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Lisa Gorman

Gorman Property Group
Unit 1, 23 Dennis Rd., Springwood, Qld, 4127, Australia
TEL: Ph 3808 6880, 0427740364, FAX: 3808 9878


    Citizenship: Japan ( a political asylum seeker living in Europe now without Japanese passport)

    Year Torture/Abuse Began: Fall 2005 or Spring 2006




    Hello. I attached my case summary since I was in the US. My problem was mainly of organized stalking and CIA related anthropology professors. I did not get any e-harassment until I rejected their offer to become an insider - the second time was at this February.  I put all the names as the lawyers I contacted kept referring me other places, like local bar associations. I just expose the names of CIA agents in my lists as that is the agency SJSU students were hired with the cover of NSA for surveillance of the university. There are anthropologists who worked for CIA was revealed by journalists, so I would like to let everyone know what anthropologists are doing with their privilege of being official government agents.


    Miyko Goto (or JB in the FEDAME member)

    I am proudly exposing CIA agents names in my case, as they killed my bird, Robin, and brainwashed another bird, Mooky. They might brainwashed my parents at Stanford Hospital when they were taken as a hostage for their plan. SJSU anthropologists are working for CIA. They tried to train me and work for Japanese Self Defense Force after one professor gave me some training in Arkansas. After I showed my intention to continue studying, the professor turned away to support the electronic harassment on me. I did not experienced any electronic harassment until I ran away from my apartment in San Jose in February 2006. If taking a rosary at hospital for safety is questionable, then my case can be categorized as the violation of religious rights as well as the violation of International Law. 

    My case started from the discrimination at San Jose State University in March 2006. Sarah Lynn, the coordinator of Project SHINE and the Anthropology and Behavioural Science Club leader, started spreading my rumors in Dr. Roberto Gonzalez's Anth 187 class. She spread the information on my transcription saying that she found out from Project SHINE, and showed her hatred toward me openly in the class and encouraged other students to support the discrimination. Meanwhile, I had two spies, one is Michael Cole, in Dr. Sam's English Literature class. They often talked about how they were spying me in the classroom. When I asked the student advisor at the International Program Services, he did not replied. During that semester, Dr. Elizabeth Weiss, a Canadian physical anthropologist, was working on flirtation openly in her classroom and talked about her intention of making me to become her lover. During that semester, Dr. Gonzalez, who is responsible for the ABSC club which members were harassing, got engaged with Dr. Weiss. Later, Dr. English-Lueck, the anthro department chairwoman, asked me to talk with Dr. Sivertsen, the director of the Counselling Service. When I talked with her on Monday in the middle of the final exam week, she kept asking me if I was the one flirting with Dr. Weiss, which I denied. Dr. Elizabeth Weiss is a Republican and is (was? by now) a sex agent working for the United States. When I made a private meeting on Saturday, she told me how she had sexual relationships with famous physical anthropologists including Dr. Donald Johansen.  

    During Summer of 2006, I made another meeting with Dr. Sivertsen to ask if it would be fine to send Sarah Lynn's discrimination on an international student who received award at the Project SHINE volunteer site. From my point of view, it did not make sense as I was the only one received award in Dr. English-Lueck's Anth 142 in Fall 2005, and Sarah suddenly started spreading rumours about me since the beginning of March 2006. The meeting was on July 12th 2006. On July 18th 2006, someone stole the license plate from my car at my apartment. It was the second burglary happened to my car – the first break-in happened on March 9th 2005, and everything in my car was searched. 

    On the first class meeting for Dr. Meniketti's Monday night class, we had a group session and I had two classmates in my groups who were related to German. One student said she is German Mexican American. And the other one, Mike, told us he can speak German and asked me if I have German dictionary. In the next day at Dr. Simpkin's class, students were talking how they observed me in Dr. Meniketti's classroom and how they saw me showing Mike my German writing. (I was studying German as I had intention on Anthroposophy and was trying to read Rudolf Steiner's books)  Later, the students claimed that writing was something related to Dr. Weiss. In Dr. Meniketti's and Ms. Judith Rosenberg's classroom, the school put surveillance cameras. The anthropology major students working in the library were monitoring me through the surveillance cameras. 

