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I would not say I was directly attacked with an EMR weapon. However I found out that I was under a program in 2008 because the house mates I lived with in Perth, started giggling each time I imagined a hand or leg movement at separate intervals – I used this as a confirmation to prove to myself that people outside knew everything I was thinking about. However I suspect I was under this surveillance even in 1994 when I was schooling in Sri Lanka. Main harassment include – rude remarks by strangers in public, deliberately crossing walking path, remarks based on emotions, difficulty finding new employment due to red tape by job agencies and many employers, noise campaigns outside my residence by some neighbors to keep me awake - They will disturb me at the specific time when I am just beginning to fall asleep. When this is done, It is hard to fall asleep for a couple of hours. I think they know that.  Also I have noticed that the stalkers don’t want me to concentrate hard when reading anything – will do something to distract me. The public harassment continues both in Australia and when I visit Sri Lanka. It is done everywhere. It is like a game for them. I think they are getting a “Kick”  by using this evil technology on victims like me.

Also I should mention that yesterday I had 2 very scary dreams that woke me up in a shock. I usually do not see such dreams and 2 in a row . Could be because I started contacting you and other organizations - Rather suspicious. 

Having said that, I do believe that there may be other entities that are much stronger and advanced. These entities may be watching and judging these peoples' actions until punishment is unleashed. 



I think a main reason why people are scared to come out in the open is that they feel that they will be classified by the Psychiatric profession as to having Schizophrenia or or Paranoia. If we want to see results, the first thing to be done is to force the psychiatric industry to accept that schizophrenic conditions can be created with Artificial, technology and  - 

1) This is Not a genetic problem of the individual.

2) The individual is subjected to harassment by external entities that should be stopped by law enforcement
3) This is not a disease to be cured with medicine/counselling but a crime that is committed upon that individual by external entities.

Once this is achieved, we will see more victims coming out. It will also ease the burden on existing psychiatrists when making assessments. I feel there maybe people who are directly involved in these RNM ( Remote Neural Monitoring ) and Thought Broadcasting Programs who have left these posts and  reject what is being done to innocent civilians but feel threatened to come forward and speak openly about it.

The You-tube video - " Psychiatry An Industry of Death",  gives a clear history on what the  psychiatric industry is all about. I think the first hurdle to be crossed is to do with the psychiatric industry. If this is achieved, the rest will be easier.




M.R.E. Fernando
1 The Ramble Parmelia, Western Australia 6167

    Citizenship: Australia

    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2006



    I saw your contact details on the mind control victims website and wanted to find out if you thought my symptoms are related to emf/elf attacks.  I've been experiencing these symptoms for the last two years but it could very well have been a lot longer.  It's only in the last 2 to 3 years that i began to observe what was happening and research conspiracy websites which is where i finally came to discover the term emf/elf. 

    I hear a high pitch ringing in my ears which can happen at any time but esp when i go to sleep. When i do hear it i feel my stomach becoming all crampy & it also can cause head aches.  I feel drained and tired constantly and so i take extra vits and eat as healthily as i can. Also at night the ringing in my ears can sometimes cause a buzz through my body and i can't sleep.  It's like my brainwaves increase and keep me completely altert even if i'm completely tired. I also feel as though my thoughts can be read because when i'm thinking /noticing i'm not being "attacked" within minutes i start to hear the ringing in my ears. I have a feeling my dreams are also interfered with.  At times i wake up in the middle of the night with perspiration all over my body. Also the more determined i am to fight these "attacks" the more emf bombardment i rec’v.  There's other strange things like the fact that i feel as though i've been programmed to see numbers - in particular 44/444 or 22/222.  The 4's are always warning me of more challenges, disappointments.  I feel as though the 4's might be there to intimidate, scare me.  I was told by a clairvoyant that i'm being psychically attacked but no amount of protection helps so i started again to look into the emf/elf bombardment and it's leading me to believe that perhaps it's not psychic attacks but the fact that i'm being deliberately targeted with elf.  I live in Brisbane and need to find some kind of support so if you know of any people i can contact that would be great - just to be able to talk to others who are going through the same thing and not feel like i'm crazy.  I have been told of  a  website called healthwarriorblog who sell a product that mitigates emf and have emailed them but haven't rec'd a reply yet.  Do you know of anyhing else that can help with these  attacks? Hope you can help.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.  By the  way i don't have a computer so  if you email  me i might not be able to reply straight  away i will eventually.



