For you to witness, record and oppose

I am an electron harass/ Brain control/ Definite direction can weapon/ There is organization run after, and what excruciation abuse's victim


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I am an electron harass/ Brain control/ Definite direction can weapon/ There is organization run after, and what excruciation abuse's victim. 

I come from  ASIA  Taiwan R.O.C

I from (2002 year 6 month XX day) realize I become a victim. 

indicate :-I at Taiwan's Taipei

At discover this kind of June in 2002
Directed Energy Weapons
Microwave Weapons
Psychotronic Weapons
Synthetic Telepathy
NSA Remote Neural Monitoring Mind Control Weapons

I be able to know they are who be Taiwanese secret agent and abet de some peoples

Already come into judicial procedure but court most not know these I hope can acquire some helpings

I request to this' a kind of criminality and this kind of grave offend human right de behaviour proceed international investigation. 


I am a Victim of Electronic Harassment/ Mind Control/ Directed Energy Weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.

I live in Taiwan China. My nationality is Chinese. I realized I was attacked on May 2002 in Fuzhou of China.

On April 2002, I went to Fuzhou to meet with a girlfriend who was introduced by my uncle. I met with Yuan ( a Taiwan business man in China) and gave my passport to him. But on the second day, I "heard" that Yuan wanted to kill me, so I ran to Shanghai.

Because I was very ill when I was on the train, So I got off train in Ruyi Mountain, Fujian. But on the second day, I felt that some people were following me, so I took another train to Shanghai. In Shanghai I received a call from Yuan ask me to pay him some money. He returned my passport. I stayed in Shanghai for only few days and went back to Taiwan.

After I went back Taiwan, the torturers started to torture and harass me. I "heard" all the voices from my neighbors. I lived on the third floor, everyday I heard the forth floor knock the floor, and second floor also knocked the floor everyday. The "Voices" often said" kill his father, kill his mother, kill his sisters". My dad already passed away on August 95.

Now I have suffered for 5 years, I could not read, I could not work, I could not live a normal life, I could not sleep well, I could not think freely. And I was under the threat of murder.

I am not the first victim. If we don't work to stop it, I am sure I will not be the last one.

I hope through our hard working, we can stop such fascists torture, we can protect world freedom and Human Rights.

Receive your letter - Very happy hope your everything all good

I am number  No95.  WEN LONG MA My experience in some place need modification
Injures someone person  I am be able to know
They are:-
Taiwan's secret agent  YAOPING YUAN,  70 year olds almost
YAOPING YUAN  De son or junior    38 year olds almost Please look figure
XINLIANG LI, (I accuse he -  so rename  Continuous WENLIN LI,)  1951 a year birth  There are criminal records record  Please vide photo
XINLIANG LI  the inmate YURU ZHAN   Yunlin Hsien's Taiwan province  1980 or 1981 year of birth
With other not know name the Ruffian
Persecute already long reaches fast in six I not hope these injures Ruffian  Escape law
I hope can write or investigation reference on book

Thanks you




    Citizenship: Australia/UK
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:




    Heavy Organised Stalking, property damage, directed energy weapons attack since the 1990’s in UK, Ireland, Australia – at home, work, street, everywhere.


    TEL: 07-40542055 (AUSTRALIA)

    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1999



    Can you help me with a letter that is suitable - I’m not too good at present - that would state from Australia - GANG STALKING & ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT.

    I have written in to the group lots but am not sure who to send my letter to thanks - it has been happening for over eight years the ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT, and the microwaves although I had been kidnapped and taken to a place in Adelaide to be GANG RAPED etc. – I’m not sure what to tell you at the moment.



  3. NAME: ⿰混世魔子⿰ MAO
    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:




    参考 Dear international friends: Hello!

    I am a man from China. Born April 19, 1977. My name is Mao. Were bright. I lived in Chongqing Shapingba District No. 69 North Street Geleshan!

    When I queried with the people reading the blog after reading your central idea, with the attitude of hesitation sent to you this confirmation letter! I hope that you will see that after you learned the basis of analysis of the knowledge of reference cards. Here on behalf of those affected to thank all the patients had!