    On September 27th, I had another meeting with Dr. Sivertsen. I asked her if the information I talked in July was confidential or not. She assured that was confidential and told me the possiblity of Harpa(?) the organization for students' right working for investigation. She warned me “You are none of American citizen” yet she said bring the case to lawsuit is only way if the police is not working for my case. I recorded this conversation and the transcription is available. At that night, I found some students were talking in my off-campus apartment hallway. They walked out from Rm #4209, which is a symmetric to my room #4219. They were talking how they mistook my “Knick-knick” (Native American incense) with “weed.” They talked about “she got weed... she held it on purpose.” and “Elizabeth has a weed detector.” When I checked their residential status with the apartment manager, Mr. Ronald Feagan, an elderly Healthcare worker working at West San Jose, rented the room for a short time. Some students were living the rooms which supposed to be vacant on the computer record. (I learned they are NSA people as they said so when they tried to make me to become an insider. They drive out-of-state cars. They said that my parents would be killed and my record would be erased when I was hired.) 

    On October 5th 2006, I had a conference with Ms. Rosenberg about the preparation for WST, the English Exam to take upper division classes. The week before, the students were talking how Dr. Weiss changed her feeling and saying “Elizabeth fell in love with Miyoko. She is useless but very friendly.” I recorded their conversation as they were talking in the hallway of Clerk building. From the students' conversation, I learned how Dr. Weiss and anthropologists made a plan to make her marry with me. Dr. Weiss was talking about the marriage with other students. Dr. Weiss explained them like “Yeah, she will become a Canadian.” As I had no intention to marry with her, I tried to abandon the plan by sharing some Dr. Weiss' information in Dr. Ohala's LING-101 class on Wednesday, the day before the meeting. During the meeting, I heard Dr. Weiss crying loud in different room and she was comforted by some people. I recorded the conversation and you can hear her mourning very clear. 

    On October 10th 2006, the LING-101 students made a German spy conspiracy on me. Alex talked about how German spies identified themselves during WWII. Also, the group members asked me how my English speaking has German accent. I only answered them I know what umlauts looks like and they are called umlauts in one of the group assignment.  

    On October 12th 2006, I brought the evidences to SJSU police officer, Mr. Flits von der Hoek and the initial case number was # 060802058602. The officer at the counter said that he was on vacation  till next Wednesday. Later at that afternoon, I had an early Dinner with my friend at Mimi's cafe in West San Jose. When I left to the bathroom, a short middle-aged woman wearing same khaki jacket said, “Wow, we wore same Eddie Bauer's Jacket!” in the bathroom. It was just like Alex's explanation – he said German spies say “we wear same hat” and exchange glances during the war. It was the day I visited the Harvest Ceremony – a 3-day church event at HP Pavilion – with my friend Hilda. 

    On October 14th 2006, I wrote some emails to Adriana, the Equal Opportunity manager who I filed the students' discrimination case for investigation, and Dr. Weiss. 

    On October 16th 2006, I was sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services. Around 4:30pm, I visited Homeland Security Office in San Jose to submit the students' discrimination. The officer at the entrance gave me a form to submit the evidences. Then I parked my car at 4th St garage across from the campus as usual and was heading to Dr. Meniketti's class from 6 o'clock. In front of the classroom, Dr. English-Lueck was standing in plain clothes. She asked me to have a small talk at her office on the 4th floor. When I followed her to the anthropology department, there were two university police officers, one is Sgt. John Laws and other was is a bronze medal winner and studied Judo in Tokai University. They told me that they received report that I was making suicidal comments and was thought as dangerous to others. Michael(?), the second officer, told me that I would be transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Service, and later to El Camino Hospital. Then, they handcuffed me and took the battery from my voice recorder. (Luckily, I have these conversation available to share as well as the transcription!!!) At Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the psychiatrist asked me how I was disturbing the marriage of Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Weiss. I was asked to take urine test twice, and asked to sleep in the ward. At the security check, the African American guard took my 10-beads rosary claiming it as dangerous material and I would heart myself with it.  I believe this is a violation of religious rights!!!  The gard was checking my credit card record through the computer at the guard station. 