    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2007



    I've been a victim of electronic torture and testing since 2007? Where it began in Lake Tahoe Ca. I'm in Adelaide SA now and feeling very alone. Can you connect me with people I can help find strength and a plan of protection with. This has just ended a 25 yr relationship, I'm living on my life insurance money and then I don't know what's gonna happen

    I am and have always been an Australian born citizen. I'm being forced into some treatment by family because, well idk. Anyway I'm in need of some human contact with perspective. I just need someone to talk to mate.

    I have physical evidence or gang stalking present and being used against me. ETSA should investigate but they won't. My landlord is on board as are my neighbours. I have been collecting footage and such, but I feel it's useless. No one will look at the old RFID in me let alone the new one in my chest. Can you connect me with someone please John. I'm very alone here. And I'm not going to just kill myself as they keep V2k suggesting to me.



    Citizenship: Australia/UK
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2004
    Email: ,


    I would like to draw your attention to some extreme and horrendous criminality being conducted by United States Government-related Agencies and the complicity and/or acquiescence of many other Governments and Security Agencies.

    There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding this, and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly.

    Please find a summary of my situation and plight below.

    There are MANY, MANY others, all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse.

    Some of our ELECTRONIC TORTURE, ABUSE AND EXPERIMENTATION CASES detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history, including the most horrendous psychological tortures, rapes, sexual abuse, physical assaults, surgical mutilations, ‘mind control’, and other mental and physical mutilations - see

    These are extreme and monstrous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - indescribably terrible in themselves - coupled with the ORWELLIAN secrecy and denial of any support at all that we are experiencing, makes them even more horrendous and monstrous.

    It is no exaggeration to say our cases are as horrendous and urgent as people fleeing Nazi or Pol Pot concentration camps - specifically Dr Mengele-type torturers and butchers.


    John Finch


    I sent a series of human rights activist emails to public authorities and forums beginning in 2003 up to 2006. I came to the attention of an extremist US security organisation in 2004 for this exercising of my democratic right to free speech and since then I've had my human rights, liberty and privacy COMPLETELY VIOLATED and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health savagely attacked, tortured, mauled and deformed.


    a. place a human subject under ceaseless satellite surveillance - no matter where he/she is

    b. ceaselessly monitor a human brain by satellite - including thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image reading - ‘Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)

    c. ceaselessly attack directly into a human brain by satellite with voices, noises, other disturbances, images and ‘virtual-reality scenarios’; and the ability to override, control, and alter consciousness - ‘Electronic Brain Link (EBL)’

    d. directly abuse, torture, assault, and interfere with bodies - including performing advanced medical procedures - by satellite

    e. directly interfere with electronics, alter, insert etc. data, files, communications and legal evidence even during transmission - by satellite

    f. make live TV and radio, and other screens and monitors, two-way - for surveillance, invasion of privacy, deception, traumatisation etc. - ‘2-Way TV/RADIO and the Orwellian Media (2WTV)

    g. control the flow of information and orchestrate the media worldwide


    1. Since 2004 I’ve been under ceaseless Orwellian surveillance - 24 hours a day 7 days a week - everywhere I go. Since 2004 my brain, body, physical space and privacy have been ceaselessly monitored - including thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image reading. I have been under this extremely traumatising Orwellian surveillance and interference - and then extremely brutally and hard-core - tortured and deformed since 2004 – and during all this time my psychological, mental, intellectual and physical states, actions, thinking, imaginations and words have been exploited and publicly exhibited via internet TV and radio.

    2. subjected to sleep deprivation, sensory overload, and "mind-*uck" torture.
    Under intensive neurological ‘mind-control’ this included :-

    A. a witnessing of the suicide of the ‘King of Thailand’ and a cutting off of my friends brother’s legs
    B. a saving of many women’s ‘souls’ from death, and many countries from nuclear attack
    C. a ‘ritual abuse wedding’ participated in by the ‘Queens of Norway and Sweden’
    D. a fictitious relationship with ‘Princesses of Norway and Thailand’ and some other illusory women
    E. a ‘road trip’ escaping ‘USA army killers and blackmailers’, ‘Asian mafia/dragon killers’ among others; and participating in fake psychoanalysis and personality analysis sessions; and doing Q & A-type interviews on diverse socio-political subjects. (2005-2006)

    3. ceaselessly perpetrators’and other voices are forced directly into my brain and they very aggressively and relentlessly psychologically attack, denigrate, interrogate, undermine, mob and bait me. These voice attacks are forced directly into my butchered and mangled brain. This takes the form of a running attack with a personally codified system of comments and responses to my thoughts, activities, social and psychological state, and biorhythms - both straightforwardly and with many different disorienting, infuriating and distorting effects. This sensory and mental torture and attack directly into my brain has varied from extreme causing near-complete mental breakdown and desperation, to loud, intensive and continuous, to milder, and has included numerous mock-executions. It is all completely and totally unignorable and inescapable. The ‘circuits’ are always open – my brain, body and physical space are ceaselessly brutally violated, monitored and interfered with - and forced into reaction and response - 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s a brutal, technological, inescapable ‘Iago-bullshit-hell-machine’. I literally haven’t had a single minutes mental rest, relaxation or privacy since 2005 – not a single minute.