        This feeling has become stronger and stronger. Initially I have a bad habit of drug addiction "ice." However, after each drug I can successfully resolve the use of a variety of psychological back to reality. But nothing like this, and I have known from the depths of the soul brought about the harm of drugs, recognizing that the nerve center of the crisis brought about by injury to the heart center. I am just as a Chinese person is very pious about what the situation!

        This feeling I can not understand the first or even the fun of magic voice of the blind, and until now, through my self-awareness, as well as life experiences found in a number of questions. I have no problem of drug addiction for some time, but the so-called sensory nerve let me puzzled, depression and autism have led to schizophrenia, a dialogue model, let me have a sense of fear has become the ultimate radiation.

       Since those days. I have been suffering from love. Family. Friendship suffering from unimaginable humiliation, if not are based on the survival of a strong instinct to protect I survived I guess that is already up in smoke, has been with the virtual destruction of the illusion. I used the normal sense of the intelligence and analysis around all around and even feel upset. This dialogue mandatory sensing mode and difficult to understand me, I live in the exploitation and the exploitation of the atmosphere! I only placed the survival of a serious emotional world have been hit, suffering, the perpetrators also called: "To serve the people, for the state share"! And even sexual services不堪入耳! The character in my temper intolerable!

       After a feeling there are people who wake up every day non-stop dialogue, the elderly. Children.朋友. In my heart did not listen to the force to discourage dialogue.

      21 will be feeling the idea of the police for a polygraph investigation for a soldier will be a spy for a treason of a breach of the International Convention on the legitimate rights and interests of mankind will be in breach of the problem out to sully some of my growth recorded in the course of the rule of law and morality .

      Sense of the sacred to the three sensor sensing to medical patients with various diseases by sensing those lonely women in order to

        Is it really the spirit of the brain wave controller, the control of people affected by a variety of sensory control it? Really have to let others find their own sense of mass, let me for others services? I am confused. Interfere with my normal life, violated my personal privacy, an insult to the survival instinct! Science and technology such technology?

                I hope to receive your answer. Thanks



    Citizenship: Taiwan
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1999



    I live in Taiwan . I am the victim of an attack of psychotronic weapons. Please help I to get this electronic torture, abuse and experimentation stopped



    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:



    I need an example of a CASE SUMMARY/PETITION which I can adapt for my own use. i am a electronic harassment, microwave technology directed energy weapons 


    liz mclellan  

    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1996




    i don't correspond with too many TI's. i do realise the old saying united we are strong as individuals we are weak. i am still trying to work out the best way for me to counteract the effects, as i am a multi- implant victim & have been a TI now for well over 10years if you are absolutely sure of the type of wave pattern that is targeting you you may be able to purchase a spectrum analyser & attach an audio speaker to it, i am about to try this myself, basically it will scan the airwaves in the selected wave form pattern like a transistor radio but on a different frequency, in theory you will then be able to capture the audio harassment at least, have this witnessed & record it. as far as shielding goes, i have no idea, i am however in the next 12months or so going to america to have a validation scan or verification of authenticity by a professor in the states who also was/is a TI. so i am to believe the validation / affidavit is submissible in court, as i am aware of one of my perp's/ harassers, i am going to approach the human rights organisation in sydney to gether with whom ever i  can gather for moral support & character reference. if you are interested in this type of approach search the net for a site given to me by another TI, called MD SPEC 2, let me know how you go.

    Letter to John Finch and other TI’S
    Sunday 30th November, 2014
    Re: a fellow Australian Targeted Individual

    Hi John/All,

    My name is David (surname withheld for personal reasons), I am a long term Australian victim of: Unethical criminal/predatory Hypnosis, behaviour modification associated with covert drugging and narcohypnosis, Mind Control, Gang stalking, electronic torture and harassment, including, V2K with additional (real-time) audio harassment etc….etc. I also appeared on your list of over 1200 TI’s sent to the UN in 2002 on the Asia Pacifica list I was number 76? the last time I looked, I met Paul Baird the same year 2002, gave him a basic testimony to read and I was placed on the list, so please do not regard me as your enemy i am not a perp just a long term victim & survivor who was conditioned to keep quiet, succumbed for many years to hypnotic amnesia. (Hypnosis as you may be aware is the foundation of Mind Control)

