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Part of the information included below is from an audio file I created and listed to while undergoing harassment and to try to call out the perpetrators of my electronic harassment a torture on their lies and the ongoing claims. Electronic harassment and torture and its capabilities are a major threat to everyone and not just the victims of it but I don’t think people are really taking seriously the broader implications of its use as a tool for psychological warfare and social engineering.

You are perpetrators of electronic harassment and torture.
You have been harassing me, torturing me and persecuting me because I am against all extremists be they middle eastern extremists or white supremacist extremists.
Why is an Australian in Australia like myself Hanna Pokkinen being tortured and persecuted for being a law abiding citizen who wants to study work and is against extremists?
There is no reason or excuse for what is being done to me and others. The only reason you are persecuting me in this manner is because I am against extremist groups , their beliefs/ doctrine and agenda and you who are persecuting me are actually in support of extremists.
You have also been harassing me torturing me and persecuting me because I want to study and have a career and since I am a woman that goes against your extremist beliefs.
Why is nothing being done by countries in the allied nations to prevent it citizens from being persecuted and tortured by extremists?
Do the allied nation governments ally themselves with extremist groups ? Perhaps with white supremacist extremist groups?
There is no reason myself or other should be being tortured and persecuted in this manner. Since nothing is seemly being done about this psychotropic warfare attacks against me and others perhaps it is time for me to think about leaving and moving to a country where I will not be being persecuted for being a law abiding citizen who is against extremists and wants a career.
You continually refer to me as being Satan just as you refer to various world leaders as being satan or the anti-christ such as Barrack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Do you white supremacists see me as being such as huge threat to you and your extremist group that you would classify me with world leaders who are your enemies?

I know about psychological warfare and social engineering and how it can be used to covertly and subversively over throw governments and socially engineering groups into power. Bloodless coups so to say. Just look at what the white supremacist extremists did in Germany with social engineering, propaganda, psychological manipulation and the use of occult based mind control to take control of the German people and therefore Germany. Then look at what they did once in power. They were using Germany to try to carry out their extremist agenda.

Also I know about white supremacist extremists allying themselves with groups in the middle east to fight against their common enemies. The white supremacists doctrine and beliefs began to influence various groups in the middle east. If you do not believe it just read about it for yourself.
All this has not stopped it has just continued and is still going on today.
White supremacists are just Psychotic delusional mass murdering terrorist extremists.
White supremacists want to wipe out the entire population of the world except for themselves. Slaughtering billions of innocent men women and children and then enslaving the rest because that is what their doctrine claims is the right and good thing for them to do. This is not an exaggeration of their goals or agenda. A quote from a white supremacist to illustrate.

More of my previously written notes about electronic harassment.

I also believe that the electronic harassment network is like a botnet network using people instead of computers using mind hacks/brainwashing since the mind has no firewall. I believe it is used for similar purposes as a computer based botnet works. Instead of using malware programs to create botnet zombie computers it using mind control/ manipulation and brainwashing to achieve similar purposes. Programming of humans via mind control brainwashing and getting the people who are like botnet zombie computers to further spread it. Also the use of it to steal information like in a computer based botnet by monitoring/spying on people without their knowledge and to manipulate people into trying to get certain information most often relation to government and military information. As I mentioned earlier espionage by proxy. Also relates to social engineering attacks which is also related to network security.

A human based botnet like what I believe the electronic harassment and torture network to be would implant its malware in the subconscious were people may not be aware of it influence through brainwashing/ mind control/ manipulation and by use of subliminal messaging and the use of subvocal speech to monitor people without their knowledge.

The human body is the hardware which is used and influenced via electronic harassment and torture and the technology behind it manages to hack via using electrical impulses which can affect the human central nervous system and signals which affect the human auditory system.
Many of the physical symptoms I and other electronic harassment and torture victims experience I believe are based upon interfering with the human central nervous system with electrical impulses which can cause pain and muscle spasms.
Other physical symptoms such as nausea and vomiting I believe is created through signals sent to the human auditory system and the effects it can have on the inner ear.
For the purposes of mind control and spying on people without their knowledge subvocal speech is used along with signals targeting the human auditory system which can pick up subvocal speech and send mind control/ brainwashing signals which people would not notice. Also more audible signals are sent to people which is the part of the ongoing harassment all electronic harassment and torture victims such as myself experience.
Another part of my ongoing harassment has to do with my ideas for things and possible inventions. I see another victim of electronic harassment and torture who has claimed a similar thing is going on with him. I currently have a provisional Australia patent from one of my ideas and as I mentioned earlier I think this is one of the purposes of electronic harassment and torture to steal information and ideas.

