes funny noise. The same thing happened to my jaw muscle. At one time when I was listening to music on my laptop, the music is cut and a female voice "I'm awake" was heard then the music returned as normal.

    Unfortunately for me when it happened to me for the first time on 11/2006 I thought it would not happen again but it did. On late 03/2007 the voices returned and it ended about mid 07/2007. Since 03/2007 I locked my bedroom door and window before I go to sleep and I don't have the voices problem since 07/2007. But the worst thing is they put another battery in for refill so I have to endure the monitor until sometime early next year unless I know how to take it out of my head before then.

    It all started when I work as an mechanical engineer for an American company on 11/2006. It lasted for 1 month as people in my work place hear my thought and abuse me. There was too much pressure and I had to quit. Since then I lost 10 jobs and at the moment I receive government disability benefit to survive since I'm not fit to work. And it's worsen I can't go out with anybody anymore because they all involve. I was a brilliant soccer player now I play with myself and the ball in the park.

    I'm an engineer and I know how useful this technology would be if it is controlled for the right purposes but at the moment it has been abused beyond comprehension. These guys break their victim down mentally until a stage where the victim willingly give them whatever they want and be mentally controlled by them. Lives are destroyed.

    I hope here I can share my experience with others and seek solution to my problem and maybe one day expose these sick low life criminals who don't have the sense of morality left in their mind.


    Hai Dang
    TEL: 0416 805766

    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:



    I would like to talk to someone about gang stalking and catching such people committing this crime.I live in Brisbane, Australia .can I network with someone in my area that you may know of.




    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1993
    Email: c/o



    I Support The Global Campaign To "Stop Physical And Remote Manipulation Of The Brain Control (Control Of) Weapons On Tortured Civilians."


    I was in China's Anhui Province in 1993 (city or province), I was aware of abuse.

    My experience is as detailed:-

    I am a Chinese College student. I studied an Economic Major. I entered business in 1991 to work. As I am the highest educational level, in their hearts, I always thought that in the near future I would become a boss.

    So there was marginalization, suppression, and malicious slander. Even some who harbored evil designs and mustered triad members for intimidation, coercion, long-term harassment, extortion, and other despicable aggressions – who with secret rumors undermined my relationships, and brazenly struggled for power. In order to remove the obstacles to achieve complete removal of their competitive opponent, there was insiders incitement in the streets, spreading rumors.

    In December 1993, I did not know about their heinous and fascist organization collusion, some abnormal, no humanity, I did not the situation - I was Renzha EEG-like spirit of the Electronic Remote Control for more than 10 years . You see, it continued in the new century, "Dou E Yuan."

    During the more than 10 years of perseverance in the war of attrition, the limits of life, life in the golden age of suffering, violence, physical and mental torture in the double-consumption health and youth.

    ------ On my brain (spirit) and the physical implementation of round-the-clock secret surveillance, harassment and torture. They attacked my brain (spirit) day and night by remote control auditory hallucinations - hallucinations making my body alternate day and night in pain, heart sinking, controlled sleep and other man-made physiological disease and physiological responses, the head pain, brain machines and the roar sound, long ring Zhile, often resulting in dizziness in daily life in the most horrifying mental state in Shengburusi, suffered extreme physical and psychological abuse and harm.

    -- Such violations have also led to seriously damaging the survival of my family and social environment. They pass on my thoughts, including any private information, I do not have any privacy, I'm forced to face social stigma and personality crisis, and vulnerable to live in their own and others highly asymmetric information in the competitive environment.

    Many of us victims now in the workplace and in social life are very unfairly treated - most people seriously. Even been deprived of the right to work, lost livelihoods, technical role for some people to take advantage of a right to life, the right to life, the right to health and other basic personal rights are extremely restricted - at a glance. With the harassment, coercion, intimidation constantly; On the one hand is the loss of the right to work, the right to rest, loss of privacy, the various factors that we live with constantly.