    In the morning of  October 17th 2006, I was strapped and transferred to El Camino Hospital by an ambulance. Jeniffer, the Occupational Therapist originated from Hong Kong , kept asked me how I feel suicidal or depressed. Then, I was asked to take a survey had about 10 questions about depression and suicidal thoughts. As I had no depression, I just fill out the form as I felt. Then the people at the nursing station talked about how to make up and decided to use “Paranoia.” There were SJSU students interns in the hospital. Dr. Kent, who is an old friend of Dr. Sivertsen, held group session almost everyday. My room was the corner next to the emergency exit. I think it was Rm. 101. The room sharing the same bathroom with mine had a notice of “24 hour monitoring” and an staut African American woman was on the bed. At the night of October 17'th, I waked up figuring out my clothes are loose and my breast was almost revealed. From next night, the nurse gave me a double dose of sleeping pills. Also, I found a cultural anthropologist whose name is Mary in the hospital. She stayed in the room 108? for few days. One night she had few family members visiting her, and I found it was really her who I watched her documentary film about Chinese culture. I watched her film in Dr. English-Lueck's class. It is hard to find a parson who is capable of speaking Spanish, Mandarin, and English, and have the same voice that she spoke in the film. 

    Because Adriana sent me an email, they changed their plan to kill me in the hospital. They said that it would be obvious a foreign student found dead so soon. In the morning of October 18th, I found two dots drown on the skin near the eye. The spot is similar to the one I saw in the picture of lobotomy surgery. The dots are between the eyes. I could not wake up from the bed until the time for the Dr. Kent's group therapy. That day, I felt dizzy until afternoon.  

    On Friday, October 20th 2006, Dr. Peter Newsom diagnosed me as “dangerous to others” and “gravely disabled.” Since I was held for “72 hours hold,” he wanted to extend it to “14 days hold.” By speaking about Mental Patient Advocacy, Dr. Newsom offered me a deal of filling out “volunteering patient form” and told me that he would release me on next Monday.  As I had no body to contact with because of the students' discrimination ruined all my relationships with their spreading rumors, I filled out the form. Then, I found bleeding from my bottom, virginal and anal, in morning, and I had frequent bloody nose. The SJSU student interns were talking about my physical features and talked about how Dr. Gonzalez raped me. They said that Dr. Weiss let him take my virgin as his first experience with woman was with her. (Dr. Gonzalez is a gay.) The people in the reception were talking how they duplicated the information on my brain and saying “her knowledge is shallow.”  

    On Saturday, October 21st, the middle-age nurse asked me to call my parents in Japan. She made up the plan when to call them and helped me calling them at night from the office phone. I talked with my parents and said not to come as it was very dangerous. 

    On Monday, October 23rd 2006, Dr. Newsom was on a week conference trip to San Diego for Child Psychology meeting, Dr. Burr persuaded me to stay in the hospital. He asked me if I would stay if I knew my parents were visiting San Jose on Wednesday. Then Dr. Burr and the middle-age nurse persuaded me not to take action against the students and stop the investigation by the Equal Opportunity Services. I agreed in order to get out from the hospital.  