Essentially I believe that electronic harassment and torture is not a random thing and it serves an overall purpose which I have talked about involving psychological warfare, brainwashing and mind control, conspiracy theories, a the creation and use of a human based botnet and the targeting of the American government and others mentioned in popular world wide conspiracy theories.

A link to a site which shows the brainwashing against the American government which is prevalent amongst electronic harassment and torture victims is . The comment section of this website is most revealing I think.
My earliest notes that I have about my electronic harassment and torture experience.

. With my experience as a victim of electronic harassment and torture there seems to be a strong attempt to try to brainwash me into believing in all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories and try to turn me into a an anti-government conspiracy nutter it didn’t work on me but from what I have seen many other electronic harassment and torture victims is that many of them do seem to believe in conspiracies. If you look at all the people who have been subjected to electronic harassment and torture there seems to be a common theme amongst them in the conspiracy theories they have been manipulated into believing in via brainwashing mind control methods including torture, sleep deprivation and other methods which are intended to break a person down mentally physically and emotionally. One of my earliest memories of the electronic harassment and torture was them claiming to be satanic group and or NWO.. Then they went onto claiming they were CIA US military and various other groups. This seems to also be the same thing other people are subjected to it going by the fact that many electronic harassment victims do believe that it is the NWO CIA ect ect out to get them. I can only conclude that this is a means to try to turn people against the government of the united states of America. Who really is behind it I cannot say. But whoever it really is I know that they did try to make me believe in all sorts of crazy stuff. It really has been like a battle for my mind. I believe that it is possible that a lot of the electronic harassment and torture victims who believe in some sort of conspiracy and are anti-government could of be brainwashed into believing in it without them really realising it because I know that is exactly what they tried to do to me but it didn’t work. This brainwashing is done with use of the audio transmissions as I mentioned earlier all the various symptoms that electronic harassment victims experience are caused audio/vibrations. I think it important for all electronic harassment victims to know this brainwashing aspect of the attack on them which they might not really be fully aware of and try to find out for themselves if they have been brainwashed in believing things like conspiracy theories or to become anti-government.

More of my early notes
Electronic Harassment actually seems to be an ongoing psychological warfare campaign... Going by what has happened to me and what has happened to others the purpose of it seems to be trying to turn people into conspiracy nutters and subversives who are against the government... If you look at all the people who have been subjected to electronic harassment and torture there seems to be a common theme amongst them in the conspiracy theories they have been manipulated into believing in via brainwashing mind control methods including torture, sleep deprivation and other methods which are intended to break a person down mentally physically and emotionally. One of my earliest memories of the electronic harassment and torture was them claiming to be satanic group and or nwo... Then they went onto claiming they were CIA US military and various other groups. This seems to also be the same thing other people are subjected to it going by the fact that many electronic harassment victims do believe that it is the NWO CIA ect ect out to get them. I can only conclude that this is a means to try to turn people against the government of the united states of America.

Some more early on notes which I wrote about electronic harassment and torture.

“*If I am dead and anyone find this note know that I suspect I was killed to to my investigation into the mental manipulation and mind control that seems to be plaguing the world and my investigation into the technology used and how it can actually start manipulation and brainwashing people long before they realise if they ever realise. From everything I have found out all sign point to the nazi/white supremacist movement being the perps who are behind not only electronic harassment and to torture but a global mind control agenda. One of the main focuses of the electronic harassment and mind control appears to be America and America also seems to be one of the main focuses the global mind control agenda in order to use America as the scape goat for their plans and at the same time destroy America from within and try to make the rest of the world hate America and to believe that America is behind all the bad things that are happening probably out of revenge due to their defeat in WWII... Just look at all the conspiracy theories and who they are focused at ... It seems to be making people believe that the government is doing bad things to them in order to turn the people against the government and then in turn the government will view its own people as a threat with the view to destroy America from in the inside. Not to mention the fact I have heard over the V2K/EPIC(whatever it is) transmissions that I am the only one whose seems to of not been influenced by their mind control agenda so they set me up to look like I was a potential threat to the united states and their national security and I also believe by doing that and using electronic harassment and torture on me they could make me hate and blame the united states but that has never happened and never will because I have seen through their BS. They are arrogant and keep thinking that they can keep brainwashing people so that they are never found out... Their methods are subtle and insidious. That is why I am never going to give up trying to make people aware of what is going on so that they can protect themselves and break free of the mind control. I have heard also over the V2K/EPIC(whatever it is) technology that I am the enemy of the white supremacist movement so if I do get killed I am pretty certain that it was them behind it. I received many threats that I will be killed.