    My vision is impaired as I am in the belief I have been implanted with artificial lenses in each eye, beneath the cornea possibly also attached to the retina’s) what I see every day, and for the past nearing twenty years are manoeuvrable small fibre type micro strand’s in each eye with a dark orb shaped object at the pinnacle or end of each fibre, without moving either eye or focussing my vision directly in front the optical cameras as I have labelled them, are manoeuvred in any direction(not assisted by my eye muscles in anyway) by the Psychopathic handlers monitoring me, they can be obscured from my view simply by using a flick of the eyes, I can partly move the objects using the inertia effect moving eyes in any direction abruptly however, they are quick to refocus in any direction they wish to spy, there is some discomfort at times, the cameras are merely one part of the system utilised by the monitors (perps) who have enslaved me as their cash cow (research funding for what works best method of bio engineering and overall Mind control) for the past nearing 25 years since 1989/90.

    The optical prosthetics are used for confirmation of the gangstalking on the road-one headlight dull or blown-(disconnected under the bonnet) the preps spy on everything I do, I cannot use or know any pin numbers pass words look in the mirror while undressed stare at my partner while she is in the shower etc.. As the voyeurs can see and hear everything, at night or daytime, in poor light they are capable of taking snap shots(possibly stills) white light appears for a brief moment and I believe they have other capabilities of infa red night vision as the aperture seems to turn red, blue or green at times, believe me when I say, this is not a natural occurrence in my body or result of eye trauma or detached retina these cameras are used every day to spy on my life.

    Throughout the nineties, I believe I was also on the receiving end of additional bodily alterations, implants, as at various times when I was in the company of; and living with, certain individuals in close proximity to certain facilities during hypno-puppet arranged relationships I was an easy target, therefor “accessible”, over the years during those pre planned events (operative procedures) my body displayed various signs of un explained wounds and considerable time loss around these times (time to transport, implant, time to heal) as I was frequently between workshops during my trade years due to many false rumours by the perps and certain patriots to the perp’s being placed –gained employment at the same time as me to ensure the rumours stuck and to further sabotage my work etc… my wages were also constantly manipulated hence, I had no concept of time between jobs and this is/was their perfect ideal situation for access to me and have THE TIME for their nasty pre planned procedures my time loss was obviously part of the hypnotic amnesia as I did not realise or rather pay much attention to it I had no need to watch the calendar between jobs .

    Basically the 1990’s for me, was a nightmare, I was introduced to someone who was supposed to be an acupuncturist/naturopath who’s underlying secret agenda was a predatory (criminal) hypnotist in the company of a lookalike colleague, in a so called ethical facility this is when it all started. Throughout the 90’s as stated, I was led around and suggestible by hypnotic cue, to do just about anything they wanted, although their general idea is/was to remain covert at the time so nothing too obvious was suggested that would land me in a nut house or jail, otherwise their lab rat would have been of no use. In that decade I was involved in relationships that led to obvious medical procedures that were performed against my will, consent, and knowledge, occasionally they used their equipment to; I guess, entertain themselves as I was being monitored covertly, yet gang stalked set up for things I was not guilty of and my name discredited as in 1990 I had become a tradesman in the automotive industry in the later years as a result of false rumour harassment etc… I was driven from my trade.

    One night June 1999 note the date (6.1999) after being drugged at dinner which was cooked for me by a member of the group who monitor me, I was ill, went to bed and they switched from covert to overt, I endured a night of total sleep deprivation and electronic harassment and recited suggestions verbally that i had been hypnotically made amnesic to, yet held in my sub-conscious, until the cue; I honestly did not know what had been done to me on a conscious level of awareness and it was the most frightening event I had ever endured in my life…

    June 1999 to this day I have been the victim of a 24/7 365 day per year connection to their equipment, I call their monitoring facility “The Control Room” they-the monitors have rotational rostered shifts,24/7 some rotate to the field for gangstalking, some for the audio visual cochlear and panning the optical implants to monitor my travels , others v2k usually at least 4 using the monitoring equipment on their rostered shift, the main purpose behind “The what works best method” from the monitors perspective is above all money .