    Cruel reality, the technology exists objectively to persecute, but not to destroy our love of life Yi-Chih, we Chaoqingyijiu, green sea Xue-Tao whistle. We have to sustain this coercive attack or our effective response is eclipsed. They are drilling with this technological persecution – it's in their interest to leave loopholes and potential residual instinct without virtue, with these malicious attacks and intrusive, profane, torture ­ and ugly performances against 100 health – they make us live a distorted human psychology, and moral turpitude.

    ­We suffer, we seem insignificant, despicable, to be cast aside by the world. We - rational knowledge - the essence of the struggle of life, love life, our hearts went into a strength, we are living in the mainstream in the broad mainstream world, we have to cope with the world is beautiful and life is full of love is a continuation of our lives. But last for a long time? God can be measured?



    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2006



    its keith dawson, i would like to be included on that list please, as i have been targeted now for some time. i have really only relised it in the laast 12 to 18 months by readind up on the net about it. now i can relise that ive probably been attact for about the last ten years as i say all that time i didnt have any idea wat it was. symptoms have been lots lack of oxygen hard to breath burning sensations in my body lots of urinatating then other times no urinating, watever u think they make u think u hav these problems. regards keith dawson



    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2008



    Thanks for sending me the article you wrote about satellite surveillance is the first time I have been able to understand the mechanisms behind the technology. I have absolutely no doubt that I am under 24/7 surveillance and have been for three years, I am so fed up with my computer being hacked and not being able to access sites with information that I need it is infuriating, I am actually surprised that I received your email as I mostly dont get my emails they get sent back to me months later. I used keep buying new mobile phones because of them being tapped but it is a waist of time and money the same thing keeps happening anyway. I dont receive my mail however that is nothing new I didnt the whole time I was married. I have not experienced anything like what you have with being physically assaulted and the 2way tv and radio is very sadistic and sick, the people involved need to be exposed, you have to wonder about people in the entertainment and media industry who have seen you and do absolutely nothing. I believe after all that I have researched that people in these positions and those in politics are all under mind control, Manchurian candidates, puppets and for this reason have an inability to question or reason can only do as they are told and programmed to do they have no soul expression and cannot stand up and fight for a cause, they are slaves and dont know, they have had their spirits crushed and their freedom taken away.

    The truth is that you are being tortured and traumatised as part of an experiment to see if will disassociate from your mind and for your mind to compartmentalise and then be programmed, it is very much like MKULTRA that uses child sexual assault victims for mind control programming. The reason that sexually abused children that have been abused from a young age are chosen for MKULTRA mind control programming is that they have the ability to disassociate as a consequence of being sexually abused its a survival instinct. The objective of MKULTRA is to created multiple personalities called Alters that are programmed with government and criminal secrets and missions. The victim of this mind control programming has no knowledge of their Alters that are brought to the front when triggered with codes and cues by the programmer or a person who knows them, for whatever they are programmed to do without the knowledge of the mind controlled victim. Alters are programmed to be assassins, sex kittens, mules and drug couriers, and carry out their mission without the mind controlled victim knowing who will not be capable of disclosing upon questioning and interrogation to any of the authorities.
    To be able to produce multiple personalities you first have to disassociate, I believe this is what is trying to be achieved with you and it is experimental , sadistic cruel painful and totally inhumane and wrong and those involved are working for the government protected by the national security act where laws do not apply. I might be completely wrong but I could also be right its a possibility.