    ‘The Iago-Bullshit-Idiot-Hell Machine (IBHM)’ (2004/2005-present)

    4. ceaselessly subjected to multiple nightly neurological experiments and interventions. Whilst ‘sleeping’ artificial ‘virtual-reality scenarios’ (like little ‘You-Tube’ videos or cartoons or slideshows) are forced into my brain and therein processed/experienced. Night after night after night – every single night since 2005 - 3,4,5,6,7 or more times per night. I have been on this sleep and brain control regime and I haven't had a natural, uncontrolled nights sleep since 2005. Often my brain processing/experiencing these “virtual-reality scenarios” is transmitted and exhibited by these Mengeles butchers pretending to do “science”. Their ability to do this required extensive and very brutal neutralisation and engineering of my normal, healthy brain – in order to effect a kind of ‘tabula-rasa’ to use as a ‘player’ – for them to be able to force in their ‘codes’ and ‘play’ their ‘virtual-reality scenarios’. This has resulted in mentally and psycho-physiologically exhausting, degrading and deforming me.

    5. relentlessly subjected to deep, hardcore and other neurological attacks on my brain creating a lasting lobotomised effect – very often similar to being sledge-hammered, repeatedly stabbed, roasted, fan-forced microwaved, blow-torched, axed, bombed etc. in and across the brain. Almost every single night since 2005, mostly multiple times, and sometimes for hours and hours at a time – all night, all afternoon etc.. My whole creativity, ‘raw material’, senses, sensibility, feelings, thought, speech, intelligence, imagination, emotions and organic health, range, depth and potential have been completely degraded, butchered, mangled, wasted and/or destroyed (‘Fahrenheit 451-ed’and/or ‘Year 0-ed’). Repeatedly subjected to multiple other experiments and interventions on other areas of my brain.

    ‘Brain Mutilation/Neutralisation Work (BMNW)’ (2005-present)

    6. repeatedly and relentlessly – every single day and night - subjected to electrical abuse and torture on the genitals, crotch, reproductive system, glands and lymph system. Electric currents are applied to my genitals, crotch and reproductive system at different intensities and positions, often continuously for extended periods of time. This ranges from mildly disturbing to extremely torturous. The cumulative affect is sickening and constant mental and physical tension and aggravation. This electrical abuse and torture on the genitals, crotch and reproductive system is applied at any time of the day or night. I am often woken up by the application of electric currents to my genitals, crotch and reproductive system - night after night after night. Often I am given erections in coordination with the brain butchery, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped). I AM BEING USED, EXPERIMENTED UPON AND BUTCHERED LIKE A LAB RAT. My genitals have been liposuctioned, collagened, vasectomied, and my scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements. I have also been anally raped and interfered with numerous times.
    ‘Genital Electrocution (GE)’ (2004/2005-present)

    7. My stomach, glands, abdomen, intestines, lymph system and other internal organs are also being continuously, repeatedly and intensively heated and electrocuted i.e. cooked/burnt-out. Often similar to being stabbed, roasted, microwaved, blow-torched etc.. Hour upon hour or all night and/or much of the day.My heart, chest, neck, lower back, back, diaphragm and all over my body. My torso, face and buttocks have been liposuctioned 2 or 3 times. My nipples are often electrocuted. Also in an extremely painful operation they put my spine out of alignment and did extensive nerve reconfiguration work in my spine and lower back throwing my whole body out of alignment – lower back, pelvis, hips, muscles, limbs, balance etc. – and, I think, they are trying to ‘engineer’ my brain to ‘fit’ this misalignment.

    ‘Stomach Electrocution And Heating (SEH)’ ‘Heart Scoring And Electrocution (HE)’ ‘Chest And Diaphram Electrocution (CHE)’ ‘Lower Back Electrocution (LBE)’ etc. (2005-2011)

    Huge - 10,000s of hours - amounts of electricity have been pumped through my body and brain by these nazi butchers. (2005-present)

    I believe all of this is an attempted ‘reengineering’ or ‘rendering’ of my brain and body, and it has very seriously degraded my senses, sensibility and mental, psychological and physical strength, range, quality and depth. My brain has been reduced in power, quality and function by at least 70%. All my 'raw materials', psycho-physiological powers, energy, amorphous, undeveloped and latent thoughts, memories, emotions, passions, and feelings degraded, burnt-out and/or destroyed. My chest has been sunken, my lungs collapsed, my heart and muscles atrophied, my circulation and metabolism slowed, my stomach expanded and deformed, my genitals mutilated and deformed, and my body-shape completely altered and deformed. As one would expect being a lab-rat in a concentration camp since 2004 it has caused these most profound mental and physical ill-effects and degradation, and profound organic impairments and deformities.