    Being a long term victim of this program , I have endured much suffering as with all victims of the same act against us as fellow human beings who are a part of this world, as are the monitors /perps/handlers who torture us & why? For financial gain and voyeuristic entertainment by remote.

    I have read your testimony John @ Peace Pink via FB and amongst the many hundreds of emails I have received as being part of the targeted individual community since 2002 when I learned I was a victim and met Paul Baird, as prior to this time I had no computer/internet access as I basically did not know what I was the victim of, let alone understand it.

    However I did meet someone whom I can trust in the world my much loved partner, she & I have been together almost 14 years since 2001,together in the early 2000’s we made the mistake of the direct approach to the medical establishment, as I wanted body scans, for quite a few years the perps were 10 steps ahead, those whom I confided in to reveal the evidence (GP’s specialist surgeons etc…) were told about me before I had even met them and in some cases I was basically refused scans.

    Well that somewhat deterred me for many years and I just lived on and suffered, observing the emails from other TI’s, what seemed to be a scam revolving around Greg Gamanche in America, I’ve read a lot of website material, journals, books,etc..and victims testimonies in writing and on you tube, films, documentaries, trying to find other victims, who have shared the same experiences as I in particular the same type of implants, much of the harassment I am/have been subjected to is administered in varying degrees of intensity for example: HIGH /MEDIUM/LOW

    I am a (25 years) victim of Long term criminal unethical hypnosis and other associations including but not limited to; an artificially split minded alter ego/persona integrated with the MIND CONTROL PROGRAM –including electronic harassment, voice to skull artificial telepathy, thought interpretation and amplification, mind rape, virtual rape during sleep by obviously sex deprived females and males who appear to be addicted to different forms of substances , gang stalking, gas lighting, street theatre, consistent unforced entries into my places of residence, sabotage and theft of belongings including motor vehicle/s and has been concentrated over the past 8 years since my partner and I finally got a mortgage.

    Direct neighbour intervention regarding the unforced entries (copied keys) and usual TI scare bully tactic’s in the general neighbourhood, psy ops-associated with psychological torment and harassment, illegally non consensually implanted and manipulated, many skin cancers resulting from concentrated and long term subjection of microwave /electromagnetic radiation around areas of my body that I KNOW house implants, stinging of the skin in certain areas- during the 90’s part of the implant body alt decade I was induced with a skin virus hence their access to hide scaring /entry points additionally sub dermal skin tissue attractors to irritate the skin from their remote CONTROL ROOM , I have treated many skin cancers around specific targeted sites on my body including the area’s around the eye’s ears nose, shoulders etc some I believe are the result of the implants including sub dermal heating of my skin(microwaved) back- joint- knee-neck ribs –shoulder blade-hands-loss of dexterity etc artificial type arthritis or multiple sclerosis type induced ailments, manipulation of the neck area to steady the head so the ocular prosthetics can be panned more easily from the monitors perspective provide a clearer picture they refer to it as spiking and it feels like someone is controlling your head/neck area it is most often associated with migraines, artificial persona by the monitors wearing the headset’s projection of all emotions including fear intence, anger, anguish, lust, illusion, anxiety, melancholy etc etc.. artificial asphyxia during deep sleep, audio surveillance, visual surveillance, electro shock, migraines at times almost daily, sleep deprivation currently almost daily, sometimes during consecutive days(forced to reluctantly medicate for sleep and migraine headaches from time to time) - electro shock when approaching the medical establishment or whenever they choose, I receive internal shock to the central nervous system and brain stem area @ the rear of my neck, associated with trembling/shaking with a strong need to retreat from the area this was backed by their hypno suggested deterrent to keep me quiet (shut up or this is what we will do to you), over the years I was topped up with reaffirmations to keep me in their desired state as being a hypno puppet this was/is done both in person and remotely- (v2k + real-time audio to the ear/s ) via audio cues to return me to their desired suggestible state of deep trance for programming and reaffirmations……. well the only firewall-(major obstacle) a mind hacker/criminal hypnotist has to get through is the conscious!