    When I read your article you said that there are satellites that can physically assault a person with a laser and I want to tell you what happened to me and see what you think this could be to do with satellites. I was driving on the highway on the 11/7/2011 being chased and harassed by large new working vans trying to make me have an accident which is nothing new. I was driving a hire car as my four wheel drive was stolen by criminals who told me I was going to be murdered which is another story. I was driving to Newcastle from Tweed Heads because I received text messages saying that I was be alive the next day, I was in an hotel because I had nowhere to live and was trying to find somewhere which is extremely difficult when you are being severely stalked. I got to Ballina and was no longer being followed, and started being able to relax and kept driving on the highway when all of a sudden their was a large new black four wheel drive on the back of my car and it pulled back off my car very suddenly. Then from out of the sky came what looked like blue lightening straight through my car front window, hitting my right hand and giving me an electric shock, I looked from where it was coming and it was an obviously fake moon and was very close, I was absolutely petrified and thought I would be killed for sure that night. I had noticed the moon that night was very bright and large with a halo around the outside, I had actually noticed around xmas 2010 that the moon looked not real very bright and large and an Orange colour and this was exactly the time of the winter solstice ceremony dates 20-26 December which is for satanic rituals and scarifies take place to celebrate the winter solstice. This fake moon stayed around for the next two hours coming in close and changing shape and then going right back it was unable to target me because I stayed right on the tail of a semitrailer all the way, I pulled into a petrol station at Grafton and then it went away. I thought that this was some kind mirage to hide a military aircraft or helicopter and thats who was shooting the laser at me and now I am not so sure.

    I am never left alone for to long and am always set up with a double agent. I had an Iranian man introduce himself and he is obviously hired, he has my mobile number and now I have eight different men calling and leaving text messages using his phone with Iranian names. I have noticed that the moon is fake where I am staying and it moves from one place to another and the clouds are being manipulated as well, I notice more because I am awake all night and when I go for a walk I take notice of the moon. The other night I saw this coming from behind a block of apartments it was so bright and three times the size of a normal moon and the wrong shape and was not there when I first came out, it was there because it was for me and I ran inside I was frightened. A couple of nights before there was a man across the road in a unit staring and standing looking into my unit for three hours and when I entered my lounge room photos were taken of me. I noticed when I came in after seeing the large fake moon that the unit across the road from me had a laptop on and all the lights out, I was curious so I got my binoculars out and looked, the screen was blank but there was a large round shape like the fake moon over half the screen. There was a man on the floor in front of the laptop he realised I was looking and turned the laptop off immediately.

    I am wondering if this fake moon that shot a laser at me was from a satellite not a military aircraft. I am getting the shits writing this because my computer is hacked and stops writing every five words. I want you to tell me what you think and start looking at the moon yourself and see if you notice anything fake.

    I cant write with this being hacked its to difficult

    just want u to know u have my support as a fellow torture victim myself when will it ever end I am presently in the but house because of this receiving antispychotic injections and medication. Like a lab rat. God Bless Katherine Doenau


    it's Katherine Doenau I need for u to tell if I what has been happening to me is part of this torture campaign. Where ever I live or go if something important is about to take place or I have a court appearance I get severely stalked by cars that make me fear for my life sometimes the police are actually involved in the stalking. People around me communicate using stupid hand and coughing signals and the houses are even involved with Turing their porch lights on and off as signals when I go from room to room. I have almost been kidnapped by these cars and once by three Pakistan men in a white van. Something else I have noticed is bright lights in the sky down very pointed in my direction I have no idea what they are but what I will say is that one night when driving to get away from the stalking I had what looked like blue laser lightening shot at me hitting my right hand through front window onto steering wheel and when I looked at where this cane from it came from what looked like the moon that had moved in very close to my car and was enormous. This fake moon would move in and out changing shape. I have now often seen this fake moon and whilst driving a few weeks ago was being followed by this fake moon with red laser beams being shot out from the sky towards me in my car. I have woken up to a red laser beam using my water bottle as target practice with the water lighting up from pink to bright red at three in the morning. These lights in the night sky are very large and are directly related to myself as when I leave so do they what are they John and what are they for or should I say what are they doing to me . I have to go for now God Bless Katherine