    On Wednesday, October 25th 2006, I called Dr. Sivertsen why she wrote a document for forced transportation to the mental hospital. She complained me that I was making accusation on students and she wanted to stop it. This voice recording and the transcription is available. About noon, I received a phone call from my mother saying that they arrived at the entrance of my apartment. However, when I got back, I found my apartment room door was unlocked and could not find my parents at all. When I talked about them with the apartment manager, she said that she saw them. Then Antonio, the handyman, followed me to my room to make sure about the door. I heard manager and others talking making plans to claim me as mentally ill by working on gaslighting. They also said that they took my parents as hostages. As I sensed danger, I visited Starbucks next to Egyptian Museum. There the stalkers made conversation about their plan of killing my parents in my apartment and makes me as the suspect. They said that Dr. Weiss has an old friend living in San Francisco, so she and Dr. Gonzalez could make alibi for that night. I droved to San Bruno Downtown and used Internet from another Starbucks to make my alibi. I phoned Dr. Glover that I would be absent for her LING101 at that night and told my plan to visit Napa for a short break after the discharge. Then, I visited another Starbucks in San Fransisco and sent email to a church friend for my alibi. I drove to the Cashcreek near Sacramento for that night, but it was full. So I stayed in the garage in Downtown Sacramento until next morning. 

    On Thursday, October 26th 2006, I submitted the copy of my CD-ROM evidence in the mailbox for the California governor. On my way wondering around in the North Bay, the organized stalkers seemed friendly. I heard several conversation that how they decided to make me to become an insider. As I already made alibi for that day in 4 hour distance from San Jose, I came back to my room at night. My room door was locked, but my bathroom light was on.  

    On Friday night about 10:30pm, I received a phone call from my parents. My mother had a cell phone, yet she did not call me since Wednesday noon. She said that they were staying in Crowne Plaza Hotel and were with Mr. Inaki, a translator living in San Francisco. On Saturday and Sunday, I met them at their hotel. My mother asked me several questions like if I ever worked in the US or how 'the director of human resource' looks like. It was as if my someone used my mother's mouth and making it speak up. (Later, I learned that they killed my parents at Stanford Hospital.) 

    I found out Sarah Lynn and Kaohang Lin were in the room on the third floor of the apartment. Dr. Weiss walked out with other students from Rm #4207 sometimes at night. They are working for CIA, as I learned their identities when some of the stalkers tried to make me to become an insider. They said that CIA hired some SJSU students with the cover of NSA. 

    Because of the betrayal of Dr. Weiss, I was again subjected to the stalking. I visited the Japanese Consulate General in Japan and had a meeting with the consulate general and a officer, Mr. Sasaki. The room was bugged. The consulate general told me that they were undercover officers and FBI was behind of it and not CIA. They suggested me to go back to Japan as soon as possible, and told me that I could settle a lawsuit from my country. However, I heard that the American stalkers talking that the Japanese government would sent me to a mental hospital as I received a mental health record in the US. I had no idea where to ask help, I entered the Consulate General of Russia and then the Consulate General of Germany (where I tried to share information of how American students put me a conspiracy of a German spy). There were some people talking pictures outside of the Consulate General buildings. Later, I was followed by the cars with Department of Defense. 

    On November 17th, someone at the Judicial Affairs Office at SJSU asked me to have meeting at 8:30am. As I visited a wrong building, they postponed the meeting to November 20th. As I had no idea why I had to attend the meeting, I did not show up. And they never contacted me again. I heard that the Anthropology professors and some students were planning to make false testimony to send me to jail this time.  

    On November 18th, AAA (American Anthropologist Association) had annual meeting in Hilton Hotel in San Jose, CA. 

    I came back to Japan on December 5th, and experienced the behavior change of my parents. They sometimes spoke in English and were as if spying on me. It was like their consciousness was switched off to act like robots. I do not why but when I ordered a wireless radio receiver, an airplane of Japanese American flight training school, Nice Air, was down with the cause unknown. It happened in San Jose. When I was checking some foreign intelligence websites, my father made direct suggestion about the Self Defense Force. Actually, when I was studying German and French at night, I heard my parents talking in English that “Elizabeth would love this...” 

    On February 1st, I went back to San Jose to clean my room. As I heard stalkers talking about the training Dr. Weiss would give me, I was aware of their friendliness. When I rent a car at Herz in SFO, the clerk received a phone call and told me that they did not have corolla type and offered me a 4WD for Gold Member with the same price for small car.  