    Basically it is the subconscious that follows the orders………

    Like hypnosis/narco hypnosis- drug induced trance state, when TI’s are constantly sleep deprived we become vulnerable to a trance like state, and susceptible to suggestion, for example: if you are told during twilight sleep (semi-conscious) a perp derived controlled & sustained level of relaxation, they can basically talk to your sub-conscious your conscious-firewall is drifting or held in suspension and off line so to speak and this is how they program the way “They want you to think” cars one headlight on the road, people artificially coughing, rubbing their eye’s, mentioning certain words or phrases that only the TI can relate to or becomes conditioned “you will notice this and become aware it will bother you” etc… etc… (PROGRAMMED TO RESPOND TO MIND CONTROL)they force us to react sub-consciously and the conscious mind or firewall has lost its protective barrier to self-preserve us; our GOD GIVEN firewall to protect us concerning RIGHT from WRONG……

    ………………. in other cases people can be manipulated to do things they would not normally do on a conscious level of awareness, for example, commit a crime, a despicable act, hand over money, self-harm even suicide, enter into a sexual relationship with their practitioner or someone you do not find attractive , or would not normally consider the idea as you are married, or the hypno-puppet can perform other errand’s etc I’m sure most people given their imagination’s the amount of things that could, can be, and have been done, to people/victims of this program is limitless.

    SECRET DON’T TELL if any TI’s want to learn where the foundations of what we are being subjected to, has derived this is a…… with much emphasis on the word a “REVEALING” encyclopaedia!!!

    Typing the title alone SECRET DON’T TELL into the WWW there are four case histories- book extractions that can be read as a basic insight from the early days prior to the modern day use of the same basic fundamentals of the MIND CONTROL enslavement agenda.

    The author Carla Emery spent many years researching with a heavy barrage of cross referencing material the results of many years of her own research regarding a subject that is supressed from mainstream media etc…for a reason…… to hide the TRUTH!

    From my perspective being a victim of non-consensual hypnosis and all that has followed since becoming a victim the material or rather a cross examination of the vast complexities associated with enslaving someone-an innocent person of the program, the book has made sense of much of my past.

    Having the knowledge, I am still acquiring as together my partner and I have not yet finished the book, realising that much of this program is based on hypnosis, I feel a little more in control of my own life and have learned to be more watchful, aware and less succumbed to the perps scare tactics threats gang stalking tactic’s etc…and it p.sses them off I know this, as with their mechanical and AI arsenal I have been hammered.

    Over the past three to four years I wrote a testimony of my experience and all whom “I” know are /were involved in my disposition, as a heavily targeted individual, well after 25 years you’d think id know who my monitors are, also the reason behind it and the unexplainable wealth that has been acquired by certain individual’s with no academic background, also those with academic history that are discreetly/and indiscreetly placed in certain situations/employment status to access unsuspecting victims.

    With the lack of correct grammar, punctuation, intricate big words, computer aided spelling corrections etc.. ,I’m no writer and for someone to sit and read my testimony was not my best choice of media to reveal almost half my life’s experience as a surviving TI, so….during the years of 2011 to 2014, I employed the use of a computer based software program movie maker type thingo, a voice recorder and camcorder, my partner and I created a more understandable medium for people whom I chose to view the testimony to learn, and become aware of what is ,and has been happening to me in secret for over two decades and that I am not an isolated case, resulting in six DVD’S amounting to 14.4 hours of viewing.

    Contents of the testimony includes, an introduction into the world of science /psychiatry the use of ANIMALS and HUMANS for non-consensual research and the ongoing advancements relating to mind invasion technologies and how implants have progressively become more advanced yet much smaller and virtually undetectable, I then begin my testimony originating from 1989/1990 explaining the introduction to a criminal hypnotist and others who I have grown to learn were involved at the time and remain as part of a criminal cell or covert group, basically the handlers who have monitored me since it commenced ….many deterrents such as hypnotic trance amnesia were put in place to keep me stupefied to hide the immediate disclosure of who did this to me and why, and this programming was periodically fortified and remained for many years, although as documented throughout the testimony as I do have a good memory ,the perps let inklings of truth out over the many years at the time during the establishment years the 1990’s as I have labelled them due to basically perp induced poverty I was without a computer, internet access and without an honest partner, and did not have any understanding as what I was being harassed/stalked/falsely accused/set up for etc..etc..etc.