Forgot to mention the fact that Nazi hated the Jews still seem to hate them and have included them also in the conspiracy theories which are designed to try to make people hate them just like with America. Also can probably add England to the list due to the whole silly conspiracy theory that the royal family are reptilians trying to take over the world. Also there was mention of an Aryan brotherhood headquarters in Alexandria in Louisiana USA.

Also we all know that the Nazi were heavily involved in developing mind control (I still believe the Nazi's study of various religions/mysticism was about studying the various mind control methods used) and for some bizarre reason which I still cannot fathom today(suspect mind control/manipulation to get them off the hook) the Nazi mind control scientists were allowed to continue their work in the united states. I believe any technology they developed they would be fully ready to pass onto any other Nazi/white supremacists and sympathetic groups without the government/military ever knowing about it so this could possibly explain why the government may think some technology it has in use is classified but could be in use by other groups to try to make it seem like it was the government that was just using the technology when in fact it wasn’t.


Thank you
Hanna Pokkinen

  • NAME: 皮皮 Pp
    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:



    I say sorry to you at first, because my English too limited to write letter to you ,so I use Chinese .








    我们是一些被"秘密遥控人体和大脑(精神)技术" 折磨迫害的受害者。网络使我们相识,受害的遭遇让我们走到了一起。


    这种秘密"遥控技术手段" 包括:制造我们身体内日夜交替出现:痛、痒、冷、热、颤抖、难受等人为的"生理疾病和生理行为"痛苦;制造我们的大脑(精神)日夜出现被遥控的所谓"幻听、幻觉"的骚扰折磨痛苦。他们还竭尽无耻、卑鄙、下流的变态伎俩,窃取传播受害者大脑思维的隐私信息,并且,疯狂地对受害者进行秘密恐吓和种种人格侮辱。所有这一切,都给受害者的肉体和精神带来了无与伦比的巨大创痛!







    据悉,在当今世界上,俄罗斯、美国以及欧盟等许多国家和地区,都不同程度地制订和正在制订一些具体的决议或法规,明确制止这种"秘密遥控人体和大脑(精神)技术武器"对普通平民实施秘密酷刑虐待折磨迫害。如俄罗斯议会的"决议" 就是一例。
    这种滥用"特权"的无法无天秘密恐怖罪行,是疯狂的秘密"违反宪法和法律的行为"!我们强烈要求国家从"尊重和保障公民人权"的法律出发, 坚决"必须予以追究"这帮秘密犯罪分子的刑事责任,挖除这些"秘密毒瘤",将他们绳之以法!为建立一个法治的和谐社会铺平道路!! 
    南京 忻中庆       13776686557
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    改革开放后,随着这种"秘密遥控人体(大脑)技术"越来越先进,随着你们管辖下的"特别机构"的"广泛基层化";人员素质的"低下庸俗化",这种"秘密遥控人体(大脑)技术" 被更加普遍的恣意滥用,成了对遭监控的受害者实施种种"变态狂式"的无耻骚扰折磨迫害的发泄工具。
    从大量揭露出来的事实表明,你们手下的"特别机构"人员,正是秉承那套罪恶的秘密 "整人理论",对许多无辜受害者的肉体和精神,实施着24小时不间断的、长期的、无耻的秘密遥控折磨迫害和阴谋暗害手段:
    凡此种种秘密手段,其目的就是要把受害者折磨迫害成:或者"精神失常"被送进精神病院;或无法忍受残酷折磨痛苦而"自杀"身亡;或产生和公开发出"强烈愤慨不满"的偏激言行——而"授人以柄",被"依法惩处";或制造"绝症",借助医生的"手术刀",实施冠冕堂皇地 "借刀杀人"阴谋暗害,或通过干扰受害者的感觉认知,制造"意外事故"。而这许多分明是货真价实的阴谋暗害,却又嫁祸于受害者自身、于"疾病"、于他人,以掩盖其秘密迫害和暗害的真相。


    南京 忻中庆   13776686557  (
    桂林 易胜林     13978302663  (
    丹东 高晓维      13898510756  (
    上海 郁荣建     13120847702 (
    鞍山 李中祥   0412-6528124  

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