    8. subjected to various other mental, physical and social tortures, degradations and dirty tricks. This includes having my privacy invaded by, and being extensively publicly exhibited via, internet, TV and Radio.

    Since 2004 whenever I turn on the TV or Radio - if it's live, I am linked to the broadcasting source. It happens any time I see or hear a live broadcast, no matter where I am. It completely ruins live TV and radio - as you are actually like being in a video-conference - so it's hard to remain impassive or unaffected – especially whilst being tortured. This invasion of my privacy and my torture and abuse have thus been witnessed by, and I have protested and appealed to, many newscasters in Australia and overseas, and by anyone who appears live on the news - politicians, celebrities, newscasters and many others. Initially tolerable and even amusing, this came to be extremely traumatising – especially when combined with the relentless hardcore torture, abuse and mutilated ‘brain-broadcasting’ – and no one even reporting it!

    Also the thoughts and images from my deformed, mutilated brain and and lab-rat life have been ‘brain-broadcasted’ to the journalists etc. on TV and Radio – and often presented to them as if it was the workings of my normal brain/mind – also a lot of disinformation and misrepresentation has been ‘fed’ to them. This has often resulted in some of them – both advertently and inadvertently – actually actively participating in the torture and aggravation. Some, I believe, have actually been encouraged to elicit responses from my lab-rat brain and thereby to assist in and facilitate the butchering of my brain and senses to fit these nazi technologies and horrendous violations.

    The media has also been flooded with dehumanising and ridiculous ‘Psychological-Operations’, parodies and caricatures of me, my family and life – as at the same time they are parasiting, torturing and organically destroying me, they are constructing a fiction about ‘me’ and ceaselessly, idiotically, making what they pretend to be valid psychological and social observations about ‘me’, my life and family.
    2-WAY TV and the ORWELLIAN MEDIA (2WTV)’ (2004-present)

    9. My mother, sisters and other family members have been neurologically attacked/surgically mutilated, and both of my parents and other family members have been anally raped using these DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS – causing them profound mental and physical ill-effects and degradation, and profound organic impairment and disruption. (from 2005-2008)

    10. Since 2005 colleagues, acquaintances, friends or simply anyone I come into contact with on a day-to-day basis have been neurologically attacked/surgically mutilated, and/or anally raped using these DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS – causing them profound mental and physical ill-effects and degradation, and profound organic impairment and disruption. Literally over 200 people. (from 2005-2009)

    11. I have been relentlessly subjected to Organised Stalking/Mobbing. This consists of an intense and highly organized persecution of an individual with the purpose of harass her/him constantly and boycott all the activities, professional and of leisure that the person develops, in order to isolate to take control of the victims life, manipulate the victims mind and ultimately conduct him/her to a helpless situation. This conduct carried out by a group of apparently "normal" citizens is a barbaric form of torture. People are purposely engaged to aggravate me, and to impede and violate my physical and psychological spaces, privacy and freedom. This is extremely psychologically and physically oppressive and suffocating. This happens everywhere I go, anytime, no matter what I do. My whole neighbourhood has been infiltrated. Often these people are neurologically controlled like ‘neuro-puppets’ to maximise the aggravation through the linking of their actions and movements to mine. Other times they are misguided and/or misinformed ‘Jones-Town’ type idiots/victims. This is being done to me everywhere I go – including in Russia and Turkey.
    ‘Gang Stalking (GS)’ (from 2004 – relentlessly)

    Thus my human rights, liberty and privacy have been COMPLETELY VIOLATED and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked in this ongoing totalitarian nightmare/hell – as I AM BEING RELENTLESSLY, REMORSELESSLY, BRUTALLY, SAVAGELY and CEASELESSLY - since 2004 - subjected to the uninhibited and unchecked aggression, nastiness, ludicrousness, speciousness, and dishonesty of these nazi bully-boys’ psycho- and sociopathic personalities, minds, actions and technologies.

    They do all this to me and yet these perverted psychopaths allow – even encourage – me to send emails all over the world publicising their sadistic crimes – "we're ass-wiping democracy", and "you're sweeping the floor for us", they continually taunt.

    The UK and Australian Government and Authorities, Humanitarian Organisations and everybody else have completely ignored, and failed to protect me.

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