    Only that a lot of the harassment I labelled back then as psychological warfare, it seemed that just about everywhere I went, people I liaised with including friends were somehow linked to this harassment, even family!

    Sounds like paranoia doesn’t it, well that’s how the perp’s want other’s not in the know to treat any TI, as someone suffering mental challenges etc…I am sure I am not the only TI to learn this………

    As documented and from a now days perspective I have watched the DVD’S several times It reminds me just how many were involved over the years and those who are the financial beneficiaries as being the monitored results of the past 25 years of my life, initially -1990’s being non consensually handed over to criminal hypnotists, the medical establishment, neuroscience, bio engineers etc, for implants and the like for nothing more than money basically; and to press buttons to inflict pain, artificial stimulation of specific sites within the brain and body to achieve an experimental reaction while the monitors (not white coat scientists ) but civilian criminals who are trained to use the equipment from a control room usually within the neighbourhood of the TI, and relay their DATA for the anal- ysts to observe cross reference with other cells-(TI perp monitors/handlers/gang stalkers ) and apply the what works best method of mind control.

    The remaining two discs 5-6 are what we (my partner and I ) have investigated regarding unexplainable accumulated wealth, land title ownership, secret shelf companies, other money laundering businesses/practices etc..etc.. unexplained assets owned by long term unemployed, civilian perp’s with fictitious medical statements to receive disability and sickness benefit’s, dole bludger’s/women with kid’s-an avenue to have the free time to monitor, gang stalk and appear at least to be on the grid and have a reason not be working yet have a secret life-a financially successful criminal life, that is a basic disclosure being some of the civilian perp’s who are /have been harassing, monitoring and torturing me for last 25 years, we have recorded events on paper and film, diarised events, gang stalking photographs with recorded number plates, times places, description of the known to us driver at the time occasionally wearing disguises etc.. Question: if they were not familiar faces to us why the need for a disguise and tinted windows or wear sunglasses at night? Historic archives of Medical misconduct of certain involved individuals etc. spent our own money and many hours digging up the information in historical archives regarding certain medical personnel, including alternative practitioners who I was hypnotised to become involved with for one purpose, to entrain me as a hypno slave type Mind Control puppet, including amnesic prostitution, and other sexually orientated acts, and have my body accessible for unauthorised/unethical implantation and alteration etc…

    Unlike many TI’s , although pre-conditioned via extensive use of (criminal unethical hypnosis) , I know personally those who are; both directly responsible and have accumulated over the many years: assets and gained financial success via the proceeds of their highly illegal and inhumane crime’s, as being the monitors/handler’s hypno-assistant,s-(via cue) that do this to me, as I was easy unknowing prey, I can say with what appears as a lot up front and continual incentive, “The Root of all Evil……Money” is the main reason behind it all, as Barry Trowers stated to provide an industry !!!

    The testimony contains much information and reveals those whom I have mentioned being the criminals, I cannot upload it to YouTube etc.

    I do not wish to self-incriminate this side of a courtroom without the backup of more substantial evidence, as hard as it was in the past to reveal the obvious I have little choice, I must reveal the truth and have it dealt with ethically and professionally, I need the scans and diagnostics of at least some of the implants etc as proof of fact….. it is hard to act normal when you are being internally electroshocked in front of someone being part of the medical establishment who is trained to dismiss anyone who appears deranged, or the perps have already informed via the higher end of their criminal network that you are a research subject or mentally ill or some other bullsh.t lie.

    Just being able to get someone to believe the DVD’s was hard enough and it did take some time and money to pay certain people to view the testimony and actually take it seriously and believe at least some ,of what is the truth regarding my disposition.

    My partner and I have found such a person, who appears genuine and did not charge for the viewing or advice given during a brief following their witnessing of the testimony. The person has a long history in law enforcement including the higher ranks, who is now a legal representative also at the higher end.