    thanks for writing back and giving me that information it's hard to accept that I had laser blue lightening shoot at me hitting my right hand coming from a fake moon but that's honestly what happened , however after reading your letter I realize that I have most likely had an image of a fake moon implanted in my brain to see the vision that I did. The only thing is it does not explain the red whelt I got across my hand. My experience with public mental health is a little different than yours the stalking does stop once inside the institution except once for me at lismore hospital richmond clinic they let stalkers in for eight days to torment and upset me that the staff also was completely involved in that's right the staff stalked me along with the whole ward of so called patients. I had to leave one day and buy a bus ticket and the whole town appeared to be in on the stalking two men pulled up in a ute near me and got a rifle out and pointed it in my direction I ran into the closet shop and rang the ward demanding they come and get me and they did not want to but in the end had to. When I got back to ward everyone was very frazzled the phone kept ringing and everyone had to speak to their mother it was very unsettling and extremely scary. I asked to ring my aunt and when I did she made me promise that I would return home and not go somewhere else I asked her to make the stalking stop and she asked to speak to nurse is charge and immediately it stopped and they all came clean about stalking me while the nurses still mocked me I pretended to be in shock and they got scared giving me two valium telling me they were also nurses. My Aunty is some kind of a satanic priestess and I believe the stalking that is net worked from town to town is actually a satanic cult that look out for their members. This is the only thing that explains the stalking starting and stoping at lismore base hospital I got myself put in the hospital to be safe after I was going to be taken in a white van with three Pakistan men inside from my aunties house . As I left lismore base hospital I received a bag of clothes from my aunt none of the clothes were mine and their were pictures of my children manipulated to make them look dead killed in satanic ceremony blood through their hair skin made look colour of death lips and eyes blackened. This was a death threat over my children's lives to shut my mouth up about what I know relating to my aunt and her family being generational satanists not Catholics that's just the front. This is my experience John and I know it's hard to believe that a mental ward would let satanic cult members into their hospital to stalk and scare one patient but they did and the inky reason I think that they were able to achieve this is that they themselves must be all members of a satanic cult in lismore. I was told that lismore hospital is the hospital for satanists that they care for tge babies that are almost killed after being raped and tortured by the cult. Food for though God Bless. Let me know if you ate still a target victim or have they toned down their torture since u have exposed them. May heavenly father pour blessings upon u in the name of Jesus christ Amen

    it‘s katherine I won't ask how u are as I know u are living a nightmare as am I and I pray that it will soon be over and I will wake up and not be in pain any longer. I want to ask if u would send me some stories of other victims in Australia that are victims of gangs talking and satellite torture so that I can compare their experience with my own it would help me accept the reality of my own circumstances. I have actually started to think I have gone insane and what I thought was real has been in my own mind but then I look back and know it is real but the fear I felt at the time is know different as I get more experience. You see the stalking is not all the time it happens when I have an important court date or something relating to court that's important and I end up being driven into public mental health and have a history that makes me appear to have psychiatric disorder and now have no credibility in court and will never see my beautiful children for a long time if ever. I know I was set up four years ago and thought my doctor husband was responsible. But I don't think he really is responsible anymore and I can't work out who arranged this and think the federal court or Catholic Church is responsible what I know is that public mental health is fully aware and participates in the process many of the stalkers are themselves under mind control and are patients of public mental health who have been told what they have to do. U see when they give patients antipsychotic injections as tablets can be spat out and not taken these injections will affect the frontal lobe in the brain. Frontal lobotomies were made illegal a long time ago which must have upset psychiatry, who are still giving people frontal lobe lobotomies just not surgically but with antipsychotic injections. This makes the victim a zombie it takes away their individual personality and they no longer have free will they cannot think for themselves and can only do as they are told following orders. These victims are ordered to carry out stalking on target victims that if they are driven into mental health are still stalked and then it stops as quickly as it started. I have been feeling extremely tired lately and have to sleep sometimes its for days before I wake up and I want to know if this is being caused by some kind of satellite. I also am feeling very anxious and nervous for no reason as well as being so sad and have no hope of anything changing. I have never felt like this in my life and wonder if I am being targeted to feel this way. I really want to read some cases and see if mine is similar. I would appreciate u sending this to me. I have to eat have not eaten all day . Thanks god bless Katherine

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