    At that night I noticed people in the room above talking about how Dr. Weiss persuaded students and wanted to train me in Arkansas. However, when I spoke up my intention to study in Sorbonne, I heard Dr. Weiss screaming “Dr. Gozalez is better!” Then, I was again threatened by the stalkers living in my apartment, and I ran away to Southern California for my safety. I started hearing voices on my way to San Diego.  

    In Germany, I heard Japanese speakers using “voice to skull” saying that they would make me to be a cyborg. During my trip in that country, I found out that I lost some sense of direction and other temporal mental confusion. My body function became wired, also.   

    I do experienced some gaslighting and organized stalking when I become a refugee. Actually, what the US government agencies done gave me enough evidences to support my stories. I regret that I should have taken more pictures of NSA and DOD, as they always stayed in the same motels. Just like other refugees, I ran away from my apartment and had to abandon my properties like my car, my PCs, my furnitures, etc. I experienced false forced imprisonment which often happens in fascist or communist countries. I also experienced threatening of assassination with my parents or alone. More importantly, I learned the organized stalkers' connection with Japanese Self Defense Force Counter Intelligence Unit. (Dr. Meniketti, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. English-Lueck, Dr. Weiss, Dr. Darrah, Dr. Lenge, and few more SJSU anthro professors work for CIA. Also the new dean of Linguistics Department, Dr. Ohala is working for the agency. *For FEDAME person, if you think this CIA information is too much please omit it. I am exposing them before the coming AAA meeting for this year in order to protest against the exploitation of the study field and power harassment by CIA.) 

    I heard their plan of assassination this time, I ran away to Europe. I travelled to Germany, UK, France, the Netherlands, and then to Switzerland where I became a refugee. Electronic harassment have not started until I reject the offer of training from Dr. Weiss. Her family work for the US government. They have been working for this New Phoenix program since they were in Germany few decades ago – Dr. Weiss's father works for the US army. Dr. Weiss married with a Canadian to get contact with Canadian physical anthropologists. It is just like what Dr. Cameron did – working for MKULTRA in both Canda and USA. I know some more about their inside stories as I was asked to become an insider in my country. 

    The criminal use of these on me are causing the following effects - 

    Voice Hearing – This started from February 2006 after I rejected the offer of taking training from Dr. Weiss. First, the voices were in English and the voices were responding to my thoughts in English. However, when I noticed some Japanese people speaking, I only hear people talking in Japanese and they cannot respond me in my thinking in English. It seems the SJSU students received this harassment devices to contact with their bosses. One time I heard a student shouting, “The governor, the State of California, the governor, the State of California...” Probably that students was fooled by someone else, or really working for the Republicans. Everyone tried to protect Dr. Weiss, who has been working for CIA since the youth member when she was studying for her SJSC degree. As she tried to make a special relationship, I learned more. 

    Disabled Sense of Direction – this happened when I travelled to Germany. After I ran away to England, I got my sense of direction and calmness back. 

    Sleep Disturbance – While I was in the United States in February and in Germany, I had heard time sleeping. I experienced as if I had adrenaline rush and could not sleep. It was strange as when I saw Bundes-Wehr cars with rosary anchoring near my hostels in Muechen, I could not had such problem. It started after I got back from the short trip to Weimar, where I again saw several Bundes-Wehr cars near my hotel.


    Miyoko Goto


    Citizenship: Japan

    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1998




    I am a Japanese victim of mind control. When I recognized of being mind raped, through TV programs in August 1998, I didn't have any knowledge of this sort of technologies and I had to bring myself in great confusion and fear. I believe every one must have understanding on this problem in order to defend oneself from sudden unexpected attacks.

    I was able to recover my health thanks to the member of the Mind Control Victims Association of Japan. There are need for the effort of world-wide people to cease the experimentation itself. We must hurry up and reduce as many human sacrifices as possible.

    As I wrote in the title page, I was virtually not a satellite prisoner until media attacks occurred to me in 1998. I explain how media make offense with examples for those who are not familiar to this problem.

    It is not difficult to decide if you are targeted by media or not because targeted victims meet kinds of offense below almost every day.

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