    With those not in the know it is /would be hard to understand a TI’s suffering and the question WHY did arise during the briefing however, my beloved partner purchased for my birthday this year the now rare book mentioned earlier written by Carla Emery: SECRET DON’T TELL an encyclopaedia of Hypnotism, it also came with a disc allowing on screen computer reading with audio-a person reading it for you, with or without the text on the screen, so I decided to give the paperback version of the book to the person entertaining the idea of representing ourselves, as I believe this would give a vast insight into the origin of mind control “from whence it came” so to speak….. and as most people are led to believe hypnosis is not just about putting someone under using a pocket watch or similar, take it from someone who has endured half a lifetime as being a victim of it.

    Intense and extremely complex is the world of covert hypnosis and other forms, the CIA,NSA,etc etc have used it in the past as most TI’S would know regarding MKULTRA,ARTICHOKE,BLUEBIRD,-OPERATION OFTEN,OPERATION CHAOS,AND OPERATION MIND CONTROL etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, although less public today regarding mainstream media for obvious reasons it simply DID NOT STOP! ………and Carla the author spent many year’s in hiding to evade the spooks to prevent her from revealing the hidden truths that are within the pages of the Book.

    We don’t hear too much these days about people/victims of unethical criminal hypnosis regarding the court/legal system it can be referred to as “SUGGESTIBLE” or conspiring toward confabulation-(false memory).

    Yet there are many case histories regarding criminal hypnosis from all over the world including Australia some as history reveals were BIG court cases…this information is often supressed they don’t want the TRUTH out there, look hard enough though it is there!

    I was unfortunate to have met, rather coerced into meeting/spent time with someone and their colleague whom prior to my unfortunate acquaintance, had attended court hearings and appeared in the newspapers in different states of Australia for basically the same thing in reference to what the media labelled as “Medical Misconduct” yet is a mere cover for the truth, being the complaints of victims of unethical hypnosis and I personally know this person and their direct accomplices are in direct intervention to “THE MIND CONTROL PROGRAM “ – to put it politely (the perp in question) discreetly, was/ is a monster who is/was payed to conspire/recruit /train other monsters to seek out /entrap, create and control slaves….………………………and I believe is in the knowledge/conspires with other cells(organised crime groups regarding EH,GS,V2K,etc…) all over Australia as mentioned, I was literally hypno fornicated by others-(consorters to the same court case crim) in certain alleged ethical facilities (whom have resided in other states they move around) whom only years after slipping out of their control at least in a personal confrontation sense, I have remembered and recorded all that I can consciously remember, it is not until I am disconnected from their mind enslavement devices that I can be filmed and ethically re-hypnotised to reveal what was suggested to me while in deep hypnotic somnambulistic trance and I am currently amnesic to; it will also fortify my testimony as to who suggested what at any given time (placed me in trance/reaffirming commands); given the right court order I firmly believe the perps can each be questioned/filmed by ethical forensic hypnotists and the truth revealed, especially concerning the non-consensual medical procedures, and money when it was paid, who by, how much and how it was hidden /disbursed amongst the perps /this could then be verified by forensic accountants to validate that Hypnosis when applied ethically and for the purpose to do good is a very useful and powerful tool to reveal the truth after all……………. like cures like in a homeopathic sense!

    This briefing occurred about two months ago, some of the advice given was obvious to me, get the medical proof, ask questions of those involved using spy camera’s, not easy considering they know my plans the moment I think of them, however these days guilt on camera body language/ conveniently not at their places of residence, or acknowledgement we are using camera’s, these sort of pattern’s will be added to our compilation and used as evidence against them in a Court of Law.

    There are those of course that were /are in the know of at least some of what happened to me, including, work related rumours I will approach certain boss’s from my former Trade and former work mates, also past relationships with some of the current perps their former partners, chickened out, of the control group for reasons likely they were half humane or scared; although as most would agree giving out information they were are if in the know/have received the $$$ proceeds-(the perp’s clever way of keeping assurance to of the secret agenda) being inextricably linked to the crime.

    Being an ex-law enforcement officer, the law rep also encouraged me to start a personal day to day diary of my suffering, indication of main issues on that particular day, and night, including which perp is monitoring me on that particular shift. (This can be used in cross referencing/examination in court as they the perps who monitor me also write a data feedback diary if their diaries can be obtained that is however: the best diary is their sub conscious diary while they are under forensic hypnotic suggestion on camera)

    One of the idea’s the legal rep gave was a “Class Action” after obtaining the before mentioned much needed evidence to support my case, I do not regard myself as being a selfish person nor is my partner, I know I have these things inside me that I was not born with and when revealed will fortify my case as will further investigations, I am aware that thousands of fellow victims suffer around the world 24/7 as I do, not all victims receive implants as part of their enslavement, which makes it hard to prove, hence the perp’s collective minds at work behind the scene’s conducted by the “I like to refer to them as ANAL YSTS GATHERING DAY TO DAY FEEDBACK (SH.T) FROM THE PERP’S” gathering the feedback Data from the civilian crims who do the dirty work of monitoring/Torturing to more or less perfect their crime through trial and error some of the very meanings of the word Experiment!

    There is much speculation as to who is paying the perps to do this, I am sure the snake will one day rear its ugly head, however I can’t take “The Snake” by the head straight off the bat so to speak, I intend to reveal the chain of command by a process of elimination….- (eliminate the cause)

    1) Present the evidence

    2) Present the criminals who did/do this to me there were/are many, being the (financial benefactors and tortures) including medical facilities and key staff also the manufacturers of the ocular prosthetics they seem to be a rare item amongst the TI cases I have read
    3) Have them reveal the payee’s (discreet research funding)
    4) Work our way up the chain of command
    5) Win the case obviously with compensation of 25 years as a non-consensual research subject
    6) Where we can assist those genuine TI’s (not pretending perps) financially we will in order to…..

    7) Use the case as a “Point of Reference” (case history to HELP other TI’s) as I am sure most subjects relating to crimes committed against us would be covered in the above mentioned Law Suit they “the court/Parliament” will be forced to write NEW LAWS concerning the WHOLE issue!

    To finish this letter, with some of the other advice provided at the brief, “A Class Action” refers to a group, I have remained a sufferer yet an observer & quiet achiever as a victim in the TI world, my case history has yet been heard by the TI community, as mentioned earlier I have named many key crims in the 14.4 hours of DVD content, it contains sensitive information and until I obtain the much needed further evidence to get this before the Supreme court Judges this letter will have to do, for now, as I have covered at least some of the main issues.

    In reference to the I.C.A.A.C.T (International Centre Against Abuse of Covert Technologies) well I certainly cannot afford to go to Europe to be scanned by an RF detector even if I could likely I would find our home ransacked and likely burnt to the ground when we returned, is their one scheduled here in Australia?

    Do any other TI’s here in Australia truly believe or have evidence they have been implanted?

    Do any Australian TI’S believe they were covertly hypnotised in any particular state or clinic of any description resulting in a relationship with that particular person or colleague of? My disposition occurred in Sydney NSW and the western suburbs.

    I have background information to share regarding certain perps who handled/handle me regarding Criminal Hypnosis that can be cross referenced in public archives and it did not only occur in NSW but other states as well as I learned of their travels.

    Is anyone in the know regarding the type of ocular prosthetics (illegally installed eye implants) I have mentioned? I have only come across two from memory, one was an animated schematic diagram and photo of a fibre type strand taken during a typical retinal scan at an optometrist, the other was Dr Rauni Kilde a document describing the cyborg soldier I obtained from Paul Baird 12 years ago.

    The Class Action also referred to by our pending law rep was to discuss a sharing of information regarding the similar occurrences with other Australian TI’s and possibly reveal where some of this money that is being paid to the perps is coming from, I guess from a Law representative’s perspective in order to achieve a class action we need to reveal the organisations, or who to point the finger at no matter how insignificant the entity may or may not be!

    As I am heavily monitored by perps literally shitting themselves at present, If any discrediting letters, emails do arise aimed at me regarding this letter please send them to me and I will use it as further evidence against them, I know a few of their writing styles and lack of intelligence, they have copy catted me in the past, and I do have a few of those letters and are a part of my testimony including their finger prints on the pages.


    Regards David

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